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Carmen x durban poison marijuana seeds

Top 5 Sativa Strains in India

Some of the things that can affect your Sativa strains in India in turning into lesser quality are severe variations in the PH levels or fertilizer, variations in temperature, incorrect watering of the plant, and growing past the recommended harvest time. If you are a marijuana breeder or grower who is tired of planting old and bunk marijuana seeds, this article best suits you. We will discuss here the 5 highest yielding Sativa strains in India that you can grow in your garden.

How to Determine the Highest Yielding Sativa strains in India

As a marijuana cultivator, it is very difficult to seek for a company that offers the most amazing selection of highest yielding THC content in India. This article shall discuss the 5 most trusted Sativa strains in India. We will elucidate in this article to help you choose the best plan for you and your business. In growing your outdoor Sativa strains in India, a gritty, sandy soil mixed with peat moss is best, and it should be placed in a well-drained spot. If the pot is not well-drained, the plant may begin to suffer from root rot.

The type of soil is also one of the first things you must consider when learning how to care for Sativa strains in India to avoid fluffy and airy buds. We have determined these from our research through its sales across all cannabis seed banks as well as it is features & benefits that it has to offer to all of its clients before, during, and after their regular use. The latest trend in the marijuana industry is a move toward preventative care.

According to Snoop Dogg, a sensational rapper, and a marijuana influencer, yielding Sativa strains in India you must take into account your location, what you can afford to pay monthly, your specific medical needs, and any dependents you may have. These include discounts on memberships, dietary advice and support, access to smoking cessation products, and complimentary mental health services.

This will be also crucial to maintain the good health of your plant. This process shall allow the moisture on the plant which is left against the buds that will come out and be distributed evenly throughout the whole plant parts. As soon as your buds go fatter, soon enough your buds will get more substance. You will start to notice that the white pistils are sticking straightly in all directions daily.

Cannabis Growing: Top 5 Highest Yielding Sativa strains in India

Here are the top 10 highest yielding Sativa strains in India that we were able to determine. Check them out and consider adding them to cannabis cultivation for high and profitable yield.

Mango Kush Sativa Strain Seeds

Ranking one on our list of highest-yielding Sativa strains in India, the Mango Kush Sativa Strain Seeds surely brings success to your cannabis cultivation. If you wanted to see those purple buds coming out from your cannabis plants, this contains a potent hybrid of LSD strain as well as the Canadian ruderalis coming from an auto flower marijuana seeds. It counts as of the best cannabis seeds ever since produces up to 23% of THC content.

One of the fastest-growing Sativa marijuana seeds from 56 to 63 days, the Mango Kush Sativa Strain Seeds can yield from 400 up to 600 grams/m2 or 50 up to 300 grams for every cannabis plant. This gives one of the best quality cash cropper marijuana strains that can grow from 60 up to 100 centimeters or 24 up to 39 inches.

Once the Mango Kush Sativa Strain Seeds germinate, it can grow from 30 to 47 inches or 60 up to 120 centimeters. It surely brings good yield with the topnotch quality of cannabis buds since the seeds are feminized already. Its yield can give the grower or breeder from 50 up to 250 grams per cannabis plant.

Idukki gold (Kerala) Sativa Strain Seeds

As bred by Kerala Strain Seeds and low dryer cannabis plants, Idukki gold marijuana seeds are said to contain top shelf of the most quality of weeds. These seeds are easy to grow yet it can bring 300 grams of yield per cannabis plants. Since this high-yielding seed is feminized, it can grow from 20 to 28 inches or 50 to 70 centimeters.

All marijuana smokes can relate to the fact that they need a great good feel after smoking it which makes them more ready and prepared for any task for the day. The Idukki gold Strain Seeds has been taken by many people if they wanted to carry out heavy tasks that required induced strength and more courage to carry it out.

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As tried and tested to be very effective for all its clients, the Idukki gold Strain Seeds grow fast from 60 to 75 days. The full height of this cannabis plant from auto flower marijuana seeds reaches from 80 to 150 centimeters of 32 to 59 inches. This can grow both outdoors and indoors which can yield up to 300 or 400 grams. Since the seeds are feminized you can get high and quality THC content from 15 up to 20 percent.

North Indian Sativa Strain Seeds

The North Indian Sativa Strain Seeds hybrid strain comes from commonly known chem dog as well as the blueberry DJ short true. The yield can bring the grower or breed up to 7 ounces of THC content from dry weight. These are feminized seeds that grow from 18 up to 35 inches. The growing time takes 60 to 70 days from the auto flower marijuana seeds.

Just as how pineapple looks like, the North Indian Sativa Strain Seeds can have a growing time from 60 up to 65 days or more from its auto flower marijuana seeds. It can grow from 100 up to 110 centimeters or 39 up to 43 inches which are very easy to grow and heavy yielding feminized seeds which can give up to 600 grams/m2 yield. It has a strong and unbelievable scent and taste which attracts more clients to use it.

Malana kush – Himachal Pradesh Sativa Strain Seeds

As a signature variation from Himachal Pradesh and royal queen auto flower marijuana seeds, the Himachal Pradesh has the smell and taste of cookies as you know it. It has a high amount of indica on it as supported by its ruderalis genetic composition. It is also good for those who are new into the marijuana business since it requires just minimum maintaining requirements within a span of eight to ten weeks.

The buds shall appear in just six weeks which is ready to be a harvest for the next two weeks. This has an 18% amount of THC content that delivers high euphoric content just like cookies that also leaves a minty and feel good aftertaste. It comes good for both outdoor and indoor growing and breeding. In normal conditions, the plant can reach as high 140 cm and can yield 100-150 grams on an average basis.

As an award-winning variety of Sativa, the Malana kush Strain Seeds has been bred with ruderalis that further makes up the component of this auto flower marijuana seeds. These are easy to grow since it will just take 49 up to 63 days for its growing time before you can harvest a good yield with 70 to 80 grams per plant. The height of the plant can reach from 80 up to 100 centimeters or from 31 up to 39 inches in height. The buds have the aroma and the flavor of a sweet lemon so this is why it called as such. The appearance is frosty with the gnarly outlook.

Manipuri strain – Manipur Sativa Strain Seeds

These Manipuri strain – Manipur Sativa Strain Seeds take 70 days to grow. These can grow from 30 to 30 inches or 75 up to 100 centimeters in height. It produces high yield as these seeds are feminized. There is a breed that comes from Dutch Passion and dark Kush strains of the hash plant. The buds are purple which are very sticky when you hold it. Its flavor and aroma is a fruity berry that makes it better quality than any other cannabis seeds ever.

As the top choice for cultivators, the Manipuri strain – Manipur Sativa Strain Seeds has a very strong rate when we talk about germination as it produces a high yield of cannabis plants THC that seems to have white crystals on it. It has this flavor of the classic widow. This auto flower marijuana seeds take from 80 to 85 days to grow as it grows from 50 up to 120 centimeters or 20 to 47 inches in height. The yield for every plant is 35 up to 125 grams with 15 up to 20% THC content. This is because these seeds are feminized.


The planting season of cannabis is nowhere! The spring comes with a big full swing for the Sativa strains in India. This is a great option for all the beginners who wanted fast-flowering plants that comes along with big profit. This article has explained the top 10 highest yielding indica strain indoor in terms of getting the highest THC levels.

Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized

Carmen x Durban Poison Fem is a marijuana masterpiece made from the combination of famously fruity Durban Poison – a pure Sativa – and the CBD-rich mellow Indica, Carmen. This delightful union is suitable for new users who are looking for a gentle buzz because it contains a relatively low 14% THC. Nonetheless, it can still exert enough psychoactive influence and stimulating effects to interest veteran smokers, too. As for the flavor and fragrance, it delivers a delightful mixture of fruits and minty herbs with a touch of pungency.

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Even first-time growers can reap a substantial harvest when cultivating Carmen x Durban Poison Fem. Despite its strong Sativa genes, its growth characteristics are very Indica-like. This plant grows to a medium-sized frame, featuring forest-green buds that house bountiful translucent trichomes and golden pistils.

This strain can grow in both indoor or outdoor settings, but a controlled environment like a greenhouse is the ideal consolidation of those two. Use organic soil to enhance the terpene production, as it helps to boost the flavor and aroma. However, if you are more interested in increasing the yield, you may opt for a hydroponics setup.

Raising this plant is pretty much straightforward because of its natural resilience to mold, pests, and other diseases. Because these seeds are feminized, you will not have to worry about rooting out any males, which can cause the unwanted pollination of the precious flowers. In addition, germinating these seeds is very simple and quick. In fact, the taproots emerge within a day or two when they are kept moist on a wet paper towel.

Flowering Time

Carmen x Durban Poison is a fast-flowering Sativa. If grown indoors, the flowering time takes only 6 to 8 weeks. On the other hand, for outdoor cultivation, harvest season can begin in the last week of September up to the second week of October in the northern hemisphere.


With its manageable height, Carmen x Durban Poison Fem is suitable for growers with limited space. But to maximize the growing area, the incorporation of the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is recommended. As a short introduction for beginners, SOG simply means positioning several plants close to one another, leaving at least 30 cm (1 foot) of space between them. With this kind of setup, you can say goodbye to having to buy too many grow lamps since just a few lamps can cover and concentrate the light over the green canopy. Give the plants love and attention, and expect a yield of around 350 grams (12 ounces) per square meter.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful about the temperature and relative humidity (RH). As the plants mature, they will create bushy foliage that can trap moisture, thus making the room warmer. To prevent this from happening, have regular pruning sessions to promote air circulation and get rid of warm, heavy air. Installing fans around the room can aid in dissipating the heat, too. Aim for a temperature between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius (70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and RH of not more than 50% to get the best results.


With its natural resilience against mold and pests, Carmen x Durban Poison Fem can flourish in an outdoor setting. It can grow up to 80 to 130 cm (2.5 to 4 feet), depending on the conditions. To meet one of its basic requirements, place it in a warm and sunny garden, where it can receive an ample amount of light. Each plant can produce up to 350 grams (12 ounces) of heavily resin-coated nugs, especially if you treat it right.

Medical Application

Although Carmen x Durban Poison’s CBD level is not as high as the average found in its parent strain, Carmen, it has proven to be more than proficient at mitigating various physical and mental issues. It helps those who are battling with everyday stress, depression, anxiety regain a sense of normalcy. Some patients with anxiety-related illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder, have found this strain a natural remedy that does not have the side effects of prescription drugs.

When it comes to physical conditions, this pot is a potent pain reliever. It has patients struggling with mild to severe aches and pains. The most common uses are for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, PMS cramps, and fibromyalgia.

Adverse Reactions

Any strain of marijuana has inevitable side effects, but they are typically limited to dry eyes and cotton mouth. Remedy these discomforts easily by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops like artificial tears liberally.

That being said, overconsumption of Carmen x Durban Poison could cause unwanted reactions such as dizziness, headaches, and nausea. People who are sensitive to THC might experience increased anxiety and paranoia even though the 14% THC level is considered low by modern standards.


Carmen x Durban Poison is known for its fast-acting effect. As soon as you take a toke and even before you put the blunt down, you will notice right away the gentle and uplifting euphoria. Your stress and worries will quickly fade away, to be replaced by a motivating buzz that leads to increased chattiness and sociability. You can use this stimulation for anything from in-depth conversations to tackling mundane chores that you have been meaning to accomplish.

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You will find yourself experiencing a rush of creative juices, along with a renewed drive to get things done. However, this mental invigoration is not shrill or nervous-making. Instead, it feels very natural and easygoing. Expect this head high to be accompanied by a relaxed body glow. It will help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Be prudent with your consumption rate, and you can enjoy the benefits for hours without crashing. This ganja is suitable for any time of the day, especially when you need a bit of a boost.


True to its Durban Poison lineage, the fragrance of this strain stands out. Having a very rich terpene profile consisting of myrcene, ocimene, and terpinolene, it gives strong hints of fruit with a touch of herbal and minty tones.


Despite the fruity and earthy sweetness of this strain, it delivers an unexpected jolt of ammonia-like pungency. This unusual combination of flavors is a favorite among discriminating cannasseurs.

Similar Strains

If you are a fan of fruity scents with hints of herbs, then CBD Critical Mass Fem is a must-try. This high-yielding Indica-heavy strain produces a stupendous 700 to 1200 grams (25 to 42 ounces) of bud per plant. It has equal amounts of CBD and THC (5%) to make it a valuable medicinal weed. Nonetheless, it is still capable of inducing couch-lock, which is suitable for users who just want to relax over the weekend. It can grow a maximum height of no more than 150 cm (5 feet) tall, great for growers with limited space.

Another fruit-scented cannabis strain is Mango Kush Fem. Cannabis enthusiasts know that eating mangoes while smoking weed will boost the high. Now, you can take a shortcut with this pot. Taking the original Mango strain’s delicious terpenes and infusing them into the mythical Hindu Kush, an unforgettable hybrid was born. This strain is a sheer pleasure for all the senses and extraordinarily easy to cultivate to boot.

Or how about Sweet Tooth Fem? This ganja is perfect for growers who are exercising their green thumb for the first time. Since this strain is small and compact, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors easily. In outdoor settings, the plant favors a sunny, Mediterranean-type climate to produce abundant yields of up to 800 grams (18 ounces) of tasty weed per plant. Despite its moderate THC level of 18%, it still secured its spot in the medical marijuana community, wherein it is used to aid symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

If you are looking for a hybrid that carries the Carmen lineage, then Bruce Banner x Carmen Fem is perfect. This is another Indica-leaning strain, containing 10% THC and CBD. A 90 to 150 cm (3 to 5 feet) tall plant, it does not have any special requirements. But just like Carmen x Durban Poison Fem, the yield can be maximized using the Sea of Green technique. It boasts potent medicinal properties to alleviate a wide array of physical and mental ailments.

To conclude the list of recommendations, Sour Lemon Fem is another fruity cannabis. A hybrid of California Sour and Lemon OG, both heavy-hitters in their own right, it is an excellent wake ‘n bake companion. It delivers an enormous surge of energy and creativity that makes it a favorite among artistic types everywhere. But, it is also suitable for the ordinary person who needs a motivational boost to get through the day.

Carmen x Durban Poison

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Additional information

Sweet / Citrus / With notes of incense and anise

Carmen x Africa x Skunk

450-500 gr m2 indoor / 600 gr. plant outdoor.

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