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Can legally buy marijuana seeds in pennsylvania

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Pennsylvania

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Pennsylvania in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Keystone State.

Although Pennsylvania was one of the founding states of the USA — it’s late for the cannabis party.

However, it’s better late than never, and Pennsylvania is well on its way to adopting progressive cannabis laws. If you’re ready to grow cannabis seeds at home in Pennsylvania — you need to read this.

You’ll soon discover the best online seed banks, top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and the history of cannabis laws in Pennsylvania.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Pennsylvania

Before you germinate your cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania — you need to know what’s legal and what’s not.

Here’s an overview of current marijuana laws in the Keystone State:

  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • Recreational cannabis is illegal
  • CBD is legal
  • It’s illegal to grow cannabis seeds from seed banks

As you can see — Pennsylvania took the first step to legalize medical marijuana. However, lawmakers fell short by not allowing medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis seeds at home.

Below, you’ll learn all about online seed banks, top-rated seed strains, grow tips, and an in-depth look at Pennsylvania’s cannabis laws.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

If you want to harvest top-shelf buds that’ll blow your hair back — you need to learn how to grow weed seeds in Pennsylvania.

From when to germinate cannabis seeds to what to watch out for — we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know. Once you’re done with this section, you’ll have the confidence to get your garden up and running!

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania exhibits a humid continental climate.

Overall, humid and short summers are the norm. However, Pennsylvania receives incredibly cold temperatures, especially when the wind kicks up.

Therefore, you need to germinate cannabis seeds outdoors during a specific window. Ultimately, you must aim to sprout your weed seeds by the beginning or middle of May.

By doing so, you’ll avoid any late-season frost. However, it’s your responsibility to pay attention to your local forecast.

If you grow cannabis indoors, you can germinate weed seeds year-round. Although many growers prefer to cultivate cannabis seeds indoors, outdoor gardeners enjoy free sunshine and healthy soil in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania exhibits a humid continental climate like in the capital of Harrisburg.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Pennsylvania

Next, let’s discuss what can go wrong in the garden.

Although you don’t want to imagine it — many things can destroy your cannabis crop during the grow season. Here’s a list of potential issues that you may experience this year:

As you can see — each of the problems can destroy your weed garden. From police raids to insect outbreaks, we’ll go in-depth to show you how to avoid disaster.

Law Enforcement

Whether you have a medical marijuana card or not — it’s illegal to grow marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania.

Therefore, you want to avoid the police at all costs. Below, we’ll discuss a few different methods to keep prying eyes at bay so you can push your crop to the limit this year.

If you grow cannabis indoors, you must use a carbon filter. Carbon filters remove the pungent aroma of cannabis from the air.

By doing so, your neighbors won’t have anything to complain about. Furthermore, you should always grow marijuana seeds and plants in the confines of a grow tent.

Grow tents are built to prevent light leakage, along with the added benefit of reducing odor from escaping the grow room.

If you grow marijuana outdoors — you’ll need to erect tall fencing. Aside from fencing, it’s a good idea to plant a garden of tomatoes and other green annuals to provide camouflage for your weed crop.

By following these tips, you’ll reduce the chances of having a run-in with Pennsylvania’s finest.


Similar to the police — you want to avoid thieves in Pennsylvania.

The illicit market is booming in Pennsylvania, making it a lucrative business for thieves. If you leave your cannabis garden unprotected — you may one day realize you’ve been robbed!

If you grow cannabis seeds or plants indoors — always install a high-quality alarm system. From video surveillance to motion-detecting alarms, alarm systems are perfect tools to dissuade thieves.

If you cultivate marijuana outdoors — tall fencing and motion-detecting lights are must-have tools to deter thieves. Furthermore, outdoor cameras are tried-and-true tools to reduce theft.

Remember, unless your cannabis garden is visible to passersby — cannabis thieves can’t know about your garden. Therefore, never tell anyone that you grow cannabis seeds or plants.

By keeping your weed garden a secret — you won’t paint a target on your garden.

To avoid thieves, you should never tell anyone that you’re growing cannabis seeds at home.

Inclement Weather

Pennsylvania isn’t a sun-drenched paradise with perfect year-round weather.

Instead, Pennsylvania exhibits extreme temperature shifts, resulting in blizzards, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and intense wind. From summer to winter — there’s always something going on with the weather in Pennsylvania.

Therefore, you should always buy fast-flowering cannabis seeds to ensure a harvest before the temperature drops. Additionally, rough and tough seed strains are a good idea — especially when the weather turns for the worst in Pennsylvania.

Pests and Diseases

Pennsylvania is one of the United State’s top agricultural states.

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Although this tells you that cannabis grows exceedingly well in the Keystone State — it also tells you to expect pests and diseases.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania is incredibly humid, thus amplifying the number of pests and diseases throughout the state. Here’s a quick look at our two-part IPM (insect pest management) guide.

First, always buy pest and diseases-resistant seed strains from an online seed bank. By doing so, you’ll avoid a multitude of problems, such as bud rot or spider mites.

Second, always apply organic pesticides or fungicides 2-3 times during the vegetative phase. By doing so, you’ll prevent pests and diseases from gaining a foothold in your weed garden.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

Next, let’s take a look at a few battle-tested tips for growing cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Pennsylvania

First and foremost — always buy cannabis seeds from a trustworthy online seed bank.

Remember, you don’t want to throw your money away to a scam website or bogus seed strains. Therefore, finding a reputable seed bank is paramount when buying marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania.

Seed banks are the gateway to thousands of verified seed strains, and it pays dividends to choose a high-ranking online seed bank. Once you’ve locked down the perfect online seed bank — make sure it ships to Pennsylvania!

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Pennsylvania

Next, you must buy cannabis seeds according to your regional climate.

Since Pennsylvania exhibits high humidity, you’ll need to search for mold-resistant seed strains on an online seed bank. Since Pennsylvania gets super cold once fall hits, it’s a good idea to buy fast-flowering cannabis seeds.

Even if you can grow a 9-week seed strain — it’s best to harvest your buds quickly to avoid any issues with the incoming fall climate in Pennsylvania.

You must buy cannabis seeds according to your regional climate.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least is to plan your cannabis garden.

Even if your marijuana seeds from a seed bank arrive earlier than expected — don’t germinate them until the indoor or outdoor garden is set up. From trellises to grow light systems, ensure everything is ready for your incoming cannabis crop for the best results.

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Pennsylvania?

Now, let’s talk about two different types of seed banks and which is the best option for residents in Pennsylvania.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Pennsylvania

Remember, it’s illegal to grow cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania.

Ultimately, you won’t find a local seed bank any time soon due to current regulations. Instead, you may find hemp seeds which are legal in Pennsylvania. However, hemp seeds are highly monitored and are not allowed to contain more than 0.3% THC.

If you want to buy weed seeds in Pennsylvania — you need to hop online and search for the best seed bank.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Pennsylvania

If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds and have them delivered directly to your door in Pennsylvania — look no further than an online seed bank.

Our two favorite online seed banks that ship to Pennsylvania are:

ILGM and MSNL Seed Bank are two of the most reputable seed banks in the industry. From hundreds of verified seed strains to unbeatable pricing — you’ll find the perfect seed strain for your garden in no time.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Pennsylvania

Without further ado — let’s take a look at our three favorite seed strains for this year’s growing season!

Purple Kush Autoflower Seed Strain

Purple Kush Auto

If you’ve been dreaming about purple buds drenched in frost — look no further than the Purple Kush Auto seed strain.

The Purple Kush Autoflower seed strain is a pure indica that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. From its dank aroma to mouth-watering flavor, you’ll be hard-pressed to put the Purple Kush seed strain down after one hit.

However, the Purple Kush Auto seed strain is a heavy hitter, meaning its THC level is sky-high. Whether you grow the Purple Kush Auto seed strain inside or outside — you’ll find ounces of chunky buds glistening in the sunlight.

However, we chose the Purple Kush Auto seed strain for cultivators in Pennsylvania for its high disease and pest resistance. Overall, you can rest assured that your crop is safe from bugs and mold during this year’s grow.

If you’re ready for an ultra-fast flowering seed strain bred for Pennsylvania’s climate — grab a pack of Purple Kush Autoflower seeds today!

Auto White Widow Seed Strain

White Widow Auto

If you’re like us — you love to see a canopy that looks like it just got hit by an avalanche.

However, the avalanche we’re talking about isn’t snow but the sticky glands of resin that populate the Auto White Widow seed strain’s buds.

One of the best aspects of the Auto White Widow seed strain is the fact that it’s easy to grow indoors and outdoors. In as little as 8-weeks, you’ll find a massive harvest of White Widow buds that’ll keep your stash jar full for months on end.

Furthermore, the Auto White Widow seed strain is crazy potent. Whether you’re a beginner or a stone-cold pro — the Auto White Widow seed strain is a one-hit-quit.

If you’re ready to take your cannabis garden in Pennsylvania to the next level — look no further than the Auto White Widow seed strain this year.

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OG Kush Fast Flowering Seed Strain

OG Kush Fast Flowering

If you need weed fast — look no further than the OG Kush Fast-Flowering Feminized seed strain.

As if on steroids, the OG Kush Fast-Flowering seed strain finishes in as little as six weeks. Furthermore, the OG Kush Fast-Flowering seed strain produces a sizable yield that leaves you speechless.

From trichome-dusted nugs to above-average THC content, get ready to experience everything that the OG Kush seed strain has to offer. Furthermore, the OG Kush Fast Flowering seed strain is very easy to grow.

Whether you’re a beginner or not — you’ll never forget the ease of cultivating the OG Kush Fast Flowering seed strain.

Remember, no cannabis garden in Pennsylvania is complete without OG Kush seeds — so get your hands on some before they sell out!

The History of Cannabis in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania isn’t shy of leading the charge of progressive laws.

From the first draft of the US Constitution to medical marijuana legislation, Pennsylvania has quickly changed its stance on marijuana products.

As we take a look at Pennsylvania’s cannabis laws — you’ll understand where Pennsylvania is headed.

Cannabis Laws in Pennsylvania

From cannabis prohibition to medical marijuana, Pennsylvania’s lawmakers continue to fight for progressive weed laws.

Below, you’ll discover all of Pennsylvania’s landmark decisions that make recreational cannabis one step closer.

Pennsylvania Bans Cannabis

Although it isn’t clear when Pennsylvania banned weed — many historians agree that the final decision happened when the United States government prohibited marijuana in 1937.

Pennsylvania banned weed most likely in 1937.

Municipal Cannabis Reform in Pennsylvania

Although the state of Pennsylvania has yet to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis — cities have gone ahead and held successful referendums to allow small quantities of marijuana.

Here’s a list of cities that decriminalized small amounts of marijuana (up to 30-grams of weed):

As you can see — all of Pennsylvania’s large cities have enacted decriminalization laws.

Pennsylvania Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In 2016, Governor Tom Wolf enacted Senate Bill 3 — medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

After the signing, it would take another two years (2018) until Pennsylvania’s first legal sale of medical marijuana. In any case, patients can purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries throughout the state.

However, Senate Bill 3 did not include home cultivation. In other words, medical marijuana patients cannot legally grow marijuana seeds from seed banks at home.

In 2016, Governor Tom Wolf enacted Senate Bill 3 which legalized medical marijuana.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana License in Pennsylvania

If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania — head over to Pennsylvania’s Department of Health and register with the Medical Marijuana Program.

Once accepted, you’ll have access to many different types of cannabis products for sale from a licensed dispensary.

Progressive Cannabis Resolutions Spread in Pennsylvania

Overall, Governor Tom Wolf is a staunch advocate for progressive cannabis laws in Pennsylvania.

The Governor has stated his support for both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. In 2019, the Governor held a “listening tour” to educate residents in Pennsylvania about the benefits of cannabis.

Overall, over 10,000 individuals tuned in, and over 68% of listeners want cannabis legalized at the recreational level. Overall, cannabis advocates are thrilled that the Governor of Pennsylvania is completely pro-cannabis, making it a near certainty that weed will be legal shortly.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Pennsylvania

Cannabis seeds from seed banks are in a gray zone in Pennsylvania.

Although it’s not strictly illegal to possess cannabis seeds — they cannot be germinated. Furthermore, local seed banks do not exist in Pennsylvania, primarily because residents cannot grow marijuana seeds at home.

On the other hand, online seed banks operate throughout the United States and deliver freely to states such as Pennsylvania. Overall, online seed banks sell marijuana seeds as novelties, which renders them harmless to authorities.

The moment you plant a cannabis seed, it’s no longer a novelty but an illegal plant that can get you arrested.

Cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania

Can you buy and grow cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania? Currently, the answer to this is no. The law also prohibits Pennsylvanians from possessing, consuming, selling, and distributing cannabis in the state.

That may change soon as Reps. Jake Wheatley (D) and Dan Frankel (D) sponsored a bill to legalize weed for adults in September 2021. That bill, HB 2050, will allow adults to possess, cultivate, and distribute cannabis within stipulated limits.

The positive news is that bills get passed all the time, and this one could too. Why not learn which seeds grow best in Pennsylvania in advance, so you’re all set when that happy day arrives.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania?

Is weed legal in Pennsylvania? Yes, medical marijuana has been legal in the Keystone State since 2016. Patients who qualify may obtain products for their condition from dispensaries.

Right now, however, growing crops from cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania is illegal. Under the law, residents can’t possess any number of plants; it’s a felony punishable by 2.5 to 5 years jail time and a $15,000 fine.

Only licensed cultivators and processors are allowed to grow weed, subject to stringent regulations. Individuals will have to wait until HB 2050 becomes law before they can buy and grow weed seeds in Pennsylvania.

While state laws prohibit buying and growing seeds, U.S. federal law allows citizens to buy cannabis seeds. You can hold marijuana seeds as novelty items as long as you don’t germinate them.

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This federal law provision means that growers can buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania and keep them until it’s legal to cultivate. With the proper care, you can preserve your favorite seeds for many years, so that means you can buy your favorite strains now.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Pennsylvania?

You may not be allowed to cultivate weed seeds in Pennsylvania now, but it’s an excellent time to gain the knowledge you need. You want to be ready to produce your own stash when the new law passes.

Since most marijuana cultivars can thrive anywhere, whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors depends on the climate in your state.

Let’s look at your state’s climate, so you’ll know which are the suitable cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania and the best way to cultivate them.

Climate conditions

In the Keystone State, the summers are hot and humid, and the winters, cold. Many marijuana cultivars can thrive in such a climate.

Summer is an excellent time to grow weed seeds in Pennsylvania, as you can do it indoors and outdoors. You can cultivate any indica, sativa, or hybrid strain outside during this period. If you’re growing in harsh weather, it’s best to keep your plants in a controlled environment inside.

Best strains to grow in Pennsylvania

Before buying cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania, there are three variants you should know about. The knowledge will help you select the seeds that meet your cultivation goals.

  • Regular seeds – these seeds are 100% natural, meaning humans haven’t manipulated them. You have almost a 50:50 chance of getting male and female plants when growing regular marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania. Breeders choose these seeds as they retain most of their parents’ traits when cloned. – these seeds are genetically created, so they don’t have male chromosomes. When you cultivate using feminized cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania, you only get female plants that produce the buds you want. You save time and effort as you don’t have to separate the males and remove them. – these seeds are perfect for cultivators who want an easier growth process. As auto plants start flowering when they mature, you don’t have to manipulate their light cycle to stimulate the transition.

Please note that autoflower marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania can be regular or feminized.

If you’re new and don’t know which cultivars to grow, here are some suggestions. These cannabis strains are ideal for beginners and suitable for the climate in the Keystone State.

Northern Lights #10 feminized

One of the preferred marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania for beginners is Northern Lights #10 feminized. This indica hybrid is resilient and can flourish in harsh weather conditions. It’s also resistant to pests and molds.

You can cultivate it indoors or outdoors. We recommend a grow area where you can control the environmental conditions to enjoy a higher yield.

Critical 2.0 feminized

When choosing cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania, Critical 2.0 feminized should be one of the strains at the top of your shortlist. It’s a sativa-dominant cultivar that’s resistant to moisture, so you don’t have to worry about mold problems even in humid conditions.

These weed seeds in Pennsylvania are easy to cultivate and produce huge buds. Critical 2.0 ranks as one of the highest yielding strains on the market. Indoor crops give you up to 25 oz./m 2 of delicious nugs and 45 oz. per outdoor plant.

Lemon Kush feminized

Lemon Kush feminized is ideal for beginners intending to cultivate marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania. You get robust plants that can thrive in environments with occasional temperature fluctuations. They can develop with minimal care and maintenance, as they’re resistant to mildew, molds, and bugs.

Your crops will reward you for your efforts with 16–19 oz./m 2 of buds from your indoor plants. Your outdoor crops will produce up to 35 oz. per plant.

There are many other beginner-friendly cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania in seed banks like ours that you can cultivate. Although growing is presently illegal, you can start your collection now with the seeds you want; just remember not to germinate them yet.

If you store them properly, you can preserve them until the state passes HB 2050.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania

When it’s legal, you’ll be able to find weed seeds for sale in Pennsylvania dispensaries. Meanwhile, you can get seeds from out-of-state or online vendors as long as you don’t cultivate them.

However, when buying cannabis seeds for Pennsylvania cultivation, be sure to get them only from trusted sellers. For your convenience, we suggest you check out online seed banks like ours. You can shop from the comforts of your home.

We’ve been in the cannabis seed business for over 20 years, providing our customers with high-quality seeds. You’ll likely find marijuana seeds for the Pennsylvania climate in our wide collection.

Our prices are very competitive, and we have regular promos which offer great savings. For instance, during our regular BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) promotions, you get two packets of seeds for the price of one.

You can order your cannabis seeds for your Pennsylvania garden through our secure payment system. Your privacy is our priority, and we guarantee your personal information is safe. We’ll even deliver your seeds discreetly to your home.