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Grandaddy Black Feminized

Grandaddy Black Fem strain Is a highly potent experience, even for those stoners who use regularly. Taking a couple of tokes of this strain will drop you into a place of peace. Then you will need to sit somewhere you can stay for a while. You will be so relaxed that the only thing you will be able to operate is your television remote control! Before you light up, gather your snacks and drinks. Don’t forget the remote because you won’t want to get up and look for it after you’ve inhaled this old-timer! Get comfortable and have a good rest because you will be there for a while.

This beginner-friendly plant is ideal for new cultivators. It is easy to grow, especially outside. This 95% indica has an 18-23% THC level and because of its high potency, it has a great many uses in the medical world too. It is a great natural healing option for pain sufferers and those who require a powerful de-stressor.


Sprouting to a bushy plant at around three feet tall, the herb you have grown from your marijuana seeds will need some care. Pruning the unnecessary foliage such as drying leaves and trimming lower branches will help with light and airflow. Having a well-tended plant will help prevent mold growth and pest infestations. With those troublesome issues avoided, the plant can focus on growing big beautiful buds.

Growing an indica strain is almost always easy, and Grandaddy Black Fem is on the list of strains that fall into this category. Some helpful tips for indoor growth include using a Sea of Green (SOG) technique. This method of growing several plants at once and forcing them to flower early using light reduces the harvest time. Keeping your temperature at the correct level of 70° to 79°F, and your humidity around 40- 50% will also help ensure your plants will flourish.

Flowering Time

With this strain, the flowing time is a reasonable 8-10 weeks. If you are growing outside in the northern hemisphere your cannabis seeds should be in the ground in May and ready for harvest in October. The harvest will likely take you a little longer to process due to the generous yield of this strain.


Good organic soil is what this plant needs to thrive! It doesn’t take to other mediums well, but it will also flourish in a hydroponic setup. If you want to ramp up production, consider a SOG arrangement with a minimum of four plants. This will ensure a 600 g/y2 at harvest time. If you have a grow tent or grow room, you might actually be rolling around in your bud!

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The great outdoors is the best place to grow your cannabis seeds for this strain, but a lot of sunshine is required. It prefers a Mediterranean climate. You may find yourself tracking the sunny spots in your yard after realizing that you will get 800 grams per plant in optimal conditions. With just a few plants, you will have a supply everyone you know will be envious of.

If you are lucky enough to live in California, where this strain originated, then you will have a sweet crop without any trouble. Plant your weed seeds outside in your sunny garden and watch your plants grow into dense, potent bushes.

Medical Application

You will be super stoked about growing this strain once you know what it can help you with. Let’s start with the thing everyone needs some relief from. Stress! After carrying around a heavy load all day you will no doubt need to relax, and Grandaddy Black Fem will help you with that.

In the physical realm, after smoking a bowl, you will feel your muscles soften. The relaxing effect of this dank weed will help with things like arthritis, PMS, and chronic pain. It can help alleviate symptoms from other more debilitating physical ailments like multiple sclerosis. Whatever the case might be, you will be able to get a mental boost if you suffer from anxiety and depression as well as any physical relief you desire.

Adverse Reactions

Grab your eye drops and a glass of water before you indulge. There is a good chance you are going to have a dry mouth and squeegee eyes from this strain. Drinking lots of water will help with cottonmouth. Make sure you hydrate early on because you may not feel like doing much of anything after your session.


Grandaddy Black Fem strain seeds will be a fantastic investment, and after you harvest your buds, you’ll see it was worth the effort. We would advise that you not stop for a puff while you are mid-harvest. If you do, you likely won’t get the job done that day. In fact, unless you have nothing pressing to do, we don’t recommend this for daytime use. We know that sometimes what ails you has to be taken care of at that moment and a hit of your homegrown elixir will do the trick. However, this strain is best used in the evening when you can bliss out. The deep relaxation properties of this strain will pour you into the couch where you will likely stay. Moments of pure euphoria will sweep through your mind as your body turns to jelly.

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The reminiscent smell of old books may waft into your nostrils from the bud grown from these weed seeds. There will be a stronger smell of berries and citrus in the smoke. It will feel like you are having a delicious tea in a rustic library.


Have you ever had a great berry tea that had a beautiful earthy taste with a twist of lemon? If you haven’t, you will get an idea of what that would be like when the flavors of this strain hit your palette. The smoke from this will roll across your tongue and deliver a refined taste.

Similar Strains

We always aim to please at i49, and as such, we want to offer you more options for your brain pleasures. If you like Grandaddy Black Fem, you’re bound to like these.

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner fem is a mix of two heavy hitters that will mess with you in the most extraordinary way. As Grandaddy tucks you in for the night, Banner will start to work on your mind. Expect your brain to flitter through extreme thoughts as you have psychedelic moments of pure pleasure.

Grape will complement the berry and earthy taste of this one. Grandaddy Purple is a wonderful way to help get you to a relaxing place where you are able to slip into a peaceful sleep. This is an excellent strain for insomnia, bringing you the deep sleep you have been needing. With your bowl in hand, you will begin to feel euphoric and happy in no time, making this a great way to end the night.

Say you are in the mood to be clear-headed and relaxed while you manage your pain. Black Rhino fem will have you there in no time at all. It will invigorate your mind while turning your body down. When you light up this herb, the air will be filled with the smell of spice, pine, and herbs, with a touch of sweetness.

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Black Domina CBD 1 to 1 gets its name for the 10% THC and the even 10% CBD it carries. This ratio means you will get a large amount of pain relief from this plant while also getting a mellow high. If you have the day off and want to get a few things done but need to take the edge off your pain look no further than this inky strain.

If you are more into a little something spicy, then Black Hulk Fem has the flavor for you. It will help with anxiety, depression, stress, arthritis, and migraines. Grab your vape pen and head to your favorite place to chill and have at it. You will enjoy the pungent-earthy aroma mixed with a hint of berry flavor.

Nick Names

We like to call this The Jello Maker because once you partake, you will be as wiggly a bowl of Jello.

Buy the black marijuana seeds

Black Russian (DS29) is the result of crossing two legendary indicas with potent medicinal effects; White Russian and a splendid Black Domina mother, a selection of the famous phenotype known as “domina”. The latter is a real jewel and well known among the best growers across Spain. It’s a very easy plant to cultivate as growth during the start of the flowering phase isn’t excessive.

It’s compact yet well-branched, making it one of the great Indica yielders. It produces a large amount of flowers in very dense buds. One of this strain’s most desirable characteristics is that very few leaves grow between the buds. The flowers produce abundant fruity-smelling resin with citrussy and earthy notes probably due to its Afghan ancestry. The taste, which is denser than its smell, is very sweet and citrussy; like a fruit salad with lemon juice.

The effect is markedly indica, relaxing and long-lasting, making this a highly recommended for medicinal usage. It’s also very rapid, immediately noticeable in its effects when inhaled whether smoked or vapourised. Furthermore, with Black Russian (DS29), a low tolerance is developed to its effects, meaning that it remains potent even if we only consume this strain of Cannabis during a long period.