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We are a Coalition of Bio-dynamic and Organic Growers, Breeders, Farmers, Gardeners, Educators and Nutritionists Dedicated to making a better world through Agricultural Rehab. Compiled Inside, Is a Library of information from a vast variety of sources. Our forums are full of Nutritional Information, Organics, Biodynamic Farming Techniques, as well as every tool you need to become a better Organic and Bio-Dynamic Farmer or Gardener including how to improve your personal nutrition and health. Learn to completely eliminate pests and diseases without pesticides or chemicals using proper mineral nutrition and biology.

One of our main objectives is to align a coalition of organic breeders with high nutrition seed in mind. To revitalize our seed supply from the years of damage that bad breeding practices have brought to it by working together as breeders and farmers in a fully independent network structure but with the same standards, goals and objectives.Additionally this structure must include rigorous testing of soils for balancing, and resultant seed to insure quality.

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More Info: We would like to elaborate a bit regarding Organic Gardening and Farming first by stating that we consider Organic to be the bare minumum as far as standards go. The main concepts taught in agriculture today are based on the premise of the three main minerals required for optimal growth. These 3 minerals are certainly neccessary in relatively large quantities, but by themselves they do not promote optimal growth and plant health. To achieve truly healthy plants that resist diseases and pests naturally many other minerlas are required both in micro quantities and trace qiuantities. An example of a few of these minerlas are Magnesium and Cobalt. Magnesium is a micro element and is responsible for many processes in a plant including cholorphyll production and cellular communication. Cobalt is a trace element which has been proven to inhibit plant aging and prevent Ethylyn production in a plant. An example of the affects of cobalt is cucumbers. When adequate Cobalt is available to a cucumber crop, that crop can produce cucumbers for 8 weeks instead of the conventional 4 weeks for the same variety and conditions. An interesting side note is that Cobalt is also the element at the center of the Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin. One more note I'll make is that about 30% of the food we eat interacts with our RNA whch means we can drastically affect our health and the health of future generatons simply by changing our eating habits and undersanding how truly health food is produced. Some basic premises of High Brix aka High Nutrition Food:

What Is Brix?

Common optical refractometer can be used to measure high brix in produce and juices.Brix is a term popularized by Carey Reams. When used on plant sap it is primarily a measure of the carbohydrate level in plant juices. The instrument used to obtain a brix reading is the refractometer. Refractometers come in two basic styles, optical and digital. Both types work great. Here is how a refractometer is used: squeeze out some sap from a plant, put 2 drops of the juice on the prism, close the prism cover, point to a light source, focus the eye piece, and read the measurement. The brix reading is indicated where the light and dark fields intersect.

What part of the plant is used for taking a brix reading?

Whatever part you eat if it is ripe. If it is not ripe take the most recent mature leaves that have had full sunlight for at least 2 hours. Ideally measurements should be taken at the same time of day as you compare throughout the growing season.

A refractometer measures the amount of bend or refraction in the rays of light as they pass through the plant sap. This is why a brix chart is more properly called a Refractive Index of Crop Juices.

What causes light to refract as it passes through plant sap?

1. The amount of carbohydrates in the juice. 2. The amount of dissolved minerals in the plant sap. 3. The amount of covalent bonding.

What proof can be offered to show that higher brix readings equal higher quality?

High Brix Foods Have Greater Carbohydrate Levels

Carbohydrates are the fuel the body uses for basic metabolic function. This has tremendous implications on digestion and human health. This is covered more fully in Food Quality & Digestion.

High Brix Foods Have Greater Mineral Density

One of the health rules that Dr. Carey Reams taught was that:
"All disease is the result of a mineral deficiency."

This rule clearly shows why it is so important to eat foods with high mineral density. One of the most important nutrients that increases with high brix readings is calcium. According to Dr. Reams calcium levels in produce rise and fall proportionately with the brix levels. This has been independently confirmed by Bob Pike in his research on tissue testing. Disorders and degenerative diseases resulting from a calcium deficiency could fill several books.

In addition to increased calcium levels, high brix foods also supply more trace minerals such as copper, iron, and manganese. Trace minerals function as co-enzymes in the digestive process. Co-enzymes work with enzymes as activators of those enzymes. These trace minerals have higher atomic weights. Due to greater mineral density and the inclusion of heavier trace minerals high brix foods weigh more per unit than lower quality produce.

Digital refractometer makes measuring high brix in foods easy.Minerals in foods are in a naturally chelated form. Naturally chelated minerals are bound to amino acids that have a right-hand spin. Amino acids with a right-hand spin are referred to as L-Amino acids. L-Amino acids are biologically active. This translates into easy assimilation into the body compared to inorganic minerals taken in pill form. Amino acids that have been compounded by man have a left-hand spin, which is known as D-Amino acids, or they are a mixture of the L and D form of amino acids. The D form is not biologically active and is rarely found in nature. The L and D forms of amino acids are mirror images of each other. This is the reason why mineral supplements that have minerals bound to an amino acid and claimed to be chelated need to be checked which form the amino acids are in. When it comes to supplementing with vitamins and minerals it is BUYER BEWARE. The indiscriminate use of vitamins and minerals can create a dangerous situation whereas the correct use of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes can be very beneficial to the body. When consuming high quality fruits and vegetables the there is no need for the BUYER BEWARE warning.

High Brix Foods Taste Better

Quality foods that are high in calcium, enzymes and minerals provide good nutrition to the body.Why won’t little Johnny eat his peas? They taste terrible. Little Johnny instinctively knows that sweet tasting peas are better while poor-quality peas are instantly rejected. Have you ever eaten a 22 brix grape? Once you have you won’t forget the taste. A candy bar will be held in disdain by little Johnny compared to 22 brix grapes. Ask any old-timer if they like the taste of fruits and vegetables now compared to when they were young. I am sure you won’t be able to find a single person that feels today’s are better. Taste is built upon the upon the carbohydrate and mineral levels in the produce. When they decline so does the taste. What about aroma? That seems lost as well. Todays average 2-3 brix hydroponic greenhouse tomato looks like a tomato but it has virtually no aroma and is nearly tasteless. It is a poor caricature of what a tomato should be. As a culture Americans are so used to eating low quality produce we don’t even know what really good produce tastes like.

High Brix Plants Are Insect And Disease Resistant

Here we see the handiwork of our Creator. Plants in poor health emit an electo-magnetic frequency that insects tune in to. This in effect calls them in for a feast. Plants in good health emit a different frequency that insects do not tune in to. Nature has been designed to use insects to get rid of poor quality plants that are unfit for human consumption. In the same way a poorly balanced soil will produce plants susceptible to disease. Properly balanced soil will produce plants resistant to disease. William Albrecht put it this way:

“Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop, not the cause of it. It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.”

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