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Baklava seeds

Baklava seeds

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Wedding Cake is becoming a favorite for breeders all around the world with its solid built up plant structure and always being covered in trichomes. We decided to cross this with Gelato as it’s the world’s most famous and in demand strain for its unique flavors and colors. Expect to find phenomenal phenos of buds covered in great colors with ridiculous layers of THC.

Baklava strain

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Baklava | The Plug Seedbank

The Plug Seedbank’s Baklava Strain is a feminized cannabis seed from the crossbreeding of Wedding Cake, which has been continuing its triumphant progress for months, and Gelato, one of the most popular and delicious cannabis strains ever bred. The result is a cannabis plant that is impressive in every way, with a distinctive taste, superior effects and an impressive array of trichomes.

Baklava cannabis seeds are really something very special. Its trichome-filled buds and leaves are not only boldly strong, but also have an unusually appealing visual appearance. The resulting flowers are full of delicious resin and brimming with THC.

A rich harvest with almost excessive amounts of THC is waiting for you, which this eye candy will give you.

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