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Box of marijuana seeds


With this product, you earn 245 delicious coins.
245 coins = €24.50.

Regular Price: €442.00

Special Price €309.40

With this product, you earn 155 delicious coins.
155 coins = €15.50.

With this product, you earn 23 delicious coins.
23 coins = €2.30.

With this product, you earn 28 delicious coins.
28 coins = €2.80.

Starting at: €276.75

Earn from 139 to 359 delicious coins.
139 coins = €13.90 and 359 coins = €35.90.

Starting at: €261.00

Earn from 131 to 332 delicious coins.
131 coins = €13.10 and 332 coins = €33.20.

Starting at: €234.00

Earn from 117 to 289 delicious coins.
117 coins = €11.70 and 289 coins = €28.90.

Starting at: €112.50

Earn from 30 to 60 delicious coins.
30 coins = €3.00 and 60 coins = €6.00.

Starting at: €20.80

Earn from 13 to 103 delicious coins.
13 coins = €1.30 and 103 coins = €10.30.

Starting at: €22.40

Earn from 14 to 110 delicious coins.
14 coins = €1.40 and 110 coins = €11.00.

Starting at: €63.00

Earn from 17 to 53 delicious coins.
17 coins = €1.70 and 53 coins = €5.30.

Starting at: €20.00

Earn from 13 to 98 delicious coins.
13 coins = €1.30 and 98 coins = €9.80.

Starting at: €27.65

Earn from 20 to 161 delicious coins.
20 coins = €2.00 and 161 coins = €16.10.

Starting at: €41.30

Earn from 30 to 240 delicious coins.
30 coins = €3.00 and 240 coins = €24.00.

Starting at: €48.80

Earn from 13 to 38 delicious coins.
13 coins = €1.30 and 38 coins = €3.80.

With this product, you earn 23 delicious coins.
23 coins = €2.30.

After 13 years of travel and more than 120 awards won in the national and international cannabic scene, at Delicious Seeds we have decided to celebrate it with 4 very special collections for us.

Each of the varieties that make up the collections has given us many joys at one point or another in our history. Some are great champions and others are best sellers, but all of them have contributed to the fact that after 13 years we continue to work with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning.

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Legislation on hemp seeds differ from country to country. Please become informed about the regulations. We do not accept any responsibility for the product or future use of our seeds.
If you accept this notice, you represent that you are 18 years and hemp seeds are legal in your country.

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Delicious Seeds® is aware of the laws of each country where it sends its products, and does not send cannabis seeds in countries where trade or possession is prohibited.

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Having difficulties deciding on a marijuana strain? Well, now you won’t have to! Marijuana Seed Breeders have selected our very best seeds for you, which we offer in various combinations. Ideal if you like to try multiple stains but only have limited growing space. These carefully composed mix packs offer a solution to those suffering from indecisiveness. All our marijuana seed packs contain 3 strains in quantities of 3 or 5 at a great price.

Autoflower Mixpack

EUR 63,25

Beginners Mixpack

EUR 86,25

Bestseller Mixpack

EUR 80,50

Big Harvest Mixpack

EUR 97,75

Die Hard Mixpack

EUR 92,00

Down Under Mixpack

EUR 92,00

Indica Mixpack

EUR 74,75

Kush Mixpack

EUR 86,25

Medical Mixpack

EUR 92,00

Outdoor Mixpack

EUR 86,25

Purple Blue Mixpack

EUR 86,25

Sativa Mixpack

EUR 92,00

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Cannabis seeds mixpack for every occasion

Sometimes choosing between marijuana seeds is hard. Which is why we decided to offer our variety of cannabis seed packs. By combining different marijuana seeds strains that all perform perfectly on specific occasions you can sample almost our whole selection. What are the benefits of these mix packs?

  • No longer buy a whole pack of 1 strain
  • Lets you sample strains
  • Great price

The ultimate autoflowering cannabis seeds mixpack

Are you looking for something easy to grow that can produce multiple harvests per year? Our inhouse expert on autoflowering strains is Henk. This has been his field of expertise since the ’70s. Henk has created the autoflowering feminized mixpack with three of the MSB Breeders’ creations for you to get acquainted with the miracle of autoflowering strains. This pack contains 3 of the best autoflowering strains on the market today. Aside from the world-renowned White Widow, which needs no further introduction, the popular Cheese strain and powerful Critical complete this fast flowering feminized seeds pack.

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Big harvest cannabis seeds mixpack for a massive yield

The Big Harvest Mixpack contains 3 of our highest yielding feminized seeds. Discover the intense potency of the Green Revolution Feminized, indulge in the candy-like sweetness of the Girl Scout Cookies 2.0, and be amazed by the medicinal qualities of the Blue Dream. This mix pack, composed especially for our loyal growers, helps them get an amazing yield. And trust us when we say: These products do not disappoint.

Delights from Down under

What the strains in the Down Under mix pack have in common is that they are all large yielders, stress-resistant and will thrive in high temperatures, and can withstand large nutrient additives and aren’t very susceptible to nutritional deficiencies. The specially developed by Marijuana Seed Breeders Aussie Power Feminized, revolutionary Green Revolution, and finally, NYC Diesel x Blue Dream hybrid Strawberry Diesel feminized seeds, contain everything it takes to achieve an impressive harvest for those residing in a hot and dry climate.

The Sky is the limit with this outdoor cannabis seeds mixpack

The strains of the Outdoor Mixpack all excel in their fast-growing abilities and their explosive growth potential. Enjoy a sense of happiness with our Diesel Afghan strain, which provides a long-lasting stoned sensation and divine taste. Experience Girl Scout Cookies 2.0’s sweet aroma that perfectly matches its coffee and candy taste. And finally, let the powerful medicinal effects of Northern Lights lull you to sleep. By combining these 3 popular strains, the outdoor cannabis seeds mixpack is a true must-try for every (aspiring) outdoor grower.

Get stoned to the bone with these Indica faves

Indica strains, in simple terms, will get you stoned! If you are looking to have a genuinely relaxing time on your couch, this mixpack will get the job done. Cheese, with its signature Christmas tree-shape, is a quick and heavy yielder with an impressive spiral bud construction that provides you with massive, vigorous buds. Northern Lights has an exceptional yield and fat, crystal-covered resinous buds, which rapidly made her one of the primary household names on the Dutch market. And finally White Widow, undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular strains worldwide. She owes her name to the abundance of white crystals covering her buds.

Tackle your ailments organically with top-notch medical strains

Feeling anxious, stressed, or suffering from physical discomfort and indefinable ailments? Tired of using pharmaceuticals that often have nasty side effects? Various research has established that medical cannabis could help you; it’s merely a case of putting the most suitable medical strains to work. If you’re looking to toss your prescription painkillers, Blue Dream may be your answer to your prayers. This strain is favorable when battling stress, insomnia, and pain. Depressive symptoms lessen, and muscle pain and back discomfort tend to subside too. HeroDawg is a unique hybrid and one of the greatest medical strains on the market. It can help to regulate ADD and ADHD, migraines, chronic depression, mood disorders, and can even relieve pain and muscle spasms. Its high levels of THC and ability to relax the body makes White Widow wonderful for treating all sorts of pain, from uterine cramps to Crohn’s Disease, fibromyalgia to migraines. Many patients have reported benefiting from this strain to help stimulate appetite and reduce nausea, a frequent side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to treat cancer.

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Higher than the sun due to the high THC levels of these Sativa feminized seeds

This mix pack of marijuana seeds is a must-have for the true connoisseur that desires an intense high and massive yield. Green Revolution, with a THC percentage of no less than 23%, provides you with an upbeat and comfortable Haze high. Original Haze has an earthy sweet taste with fresh hints of citrus and causes an energic, uplifting head high will instantly obliterate all your stress, leaving you carefree and chill. The Power Plant lives up to its name. A powerful smoke that provides you with an intense cerebral high, leaving you full of energy and feeling euphoric and uplifted.

Load up your shopping cart and buy your favorite cannabis seeds mixpack online at Marijuana Seed Breeders

The thing we are most proud of is our high-quality cannabis strains. Indica, Sativa, Hybrids, Autoflowering, feminized, regular, medical seeds, or one of our mix packs. We know you are looking for the perfect marijuana seeds. If you make sure that all the circumstances are right, we guarantee that all the seeds from our cannabis seeds mix packs will sprout and grow into thriving plants. Do you love our products? Spread the word! Got any complaints, just let us know. We prefer mixed cannabis seeds over mixed feelings any day and aim to make every customer a satisfied one!