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Sherbet Cookies Strain Review

Looking for a connoisseur’s delight? We might have just found such a selection for you. Welcome to the Smokey Okies Cannabis blog where we discuss all things related to the examination and enjoyment of fine cannabis.

You see, to the aficionados of fine herb, we like to enjoy all the details of an afternoon smoking experience. It all starts with opening the bag or the jar where the cannabis is stored and taking in the nose. How is it today? Are your nostrils perking up as you twist the lid on your glass jar?

As you twist that lid and open the jar, the odors of fine cannabis will make their escape! Before you’ve even fully lifted the lid you begin smelling those terps, those traits that your favorite strain evokes.

Today, we will be twisting the lid on some Sherbet Cookies and blazing up. What we observe is notated below.

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Marijuana Strain Profile: Tropical Runtz

Welcome to another month, and another weed strain profile. We are in the midst of summer and with that comes all the tropical and citrus varieties of marijuana that will deliver the flavor and the high that you’re looking for. Tropical Runtz is a limited strain series from the Runtz family, so finding this variety may prove to be slightly difficult, unless you are shopping at one of Smokey Okie’s partner dispensaries.

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If you’re in need of a beach vacation and are ready for all the tropical vibes, then Tropical Runtz is for you. It’s a cross between the popular and always-trending Runtz and Tropic Truffles, which stems from Tropicana Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip. Combining the two into Tropical Runtz leads to a flavor profile that you’ve never experienced before, and we are proud to feature this as a limited summer strain to all our Smokey Okie’s consumers in the state of Oklahoma.