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Bubba’s sister seeds

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Katsu seeds

Anybody got anything to say about their experience with any of their strains?

I just popped three Xanadu, three bubba’s breath and a bandaid haze.

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Just finishing a run of Bubba’s Sis. Nice healthy plants. Decent producer, it’s got some gas in there and a bit of an old school taste too. Not super stinky, some place in the middle but they are really sticky. They taste really nice, flavorful but not overpowering, mellow with a nice aftertaste. Buzz is nice too, happy buzz.

I actually neglected the hell out of mine, I was down due to a surgery for over a month right in the middle of the grow and the room was Cold. They were very forgiving and produced really nice. Sturdy plant for sure. It would be a good plant for a beginner to grow, impressive results for an easy to grow plant.

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4/20 smoke report part of the way into the Bubba Sis curing stage. Still tastes nice, gassy and flavorful, coats the mouth for sure, even more so now. The buzz is still nice and mellow and you don’t need to smoke too much so it’s potency is decent. I keep reaching for it fairly often out of a stash of all kinds of good smoke even though it’s not really fully cured yet and I have lots that is, so it’s hitting my happy spot for sure. I get a nice head buzz from it, that doesn’t put me to sleep. It’s got that nice middle ground buzz, it’s mellow but not really sleepy if you know what I mean. Nice Chill Hang Out Buzz and strong enough to get me there even though I have a fairly high tolerance (even for concentrates although I prefer bud).

I’ll grow this again. Definitely a buzz and taste I enjoy, so no complaints here at all, I’m very happy I grew these out and glad they were a big producer so I’ll be enjoying them for a while.

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I just grew 2 Black Lime Bubbas and was l lucky enough to get 2 pheno’s. One finished in 9 weeks and the other is still growing at 11 weeks, and is ready but I may let her go another week. It’s absolutely some of the finest smoke ever and was my favorite out of 6 new strains i was testing. I’m certain it’s over 20% thc and is a real enjoyable, yet powerful high. I smoked a fatty last night and then went for a long bike ride. awesome!!

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I also grew 2 Dracary’s and they are my 2nd favorite of the group. Great producers. I only vegged for 6 weeks from seed and each plant produced over 4 ounces of solid, large dense nuggets with a great gorilla glue taste, and a nice mellow high.

Both of these strains are going to become regulars for me!

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Probably a good one to try. I also just grew a Star Pupil from Mass Medical and it was pretty awesome too, with nice lavender buds. Also grew 2 Putangs. One had the most awesome looking purple buds. but was kind of a dud as far as taste & high. The other Putang was the green pheno and that was good!