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Bomb pop seeds

diy seed bomb pops for earth day

Earth Day is in a couple weeks–do you usually do anything? This is actually the 50th anniversary of the holiday so if you haven’t done something in the past now is the time to start! I wanted to do some type of fun DIY but wasn’t sure exactly what. Then I started thinking about seed bombs. I made a slight tweak to them and the idea for these DIY seed bomb pops was born! This is a fun and simple project you can do with your kids and then gift to friends.

what is a seed bomb?

A seed bomb is a mixture of seeds and either pulp or clay. You make a wet mixture of either the pulp or clay and then add the seeds in. Then you can form balls with your hands or place in silicone molds. Once the seed bombs are dry you can then plant wherever you would like to add some blooms!

materials for diy seed bomb pops
  • paper
  • water
  • seeds
  • popsicle sticks
  • blender or food processor
  • silicone molds (optional)

I decided to use paper to form a pulp since I already had some. The process for making these is really simple and takes less than an hour once your pulp is made. Since I had three different types of seeds I cut squares approximately 1″ in size of three different colored construction paper. You can also use other paper if you prefer but I found that the construction paper makes a really nice pulp.

Soak your squares of paper in water for a few hours or overnight. Once your paper has soaked in the water use a blender or food processor to create a pulp. I also found that it blends better if you add more water to the mixture. Once the paper is pulp that can be formed squeeze most of the excess water out and add your seeds. Then you can roll into balls or make seed bomb pops with labeled popsicle sticks like I did!

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do seed bombs even work?

I really wanted to try to make these because I was slightly skeptical. I’d heard mixed reviews about the effectiveness of seed bombs. Some people claim that they’re a fail-proof way to plant flowers, other people say that they don’t work.

We made our DIY seed bomb pops and then left them to dry out. After 24 hours they were still moist so I left them in their molds in a sunny window while we went out of town for a couple days. We did observe that the leftover pulp that we had rolled into balls dried much faster than the pops we placed in molds.

When we came back from our trip we were surprised to see that the molds were still slightly damp. However, even more surprising and exciting was that some of the seeds had started sprouting before we even placed them in the ground! We planted them right away and were impressed that after only a couple days we could see sprouts coming to the surface! It was so neat to see that our diy project and experiment all in one worked so well!

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