Cannabis Seeds Near Me

Cannabis Seeds Near Me The Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act states that “adult registered qualifying patients MAY purchase cannabis seeds from a dispensary for the purpose of home Featuring Elev8 Seeds and Helix Genetics. Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on packs of seeds-100% germination guaranteed. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on spore syringes. If weed seeds or psychedelic mushroom spores are what you need, we have you covered! Check out our retail store located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Based near the midlands and looking to buy some cannabis seeds in Birmingham? Dutch Passion have the best online options and local suppliers.

Cannabis Seeds Near Me

The Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act states that “adult registered qualifying patients MAY purchase cannabis seeds from a dispensary for the purpose of home cultivation. Seeds may not be given or sold to any other person.”

Our interpretation of this language is that patients may choose to purchase seeds from dispensaries, however, they are not required or limited to only purchasing seeds from dispensaries. With that being said, below are several seed banks and breeders you may want to consider to begin your seed collection.

While this is not a comprehensive list by any means, you cannot go wrong with these reputable sources, providing discreet shipping.

Reputable Seed Banks & Breeders

The Attitude Seed Bank (UK)
One of the largest online seed banks based out of UK. Searchable database of breeders and seeds, including past cannabis cup winners.

Royal Queen Seeds (UK)
Reputable old school seed bank from UK.

Fast Buds (UK)
Good source of autoflowering varieties. Breeder and seed bank.

Greenhouse Seed Co. (NL)
World renowned cannabis breeder with several Cannabis Cup winning strains.

Nirvana Seed bank (NL)
Reputable online seed bank providing mail orders since the 1980s.

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Great Lakes Genetics (US)
Located in the Midwest. Well-reviewed USA seed bank and breeder.

Neptune Seed Bank (US)
Located in California. Large selection of US breeders.

Kannabia Seeds (ES)
Reputable seed bank and breeder located in Spain.


Was able to find everything I needed, very friendly customer service. Good pricing. All together a great experience. 2 hour drive for me an well worth it! Found my new spot.

I’m happy with the seeds. I germinated half of them and they are great.

I would recommend your business and plan on ordering more.

Great little place for seeds and spores. Myra is very nice and knowledgeable great place for clones.

Friendly and knowledgeable. Myra is a sweetheart!

Great place experienced staff items are worth the price

Highly recommend and I will be going back

Very helpful and friendly!

Very knowledgeable and friendly people. Willing to discuss and offer advice.

I received my orders and have been very happy with the outcome so far. Doing my best to tend to our shrubs and hope for a good yield, given this is a first for me. It’s been a pleasure to order from you and I’ll be in touch when we’re ready to order again! Great work!!

Beautiful living specimen.thanks

Great customer service

Hello so far so good im super happy .. thanks for the product!!

So Far 100 on germination but the Pluto are 3 times as big as Thai. I am going to try and use a different veg fertilizer for the Thai as I’ve only used organic. Thanks very much and next time I’m in Battle creek I will stop by.

Cannabis seeds Birmingham

Birmingham, and the surrounding midlands area of England remains home to a thriving cannabis growing community. Situated in the heart of England, growers near Birmingham are never far from some of the country’s best grow shops. Getting cannabis seeds in Birmingham isn’t difficult either. You can buy Dutch Passion seeds in person at a couple of local Birmingham seed shops, or you can buy them the easy way online from Dutch Passion.

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Buy cannabis seeds Birmingham

Positioned in central England, Birmingham has always enjoyed a huge number of cannabis growers. These are mostly self-sufficient cannabis growers that prefer the superior quality levels that come from growing your own. Birmingham growers also enjoy good value cannabis, the best way to get that it to grow it yourself. And that’s precisely what many Birmingham cannabis growers do!

Like the rest of the UK, cannabis consumers in Birmingham have a high value for good quality cannabis with powerful effects. Most Birmingham-grown cannabis is high THC weed favoured by both recreational and medical consumers. Some Birmingham medical cannabis growers also grow CBD rich cannabis seeds.

Best cannabis seeds for Birmingham

The majority of cannabis seeds grown in Birmingham are THC rich seeds. Growers buy autoflower seeds as well as photoperiod feminised seeds. Over recent years, the popularity of autoflower seeds has boomed in Birmingham. The outdoor climate isn’t as good as that enjoyed by south coast growers, but plenty of Birmingham growers successfully grow outdoors – especially with autoflower seeds.

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Birmingham

If you’re looking to grow some high quality, THC rich cannabis seeds in Birmingham then the following strains come with the highest recommendations. All these cannabis seeds should give THC seeds around, or even well above, 20% in reasonable conditions.

Auto Kerosene Krash, THC levels above 20% combined with intense fuel aromas!

Auto Skywalker Haze, Haze x Amnesia genetics, with over 26% THC. The highest THC we have ever seen on any autoflower!

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Kerosene Krash, Diesel scented buds with a blindingly powerful effect.

Sugar Bomb Punch, Feminised USA indica seeds with hard buds, 20%+ THC!

Meringue, USA Wedding Cake feminised genetics, get ready to celebrate!

Best outdoor cannabis seeds selection for Birmingham

It is possible to grow cannabis outdoors in Birmingham even though it doesn’t have the UK’s best outdoor climate. Autoflower seeds represent the best chance to grow successfully outdoors since they are usually harvested in August, well before the inconsistent autumn weather arrives.

● Auto Orange Bud, Citrus candy scented buds with THC over 20%

● Frisian Dew, Tough, proven outdoor fem seeds. Harvest around early October

● Think Fast, Recessive auto genes help this fem strain finish early!

● Auto Banana Blaze, Solid, dependable and potent auto genetics

● Auto Mazar, Northern guerrilla growers favourite, a classic hash plant

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Birmingham?

You can buy Dutch Passion cannabis seeds in person at the following stores. If you are happy to buy cannabis seeds online you can buy them from Dutch Passion online cannabis seed collection.

Juicy Joint, situated in Erdington, Birmingham

High Seeds, Constitution Hill, Birmingham

Find cannabis seed shops near Birmingham

Getting cannabis seeds in Birmingham is easy with online options as well as some ‘bricks and mortar’ shops to visit. With dozens of cannabis cups and over three decades at the top of the cannabis business, Dutch Passion are trusted by growers all over the UK. Our seeds are shipped in plain, discreet packaging.


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