Best Cannabis Seeds To Grow Indoors

What are the best strains to grow indoors? Check our top 10 best indoor cannabis seeds and buy at Weedseedsexpress! Get FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE! The best strains for indoor growing are usually short, stout plants that finish early. Check out Leafly's favorite strains to grow indoors. Are you searching for that perfect indoor strain? Then look no further. These cultivars are compact, stealthy, reliable, and highly productive.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing – 2021 UPDATE

There are many benefits to growing cannabis indoors. You can control every aspect of the growing environment while keeping your supply discreet and well-maintained. But which strains are the best for your indoor setup? Here, we look at the top 10 options for indoor growing success in 2021. These include loaded THC options and super-compact plants that can be kept in tiny apartments. Each of these 10 strains shares one thing in common – they thrive indoors without ever forfeiting yield quality.

Characteristics of the top 10 best indoor weed seeds

You can grow just about any cannabis strain indoors with the right equipment and space. However, some strains are simply better and easier to cultivate indoors. One of the most popular qualities to look for is size. After all, we often have to compromise on space, particularly if our grow rooms are small. From windowsills to compact tents and small cupboard hydroponic setups, short plants that provide decent yields are favored indoors. Many of these are autoflowers, hardy and easy-growing plants that are not reliant on the seasonal change of outdoor light. Many of our top 10 indoor plants are autoflowers precisely for this reason, meaning you can grow them at any time of the year. Autoflowers require less effort and maintenance to grow, making them a no-brainer for hobbyists with less time on their hands. Indicas, too, are more advantageous indoors, as they tend to grow out rather than up.

Another top characteristic for successful indoor strains is immunity to mold and mildew. While autoflower strains are often more resistant by nature, there are robust photo-period strains too. High resistance to mold is essential because we’re not always able to fully control our indoor conditions. While fans and good ventilation are a requirement if you’re taking the process seriously, hardy plants give you more margin for error. If you’re planning on growing indoors through 2021 and beyond, consider the following strains that are ideal indoor varieties. They produce fine harvests that are less reliant on wide-open spaces, producing exceptional buds indoors.

Top 10 Best marijuana seeds to grow indoors

1. Zkittlez fem

Zkittlez, or just Skittles, is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s picked up numerous accolades for its sweet and fruit-forward flavors. Don’t let its candy profile fool you; it’s loaded with some heady THC for a long and relaxing high that’s sought out by connoisseurs the world over.

Indoor growing

Zkittlez was made for indoor growing. While some experience goes a long way in coaxing out its lusciously colored purple buds, beginners can opt for an autoflower version. The reason many indoor growers turn to Zkittlez is that its short growing profile can be easily kept in compact spaces like countertops and tents. What’s more, despite its stocky build, it produces yields of up to 700 grams per square meter. To achieve these mammoth harvests indoors, you’ll want to feed her high-quality organic nutrients and lower the temperature for a few hours at night to promote pigment variation. Many growers have great success utilizing hydroponic setups and applying yield-enhancing techniques like SOG and ScrOG.

Smell, taste and effect

Just like opening a bag of taste-the-rainbow candy, Zkittlez’s well-cured buds bring a joyful mix of grape, citrus, and berry aromas. The sweet and tropical flavors are layered with an earthy sourness and hints of skunk. You won’t only taste the rainbow, but reach it too. Zkittlez’ high is long-lasting and calming, offering full-body relaxation that soothes muscle tension. As such, it’s noted for its medicinal value in the treatment of symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Patients with insomnia and ADHD can also turn to Zkittlez to relax.

Zkittlez feminized seeds

Levels 20% THC / 0.5% CBD
Variety 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Max yield indoor 500 to 700 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 400 to 600 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Moderate

2. Wedding Cake auto

Wedding Cake is the only celebration centerpiece you’ll ever need, offering a calming high that’s best enjoyed at the backend of the day. It has won numerous awards in the past few years and is related to the ever-popular Cookies family.

Indoor growing

Autoflowering Wedding Cake is easy to grow and perfectly suited for novices. Compact and highly responsive to training methods like ScrOG, it adapts very well to space restrictions. It rarely tops 90 cm and can be pruned and trimmed to your needs. Just remember to move any training stressors like bands and wire by the flowering stage so as not to stunt or damage the autoflower’s stems. High-quality soil and hydroponic environments are both fine methods to encourage rich and higher potency buds.

Smell, taste and effect

Despite its sweet name, Wedding Cake has a somewhat funky flavor profile that tastes a little like sour fruit cake. To taste, you can expect layers of citrus, tingly cracked pepper, and wet organic soil. Wedding Cake is a potent strain that’s best indulged in during the evening. It delivers a euphoric and psychoactive high that settles into full-body relaxation. These soothing qualities make it ideal for long-term sufferers of chronic pain and conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Wedding Cake autoflowering seeds

Levels 20% THC / 0.5% CBD
Variety 55% Indica / 25% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 60 to 150 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

3. Godfather OG fem

Godfather OG is a modern-day masterpiece. Winner of several accolades and trophies, it’s widely regarded as among the world’s very best Indicas. With just one taste, you’ll soon discover why this strain is popularly referred to as the ‘Don of All OG’s’.

Indoor growing

Godfather OG performs extremely well indoors, where you can keep an eye on its maintenance and environment. However, it is a fairly easy strain to cultivate and one that doesn’t require much upkeep in the long run. Just be sure to water regularly and provide the highest quality organic nutrients. It grows medium in height indoors and can be easily sustained with pruning and training techniques. Godfather OG also thrives in hydroponic setups, where you can keep track of pH and nutrients.

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Smell, taste and effect

Godfather OG possesses an intense and pungent aroma that’s earthy and dank. Forest floor and pine flavors mix in on the palate with a good dollop of fruit. Dark grape and herbal notes come through with proper curing. As a king of Indicas, Godfather OG soothes and relaxes the entire body. It has become a go-to strain for medicinal consumers looking to treat insomnia, pain, and anxiety.

Godfather OG feminized seeds

Levels 30% THC / 0.8% CBD
Variety 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Max yield indoor 350 to 450 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 550 to 650 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Beginner

4. Super Skunk auto

Fans of skunky cannabis should check out Super Skunk, one of the world’s top Indica strains. A mainstay of Dutch coffee shops, this super-charged Skunk #1 has received numerous accolades worldwide for its soothing high and mature variety of flavors.

Indoor growing

Super Skunk autoflower seeds are remarkably easy to grow. While maintenance shouldn’t be too much of an issue, it helps to trim the lower branches to promote air circulation. What’s more, growers with a bit of experience under their belt can experiment with training techniques to boost this plant’s potent yields. Super Skunk is particularly adept at growing in compact indoor spaces, where you can easily keep things under 100 cm. Just ensure proper ventilation and fans are in place to minimize the plant’s funky aromas.

Smell, taste and effect

Super Skunk boasts an epic skunky profile that’s musky, earthy, and sweet. Enjoy lashings of lemon and tingling spice in the smoke, alongside bittersweet pine and herbs. Super Skunk is renowned for its sedative qualities, delivering huge doses of relaxation that melt across the body. These make it a fantastic end-of-day option, but not so wise when concentration is required. As such, medical marijuana consumers can utilize Super Skunk to help relieve stress conditions and soothe pain.

Super Skunk autoflowering seeds

Levels 19% THC / 0.3% CBD
Variety 60% Indica / 20% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 400 to 450 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 50 to 100 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

5. Sirius Black fem

This stunning little Indica is among the most eye-catching indoor growing options. Renowned for its deep purple appearance and Harry Potter origins, its effects are equally enticing, delivering a full-on Indica high that calms and relaxes.

Indoor growing

Sirius Black is a fairly easy strain to grow and is well suited for hobbyists. Resilient to common mold, mildew, and pests, it’s a hardy strain that requires minimal trimming. To achieve the strain’s epic yields, consider utilizing SOG indoors. What’s more, it benefits from heat manipulation to coax the plant’s dazzling purple leaves when flowering. You can keep this strain pretty compact at 80 cm, just be sure to prune or thin out the bushy lower structure to promote air contact and light penetration.

Smell, taste and effect

Just like its color profile, Sirius Black boasts bold purple grape flavors. These fruity notes are complemented by musky skunk and dank earth flavors. In terms of effects, Sirius Black is well-balanced, offering an overall calming and soothing high with a heady buzz to match. The strain is perfect for late-night parties or social gatherings where the Indica qualities won’t overwhelm. Medicinal patients turn to Sirius Black to help treat chronic pain, fatigue, and mood disorders.

Sirius Black feminized seeds

Levels 25% THC / 0.05% CBD
Variety 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Max yield indoor 400 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 700 to 900 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Moderate

6. Green Crack auto

This Sativa masterpiece is well-regarded for its significant THC levels. Ideal for those in search of heady creativity, Green Crack is also remarkably easy to cultivate indoors. The strain is said to have been named by the rapper Snoop Dogg, although many refer to it simply as Green Crush.

Indoor growing

Autoflowering Green Crush seeds are a breeze to grow. Newcomers to the scene will have little issues cultivating their prized buds. It works well in indoor environments thanks to its slight Indica heritage (30%). Rapidly flowering and simple to trim, it copes well with temperature ranges from 20 °C to 32 °C. For the best results, utilize indoor ventilation to promote good airflow and prevent mold or pests. Green Crack isn’t as greedy as other strains, so make sure not to overwater it.

Smell, taste and effect

Green Crack wears its Skunk #1 heritage well with its luscious citrus and pine flavor profile. There are plenty of tropical fruit notes there too, all balanced by lashings of skunk, earth, and bitter lemon. In terms of effects, Green Crack produces a significant mental buzz that’s uplifting and creative. Ideal as a wake-and-bake strain, it can also be used to treat symptoms of fatigue and stress. No wonder, creatives turn to this strain to remain alert and positive throughout the day.

Green Crack autoflowering seeds

Levels 21% THC / 0.7% CBD
Variety 30% Indica / 50% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 70 to 300 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

7. Gorilla Glue fem

One of the world’s most famous strains is also one of the easiest to grow indoors. Gorilla Glue is a go-to strain for many savvy buyers, and it has won copious awards thanks to its super-sticky buds. It remains a favorite among growers thanks to its high yields and experimental potential.

Indoor growing

Gorilla Glue is a dream to grow and is favored among novices and experienced green thumbs alike. It’s robust and hardy, making it easy to control and manage in compact indoor setups. Still, we recommend high-quality organic soil or quality nutrients in a hydroponic system. Gorilla Glue thrives at temperatures around 26 °C and can cope with relative room humidity levels of 45 to 60%. Utilize a humidifier or dehumidifier to control this during each stage of its growth.

Smell, taste and effect

Gorilla Glue is related to Chem Sister and boasts a similarly chemical, petrol-like aroma. These resinous flavors give way to dark berry notes with gorgeous hints of chocolate and coffee. Gorilla Glue is beloved for its heavy-hitting high, delivering a euphoric and relaxing high that soaks through the entire body. Its long-lasting effects are particularly useful for those treating insomnia and chronic pain. It can also help in alleviating anxieties and day-to-day stresses – although too much can leave you glued to the sofa.

Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds

Levels 28% THC / 1.5% CBD
Variety 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Max yield indoor 450 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 600 to 750 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Beginner
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8. Gelato auto

Sweet and creamy Gelato is legendary. Much loved for its sweet flavors and balanced effects, it also delivers significant and consistent potency for an autoflower. See why this strain is turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic.

Indoor growing

Gelato is super-easy to grow in its autoflowering form. No need to wait for seasonal light changes, she’ll grow in tight and compact spaces with little issue. Tents are recommended to fully control the plant’s environment, monitoring temperatures of around 27 °C. Humidity is also less of an issue, just ensure room levels don’t regularly exceed 60%. You can achieve significant yields by applying SOG and planting multiple seeds in a small tent setup.

Smell, taste and effect

Gelato’s famed creamy and sweet flavors are just the start of this rich experience. Gelato comes loaded with fruity, tangy, and spicy notes too. A true winner when it comes to taste, it benefits from at least 4 weeks of curing time. Its effects are equally tantalizing, offering a well-balanced high that’s both euphoric and mellowing. This almost equal split of mental stimulation and full-body relaxation makes it a real boon in social situations and parties. As such, it’s also become a staple of medicinal consumers alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, and stress.

Gelato autoflowering seeds

Levels 21% THC / 0.6% CBD
Variety 40% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 400 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 60 to 100 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Beginner

9. Tangie fem

A stone-cold classic, Tangie is a modern update of the archetypical Californian Sativa, Tangerine Dream. It counts multiple awards under its belt for its excellent quality and genetics. This is a must-try for all fans of timeless and skunky orange strains.

Indoor growing

Tangie is an excellent indoor option for those in search of a Sativa. While some height is required to pull it off, Tangie responds very well to training techniques like ScrOG. By trimming its lower leaves and manipulating growth, you can ensure she thrives in tent, cupboard, and even windowsill setups. Otherwise, a greenhouse will be required to let it reach its full height potential. In terms of skill, Tangie is recommended for those with at least some experience. That’s because you’ll need to regulate temperatures and trim/train more often than other strains on this list to suit your indoor grow room.

Smell, taste and effect

Tangie produces a mouth-watering tangerine-like aroma that follows through in the taste. These juicy orange flavors are met by other sweet citrus notes and hints of tropical papaya. It has plenty of sourness and skunkiness in there too to balance out the sweetness. The ideal wake-and-bake option, Tangie is immensely popular for its cerebral buzz. These waves of uplifting stimulation are perfect for treating symptoms of fatigue and depression.

Tangie feminized seeds

Levels 22% THC / 0.25% CBD
Variety 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 550 to 750 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Beginner

10. Critical Purple auto

This potent hybrid autoflower is among the easiest for indoor growers to cultivate. Related to the famed Critical Mass and Big Bud, it’s one of those deeply relaxing strains that blankets the body and mind. It grows rich purple flowers that glisten and bring your grow room to colorful life.

Indoor growing

Critical Purple seeds are simple to grow thanks to the presence of autoflowering ruderalis. This is among the most compact options out there, making it a dream for small apartments or SOG setups. You can expect heights as short as just 50 cm! In terms of maintenance, Critical Purple is also very robust and versatile. Minimal trimming is required, but thinning out the lower branches is recommended to increase airflow. These superfast growers can be finished in as little as 10 weeks, and are the perfect option for absolute beginners.

Smell, taste and effect

Critical Purple offers an excellent blend of sweet, floral, and earthy flavors. There’s an element of skunkiness in there too to counterbalance the ripe grape and citrus. Its effects are long-lasting and deeply relaxing, blanketing the body from head to toe and soothing muscles. It’s noted for its ability to help reduce symptoms of insomnia, nausea, and stress.

Critical Purple autoflowering seeds

Levels 25% THC / 0.7% CBD
Variety 60% Indica / 20% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 300 to 400 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 150 to 200 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

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You can grow plenty of world-renowned cannabis strains indoors and reap impressive harvests no matter the season. Just pick your strain based on the space you have at hand. Growing in a compact hydroponic system? Opt for an autoflowering Indica that won’t grow out of control. It all starts with high-quality indoor weed seeds. With Weedseedsexpress, you’ll receive superior genetic strains with guarantees of germination and delivery. All seeds come with secure and discreet packaging, whether you’re growing Zkittlez, Gelato, or a mixture of different options. There are always deals and promos to take advantage of for indoor varieties to grow easily at home.

Top 6 weed strains to grow indoors

New growers searching for the best strains to grow indoors need to look no further. Check out the top weed strains to grow inside.

By subject matter expert and editor: Pat Goggins

Indoor weed is famous for its high quality, and you can grow it anytime of year if you’ve got the right space for it. Grow tents and grow lights are cheap and easy to use, and you’ll cover the initial cost of investment quickly.

Which strains should you grow?

Some strains grow better in an indoor environment, while others do better outdoors. Indoor growers typically go for short, stout plants because they take up less space, which can be limited indoors.

Strains that finish quicker—meaning, a short flowering time—are also desired, to save money on your electricity bill. Indica strains typically fit this bill, while sativas and hybrids usually grow bigger and take longer to finish, but it really depends on the strain.

If you love a certain strain that takes 11 weeks to flower, go for it, but whichever strain you choose, check the breeder or seed bank’s information on it to get a sense of how it’ll grow.

Understanding autoflower strains and feminized seeds

Autoflower strains are a great option for growing indoors as they can go from seed to harvest in as little as three months. But, beware: the final buds might not be that potent.

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Feminized seeds are also useful because they ensure every plant is a bud-producing female, which saves space in your indoor grow because you won’t have to grow males and get rid of them.

A lot of common, classic strains come in autoflower and feminized varieties.

With thousands of strains to choose from, here are six of our favorites that are great to grow indoors.

(Elysse Feigenblatt for Leafly)

Blue Dream

Some people roll their eyes when you mention the popular strain, Blue Dream, but it truly is a dream to grow. This classic hybrid of Haze and Blueberry grows to a moderate size, has an average flowering time, and doesn’t need much attention indoors.

Just be careful and make sure it gets plenty of airflow, so it doesn’t get mold. Blue Dream is known for its big yields, so get ready to have some of this strain with euphoric and creative effects in your stash for a while.


With a sweet, tropical scent and purple accents, Zkittlez is a pleasure to have around your indoor garden.

Short in stature, with dense, chunky buds, this typical indica has won awards in the past and is perhaps most famous for parenting Runtz, 2020’s Strain of the Year at Leafly. Zkittlez is easy to grow and calming to smoke.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a great old-school strain that flowers quickly and packs a hefty, euphoric punch.

It’ll hulk out in your garden too—even though it’s short and bushy, it’s a high-yielder. Banner is easy for novice growers but recommended for experienced stoners for its potent potential.

Wedding Crasher

A newer favorite of ours, Wedding Crasher has a classy lineage: Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. This hybrid leans toward the indica side with Purple Punch in its roots and has short, dense buds with hints of purple.

Dessert strains are in right now, so finding seeds and clones of Wedding Crasher shouldn’t be too tough.

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is an underrated OG that’s beautiful to look at in your garden. In the right environment, you’ll get dark purple buds with a distinctively sweet, fruity scent.

Pests also love Banana, so be sure to keep it in a cool, dry climate.

Vanilla Frosting

Gelato descendant Vanilla Frosting is a unique, newer strain with a creamy vanilla flavor and a gassy finish.

It’s a hybrid that leans toward an indica, with dense buds, silvery-green leaves, and purple accents. It’s a high-yielder, perfect for growing indoors and for growers of all experience levels.

Top 5 Indoor Strains of 2022

What does the perfect indoor strain look like? For one, it needs a compact structure that’s easy to conceal. Next, it needs a high-enough THC content to make growing worthwhile, with flavourful terpenes to boot! And, of course, the perfect indoor variety needs to churn out a rewarding yield come harvest time. These strains tick all of those boxes.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, organic cultivation


  1. Why grow cannabis indoors?
  2. Are all weed strains suitable for indoor grows?
  3. Sinsemilla superhero — hulkberry
  4. Shoot for the stars — royal skywalker
  5. Tastes of nature — amg
  6. Royally productive — mother gorilla
  7. The queen of tang — mimosa

Growing cannabis indoors has unique advantages and disadvantages. Cultivators have almost complete control over the environment, and can easily regulate light, water, and nutrients. However, space can quickly become an issue, especially when growing strains that like to reach rapidly toward the light source.

Fortunately, breeders have tinkered with cannabis genetics to create varieties that are ideal for indoor growing. These plants remain short, and are easy to manage and train. They’re suitable for small grow tents, and some cultivators even go to the extremes of raising them in refurbished computer towers and cupboards for added stealth.

Why Grow Cannabis Indoors?

Indoor growing makes life easier for many cannabis cultivators. If you live in a cold climate with bad weather, or your garden lacks direct sunlight, indoor grow tents provide a safe haven. The ability to manipulate the light schedule, humidity, and nutrients with precision allows growers to raise weed on their own terms.

Growing cannabis indoors also helps weed lovers keep their herbal interest to themselves. Indoor grow tents with carbon filters will eliminate the stink and dramatically reduce the chances of facing any penalties.

Are All Weed Strains Suitable for Indoor Grows?

Technically, yes. All strains can be grown indoors—although some varieties are much more suited to this environment than others. Bushy indica and autoflowering strains rarely exceed 120cm in height, and are thus naturally compatible with small spaces.

Indoor growing also allows cultivators to take control of time (to a degree, at least). Photoperiod cannabis varieties begin to flower only when the hours of light decrease leading up to autumn. Indoors, growers can change the light cycle to trigger flowering whenever they want. Alternatively, they can extend the growth phase by keeping plants under a veg-specific light cycle.

Towering sativa strains have the potential to surge to heights of 300cm. Growers can limit vertical growth by planting them in small containers, but they won’t produce as good of a yield as strains specifically bred for indoor cultivation.

If you’re planning to grow weed indoors, consider the strains below. They’re ideal for small spaces and produce fantastic harvests.

Sinsemilla Superhero — HulkBerry

Our talented breeders created HulkBerry after asking themselves, “What would the perfect indoor strain look like?”. Following some careful consideration, they agreed on three key traits: a medium size, excellent productivity, and sky-high levels of THC. To achieve this outcome, they crossed parent strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The emerging polyhybrid, named HulkBerry, ticked all three boxes, and then some.

Overall, HulkBerry features 65% sativa genetics and 35% indica. She produces slender yet dense flowers boasting vibrant shades of green, yellow, and orange. Yet, most noticeably, her buds are drenched with a viscous resin exuded by an abundance of trichomes. This gooey substance contains a wealth of valuable phytochemicals, including an impressive THC content of 27%. Beginner and veteran smokers alike would be wise to take things slow and sensibly when trying these buds for the first time. It only takes a couple of tokes to feel her electrifying high take hold. Adding to this, her refreshing terpene profile provides notes of citrus, diesel, herbs, and pepper to make every hit go down a treat.

So, how exactly does HulkBerry perform indoors? You can expect plants to reach a maximum height of 140cm. However, if you’re low on space, the use of LST will keep plants at a compact 80cm. After a flowering phase of 9–11 weeks, you’ll need enough stash jars to store 400–450g/m².