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Marijuana Seeds to Oregon – Secure and Fast Delivery

From the mid-20th century till today, Oregon has been one of the undisputed leaders in the push for cannabis legalization. Not only was Oregon the first state in the nation to decriminalize pot, but it also set a precedent for medical marijuana legalization. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in the Beaver State, more people seem to have a “budding” interest in growing marijuana seeds in Oregon.

If you’re one of the countless people who want to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon, you can’t afford to pass all the info we’re about to dish. Below, we’re going to go over all of the most pertinent Oregon marijuana seeds laws so you know what you’re getting into. As a bonus, we’ll explain why online shopping can save you tons of time, aggravation, and money.

FYI: anyone interested in buying marijuana seeds in Oregon should browse’s diverse range of feminized and autoflowering seeds. With over 200 different strains to choose from, our online store is sure to have the cannabis plant strains that send you to your happy place. Plus, thanks to our super discreet shipping policy, you don’t have to worry about prying eyes getting in the way of your ganja growing.

See for yourself why customers around the world are raving about’s high-quality cannabis seeds.

So, Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Oregon?

Luckily for potheads in Portland, Oregon has some of the nation’s most relaxed laws for both recreational and medical marijuana. Since 2015, Oregon residents over the age of 21 could purchase pot for recreational purposes. If you have a qualifying medical condition and a doctor’s approval, you could also enter Oregon’s medical marijuana system.

There are, however, a few limits home-growers need to keep in mind. According to Oregon’s state law, recreational users are only allowed to grow four cannabis plants per household at any given time. By contrast, people on Oregon’s medical marijuana program are allowed to grow up to six weed plants per residence.

Note: this law tracks the household, not the number of people in the house. So, if three people live in your home, you’re still only allowed to grow four plants for recreational use. Also, you must grow your marijuana plants out of public view.

In terms of Oregon seeds laws, recreational users could have a maximum of ten marijuana seeds. Medical marijuana users, however, could possess as many as 50 marijuana seeds at one time.

Is It Safe To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

People who’ve never bought weed seeds online are often a bit concerned before placing their first order. We understand purchasing cannabis products online is a new experience, but that shouldn’t discourage you from using our platform.

On, we take pride in safely sending the highest-quality marijuana seeds to Oregon. To do this, we use incredibly stealthy shipping options to ensure the order arrives on your doorstep the first time. Often, we will hide our seeds in gadgets or other random items in nondescript packaging. To ensure no trace is left behind in postal records, we do not offer tracking on our packages.

For your convenience, we also offer a plethora of payment options sure to fit everyone’s situation. Currently, we accept both MasterCard and VISA transactions. If you’d feel more comfortable using a bank transfer, Western Union, or cash, please feel free to use these options at checkout.

To learn more about the shop’s shipping and payment options, be sure to visit this official link.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online?

Like it or not, everything is getting swallowed up into the Internet nowadays…cannabis seeds included! But that’s not all such a bad thing.

Yes, brick-and-mortar stores have their unique advantages, but that doesn’t mean online cannabis seeds don’t have something special to offer. Here are just a few significant reasons you should consider getting your cannabis products with a reputable online company like

Online Marijuana Seed Shops Have A Wider Selection

A major reason people enjoy buying marijuana seeds online is the wide range of available strains. We bet you’ll find a far greater selection on than in the best-reviewed brick-and-mortar Oregon cannabis seed bank. In fact, our online store now boasts well over 200 different strains, many of which are High Times Cannabis Cup winners.

Plus, unlike your local dispensary, you don’t have to worry so much about different strains being out of stock. Whether you’re looking for medical, high CBD, autoflowering, or high THC strains, you should find a perfect strain at any time of the year on our website.

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It’s Always “Sunny” Online – Avoid The Oregon Slush

Online ordering is also the best option for people who live in rural areas of the Beaver State. Instead of driving for hours to reach your nearest dispensary, you can save wear-and-tear on your car and serious gas cash by purchasing your items online.

Ordering online is way more convenient than visiting Oregon’s stores during the chilly winter. We don’t care how much you love growing ganja, you can’t possibly enjoy schlepping through snowy roads to your local dispensary! Why not stay warm & cozy indoors and add a few seeds to your virtual cart?

What’s The Difference Between Feminized And Autoflowering Seeds?

When you’re first researching what cannabis seeds to buy, you’ll likely run across feminized vs. autoflowering ones. Let’s take a few moments to explore the significant differences between these two categories so you’ll know what you’re buying.

First off, every new cannabis grower must understand that the cannabis plant could be either male or female. Cultivators rarely care about male plants because only unpollinated females create trichome-rich buds.

For this reason, seed banks like ours focus primarily on offering customers superb feminized marijuana seeds. Since all of these seeds are pre-sexed, you don’t have to worry about male plants wreaking havoc in your grow space. Feminized seeds are now available in many Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

The major distinction between feminized and autoflowering strains is that autos have traces of a cannabis variety known as “Ruderalis.” Unlike Indicas and Sativas, Ruderalis marijuana plants evolved in harsh northern climates. Due to their unique evolutionary history, Ruderalis strains could flower without a set photoperiod.

The benefits of growing autoflowering seeds are that they are fast-flowering, highly resistant to mold, and don’t require lighting schedules. On the downside, you won’t get as robust a yield with autos versus feminized strains.

Deciding between autos and feminized seeds largely depends on your growing experience and time constraints. People who are just starting to get involved in cannabis cultivation tend to gravitate towards the convenience of autos, while experienced growers prefer the higher yields feminized seeds offer.

What Marijuana Seeds Should A Beginner Buy?

We won’t lie: marijuana can sometimes be tricky to grow. But that doesn’t mean that all strains are created equal. In fact, many cannabis varieties are beginner-friendly.

If it’s your first time growing cannabis at home, then we strongly recommend browsing our autoflowering seeds catalog. Since autos don’t require a set photoperiod, you don’t have to worry about tinkering with your light setup to get your buds to bloom. Plus, autos are naturally resistant to mold and usually flower within only nine weeks.

Once you have a few successful grows with autoflowering seeds, you should consider moving on to Indica-dominant strains like Northern Lights. Usually, Indicas are faster-flowering and shorter than Sativas, making them easier to handle even in small indoor tents. Only after you feel confident with Indicas should you move on to the more labor-intensive Sativas.

If you’d like to see our hottest beginner-friendly seeds, click this link.

Why Should I Trust The Seeds For Sale On

If you live in Oregon and want to buy cannabis seeds online, then you should go with a reputable company like Since 1998, we’ve successfully sent high-quality seeds to over 15,000 satisfied ganja growers worldwide. With roughly 200 strains to choose from, you’ll have no problems finding your favorite flavors in our catalog. Plus, every one of our seeds comes with an incredibly high 87 percent germination success rate. As a special thank you, we will throw in six additional seeds free of charge on purchases over $100.

If you have any questions about or marijuana seeds in Oregon, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff. You can easily send us an email on our official Contact Us page.

Cannabis seeds are sold to customers over the age of 21 and are sold strictly for souvenirs or storage purposes only. The cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. We advise customers to check the laws in their country before ordering.

Portland (Oregon)

“Keep Portland Weird” is the motto and the city certainly loves to live up to the name! With an array of weird events, sites and sights, what’s not to love about this funky, beer and donut loving, environmentally friendly living city? Ranked Best Beer City in the world, home of the world’s smallest park (measuring all of two feet across!), host of the annual World Naked Bike Ride event, and home of the most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the entire country, this city has something to entertain everyone.

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Waterfalls and mountains galore; Portland is a mecca for outdoor adventures. Exploring Mt Tabor’s trails, adventuring along the historic Columbia River Highway to chase waterfalls like Multnomah Falls, or spending a weekend traipsing through Mt Hood’s extensive forests outdoor escapades are incredibly accessible to all. From its humble roots as a shipping port; the city that was named in a coin toss (literally a toss between Portland and Boston) has grown to be one of the 20 largest cities in the country, and although the city residents are aging, the median age of the population is still in its early thirties, helping it keep its hipster, cold-brew and microbrewery loving title.

Whatever your vibe may be, Portland is a very open minded and inclusive community, with an affinity for cannabis, coffee, beer and all things weird. If you are looking to start your own grow in the city, I49 Cannabis Seeds has a huge selection in the online cannabis seed bank with something to suit everyone’s needs. With a super easy online ordering system, why not have those pot seeds delivered to your front door right away?

When you buy cannabis seeds in Portland with I49, you are set to have your own personal stash in as little as 10 weeks! Might we suggest the wonderful, daytime friendly sour diesel seeds for a little pick me up and some pain relief? Citrusy taste and leaves you still able to adult your way through the day – winning!

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

When you fancy premium quality seeds from a trusted and reputable company, I49 Oregon is your one stop shop for all of your 420 seeds online. Purchase your marijuana seeds with confidence knowing that they come with a solid germination guarantee, rave customer reviews and incredible price points. Quality and variety are superbly important, but accessibility is as well. Offering all of your favorite strains and some new ones that may soon become fast favorites of yours, I49 offers some incredible sales on a ton of different seeds; take a look at some of the cheap weed seeds online.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Portland?

The state of Oregon has legalized the adult use, possession and cultivation of cannabis and cannabis products for those 21 years old and above. While weed seeds are legal across the entire country, some states only allow them as novelty items; fear not! In Oregon it is legal to possess up to 10 seeds AND 4 marijuana plants, not to mention up to 8 ounces of “usable” marijuana (dried leaves and flowers aka buds). So, whether you’re interested in making some tinctures for Aunt Susan with her arthritis, or solely for your own personal and recreational use (check out some high thc seeds) you can rest assured that the seeds you are buying for personal use are completely legal.

Take a look at the online seed bank I49 USA offers here. Commercial grows and sales have their own sets of rules on limits and regulations, so if you’re planning on a legal commercial cannabis operation, please make sure you are doing your due diligence research for your specific setup.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Ready to get growing? When it comes to choosing between autoflower seeds and regular seeds, here’s a few reasons you may prefer autoflowering plants:

Autoflower plants don’t require tedious light cycles to start the flowering process. Upon germination, they begin to flower; cutting their growth time down to about half the time as compared to the average regular seed.

Without complicated lighting systems and timers, autoflowers have survived off as few as 4 hours of light per day. This amount of light would not provide optimal yields, but the chance of royally screwing up your entire grow by one missed cycle is greatly reduced with these persistent and resilient plants!

Due to the fact that autoflowers start their flowering cycle right away, the plants don’t reach higher than 3 feet tall, making them ideal candidates for small space setups, or for growing in your garden without catching the eye of your snoopy neighbors or pedestrians walking by.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

Growing your own ganja at home has become so much easier and acceptable in recent years, but with the explosion of options there is also a sense of overwhelm that new growers may feel. Learning new terminology and picking the right seeds for your needs can seem a bit daunting at first! You’ll likely see ‘fem’ or feminized seeds talked about frequently, so let’s break that term down and keep it simple.

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Feminized seeds are just that – female. In a totally safe and effective scientific process, female plants are encouraged to grow pollination sacs like a male plant, that pollen is then used to pollinate another female plant and the resulting seeds are all female! Why are female plants the ones you likely want to be growing? Simply put, female plants are the producers of the flowers; those lovely, sticky buds you’re likely wanting to harvest. Instead of growing seeds that you will have to inspect for sex during the vegetation stage, and turf the male plants, skip the redundant process and stick to growing the female plants. There are a ton of feminized cannabis seeds for sale on I49’s online seed bank, so get those girls going today!

Portland Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Portland?

One of our top choices to buy cannabis seeds in Portland, Oregon are blue dream seeds – once you’ve harvested these generous yielding plants; you can expect an uplifting, energetic boost that will allow you to focus on your upcoming assignments due at Portland State University or the University of Portland, or perhaps just for a crank-your-tunes and clean the house morning.

A well-known classic, kush seeds provide relief from migraines, stress, anxiety and pain management, these might not be the best choice for your first grow as they tend to be a bit trickier than some; but when you have your setup really dialed in, you can’t go wrong with the west coast favorite! This strain pairs nicely with a growler from a nearby brewery (how about Breakside in Woodland, or dog patio friendly Gigantic Brewing Co. near Reed College?) and some iconic donuts (might we suggest Voodoo Doughnuts, Donut Queen or Delicious Donuts for some tasty treats?). Can’t beat that award-winning combination!

Lastly, but certainly not least, the yields you can reap from growing girl scout cookies seeds packs a serious punch! The high can last most of the day, so make sure you plan accordingly and don’t need to drive anywhere anytime soon! Tasty, and potent, this strain will have your creative juices flowing. Recently been inspired by the Art Walks in Pearl District, Alberta Street or Central Eastside? Clear some space and get creative!

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

CBD has been all the rage the past few years, and for good reason! Known for its incredible therapeutic benefits, CBD, or cannabidiol offers growers and users alike the opportunity to experience the amazing natural and healing effects without the altered state that plants with higher THC content produce. There are countless medical studies completed and underway that all explore the benefits that longtime users and historical documents have long described. Dating back to 2737 BC, the first documented use of CBD derivatives used by Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung, many cultures have used this sacred plant for medicinal purposes. Thankfully the science is finally catching up, and you can now use your cbd seeds to make your own tinctures, balms, oils or whatever you require. Great for treating anxiety, stress, inflammation and numerous other ailments, CBD is safe for you and your dog, literally.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

For all of your home grow needs, I49 has a huge selection of weed seeds that will suit your individual setup and requirements. Providing seeds recommended for amateur and professional growers alike, there are dozens of choices from strains to autoflowering and feminized varieties. When you’re ready to start growing, cruise through the online seed bank from the comfort of your own home and get your grow on!

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Portland?

Growing your own cannabis seeds at home is easy as ready-made pie when you shop with I49. Portland’s most trusted online seed bank, there’s no need to even put pants on or leave the house to get your favorite seeds delivered to your front steps. After a day exploring Willamette Valley’s pinot rich vineyards, pack a bowl or roll a joint from your gorilla glue seeds bounty and melt your way into the couch for an evening of Hulu and chill.

Outdoor Grow Calendar Our marijuana growing calendar will take you through every step of the grow cycle, depending on the region you are growing in North America.