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Charrywine marijuana seed

Feminized Cherry Wine Hemp Seeds

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All of our seeds have a super high germination rate and are 99.9% feminized.

All seeds are sold by packets containing 100 seeds each

Description: Cherry Wine Hemp is a classic and one of the most commonly used strains for hemp growers across the USA, since it tends to run higher in CBD, while staying below the required .3% THC. The aroma is full of sweet cherries with a hint of pepper.

Genetics: The Wife x Charlotte’s Cherries. Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Effects: Relaxing, pain-relief, stress-relief, happy/euphoric, and focused

Growing: Cherry Wine is a fast grower and very resilient. It’s a full term strain, taking about 9 weeks to flower. Great for indoor or outdoor operations.

**Disclaimer: While all of our products have passed compliance tests and haven’t tested “hot”, different environments can trigger a THC spike, thus we always recommend testing 3-5 weeks prior to harvest.

Cherry Wine S1 Feminized High CBD Hemp Seed

The Cherry Wine S1 hemp strain is the classic cross of The Wife X Charlotte’s Cherries. With a sweet terpene profile, it is another strain we are offering that will produce high quality flower. We believe this was the most widely planted hemp strain in the US in the last 4 years.

All our Cherry Wine hemp seed is bred from our F1 ‘Bohdi’s Cut’ genetics, this is the original Cherry Wine phenotype from Colorado. Working from the original F1, we produce a stable and consistent female hemp seed.

Our Colorado Cherry Wine strain has tested out as a 25:1 CBD:THC strain, producing +16% CBD under optimum growing conditions. Our pricing is based on the quantity purchased.

  • 100% feminized seed
  • normal September-October harvest window
  • expect growth from 4′ to 6′ tall
  • plant on 4′ to 5′ centers (see Hemp Field Layout and Plant Count)
  • expect 2 lb – 4+ lb yield per plant
  • cherry taste and fragrant flower with high CBD oil content
  • high mold, mildew and rot resistance
  • most widely cultivated hemp strain over the past 4 years
  • +16% CBD production with optimal growing conditions
  • consistent and stable S1 hemp strain phenotype
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