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We are a Coalition of Bio-dynamic and Organic Growers, Breeders, Farmers, Gardeners, Educators and Nutritionists Dedicated to making a better world through Agricultural Rehab. Compiled Inside, Is a Library of information from a vast variety of sources. Our forums are full of Nutritional Information, Organics, Biodynamic Farming Techniques, as well as every tool you need to become a better Organic and Bio-Dynamic Farmer or Gardener including how to improve your personal nutrition and health. Learn to completely eliminate pests and diseases without pesticides or chemicals using proper mineral nutrition and biology.

One of our main objectives is to align a coalition of organic breeders with high nutrition seed in mind. To revitalize our seed supply from the years of damage that bad breeding practices have brought to it by working together as breeders and farmers in a fully independent network structure but with the same standards, goals and objectives.Additionally this structure must include rigorous testing of soils for balancing, and resultant seed to insure quality.

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