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Marijuana Seeds: Best Seed Banks Online in US 2021

Marijuana Seeds: Best Seed Banks Online in US 2021.

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“Where should I get the best weed seeds for sale?” We would say, you can get them from the best seed banks that ship to the USA. If you are living outside the United States, there are many cannabis seeds online that also ship worldwide.

In this review, we will outline the different top seed banks and their differences. Most of them offer different marijuana seeds like medical marijuana seeds for sale, and regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds, and many more. However, all of them also have their own pros and cons, which you are also going to find out. Whether you are new to growing or not, let’s begin, and find the best marijuana seeds for sale.

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Best Marijuana Seeds For Sale That Ship to US 2021

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1. MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL (Marijuana Seeds NL) is one of the best seed banks that ship to the US. The company is based in the UK and started operating in 1999. It was founded by two geneticists who want to share the result of their breeding and growing experiences. On Observer and Benzinga where you can also find more reviews about marijuana seed bank 2021.

Given that the founders of MSNL are geneticists, the quality of their seeds is enormous, even if they do not release any germination guarantee or claim any germination rate. They also have various marijuana strains available, which count around 200 varying types, including regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. You can also look for cannabis seeds that are low/high-CBD, low/high-THC, and many more.

MSNL also gives out different types of discounts and promotions. Our favorite is their free seeds, which vary depending on the marijuana strains you purchase or the amount you spend within an order. However, the free seeds we can get do not go lower than five.

They also have a rewards program. You will receive three points for every pound you spend, which you can use for later purchases. This does not expire, so there can be a chance that you will get the seed-free, just because of the points you receive.

As for shipping and payment, MSNL accepts all types of credit cards and debit cards, international money orders, bitcoin, cash, and bank transfer. If you pay using bitcoin or bank transfer, your free seeds will get doubled, and you will also get 10% off the price. Lastly, they do worldwide stealth shipping.

2. I Love Growing Marijuana – Top Pick

Founded in 2012, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is suddenly known to offer quality seeds from licensed breeders. RiverFronttime was voted ILGM as the best choice for the seed bank. The company is based in Amsterdam, a place known as the capital of Cannabis shops. It is owned by Robert Bergman, a man who has 25 years of cultivating marijuana seeds.

Although they sell high-quality cannabis seeds, they lack strain selection. They only have around 80 different strains, but there are the most popular ones. You can browse them by certain types such as regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and fast-flowering seeds. Then, there are more options like Sativa, Indica, high CBD/THC, and ultra-high THC. All their seeds are backed up with a 100% germination guarantee.

I Love Growing Marijuana has different ways of giving you more affordable prices. They have special offers with a coupon code for first-time and second-time buyers. You can also opt-in for their loyalty program. Your 100 points are equal to a $5 voucher on HealthCanal.

Also, buy cannabis seeds from them and pay using bitcoin. Then, they will give you a 10% discount. And talking about payment, their other payment methods include debit card, cash, bank transfer, and check. As for the shipping, ILGM does not ship worldwide, but this is a seed bank that ships to the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe.

3. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds started in 2005, making them around 16 years of experience as a seed bank. According to them, they have a constant partnership with some of the “world’s most respected breeders” so that they can give out the highest-quality seeds you are looking for. On top of that, they also assure you an 80% germination guarantee.

As for the strain selection, their number of seeds is limited. However, we hope they are continuously expanding it. Similarly, they also have a fixed payment mode, including bitcoin, cash, and Visa/MasterCard.

For the shipping, Crop King Seeds ships orders worldwide. They also guarantee stealth shipping, as well as your privacy.

4. Seedsman

Seedsman has been living in the seed bank industry since 2003, which is nearly two decades. Until now, the company is described as one of the most reliable seed banks in the world. Its mission is to ensure the spread of a diverse gene pool of seeds, with vibrant and healthy seeds inside. To attain such a goal, they sell seeds from normal growers and professional growers working for domestic preservation.

They are probably the most prominent seed banks online, with over 4,400 different strains. Over 120 professional breeders bring these strains. You can easily navigate their website and browse their seeds according to distinct classifications such as auto-flowering and photoperiodic seeds.

However, you cannot expect too much when it comes to the germination guarantee. Despite most of their seeds not having germination issues, problems may still occur. But, if you live in a place where cannabis is not legal yet, they will never address your concerns.

Seedsman ships order worldwide, but the shipping fee varies depending on where you live. Additionally, they accept most payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, money orders, check, cash, and bitcoin. Paying using bitcoin will give you a 15-20% discount. They also have additional offers like a loyalty program, only if you sign up for them.

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds started their cannabis use bank business around 15 years. According to them, they offer high-quality seeds and unique ones. For instance, they claim that their seeds have a higher resistance to pests and stormy conditions.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds knows how to follow the trend in terms of the various strains. In 2013, they started updating their seed catalog. They now have different medical marijuana seeds for sale from having seeds for recreational purposes.

They also offer an excellent germination guarantee — for around 80% germination rate. If you find that most of your seeds do not germinate, the seed bank is happy to assist you. And since marijuana seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds are not as lower as local seed banks, they provide various weekly special offers. Some are marijuana seeds are automatically discounted, and some are coupled with coupon codes.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds ships worldwide. However, free shipping is not available. Nevertheless, everything comes with guaranteed stealth shipping.

As for the payment methods, they have limited options. They only accept payment using Mastercard, Visa, and bank transfer. They accept bitcoin in some instances, but we do not have much detail about it.

6. Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds started in the late 2000s as a head shop. They are one of the best seed banks that shop in the USA. Aside from having their business as a seed bank, they also promote the legitimacy and acceptance of both the use of cannabis and hemp throughout the world.

The seed bank has a large seed inventory — around 2200 different strains in total. These quality seeds come from over 120 breeders with high-end experiences. On top of that, they also provide a germination guarantee with every seed you order. If you find your seeds are not growing, you can fill up their Quality Control Form, and the customer service will assist you.

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As for shipping, Herbies Seeds ships orders worldwide, yet stealth shipping is not automatic. If you do not opt-in for this add-on, Herbies Seeds will never reship the item, encase your seeds did not arrive.

While the shipping has a little bit of downside, the seed bank offers different discounts. They also have free seeds under their ongoing promotions.

Lastly are their payment options. Herbies Seeds accepts payment via bitcoin, credit cards, and bank transfers

7. Original Seeds Store

The Original Seeds Store is probably not one of the biggest seed banks that ship to the US, yet they are one of the most reputable seed banks online. The seed bank started its business in 1992 and has been included in creating the Skunk family. The Skunk Family stopped its operation, but the seed bank continues its operation until now, with its brand-new name, Original Seeds Store.

As for the strain selection, you can also find a seed variety in them. They get their quality seed from the best seed banks around the world and over 100 professional breeders. Yet, if you are looking for a germination guarantee, they do not offer that. Regardless, many customers were satisfied with the quality of their received seeds.

For payment concerns, European customers can pay using credit cards. If you live outside Europe, you can pay via cash, bitcoin, and bank transfer. They also offer a stealth shipping option so that your seeds will not be detected.

Additionally, they have different options to choose from, and you can put stealth shipping on top of all possibilities. These options include Standard, Ensured, and Ensured Express. Moreover, they have many cannabis seeds for sale, which you can buy for much lower prices. You can also grab certain strains with accessible sources.

8. True North Seeds

True North Seeds is newer than other cannabis seed banks online. However, we strongly believe in its reliability. The company is based in Canada and offers a fantastic customer experience.

Unlike other cannabis seed banks, they do not sell their developed cannabis strains. Nevertheless, they sell seeds from different brands and the most reputable breeders in the world. Therefore, we can trust their seed quality, even though they do not have an absolute germination guarantee.

However, like other seed banks online, they have a wide seed selection. You can sort them via different classifications like regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, greenhouses, and indoor or outdoor. As for customer service, we think they also perform well. Yet, the people did not read the terms and conditions and just left negative reviews.

For the payment options, they accept both credit and debit cards, cash, international money order, bank transfer, bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Note that paying via credit and debit card comes with a 7.5% card processing fee. As for the shipping, they ship worldwide with guaranteed delivery insurance.

9. Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is based in Barcelona, Spain. The business started 15 years ago and is still working with different professional breeders. They were known for the consistency of the quality of their seeds. They also have different strains, and they also sell their strains that their breeders develop.

Aside from the reputation, seed quality, and seed selection, they also stand out in customer service and shopping experience. If you have any questions about the company or the specific seeds you want to buy, reaching their customer team is easy. Plus, their website is also easy to navigate. For instance, you can browse seeds by categories such as regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. In addition, each of the seeds has its product description.

If you are looking for discounts, the Ministry of Cannabis also gives many of them to you. All you must do is follow their social media accounts, where they post various special offers. They also ship worldwide, with the guaranteed stealth shipping.

For payment concerns, the company accepts different payment methods. These include bitcoin, Mastercard, visa card, bank transfer, and cash. They also accept payment from Moneygram, if the total cost of your order reaches 100 euros.

10. WeedSeedsExpress

Many believe that WeedSeedsExpress has not built its reputation like the other seed bans online do, yet, we consider them as one of the best seed banks to buy many different strains of cannabis seeds. The company is based in Amsterdam and is founded by a group of friends who have been passionate about growing cannabis seeds for more than 15 years.

One that made them reliable is their germination guarantee — around 90% germination rate. Apart from their quality seed, they also sell their genetic creations. You can browse their seeds according to different categories, such as potencies and cultivation levels. They also have other types like Indica strains, Sativa strains, regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and indoor or outdoor seeds.

WeedSeedsExpress also offers various promotions, discounts, and free seeds. You can find most of them in their Seeds for Sale Tab and their Rotating Promotion. Also, you can sign up to their newsletter for more additional offers.

WeedSeedsExpress accepts payment via cryptocurrencies, cash, wire transfers or bank transfers, and credit cards in terms of payment methods. And the good thing about them is that they ship worldwide. Also, they offer a shipping guarantee wherein they will reship items that did not successfully arrive at your home.

How to Buy Weed Seeds Safely?

You are passionate about buying cannabis seeds. However, like anybody else, you want your buying session to be safe and secured. Thus, here are a few tips for you.

Is buying marijuana seeds legal in your country? Whether the answer is yes or no, you are safer if you buy cannabis seeds online. Always look for the reputation of the seed bank. If you have trouble researching, we have our 10 best seed banks that ship to the USA.

If it is your first time buying cannabis seeds online, you can make small orders. Look for the best marijuana seeds for sale to reduce germination failure. Consider splitting your orders from one seed bank to another so that you will have a first-hand experience of each seed bank.

How to Store Marijuana Seeds Properly

While you have many reasons to buy cannabis seeds online, you also have reasons why you want to preserve them. If you want them to last for an extended period, you have many things to consider: temperature, humidity, air, light, and genetics.

First is the temperature, which should not be high. It is also always best to maintain the temperature in the same coolness. Next is the humidity of the environment, which should be consistent and neutral — not too wet nor too dry.

Third, are the air and the light. You should prevent your seed from getting exposed to light so that they will not get awake, avoiding possible damages. Similarly, you should let them have extremely little oxygen and carbon dioxide as much as you can. Lastly, you should know the nature of the genetics of your seeds, as they have varying viability. Therefore, do research before buying seeds.


If you are unsure where to get the best cannabis seeds, feel free to choose among these ten sellers. We guarantee that these marijuana seed banks are legit, offering high-quality sources. From feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and other types of weed seeds, you will only get the ones that are included in the best for all types of growers.

So, if you want to buy marijuana seeds, feel free to digest our reviews, and get the marijuana seed bank of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If marijuana use is legal in your country, you are safe. If not, you may get caught up.

Yes, you can choose whether you want to grow female plants, male plants, outdoor growing plants, and high-CBD or THC plants.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Brazil 2022

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Brazil. Growing Tips, Recommended Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Ship to Brazil For the 2022 Growing Season.

As of 2022, recreational and medicinal cannabis use is technically considered a decriminalized drug in Brazil.

However, since its initial decriminalization in 2006, Brazil’s locals have still been confronted with legal difficulties for possession of maconha (“cannabis” in Portuguese) and maconha seeds, both for recreational, personal use, and medicinal purposes, albeit without a valid prescription.

Below is a comprehensive guide on buying, possessing, and cultivating maconha (marijuana) seeds. Furthermore, you’ll find growing tips and recommended strains to grow in Brazil, as well as in-depth information regarding cannabis laws.

This guide will serve you, the reader, as a valuable and convenient reference in regard to migrating to or residing in Brazil for any length of time. Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse to authorities, so it is important to remain educated about current cannabis laws regarding cannabis seeds and seed banks in Brazil.

In A Nutshell — Everything You Need to Know About Buying Marijuana Seeds in Brazil

Frank Sinatra once said, “They grow an awful lot of coffee in Brazil.”

Although this is true, Brazilians aren’t just infatuated with coffee beans — but maconha as well. Whether you’re Brazilian or not — this guide is here to explain everything you need to know about buying marijuana seeds in Brazil.

Before we begin, however, here’s a summary of the essential facts regarding cannabis seeds, seed banks, and marijuana usage in Brazil:

  • Cannabis is decriminalized in Brazil
  • Cultivation and production of cannabis seeds and plants is illegal in Brazil
  • Medical marijuana is limited to CBD and heavily regulated

Now, read along to discover an in-depth analysis of growing and buying cannabis seeds from seed shops and the rules that govern marijuana enthusiasts in Brazil.

Girl Scout Cookies

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Brazil

First, let’s talk about growing maconha seeds in Brazil.

From Minas Gerais to the Amazonas and everything in between, you’ll find everything you need to know about growing cannabis seeds and top-shelf weed in Brazil.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Brazil

Brazil resides in the Southern Hemisphere, which means the ideal time to germinate marijuana seeds from a seed bank is Mid September to early October.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Brazil

Brazil is a massive country and contains many unique microclimates. Furthermore, cannabis cultivation is illegal.

Therefore, you must consider various issues when growing marijuana seeds, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Presence of mold and pests
  • Police and thieves

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Brazil

Now, let’s take a look at a few tips on growing cannabis seeds in Brazil.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Brazil

To grow excellent weed — you need high-quality marijuana seeds.

However, cannabis prohibition is a real problem in Brazil, making it challenging to find legitimate weed seed strains. Therefore, the first, and most important tip, is to find a reputable online or local seed bank to buy marijuana seeds from.

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – High Quality Genetics. Shipping Worldwide.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Brazil

Next, always determine your local climate in Brazil before choosing a strain from a seed bank.

For example, if you live in the Amazonas — you must find a cannabis strain from a seed bank that exhibits high humidity, mold, and pest resilience.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least, you must plan your cannabis garden.

Planning your garden means setting everything up (indoor or outdoor) before you germinate your marijuana seeds.

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Brazilian Residents?

We can’t stress this fact enough — cannabis in all forms, even seeds, is illegal in Brazil.

With this in mind, let’s look at two ways to buy cannabis seeds in Brazil.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Brazil

Currently, it’s nearly impossible to find a local cannabis seed store in Brazil.

Due to regulations, cannabis seed stores are forced “underground.” Although you may find marijuana seeds from someone in Brazil — they are unverified and may not contain high-quality genetics.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Brazil

If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Brazil — the only viable option is a reputable online cannabis seed bank that ships to your door in Brazil.

Here are our top two seed banks that ship weed seeds to Brazil:

MSNL Seedbank – MSNL seedbank produces high quality cannabis seeds and is an excellent online seedbank that ships to Brazil. is located in London, England but purchases their product in bulk directly from Dutch producers, allowing for a cheaper alternative for their clientele. This marijuana seedbank offers shipping to Brazil, so, although you cannot buy cannabis seeds in the country, you can get them shipped to your door. MSNL is a great alternative online source to access cannabis seeds, due to the shortage of seedbanks in Brazil.

Crop King Seeds – This online cannabis seed store gets a variety of cannabis seeds and ships worldwide. Due to their exceptional, professional relationships with their dependable marijuana cultivators, this Canadian-based marijuana seedbank is an exceptional alternative to seedbanks in Brazil. Their customer service is top-notch and their extremely potent weed strains make them a fan favorite. You can easily and conveniently buy cannabis seeds and ship them to your home in Brazil. Crop King Seeds accepts many forms of payment for their client’s convenience and all orders are shipped with the utmost discretion and securely packaged for optimal freshness upon arrival.

Fast, safe, and secure — MSNL and Crop King Seeds are the best way to buy marijuana seeds in Brazil.

Crop King Seeds. Worldwide stealth shipping. Bitcoin and Credit Cards Accepted.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Brazil

Now, let’s look at three incredible cannabis seed strains that perform exceedingly well in most Brazilian climates.

Durban Poison

The Durban Poison seed strain excels in climates, such as that found in much of Brazil.

Whether you grow Durban Poison seeds indoors or outdoors, you’ll find a humidity-tolerant beauty that packs massive buds filled with THC.

Super Silver Haze

Known as the most awarded cannabis seed strain in history, Super Silver Haze is an excellent choice for Brazilian growers.

SSH seeds are resistant to high heat, mold, and minor pests, making it a serious contender for a spot in your marijuana garden.


Known for its intense and delicious taste, the Cheesecake seed strain offers Brazilians a new terpene palette to indulge in.

Furthermore, the Cheesecake seed strain flowers quickly and offers strong resilience against bacterial and fungal growth. Lastly, most importantly, Cheesecake yields buckets of buds loaded to the brim with THC.

To Legalize or Not To Legalize Cannabis Seeds? The Governments’ Thoughts in 2022

ANVISA’s new law has been met with skepticism from various government factions, who have expressed concerns in regard to allowing domestic cultivation of weed seeds. However, the current president, William Dib, has expressed his support for this update in Brazil’s marijuana laws, as it greatly aids unwell citizens.

He is set to finish his term as director and president in December of 2019 which may put a halt on the regulations, as his successor may be opposed to the regulation of cannabis seeds and seed banks.

Corruption Continues in Brazil

The authorities in Brazil are not lenient or tolerant in regard to cannabis seed possession or distribution. It is an underground culture and must be kept lucrative at all times in order to avoid legal troubles.

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Authorities are vigilant and are always actively seeking individuals that are in possession of marijuana seeds or flowers and will not hesitate to arrest you and confiscate your product. However, foreigners are usually known to make bribes to the police force to escape legal complications, as American currency is highly sought after in Brazil.

It is a known issue and must be avoided, as bribery is equally illegal and causes trouble for you in the long run. Regardless of marijuana laws, weed can be located quite easily at large, populated beaches and run-down, low-income neighborhoods.

However, due to legality issues, marijuana is usually very low quality and typically not ethically produced. Higher quality strains cost much more money, in comparison to the street value in North America.

The authorities in Brazil are not lenient or tolerant in regard to cannabis possession or distribution.

Minor Offenses Equal Drastic Repercussions in Brazil

Brazil saw a surge of inmates in federal prisons due, primarily, to drug offenses. This is partly due to Law 11343/06, which, in 2006, decriminalized minor marijuana offenses, such as small possession (a joint, for example).

Now, possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal, recreational use, will not land you a prison sentence. You will, however, have to attend an educational drug program.

The new law also raised the minimum sentence of drug trafficking from three years to five years. Although this may seem like an improvement, authorities have the power to decide whether your weed is for personal consumption or for distribution.

An absence of a distinction between the two factions may result in a prison sentence for the accused regardless. Therefore, the law as of 2022 is still far from just and effective, making for a corrupt and unfair system where authorities have more power than necessary.

“Marcha da Maconha” in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil’s Growing Prison Population Due to Minor Cannabis Charges

From 2006-2017, the population in Brazil’s prisons grew substantially at an over 80% expansion rate, with 26.5% of male inmates and 62% of female inmates serving minor drug charges.

The citizens marched this past summer to fight the immoral and unnecessary imprisonment of a multitude of Brazil’s populace for possessing and smoking a small amount of cannabis, even if only for pain relief. Even though the drug has been decriminalized, citizens are still being arrested for suspected trafficking, even when that is not the case.

Within the last year, Justice Roberto Barroso from the Brazilian Supreme Court voiced his concern over the prohibition of cannabis and its strict laws. He believes that legalizing marijuana will actually REDUCE gang violence, as there will not be such an underground culture and unethical production of the plant. Justice Roberto Barroso believes that something must be done to reduce drug-related crimes and fix the country’s immoral and corrupt legal system.

Brazil’s Medical Marijuana System and How It Affects its Citizens

In 2014, medical cannabis imports began making their way to Brazil, when a few families received permission and certain authorizations from ANVISA, also known as the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.)

This allowed CBD imports into Brazil, in order to give some pain relief to children suffering from diseases such as epilepsy. In Brazil, cannabis products are considered non-registered medicine and are imported as such.

The Shortcomings of Medical Marijuana in Brazil

Patients in need of cannabis must contact and receive written consent from ANVISA to begin the import of CBD oils and other marijuana-related products.

In order to receive this approval, patients must make a trip to their physician and obtain a prescription and a written letter, explaining why medical cannabis is in need for this particular case. This authorization is only valid for one year but may be renewed, once the time is up.

As of 2022, Brazil has a limited, import-only program with over ten thousand approved authorizations since the launch of the program and there are a total of five thousand active patients.

Although importing CBD oil is allowed for personal use in a medical emergency, importing large quantities for the intent of selling, profiting, and commercial distribution purposes is prohibited and, if caught, you will be subjected to the full extent of the law.

Upcoming Proposals That May Change Brazil’s Medical Marijuana System and Allow Cannabis Seed Cultivation

However, major changes and updates can take place in the months to come, as ANVISA proposed two resolutions that can, for the first time in the country’s history, regulate domestic cultivation of cannabis, ONLY in regard to medical and research purposes.

This will also allow for the review of the registration procedures for medical products containing marijuana content and its synthetic counterparts, which would allow companies to produce and sell products that have only reached and completed the second phase of clinical trials.

Traditionally, clinical trials of any new drug can take up to six years to complete, due to the four phases each narcotic has to undergo, in order to get the seal of approval. This is an extremely lengthy and expensive procedure, but necessary to achieve optimal results and eradicate any harm caused to the public.

Volunteers are required to complete these four phases of cannabis research, with between twenty and one hundred people needed in the first stage and between five thousand and ten thousand volunteers by the third stage. Before human consumption, these drugs are first tested on animals, to ensure safety to civilians.

Major changes and updates can take place in the months to come, as ANVISA proposed two resolutions that can regulate domestic cultivation of cannabis.

A Delayed Vote On New Medical Marijuana Laws in Brazil

ANVISA was supposed to vote on new medical marijuana laws in Brazil sometime on October 19. However, voting has now been postponed twice, due to different circumstances.

Firstly, President Willian Dib made the decision to split the law into two themes: planting and marketing medicinal marijuana. A week later, the vote was postponed for the second time due to new ANVISA board members requiring additional time to review current laws and votes by the Brazilian citizens, from the June survey ANVISA released publicly.

As of November 2019, there are no new updates or changes regarding the plan ANVISA had to regulate medicinal marijuana in Brazil, which would allow producers of the plant to harvest and sell their crops to scientific research facilities or to specific manufacturers and distributors.

This can change in 2020, however, as the law is still up for debate and awaiting a vote from ANVISA’s board members. Selling to the public for recreational use or wholesalers with the intent of distributing and profiting off of marijuana is still considered illegal and will remain that way in the foreseeable future.

Is There a Future for Cannabis Seed Banks in Brazil?

Although cannabis use is taboo in 2022, and will likely remain that way through next year, the citizens of Brazil are campaigning against these harsh, unnecessary laws that combat the overall cannabis culture in the country.

More than 57% of Brazil’s local residents are in favor of legalizing marijuana and cannabis seeds for medicinal and recreational use, and the numbers continue to climb.

There is a strong need for mental and physical relief in South America’s largest country and there is hope, among the citizens, that they can one day legally buy and grow marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks in Brazil.

With inspiration from other country’s lenient cannabis drug laws, Brazil may very well be next in line to allow their civilians to enjoy marijuana products and grow cannabis seeds safely and legally.
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