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Carmen 2.0 marijuana seeds

Carmen 2.0

Please note that to ensure product freshness, we have a 7-10 day lead time on delivery of all bulk seeds.

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Stress / Muscle Tension / Inflammation / Insomnia

Sweet / Citric with intense touches of tangerine

Carmen x Carmen

400 – 500 gr. m2 indoor. / 600 gr. plant outdoor.

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Please note that to ensure product freshness, we have a 7-10 day lead time on delivery of all bulk seeds.

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Carmen 2.0 Feminized

Carmen 2.0 is a moderate Indica strain capable of infusing sweet pineapple juice into your craniummm.

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Dominant Origins & Notables

Welcome to a sure-fire medicinal ganga! With a 1:2 THC to CBD ratio, approximately, 8 and 16%, respectively, Carmen 2.0 Fem strain is hailed as a possible aid-all amongst a vast number of medicinal users.

The original Carmen is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD hybrid born of Cream Caramel and Durban Poison. Carmen is a sweet and tangy get-up-and-go weed with many soothing qualities. Some of these include release from depression and dark thoughts, assistance in coping with stress and learning-disorders, and helping those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Freeing, focusing and uplifting the user, Carmen is a great medicinal to use for positive motivation.

As if it didn’t have enough CBD in it already, Carmen was then mixed with Nightingale to boost the CBD and lower the THC, allowing for the creation of some great healing green without all the sometimes anxiety-inducing psychedelic activity associated with higher THC levels. Sometimes you just want relief without the high, you know? These qualities and more make Carmen 2.0 Fem ideal for those who appreciate natural medicines over pharmaceuticals, and who appreciate a good joint or some edibles, but would rather avoid the recreational side of things. Maybe Carmen 2.0 Fem could even attract some who would otherwise stay away from weed or have been avoiding it and missing out on its numerous benefits because of the high.

Carmen 2.0 is a noticeably shorter plant than its predecessor, thanks to the crossing in of indica-leaning Nightingale, which is a much smaller plant. Carmen 2.0 Fem ends up being a small to medium sized plant, making it perfect for limited spaces and greenhouse grows. These special weed seeds are also adaptive, not requiring much in the way of nutrients. Carmen 2.0 Fem does however require light and when you deliver, she’ll deliver!

With a well-rounded fruity bouquet even pre-harvest, when lit Carmen 2.0 Fem is sweet on the tongue and nose. Ripe citrus and cherry fruit cocktail fills the air and tickles the tongue, making this magical medicinal a pleasure to smoke.

Great for the body and mind, Carmen 2.0 Fem is bound to free you up to enjoy life a bit more, get out a bit more often, complete old tasks, or learn that new skill or any other thing you’ve been forced to put off.

Whether you are just starting out or wish to expand your medicinal knowledge and experience, buy Carmen 2.0 Fem strain seeds online today at i49 and start your healing journey!


Like we mentioned before, because of the Nightingale influence, not only do you get a smaller and more manageable plant than the original Carmen, but you also get the bonus of higher CBD content.

Carmen 2.0 Fem is not too fussy about anything but light, so whether you’re planning to grow a sea of green indoors or plant out your greenhouse, in soil or hydroponically, make sure it’s bright!

Like you might have guessed, another bonus when you grow this fantastic strain is that she is feminized, meaning that there are no male genetics in these seeds! So, when you shop i49 for your Carmen 2.0 Fem, you know there is no chance of ending up with any pesky males in your crop.

Flowering Time

Being a relatively quick-flowering strain, Carmen 2.0 Fem will provide you with a harvest of between 300 and 350 grams per square meter in about 6-8 weeks for your indoor grow. For those outdoor garden-harvesters, get ready for an October yield on the heavy end of the same weight range.


Carmen 2.0 Fem does especially well with the sea of green method, by which your plants are pruned to force apical-dominance and positioned to utilize as much space as possible. Subsequently, when trained this way, your crop of Carmen 2.0 will appear like a wavy ‘sea’ of big, fat colas.

Though hydroponic setups will give you somewhat larger yields, they tend to take away from the rich terpene profile of the plant, and in the case of Carmen 2.0 Fem, that would be a travesty. Give these lovely marijuana seeds some healthy soil and some balanced, organic feed and ensure a rich flavor and fragrance profile, certain to excite the senses.

As for light, Carmen 2.0 Fem likes a lot of it. Use the proper lighting schedule with a 1000 watt rig and she’ll be happy as a clam at high tide, or whatever local phrase you’ve got!


On the outside, Carmen 2.0 Fem does very well, though not being particularly resistant to pests and diseases, you’re going to want to ensure against damage to your crop through regular checks and maintenance.

Most marijuana strains like a sunny, warm location and Carmen 2.0 Fem is no different, so pick a sunny spot for your garden-bed or greenhouse and get her into some nice fresh soil. Carmen 2.0 Fem doesn’t need a lot of nutrients, so strict feeding schedules are unnecessary, so as long as you provide the basics.

If you’re planning to use lights in your greenhouse or grow-tent, please use some form of ventilation sufficient to keep the environment stable. It can be really easy to let things get too hot in any enclosed space, possibly harming or even destroying your hard work, so remain vigilant.

Medical Application

So, you may have got the idea by now that Carmen 2.0 Fem is something of a blessing in the field of natural medicine. It’s true that this plant carries with it some amazing healing potential and, because of the super low THC content, those who put their trust in this lovely leaf are able to be present and enjoy life on it’s own terms, unhindered by a heavy buzz or body-stone.

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Depression, Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety, ADD and ADHD, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches and Migraines, and even Seizures are all reported to be effectively dealt-with through regular doses of Carmen 2.0 Fem. With a resume like this, attributable in part to the CBD content, Carmen 2.0 Fem strain is likely able to deal with many more ailments. It may also be found to be a useful component in various preventative therapies, such as easing lung-damage and halting the growth of certain types of cancer cells. The future of medical cannabis looks great, but much research remains still to be done.

Adverse Reactions

For all her positive charms, the only adverse side-effects known are dry mouth and eyes, reactions common to most strains of marijuana.


So Carmen 2.0 Fem isn’t going to get you high, per-se, but she will mellow you out and, because of her analgesic and anxiolytic effects, so much of the stress and worry associated with chronic ailments of most varieties will be washed away, producing a kind of euphoria of its own.


Famous for an earthy, fruity bouquet or ripe orange and cherry, Carmen 2.0 Fem will most certainly excite the nose as she fills the air.


Much like her sweet aromas, the flavor profile of Carmen 2.0 Fem is something to be enjoyed for all it can be. Sweet like a fresh fruit-cocktail, she twists about on every taste bud in an exciting and uplifting dance.

Similar Strains

Looking for something like Carmen 2.0 Fem? Here are a few suggestions to guide you on your way.

When you want the medicinal effects of Carmen 2.0 with a bit more of a kick, trust the piney wonder of Carmen x Durban Poison Fem, though beware, she can hit 9 feet tall!

Bruce Banner x Carmen Fem is an Indica-dominant medicinal Hybrid designed to soothe, uplift and then chill right out. The tangy, lemony diesel flavor and aroma profile adds a sophisticated complexity to an otherwise relaxing and pain-quenching stone.

Try your hand at Auto Cream Candy Fem, an Indica-heavy (90%), autoflowering delight. Enjoy as her vanilla and pineapple tones lull you into a deep sleep, free of all physical concerns.

A dreamy lovechild of Blueback, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino, Cream Caramel Fem hails from a hat-trick of award-winners and boasts a flavor profile as assorted as your favorite box of chocolates. She will sort you out, focus you up, and get you ready for a bit of inner work before bed.

Cherry Pie, with its deep purple buds and bright orange pistils is a winner in the field of psychology. Reducing the effects of stress and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, even bi-polar disorder, she’ll have you uplifted in no time.

Nick Names

No nick-names to date, but something starting with ‘The’ might be nice. see what you can come up with. the soothing effects and fruity atmosphere must contain something special!

Final Thoughts

When cannabis seeds are what you want, with the right selection at the right price, you want i49 USA! Our dedicated and experienced breeders whip up some of the most incredible strains of medicinal majesty, including Carmen 2.0 Fem strain seeds. Our in-house sales team ensures that only the highest quality seeds get through the inspection process. Once chosen, our seeds are sealed for freshness and locked away in i49’s online seed bank until you call 1-888-441-4949 or shop online and we hand-pick your selection. Trust that we will get your delivery out to you quickly and discreetly with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have in the meantime. When you want quality seeds, consistent reliability, and friendly service you can trust, rely on i49!

Yield Indoor 11 – 12 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 12 oz/plant
THC 8%
CBD 16%
HEIGHT 31 – 47 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Arthritis Inflammation Migranes Stress
EFFECTS Calming Relaxed
FLAVOR Citrus Orange
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

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Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Carmen Strain

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Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ah, Carmen. Will you treat me like no other? If you need to knock yourself out before you hit the hay, Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds is your best bet. This hybrid will help with any stress or muscle tension. It loves a Citrus and Orange taste that mixes beautifully with fruity aromas of Earthy soil and cherry combined. With a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, this flower heads straight for calming from head to toe, from anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, migraines, to chronic pain.

This strain is perfect for those looking for something that has a taste similar to oranges. The more you smoke this weed, the more buds it produces, which means you can enjoy smoking more of this excellent tasting bud.

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The smell of this bud is definitely what makes it stand out from the rest. It has a very earthy and somewhat fruity aroma that reminds us of oranges. This also hints at what you can expect from smoking it, which is an excellent sweet orange taste with an aftertaste of deep earth.

With CBD levels as high as 16% and THC levels not higher than 8%, Carmen 2.0 strain is perfect for those looking to have a pleasant taste with just enough psychoactive effect to help you sleep or relax without being overwhelmed by the impact.

Effects of Carmen 2.0 Strain

Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds yield plants that have a very cerebral effect which makes them perfect for smoking at any time of day. The strain can get you focused and energized when you’re not feeling up to par or provide relief from physical pain, nausea or stress. Carmen 2.0 strain is pretty potent, so it’s best to use caution when you’re a beginner.

The onset of this strain is pretty quick, and it provides effects for up to 3 hours which makes it perfect if you’re looking to smoke something that will help keep your day on track while still being able to enjoy the activities at night.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, this is the perfect strain for you as it has an outstanding balance between CBD and THC, making it great for those suffering from stress or tension. While it doesn’t have overwhelming effects, it will help relieve the day’s work.

This is an excellent strain for those looking to help with their arthritis or aches and pains. Its strength lies in its ability to provide relief from pain without being too psychoactive, so this is perfect if you’re looking to smoke something before bed.

If you are too tired to work at your average pace, Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the perfect pick for you. The Indica effects are helpful when it comes to taking the edge off without being too exhausted. This is perfect if you want to relax but want to stay focused on what’s going on around you.

Carmen 2.0 strain is perfect for those that are suffering from migraines or headaches. It has potent analgesic effects, which will help with any pain without being too psychoactive, so you will still feel pain-free long after the effects have worn off.

How Does Carmen 2.0 Strain Grow?

If you’re looking to grow your weed but don’t want something complicated, Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a perfect bet. Not only do they have low growing requirements, but they also provide high yields without spending too much time or effort on taking care of them.

This strain has a pretty medium height, so you won’t have to worry about it taking over your garden. It provides just the right amount of yield without having to put too much effort into its growing requirements.

Since this strain is so easy to grow, it provides a pretty high yield, making it perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t run out too fast. Indoors, you can get a yield of up to 12 oz per m2, while you can get up to 12 ounces per plant outdoors.

Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds don’t take too long, so they are perfect if you’re looking to harvest your weed before the weather gets too cold. They will provide an excellent yield within 6-8 weeks, making them perfect for novice growers who are just learning the ropes.

History of Carmen 2.0 Strain

Whenever there is a 2.0 then think about the first version. The original Carmen marijuana seeds were made from Cream Caramel for their amazing flavor and Durban Poison’s incredible potency! Carmen 2.0 is made from the original version crossed with Nightingale, a true medical nurse on its own!

3 Seeds $39.00, 5 Seeds $60.00, 10 Seeds $110.00, 20 Seeds $200.00

21 reviews for Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Carmen Strain

Charlie B – October 29, 2021

The perfect smoke for when work is done and you’re on the way to the bar with friends. I get real tired though if I smoke too much, but it was a lot of fun to grow Carmen 2.0 , very useful skill!

Eric Betts – November 3, 2021

Carmen 2.0 is a great buy for anyone looking for a crazy awesome weed for a great price. Love the smell and taste, get super stoned off this weed and definitely enjoy the chill vibes and the melty feeling you get when you smoke it…it’s like a real dream come true…but seriously nice to have around…like my stress has disappeared completely and that’s just rad. I definitely wanna do this again!

Kira Ramos – November 9, 2021

This Carmen 2.0 weed makes life better every day, and it even keeps me smiling during the afternoon. I generally cannot stand the afternoons, I get soooo cranky and tired, and I am really happy I finally got to just grow some weed to medicate it! Not a problem if you ask me! This site has great seeds at an excellent price, so tasty, so delicious, so filled with flavor! Homegrown herb is simply the best!!

Kalua Drek – November 11, 2021

I thought this Carmen 2.0 strain was going to be too strong for me, but it turns out it was just right! I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered to my home here in Portland. I got them in just about a week and started growing them right away! They did very well out in the backyard and made for an impressive harvest. Very sticky nug, so nice to roll into a joint or smoke a bowl!

Lola Lane – November 16, 2021

This Carmen 2.0 weed might just change your life…it’s really chill and easy to grow, makes for a nice backyard project, helps with pain and stress and the like…I love the sweet bubble gum flavors, and all the wonderful happy sativa vibes it gives me. I think you’ll probably love it too!

Fabian Jackson – November 24, 2021

Get on board with this Carmen 2.0 strain, it’s seriously nice and relaxing and helps me deal with all kinds of things, and I get really stoned and hungry and I go to Denny’s and get their pancakes at 3 am and smoke cigarettes indoors, and it’s a bygone era, and a place where I can just drink coffee till 4 am and then drive home and watch the sunrise, pretty awesome stuff, you know?

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Wendy Palm – November 30, 2021

I am not much a weekday smoker, and I find this Carmen 2.0 strain lends itself to the weekend. If you need a nice little pick me up on the weekend, a nice way to enjoy the park or go for a hike, then take some hindu kush with you. It’s a lovely earthy taste and a very mellow high. Puts me right in my body and makes feel grounded and secure. The anxiety just melts away and the stress of the week disappears. Not a paranoid high, which makes it well worth the effort!

Kole Jane – December 3, 2021

Carmen 2.0 goodness is my brain, I feel like king of the world, super sour and very strong, makes for an excellent buy when you are looking for a unique strain that helps with stress and depression and even helps me stay super focused and creative. I LOVE to do art on this stuff, drawings, paintings, you name it! I really love this vibe!

Coleman Jane – December 7, 2021

The Carmen 2.0 is a wowza type strain that keeps the brain feeling electric even when it’s a slow night. I work at a bar, and when I smoke before work, I find I can fly around the bar and do a great job remembering orders lol, plus all my customers laugh at my jokes, or maybe that’s just in my head lol. Growing in the basement is solid choice, has all kinds of great benefits, makes for a nice vibe and a good buy!

Adam Grande – December 10, 2021

This Carmen 2.0 stuff is better than having a caffeine addiction, or an alcohol addiction for that matter. I am very pleased with my marijuana. I have been growing weed since I was a kid growing up in Mexico and this reminds me of home. It’s a real trip to have it here in Oregon, but it’s just like I remember, fresh and sour and absolutely delicious. Intoxicating!

Riandon Sand – December 14, 2021

The Carmen 2.0 …makes life so much better…makes happiness so much easier to access, like finding the cookies on the top shelf when you were a kid…now they’re on the kitchen floor and they are all yours! Easy growing, fast turnaround time…better smoking your own weed than someone elses, very rewarding and fresh, hella relaxing indica vibes. I am very happy I bought this weed!

Cand Lan – December 17, 2021

Getting up in the morning is the hardest part of my day and I am very happy I have this Carmen 2.0 weed there to help me out. I got a nice little harvest from my 3 plants and I smoke it every morning along with my coffee and eggs to help me feel happy and awake. I think it works wonders and it makes me pretty happy overall. I would recommend this weed to any gardening enthusiast who has energy difficulties!

Carmen Salas – December 23, 2021

Carmen 2.0 has been one of my favorite strains for years (because of the name haha) and when I found out they did a feminized version of this strain I nearly freaked! I ordered online and had the seeds shipped out super fast. it’s been easy and fun to grow and the grow time is short and the weed is nice and strong as a painkiller. Great stuff!

Pablo Fael – December 29, 2021

I LOOOOOOVE this weed! The Carmen 2. 0 strain is an absolute gem! It’s suuuuper chill and helps with stressssss! OMGGGG my mom HATES that I smoke weed, but I dont care! I grow it in my bedroom even though I am 35. I don’t care what my mom thinks anymore, what a great time, I love growing weed in my closet. It’s killer.

KIaidan Newtom – January 6, 2022

Got myself some Carmenh 2.0 seeds, they did super well in my basement under some LED lights. Very impressive buy though, and only took about 5 months until it started budding and made some beautiful, remarkably colorful flower, so bright and green and absolutely fantastic, definitely a great buy, and smells pretty awesome too!!

Tania Toni – January 6, 2022

I never thought I’d be smoking a strain called Carmen 2.0 lol, but I am pretty happy about it. I ordered online and had great success getting these seeds to germinate in my garden, truly a beautiful strain, has a lot of color, and some very shapely flowers and leaves, very eye catching! Harvesting and pruning is easy peasy, and the results are pretty darn great. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!

Rackel Allon – January 15, 2022

I got VERRRY stoned the first time I smoked Carmen 2.0 and I kind of messed up the grow cause it just took a long time to germinate and I forgot to prune the plants as they got bigger, but either way, I’d say it was pretty successful for my first time. Good mj seeds for sure

Mally Kane – January 18, 2022

This Carmen 2.0 weed looks like a work of art. The buds are so tightly packed, the colors are so subtle and blend so nicely together; the blues the greens the oranges. It has a wonderful sour taste and gets me stoned beyond my wildest dreams. I smoke it every night to help me relax after work, and then I just chill right out and fall asleep. It’s done wonders for my insomnia, and it helps me with stress too!

Gaspar Stroke – February 2, 2022

Have you tried this Carmen 2.0 strain? It might just change your whole life! Get in shape and get outside and get yourself growing in the garden and get some weed into your life. This stuff will wow you like nothing else, the bright emearld greens and fiery oranges are sure to make you feel like you’re tripping and the indica energy is gonna help you relax you stressed out stoner you!

Free Willy – February 10, 2022

I smoke this Carmen 2.0 weed for help with appetite and for sleep. Sometimes I forget to eat (I know, it’s weird) but this weed always gets my stomach rumbling. It motivates me to get into the kitchen and make a meal. I am pretty excited about how it has helped balance me in terms of sleep as well. I used to suffer pretty serious insomnia and now am feeling much better, I sleep through the night without issue, all because of this wonderful weed!

Krisrin – March 23, 2022

Some critical weed in my home helps my brain relax when nobody is home! I love this Carmen 2.0 stuff. It’s very sweet and earthy strain, gives me a lot of buzz, makes me eat a lot of food, mostly corn, and is so tasty I can’t hardly believe I grow it all my own!