Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack Seeds with Californian Genetics ✓ 99% FEMALE plants GUARANTEED ✓DISCREET Shipping to the UK and Canada » Green Crack Seeds don't disappoint! Green Crack Auto » Green Crack Auto by FastBuds available now at North Atlantic Seed Co. The US seedbank with the fastest shipping, the most freebies, and the best customer service. Woman owned and operated. » FASTBUDS > GREEN CRACK AUTO Description MEDICINAL USES: Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Green Crack marijuana – some of the finest weed in the world

Green Crack

Our very own Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain conceived for cannabis connoisseurs. If you buy Green Crack Seeds, you will discover a rounded, stable, high-yielding, fruity plant that grows incredibly fast. Read more

Sex Feminized
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Cross 1989 SSSC Skunk #1 x Isolated Afghani Cut
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 60-65 days
Indoor yield 400-600 g/m 2
Outdoor harvest time Early October
Outdoor yield 1000-3000 g/plant
Outdoor height 1-3 m
THC 18%
CBD 0.1%

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Green Crack

Reliable origins

Classic genetics ready to face the world

Green Crack is a cannabis seed of distant origins that comes from a 1989 SSSC Skunk#1 and an isolated Afghani cut. The result is a beautiful marijuana plant that grows very vigorously and that boasts amazing stability. Its structure, which reminds of a Christmas tree, is home to impressive amounts of buds. Resistant to mould and pests, it requires a short growing period indoors and responds best to dry, warm, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates outdoors.

A premium strain

Great overall qualities

Green Crack is a cannabis hybrid with an aroma of exotic fruit and a flavour of citrus fruit, mango, pineapple, cedar and incense. It provides a pleasant, powerful, long-lasting, cerebral, invigorating, euphoric effect that true Skunk lovers will definitely enjoy.

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Customer reviews for Green Crack

Really great plant here! This baby grows fast and put on mass very fast! Arm size cola’s huge yeilds. This green crack is one of the best I have found from any seed bank and I highly recommend you to treat your self to this delitful strain.

Here’s my Green Crack that was grown last year outdoor’s. After almost a year of curing I can tell you this bud had taste out of this world!! Fruity mango smell and taste you cannot go wrong with! On top of taste, smell and amazing bag apeal, this strain will yield very well if you give her enough space. Real classic strain!

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Okay I didn’t purchase this seed, but a single femenized seed was included as a freebie with the genetics I had planned out for my next grow. That single green crack seed from Humboldt seeds was never intended to be planted. For one I am sceptical of femenized seeds due to having them herm on me in the past. Second green crack is a clone only strain and when I see seeds for clone only plants my first though is so what is that second rate imitation really. Because it is sure not a clone. However due to my top two genetics that were supposed to be the focus of that grow not having a single seed pop, I needed to fill the void if possible. So with little hope in the single green crack femenized seed I got her sprouted and into the veg room. She looked nothing like any of the green crack plants I had browsed through and grew at half the speed of my other genetics. Looking like a dark squat broad leafed indica dominant hybrid. When I flipped her to flower slowly she started to form some very impressive flowers both in size and the extreme amount of trichromes that covered het buds and completely frosted her sugar leaf. I have been growing cannabis for over a decade indoor and out. This was the most beautiful frosty flower I had ever produced. When harvest time arrived she was still the smallest plant but the nugs were the frostiest deep green with a deep purple layer just covering the outside of the flower. After a nice cure the aroma was a sweet citrus that when smoked came into the palate exactly as it did on the nose. Like smelling a juicy sweet orange and taking a bite and it being every bit as delicious as what you hoped from its lovely aroma. The high was excellent and completely unique providing a curious reflective state of mind that was equally reminiscent of a mild dose of a good pisilocybe with just enough stoney feel to know it was just a fantastic cannabinoid profile. Uplifting inquisitive and creative. My new favorite in that very moment. I don’t know if I got lucky and just received a seed that was a rare but incredible phenotype. But I will take her any day over the clone only green crack that was the inspiration for this rare gem. Thank you for that single seed. I reveged it after harvest and in a few weeks she will be ready for her second harvest. This time outdoors after a solid 6 months of veg. She is just under 6′ and small for all the light and time she had been given. But her fruits are worth more than a 10lb plant of any type. Thanks again!

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I love marijuana , but only green crack a chemdawg give me feeling I’m high. And like grower when i feel their sweet smell, in the moment, I have very good mood – like some cure . Excellent quality! By the way, I have a friend, he travel over the world, he was smoke on the jamaica, holland, maroko, costa rica, but when smoking green crack , He said: This is best marijuana on the world. I think that, this plant is realy masterpiece. I thank HSO from Czech Republic.

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavored energy drink. It’s a variety of marijuana that will offer you a rush of pure fruity adrenaline. It’s quality weed that’s received rave reviews from our expert test growers, and offers easy growth, energetic buzz, and an exquisite fruity flavor.

We take great pride in these Green Crack seeds in particular, as they fulfill our mission to bring renowned US strains to the world at large. After years in America, our Green Crack strain is ready to take on the world.

Tart, with a spicy sweet mango aftertaste.

Green Crack Review

While technically a hybrid, Green Crack’s effects feel like a top-notch sativa. It smacks you with tons of energy, making it great for daytime use. With low CBD levels and a THC content of 20%, this Green Crack strain certainly packs a punch. It’s like a 5-shots of espresso in weed form for less than the price of a couple of lattes. It’s easily our most stimulating strain for sale. It will keep you going and going. There’s no doubt that few strains can match with the concentrated energy produced by this hybrid beast.

Green Crack seeds produce a sativa / indica hybrid with some an Afghan genetic backbone. The remaining lineage comes from two lines of Skunk #1 with Fast Buds autoflower genetics rounding out the package. It is a strong, bold plant. As with all our products, it is an easy grow and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows to be medium-large size, with a minimum height of 60cm (2ft). Green Crack likes to bulk up during both vegetation and flowering, so give it some horizontal space. During the flowering phase, the plant is sprinkled heavily with resin and the buds are completely snow white. The Green Crack yield reaches a whopping 650 g/m2 (1.4 pounds per light). The colas are enormous, with dense buds typically associated with indica strains, and the amount of flower it packs onto each bud site will shock you. It can be harvested in just 8-9 weeks.

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Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

One of the most notorious strains on the market, Green Crack was named by none other than Snoop Dogg himself. Don’t let the name fool you though. Green Crack is all natural and provides one of the cleanest feeling highs of any hybrid. These wonderful sativa effects will have you smiling for hours and the good times wont end soon thanks to the large yields and fast flowering.

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  • Buy 500 for Price: US$22.10 each and save 55 % 6551 Green Crack Feminized 38.36 38.36 GBP InStock /Feminized Marijuana Seeds /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/View All /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Indoor Feminized Marijuana Seeds /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Outdoor Feminized Seeds /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Sativa /Strain Types /Strain Types/High Yield Cannabis Strains /Strain Types/Beginner Cannabis Strains /Medical /Medical/Anxiety /Medical/Depression /Medical/Stress /Medical/Epilepsy /Marijuana Seeds /Cannabis Cultivation Types /Effects /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Top 20 Best Selling Feminized Seeds /Strain Types/Sativa marijuana seeds /Strain Types/High THC Cannabis Strains /Wholesale One of the most notorious strains on the market, Green Crack was named by none other than Snoop Dogg himself. Don’t let the name fool you though. Green Crack is all natural and provides one of the cleanest feeling highs of any hybrid. These wonderful sativa effects will have you smiling for hours and the good times wont end soon thanks to the large yields and fast flowering. GBP 0 0 add-to-cart thc:20%-24% yield:400-500gr/m² flowering_time:8-10 Weeks thc:20%-24% 8-10 Weeks 20%-24% 400-500gr/m² No

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