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How to Request a Free Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds was founded in 1998 by Jere Gettle, but the company has grown into the largest heirloom seed company in North America. Heirloom seeds are varieties that are open-pollinated and have been in cultivation for at least 50 years.

Every year, Baker Creek releases a free seed catalog that’s more than 150 pages long that can be shipped to your home between December and March. The print catalog is only available to U.S. residents, but there’s also a digital version that can be accessed by anyone. It features seeds for more than 1,000 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs from across the globe.

How to Order a Seed Catalog

You can order yourself a free catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds by visiting their website’s Request Catalog page and filling out the online form.

Visit the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds website, and select Free Catalog at the top of the page.

Enter your first and last name, your full address, and your email address. If you don’t want to share your email, leave the space blank. You can still get the seed catalog without providing it.

Select Submit Form to send in your information for the catalog. You should be taken to a Thank You page that confirms a seed catalog will arrive in the next few weeks.

At the end of the form, there’s an option to sign up for the company’s newsletter. The option is selected by default, so uncheck Subscribe to Newsletter if you don’t want it.

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How to View the Digital Catalog

Like most companies that offer a free seed catalog, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds also offers a digital version. Visit the same link from Step 1 above, and follow the directions there to find the digital catalog. It’s a link above the form for the paper catalog.

The great thing about the digital seed catalog is that you can access it from anywhere, instantly. You don’t have to live in the U.S. or wait weeks for the paper version. All the same photos and text are available in the PDF file.

You can view the the seed catalog in your browser, download it to your computer or other device to view offline, or even print all 150+ pages if you’d rather.

Other Ways to Shop

The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog can also be viewed online on its website at Though you can still order by mail or fax, shopping online is much faster and easier—plus, all North American orders get free shipping. The company also ships internationally, but the buyer is responsible for check with their local customs office to see if there are regulations surrounding shipping seeds into the country. Some may require a phytosanitary certificate, which Baker Creek cannot provide, and will seize or destroy any seeds shipped into the country without it.

To find what you’re looking for on the website, select Shop to see a drop-down menu of options: Heirloom Seeds, Live Plants, Bulbs and Tubers, Gifts and Tools, Whole Seed Catalog, and Raised Beds. Click on the category you’re interested in, and you can then select from a variety of subcategories. Depending on the category you’re viewing, you can also sort the results by best-sellers or price to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you live in or are visiting the Mansfield, Missouri, region, the Bakers Creek headquarters features gardens, greenhouses, a pioneer village, and a seed store that the public can visit. The company also hosts the National Heirloom Exposition, a Spring Planting Festival, and smaller monthly festivals. Check the company’s events page to ensure the headquarters are open when you want to visit.

Bakerstreet Seeds – 4 Pack

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