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Alpha bud seed marijuana

AutoCBD Alpha Explorer

A versatile new autoflower F1 with robust flowers and incredible yield.

AutoCBD Alpha Explorer is a feminized, day-neutral, high-CBD autoflower hemp seed (F1 hybrid) for extract and flower. Growers looking to choose their own path to market will look no further. While this hybrid likes to flex its smokable flower potential, it can also hold its own when it comes to oil production.

• Dual purpose F1 hybrid—extract and flower
• Avoid industry bottlenecks—harvest in an average of 75 days
• Adapted for medium-density planting
• Lower your risk with lab-verified feminization rates
• Suppress weeds with dense planting canopy
• Lower labor costs with mechanized harvest due to uniform, compact plant size
• Maximize CBD production with a high harvest index

Bred for yield, tested for compliance

The importance of obtaining a state-compliant pre-harvest COA is paramount. Access Phylos Hemp Seed COAs and additional information found on our Phylos Hemp Seed Label Reference page.

The following COAs for Auto CBD Alpha Explorer are available:

• AutoCBD Alpha Explorer biomass PRE-HARVEST COA.
• AutoCBD Alpha Explorer flower POST-HARVEST COAs (East Coast and West Coast).

Our pre-harvest COA is compliant in Oregon. The 2021 Final Hemp Rule requires laboratories to provide a Measurement of Uncertainty (MU) and changes the THC threshold for negligence.

Contact your State Department of Agriculture to understand the local rules regarding testing and harvest windows.

Refer to the USDA Rule “Establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Program” (01/19/2021) and the 2018 Farm Bill to understand the federal laws regarding hemp production and compliance.

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Optimized for extraction

With a flower harvest index of 52%, AutoCBD Alpha Explorer plants produce more flowers per plant than stems and stalks, meaning less unwanted byproduct and higher value per pound for your processor.

Easy-to-grow compact size

Grow 17,000 plants per acre for better weed suppression and more biomass per acre than orchard-style photosensitive varieties. Dependent on your cropping system, plant population may range from 15,000-24,000 plants per acre.

Global trial and partnerships

We work with farms around the country and around the world to conduct field trials to assess our seeds at scale and identify climate-specific traits.

Since 2020, we performed seed trials at 35+ different locations. We also work with select partners to perform large and carefully controlled seed-productions runs.

Short-season crop

Reaching maturity in an average of 75 days, AutoCBD Alpha Explorer is an optimal choice for staggered harvests or pairing with a photosensitive variety.

Phylos Tested

All Phylos Hemp Seeds are backed by rigorous analyses. Our quality control standards include:

• Germination testing
• Feminization analysis
• Chemical analysis
• Precise seed-weighing technology
• Heat-sealed packaging

Order AutoCBD Alpha Explorer

We recommend planting approximately 17,000 AutoCBD Alpha Explorer seeds per acre, dependent on your planting and cropping preferences. The minimum order quantity for AutoCBD Alpha Explorer is 1,000 seeds/order.

Consider planting both AutoCBD F1s to find best fit for your farm management practices.

Alpha Black by Mother Magnolia’s Medicinals

The cannabis wizzes over at Mother Magnolia’s Medicinals have been taking their grow rooms to the next level. On the technological front they are using a more sustainable form LED lighting, as well as pushing cannabis grow science along with their artful agriculture. It is exactly these types of movers and shakers that Attis Trading Co. loves partnering up with and what makes us so excited when we brought on Alpha Black as an exclusive strain to be sold in all Attis Trading Co. locations.

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Alpha Black is a cross of Alpha Blue (a.k.a. Dream Diesel) and Black Lime Special Reserve. Alpha Black is a commanding sativa that originally came from Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. The strain is famously known for its tart blueberry smells and tastes along with its calming effects that won’t send you off to La-La land. Black Lime Special Reserve is a stalwart indica that has a special pedigree descending multiple strains including Northern Lights and Purple Kush and brought to the public by Aficionado Seeds.

Since the happy sativa and easy going indica hooked up, we are now able to deliver you the joyful Alpha Black. This is a 50/50 hybrid that maintains a bit of an sativa lean that won’t be giving you the post-puff yawns. You should definitely take the time to smell the flower because your nose will awaken in delight with the aromas of pine, hops, orange, lavender and cinnamon. A strong tester overall, Alpha Black proudly flexes its THC 26.3% and CBD .01 results. Terpene lab tests reveal high levels of Myrcene, a known anti-inflammatory that can also help with relaxation as well as noteable test results of Pinene which can aid with alertness and memory.

We recommend this artisan top-shelf bud with two thumbs up. Alpha Black is beautiful flower with great taste and smell. And the nice balance of the hybrid delivers awesome effects that make it easy to roast a bowl that won’t bowl you over.

SW Barbur

7737 SW Barbur Blvd Portland , OR (503) 841-5462 Every Day 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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