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Dna marijuana seeds for sale

SleeStack strain

The cannabis seed is a feminized cross between a Shrom and a Martian Mean Green. A wonderful seed that has already proven its high potency in various hybrid crosses.

Sleestack is an easy to grow cannabis strain! It grows rather short and produces an unimaginable amount of resin in just 9 weeks of flowering that has left anyone who has seen it in disbelief. The wonderful buds are completely covered with resin crystals and you almost want to recommend sunglasses to avoid any glare.

Sleestack is THE ideal plant when it comes to hashish production. Its vast amounts of resin make it highly effective. The crop yield is a good 350-500 g/m² in indoor grow.

The High is a balanced composition of calming physical relaxation and relaxing mental rest. It is a great option for socializing as it lifts the head. It is used worldwide as a medicinal cannabis strain for asthma, allergies and Crohn’s disease.

DNA Genetics Seeds

DNA Genetics cannabis seed bank first appeared in 2004 and has since produced multiple award winning Marijuana seeds. Based in Amsterdam, many of the marijuana crosses used by DNA Genetics have come from the cannabis collectives of California, on the other side of the Atlantic! DNA Genetics, since their inception, have been concerned with providing the world’s medical marijuana users with strain after strain of medical quality cannabis seeds. In their short time on the Seed Market they have managed to claim prizes at over 50 cannabis awards from all over the world.

Many of DNA Genetics’ cannabis strains involve the OG Kush, including one of their most famous strains- LA Confidential. A great example of DNA Genetics’ exclusive, premium quality, marijuana genetics is Sharksbreath, a cross of Jamaican Lambsbread and Great White Shark, which also provided the mother for another one of their flagship strains – Martian Mean Green. Last but not least DNA Genetics have provided us with the unbelievably popular Chocolope, a fantastic cannabis strain that has great flavour, yield, and high.

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Regular or feminised cannabis seeds? High yielding or super strength cannabis seeds? Indoor or outdoor cannabis seeds? Whatever you’re looking for from the DNA Genetics range, you’ll discover it at amazing low prices here with Seed City!