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Blue ice seeds


Blue Ice OG was created by crossing an elite clone of the famous and in-demand OG Kush strain along with a Blueberry Ice. It is a strong and robust plant with good yields and an incredibly intense flavour. It turns shades of purple and dark blue when night-time temperatures drop below 12°C.

Blue Ice OG, at 60% sativa, is not a particularly large plant but it can still attain a height of 170 cm. if planted outside directly into the ground. It has a very vigorous period of vegetative growth before hitting the flowering stage and is a very easy strain even for the novice grower. The strong stems are ideally suited to carry the burden of very dense and weighty buds. Flowering indoors lasts for about 60 days after which time harvest of approximately 500 gr/m 2 dried weight will be realised. If cultivated outdoors yields will be in the region of 800 gr/plant with northern hemisphere harvests being during the first half of October.

The fruity flavour is reminiscent of berries with notes of soft citrus (lemon). THC production falls into the medium range (10 – 15%) with low CBD. The effect is extremely relaxing, both cerebrally and physically, very long-lasting and most enjoyable. It is claimed to have medicinal applications and would be a very good stress-buster.

Blue Ice OG Cannabis Seeds

Seed City is a trusted online seller of marijuana seeds and is located in the UK. We are a cannabis seed bank that sells both lesser known seed strains as well as popular ones like the Blue Ice OG cannabis seeds strain from Seedsman Seeds.

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Blue Ice OG Strain

Blue Ice OG is a feminized cannabis seed strain named after the two strains that were crossed to make it: OG Kush (elite clone) and Blueberry ice. As an indica variant with a THC content of up to 15%, Blue Ice OG stays true to its name and is perfect for anyone who is stressed out and is looking to chill.

Feminized Seeds Explained

Feminized cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that are designed to only produce female cannabis plants. This is ideal because female cannabis plants produce higher quantities of THC and CBD than male cannabis plants do.

Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Seeds has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry since 2002 and with over 2,000 cultivars in their seed library, they have one of the most diverse and comprehensive seed catalogs in the world. Over the last 20 years, Seedsman has sold over 15k cannabis seeds from 120 seedbanks worldwide, and also established their own brand of seeds which includes Feminised, Regular, and Autoflowering strains of cannabis.

420 Seed Bank With A Great Reputation

Not only does Seed City sell cannabis seeds for low prices and have an enormous selection of cannabis seed strains to choose from, but we also offer fast, discreet shipping worldwide so that no matter where you are you have access to high-quality cannabis seed strains!