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Canuck marijuana seeds

Canuk Seeds Reviews

I bought 7 fem Gelato Glue seeds, 2 of 7 germinated. I’ve had better success rates with random bag seeds. Experienced grower here. Their distributor True North Seed bank is Even worse. been waiting for weeks for a refund on this hot garbage.

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rip off

great genetics, but that’s where the fun stops. paid for the guarantee still no seeds. they claim to be investigating. but it’s been 4 months

10% success with canuk seeds SA would not recommend

Unfortunately I had a 10% germination rate with canuk seeds on my previous 10 seed order. I have emailed their support explaining the situation, but have little to no hope of getting a response. Previously I have been using nirvana seeds and have had a 100% sucess rate. I would not recommend anyone buying from canuk seeds SA, until their clear issue with seed production is resolved.

South Africa Canuk seeds

South Africa Canuk seeds. Spent 2g on 2 orders. Germination rate 0%.
The only seed company in South Africa that has this germination %. Do not buy from them. I wasted a huge amount of time and money. Very dissapointed. Clearly they are in it for the money only. I have a 99% germination rate from 3 other seed suppliers in South Africa. Never had this problem before. Only Canuk S.A.

This place is a total RIP off and scam

This place is a total RIP off and scam. They take your money and never recieve the product. Ordered dec 10th and have yet to receive, supposedly its lost and they will not resend you the product nor give your money back. Oh and customer service what a joke. This place takes your money and you’ll never receive the product. So they got 230.00 from me for free with no product in return. This so called business deserves 0 stars. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE, TAKE MY WORD.

Would be a zero if possible

Would be a zero if possible. Ordered 2 orders. 1st order I added $15 insurance. Two days later I ordered again because they had a sale I didn’t add $15 insurance. I received the first order just fine, marked children’s playset. I ordered Dec 10th 2021 I have yet to see my 2nd package. Customer service is useless, the lady was well versed in her “policies” because I didn’t add $15 I was out $250, and blatantly told me they weren’t gonna do anything with it.Then proceeds to say if they figure out its lost. They’ll offer me a “discount on future purchases and more freebies”. Who in the right mind would order from here again. I ask to speak with higher up Mgr and was told “I am the Manager”. Of course that’s the response. Then proceeds to say she’ll send it to her higher ups and I’d only receive a email instead of a call to avoid direct conversations. This place is a SCAM 1000% just read other reviews that are the same as mine.

Canuk = SCAM


Not only did they NOT send me my order, they used some third-party payment processor to steal my money and charge me some extra, hidden “processing fees”. They said that because I didn’t purchase the extra shipping insurance, they wouldn’t refund my money or reship my order. Truth be told, Canuk is just a front for a complex scam. Do not throw away your money on these scam artists.

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Fallow up- the smoke is on point.

After harvest of my freebie plant Blueberry strain. dried out and tested the product , and the quality is ON POINT!! And for outdoor to . It has a wonderful aroma and relaxing but still sociable effect. Highly recommend Blueberry Fem from Canuk for out door growers 🙂 HAPPY GROWING .

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Ordered 3 weeks ago and wish I had seen…

Ordered 3 weeks ago and wish I had seen the reviews on here before ordering. Still no update, their phone line has a pre recorded message saying they are closed and to call back between 10am and 7pm mondayd through Friday, its Tuesday 3pm nobody there. Lara is no help on the email, says they have a backlog, when I asked for a refund she closed the ticket so opened a new one well see if she responds. I’m currently disputing the charge with coinbase, then my bank, then if that doesn’t work. Scam never have I had such horrible customer service buying seeds. I should’ve just ordered canuk seeds from a reputable vendor like canuk seeds your dog sh** for treating customers this way

Canuk Customer Service

The customer service of this company is stellar! I sent in cash for my last order, and I didn’t have correct small bills, so I sent in an extra $10 bill just to be sure. I got an email from Canuk Seeds advising me I overpaid, and have a $10 store credit. Who does that when it is a CASH payment?? I was pretty impressed and trust this company completely with my money!

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Always heard good things but I can’t…

Always heard good things but I can’t rate them yet because my seeds still aren’t here after more than 2 months. Customer service is almost non-existent. just get the same automated response. Probably won’t order from them again. If you need seeds quick, go somewhere else.

I made a order back in May

I made a order back in May seeds didn’t ever come through called just now and spent 40 more bucks so I get some freebis replace what I lost well got ripped off again don’t use canuk ever they blame us post service my 2nd order didn’t make it out of Canada say they are waiting on my seeds to be sent back to shipping department 3weeks ago they ripped me off 200 bucks plus my bank fees.

US customers will not receive seeds or…

US customers will not receive seeds or a refund PERIOD! My order was for $357 and ordered March 11th. Was verified that my order was seized by customs. Insurance was purchased so instead of reshippment (because they obviously dont package stealthy) I asked for a refund. Everytime I open a ticket for a refund I get an automated reply about covid delays and just wait patiently. Regardless if their seeds are legit for others. Their customer service is nonexistent! Scam!

4 months and still waiting. If it doe come I will change the review

I ordered on 4/20/21. Since then I have waiting 3 months and 3 weeks for my order. It has been saying “International shipment has arrived in a foreign country
Usorda,” since early August. I think at this point that I just got ripped off. If I get it I will change the rating, I wonder if is a regular shipping facility and not customs, I was able to find a fluni;’ I saved the day a site that stocks liquid, powder, pellets, and even blotter we gotta send it off to make sure if proper PPM ,to see how any are in each hit not too strong, not too weak ( I like strong)and ask that before if feel lie and hes sending e a sample, Just gotta guy waaay more than I have. Lizrdslabs are is the big daddy, It runs over a dozen market pages for different regions. Dude must be making BANK.
If I get my seeds I will change me review.

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ripped off from Illinois

ripped off from Illinois, me and a friend went in on a $280.00 order, first notice from them after shipped is that it made it through customs, then item delayed well its been 3 months still showing delayed, customer service is none existent, filed a charge back and they are contesting it know darn well we never received any seeds

Canuk Puks for the WIN! 🙂

I ordered the Puk Collection and SSOOOOOO impressed with the strains and quality !! I gifted some to friends all our plants turn out AWESOME ! Really love the Fast Fem options , the buds on my white widow this year are insane 🙂

Don’t buy from these scammers if you…

Don’t buy from these scammers if you live in the US.
They literally will take your money and not give a single **** about you. Literally made a lot of tickets, but they are closing them. “Lara” the support is closing out tickets and give a bull excuse saying covid is causing the delay. Even though my state are fully open for a month.

Once faithful customer.

In the beginning I enjoy buying from them, but now they don’t care about their customers. I have both of my packages seized and I sent them an email informing them. “Lara” their support told me it has to be due to covid, but now our State is fully open that is no longer a good excuse. After mentioning that she closed my ticket even though i have the insurance. I reopen the same ticket and she closed it again a hour later. Do not buy from this company if you are living in the US. They literally don’t care after they reship your product.

If they act like scammers.

Ordered 3 seed packs on April 7. On April 13, they were shown as “arrived in Foreign Country (US)”. Nothing more, so I sent an email, got a reply that I had to wait for up to 30 days MORE to raise an issue. On April 29 I got an envelope with promotion material ONLY. Mail date was APRIL 8 (what an odd coincidence, eh?) and postage was 3.90Cdn. Emailed again & was told they ship seeds and promotional stuff in different packages. (They’re going to spend an extra 3.90 to send BROCHURES?)

I sent several escalating emails asking for – then demanding – a refund. They said they “didn’t usually” make refunds, but would make an exception. THAT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO. No fund, no explanation.

Avoid them like Covid. You’ve been warned.

I decided to take a chance and order…

I decided to take a chance and order seeds from Canuk seeds. I purchased the 4.0 orange puck. Planted 7 seeds. They all sprouted but 4 of them died in 4 days after planting. All seeds were in the same pots with the same dirt and the same amount of water. 4 of them just died. Sent the company 2 emails which were never answered. I WILL NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN, and I suggest if you are considering this company forget about them, they are crooks. Also known as NSAB. I have never had my seeds die. I have copies of the emails that were ignored by the company if anyone would like proof of what I am telling you.

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Canuk Seeds brings you cannabis genetics from around the world, available as regular, feminized or auto-flowering seeds. Visit our website and find your favorite cannabis strain today!

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