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Are marijuana seeds legal in louisiana

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Louisiana

Harsh laws and severe sentences make it impossible to legally buy marijuana seeds in Louisiana. Both possession and cultivation are prohibited with jail terms for those people caught with more than eight grams, and five years incarceration for those caught growing marijuana in Louisiana. There is no medical marijuana program, or allowances for its medicinal use and the only way to buy marijuana seeds in Louisiana is online.

Buying marijuana seeds online is far more common than many people believe, in fact, it’s not actually illegal. Although customs officers may remove any seeds they discover being sent through the US postal system, ordering and buying marijuana seeds in Louisiana online isn’t a crime, only once they are germinated and begin growing are you breaching state and federal law. We offer a wide assortment of different strains and seeds, all supplied by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading marijuana seed producers and suppliers.

You can legally buy marijuana seeds in Louisiana online here and enjoy guaranteed delivery using the very best stealth postal and packaging methods. By cunningly disguising the purchases, rarely do any deliveries get stopped or have their seed contents removed, and if for any reason you fail to receive your delivery, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible and totally free of charge. If you are going to risk growing marijuana seeds in Louisiana it’s important that each seed is of the highest quality and capable of producing an abundance of potent marijuana buds and cola’s. All our recommended seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing strong, vibrant plants with a variety of tastes, aroma’s and high’s.

With jail sentences for anyone caught growing marijuana in Louisiana, stealth, security and secrecy are of the utmost importance. Indoor growing may produce the best quality buds, but the risk of detection is severely increased. Guerrilla growing, the art of growing marijuana seeds outdoors and in quiet, secluded places is common, and often the best way to produce your own buds, while reducing the risks involved.

One of the key points in producing a successful harvest is choosing the right seeds and strains for your level of experience and style of growing. While a Haze, or strong Sativa may be your favorite ‘weed’ they often require long flowering times and may not be the best marijuana seeds to grow in Louisiana. Buying feminized marijuana is crucial, ensuring each plant is a true female and capable of producing flowers and buds, there would be little point in taking the risk of growing marijuana seeds in Louisiana, only to discover the plants you have been caring for throughout the season are male, incapable of producing any worthwhile harvest.

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Although all marijuana seeds can be grown outdoors, some perform better than others, and it can depend upon the methods adopted as they are growing. Often new growers can mistakenly believe that the more difficult to grow seeds produce higher quality buds and more potent, flavorsome marijuana. This isn’t the case, as marijuana seeds for beginners incorporates strains that require very little work, effort or experience in order to produce a high quality, heavy yield.

Indica dominant marijuana seeds are considered easier to grow and with a more forgiving, hardy nature. Typically smaller and bushier than Sativa dominant seeds, they are easier to disguise, flowering and reaching peak maturity a few weeks earlier, reducing the potential for bud rot and mold to develop as the night-time temperatures fall. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are often the preferred choice for many ‘guerrilla growers’ due to their ‘throw-and-grow’ nature and guaranteed early harvests. Selecting the best marijuana seeds to grow in Louisiana depends upon how you are going to cultivate them.

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds In Louisiana.

The laws regarding Cannabis and Marijuana seeds are constantly changing, with many different rules and regulations applying from State to State. Even in places where the complete use of recreational Marijuana has been permitted, debates still rage on regarding allowed quantities, where you are allowed to plant seeds, how many plants you can grow and many more issues.For some people, in certain areas, obtaining Marijuana in any of it’s forms, seeds, buds or edibles is permitted and easy. Other States are less tolerant and people are left wondering where can i legally buy Cannabis seeds in Louisiana.

The internet is, a wonderful thing, offering information, videos and advice freely, at the touch of a button, whether it’s computer, phone or tablet. It also offers one of the biggest market places in the world, where almost everything is listed and can quickly and easily be purchased. While many States in America forbid the selling of Marijuana and Cannabis seeds in retail outlets, it is impossible for them to stop people from purchasing them online and having them delivered. Therefore the simple answer is you can legally buy Cannabis seeds in Louisiana online.

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There is a wide selection of different Marijuana seeds, each with it’s own unique flavor, aroma and high. Choosing the right seeds for your garden will take time, you need to read the reviews and decide which seeds are most likely to satisfy your needs. Remember to consider all the aspects of growing your own Cannabis and select seeds that grow well in your chosen environment and are suitable for your level of knowledge and experience.

Many new growers do not realize the importance of selecting the right Cannabis seeds for their growing environment and are subsequently disappointed by the results they achieve. One of the main mistakes is selecting the wrong strains for their area. If you have an indoor grow-room, selecting hybrid indoor seeds will produce the largest, best quality plants. While outdoor strains perform better grown outside, this is often due to increased height and a longer, more relaxed flowering period.Selecting either indoor or outdoor seeds is one of the best ways to find the right seeds for you

Once germinated the laws change, and while you can legally buy Cannabis seeds and have them in your possession, germination, planting and growing them is forbidden in many States and countries. Before you begin growing your own Marijuana make sure you are fully aware of the penalties involved should you be caught, and ensure that in States where growing Cannabis has been legalized, you know the maximum number of plants you are allowed to grow, and at what stage in their development.

Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds.





Growing Cannabis seeds indoors offers a number of advantages, the major being it’s easier to control the conditions and environment the plants are in. If changes to the State laws now allow you to grow Marijuana, the fastest way to achieve that first crop is by growing indoors. With a large selection of many of the most popular strains, we offer some of the finest Cannabis and Marijuana seeds available. Select your favorite seeds and discover just how quickly you can harvest your very first crop of home-grown Marijuana.

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A cheaper option, and more common for new growers, is to plant their Cannabis seeds outdoors during the early part of Spring. Left to grow until the days begin to shorten, the plants are capable of becoming extremely large and tall, often more ‘tree-like’ than plant. Yields can be incredible, as the buds and flowers slowly develop until the middle of the Fall, when they are ready to be harvested.

Auto’s – Seed To Weed At Turbo Speed

Although growing Cannabis seeds outdoors is the cheapest option, for many new growers, the thought of waiting until the Fall to harvest and enjoy their buds is just too long too wait. New growers who lack experience, may also struggle to look after such large plants, often missing, vital, tell-tale signs of mold, bugs or root infections. There is an alternative. Over the last decade Autoflowering Cannabis seeds have become main-stream and much more popular, especially with new and lesser experienced growers.

Both Regular and Feminized Cannabis seeds require approximately twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per night to activate and maintain flowering. This makes flowering Marijuana plants impossible during the Spring and Summer months, when the daylight hours are at their peak, without artificial covering the plants every night.

The major advantage with growing Autoflowering seeds is they will flower, bud and mature regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. At just a few centimeters tall, and even under twenty-four hour continuous light, the seedlings will still begin to produce flowers, and over the next sixty days will grow and flower simultaneously, resulting in a fully mature Cannabis plant, with identical tasting buds as their regular and feminized counter-parts.

Autoflowering seeds offer new and inexperienced growers the easiest and quickest route to a cheap, but worthwhile harvest. Requiring very little expense, Autoflowering seeds are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ for the ease which they grow, flower and are ready to harvest in around sixty days. The buds are identical to those harvested by traditional growers later in the year, just far quicker and easier to grow. We offer a selection of the most stable Autoflowering seeds, offering a range of tastes, aroma’s and high’s.