Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice from the Netherlands is an experienced team of breeders who have provided top-quality cannabis seeds since 2011. Feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from growerschoice are the weedseeds best in the world Seen some bad reviews of Growers Choice Seeds? This comprehensive 2022 review tells you everything you need to know before placing an order – or not!

Growers Choice

The breeders at Growers Choice in the Netherlands started growing over 20 years ago, as early as 1996. At this time, they were still experimenting and learning the ins and outs of creating strains. As they gathered knowledge and experience, they started to work with several large seed companies.

In 2011, the breeders began offering their own cannabis strains under their Growers Choice brand. They expanded their staff, which consists of experienced professionals in horticulture as well as enthusiastic growers, and are now one of the fastest-growing seed companies in Europe. Increasingly, cultivators from all over the world are sourcing their seeds from the experts at Growers Choice.

Chocolate Sherbet (Growers Choice) feminized

Chocolate Sherbet brings old school hashish flavours into the 21st century with big yields, great strength and an updated flavour. Up to 25% THC and 70% sativa genetics make for an invigorating, cerebral high—great for daytime smoking. Like the sound of it? With a bit of careful training, you can get yourself up to 650g/m²!

Rainbow Runtz (Growers Choice) feminized

Pot of golden nuggets at the end of this rainbow? Rainbow Runtz is an incredible hybrid with ridiculous, sweet flavours and a gigantic THC content. This is an example of modern cannabis breeding at its very best, and you should try it. Another great job by the good guys at Grower’s Choice, now available for you at Zamnesia.

Octane Fire (Growers Choice) feminized

Octane Fire has it all. Hard-hitting diesel and kush flavours, mixed with a seriously potent body-stone—it’s a strain bred for indica lovers and those who just need to chill. The 25% of THC and terpenic profile all contribute to the potent effect of Octane Fire by Growers Choice.

San Fernando Valley x The Purps (Growers Choice) feminized

The Purps has risen from the dead with this incredible hybrid. With three possible phenotypes, and flavours that can only be described as mystical, it’s one for the passionate grower to get their hands on!

Silvergrape Sherbet (Growers Choice) feminized

A genius mix of strains culminating in a very special, unique terpene profile—you won’t find flavours like this anywhere else. Combine that with 25% THC and giant yields, and it’s possible we’ve got a winner.

Watermelon Weddingcake (Growers Choice) feminized

Watermelon Zkittlez x Wedding Cake—you know it’s going to be a taste sensation. Combine that with 30% THC levels and gigantic yields, and you’re onto a sure winner. Just be sure you’re feeling strong because it will take some willpower to put this stuff down.

Weddingcake x Frosty Gelato (Growers Choice) feminized

The name probably tells you who this strain’s parents are. And if you know anything about them, you’ll know how good Weddingcake x Frosty Gelato is going to be. But did you know it would be so good that it has a 25% THC content and yields up to 750g/m²? And that is just the start; with sweet, rich flavours and fast growth, it’s a delight to behold.

Bruce Banner III (Growers Choice) Feminized

Those into comic books will know Bruce Banner, the alter ego behind the Incredible Hulk. Aptly named after the green superhero, Bruce Banner is also a range of strains that became popular due to their insane potency and flavour. Bruce Banner III is one of the three phenotypes of Bruce Banner, scoring with a crazy amount of THC and a superb high that’s euphoric and relaxing all at the same.

Watermelon Punch (Growers Choice) feminized

Watermelon Punch isn’t just one of the fruitiest strains that you can find. This mouth-watering indica is also very potent and boasts an ultra-relaxing effect. The best thing is, you don’t need to be an expert grower to achieve top-notch bud with this specimen as it is very easy to grow!

Zkittlez (Growers Choice) Feminized

Zkittlez is an award-winning new-school strain that stole the hearts of indica lovers. This variety develops a large amount of THC and delicious terpenes. Zkittlez is a flavoursome treat that flowers super fast. It’s an ideal strain for those seeking a well-rounded high.

Banana Sherbet (Growers Choice) Feminized

Banana Sherbet is an indica-dominant cultivar that has the potential to steal the thunder from some of the most renowned strains on the market. With its potent THC levels and stable growth patterns, cannabis aficionados can’t wait to get a hold of this excellence. The tropical essence of this strain delivers an organoleptic delight every time.

White Fire OG (Growers Choice) Feminized

White Fire OG displays a kaleidoscope of colours when mature, and packs a high-THC punch when smoked. The plant grows to very manageable heights, takes well to training techniques like SOG and ScrOG, and features a rich and full flavour.

Blue Forest Berry (Growers Choice) feminized

Blue Forest Berry by Growers Choice is one of their newest creations and she turned out just spectacular! This gorgeous sativa-dominant hybrid looks spectacular when she shows off her blue and purple colours during growth. She is easy to grow and rewards with enormous yields of very potent and oh so sweet-tasting bud!

Brain Damage (Growers Choice) feminized

Brain Damage by Growers Choice is one of the most potent strains available right now. This 50% sativa, 50% indica hybrid with its high THC and CBD levels is so strong, that even experienced smokers may be surprised by the heavy stone from this strain. Better make sure, that you have nothing important planned for the rest of the day, because this lady will have you couchlocked for some time!

Gelato 41 (Growers Choice) feminized

Gelato 41 by Growers Choice is a fantastic hybrid from the famed Cookie family of genetics. Her parents include a minty pheno of the popular Girl Scout Cookies on one side and a Sunshine Sherbet, which also is a heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne on the other. This Californian girl doesn’t just delight with an amazing ice cream flavour. Her skyhigh THC content ensures a very powerful.

Monkey Glue (Growers Choice) Feminized

This is the Growers Choice version of the famous Gorilla Glue #4, one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market. Created by accident via pollination of a Sour Dubb by a hermaphrodite Chem Sister, Monkey Glue brings extremely high THC levels, a superb aroma, and insane amounts of sticky resin to the table. Plus, the strain is easy to grow, despite her many impressive qualities.

Forbidden Runtz XL Auto (Growers Choice) feminized

On the hunt for potency, but not to the detriment of flavour? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Forbidden Runtz XL Auto is a great-tasting, potent powerhouse that impresses from seed to smoke. But be warned, such potency means users are best off proceeding with caution. And not only is the potency “XL”, so are the yields!

Red Banana Berry XL Auto (Grower’s Choice) feminized

Red Banana Berry XL by Grower’s Choice will put all your prejudices about autos to rest for good. This strain grows tall, handles training extremely well, and can produce heavy yields of ultra-potent bud in record speed. Add sweet banana and berry flavours and you’ve got yourself an exceptional strain.

Red Banana Berry (Growers Choice) feminized

Red Banana Berry by Growers Choice is a balanced hybrid that produces XL yields after just 8 weeks of bloom. Her delicious tropical berry Skunk aroma will delight your senses, while her euphoric full-body high will leave you in a deep state of bliss for hours.

Naranja Biscotti Fast Version (Grower’s Choice) feminized

Love a strain that speeds through the flowering phase? Naranja Biscotti Fast Version by Grower’s Choice takes just 7 weeks of flowering to mature her flowers and she boasts rich aromas of oranges and cookies. She’s packed with THC, containing up to 30% of the beloved cannabinoid.

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Pink Magic Fast Version (Grower’s Choice) feminized

If you’re into strains with an uplifting, creative, and social high, Pink Magic by Grower’s Choice offers exactly those effects and many more desirable traits. She produces beautiful, dense pink buds and takes just 8 weeks to complete the flowering phase. Need we say more?

Forbidden Runtz (Growers Choice) feminized

Looking for a dynamic, potent indica? Forbidden Runtz by Growers Choice is easy to grow, produces large yields, boasts a mouth-watering sweet fruit aroma, and inflicts a high so good it feels forbidden.

Ultra Violet GMO (Grower’s Choice) feminized

Are you chasing potency? Ultra Violet GMO produces thick indica nugs boasting up to 30% THC and a hard-hitting stone that’ll keep you entranced for hours. A receptive and productive specimen both indoors and out, all manner of growers would be wise to make some space for Ultra Violet GMO.

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About Growers Choice

Growers Choice is a Dutch seed bank specialising in feminized, autoflowering, and bulk seeds. In addition, they offer a range of merch and growing supplies to browse through. With a wide variety of top-tier genetics to choose from, Growers Choice truly keeps the grower at the forefront of their business model. Let’s learn more about this breakout cannabis seed bank and some of its top strains.

Who Are Growers Choice?

Based in the Netherlands, the roots of Growers Choice can be traced back as far as 1996, when a small team began experimenting with growing techniques and getting a feel for marijuana seed production. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that Growers Choice began focusing its attention on producing unique strains and developing as a seed bank. At this point, the team grew considerably, and now they are staffed with a group of enthusiastic and experienced cannabis cultivators.

Harnessing top genetics and experimenting with unique combinations, Growers Choice provides some awesome feminized seeds (small batch and bulk) and autoflowering seeds that are sure to put a smile on any avid grower’s face. From casual home growers to the more experienced, there’s a seed for all—Growers Choice has you covered.

Operating out of the Netherlands, Growers Choice is a seed bank that dabbled in seed production since 1996, before taking it to the masses as of 2011. They offer feminized, autoflowering, and bulk seeds.

What Are the Top 3 Cannabis Strains by Growers Choice?

While Growers Choice offers plenty of variety when it comes to their seed selection, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three strains. These cannabis seeds all offer something unique, but also have a few things in common: great flavours, superb effects, and a reliable, easygoing growing experience. So, without further ado, here are three strains from Growers Choice that are bound to pique your interest.

This really comes down to personal preference, but there are certainly a few stand-out strains, including the highly popular Bruce Banner III, White Fire OG, and Banana Sherbet⁠—all of which are feminized to ensure a great harvest.

Bruce Banner III

The result of a potent pairing of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner III is an absolute green monster that is sure to “hulk out” in any growing environment. Perfect for newcomers and the more experienced alike, Bruce Banner III is easy to manage, but requires a little maintenance to keep her in shape as she flowers. After a short flowering stage of 9 weeks, she’s ready to harvest. Growers can expect returns of around 500–700g/m² indoors and 800g/plant outdoors.

Bruce Banner III (Growers Choice) Feminized

Whether smoked or vaped, users can anticipate beautiful and bold notes of sweet berries, mixed with Diesel and Kush to keep things varied and enjoyable. As a 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica, you get the best of both worlds with a hard-hitting, uplifting high that settles into deep relaxation.

Banana Sherbet

By combining Sunset Sherbet and Strawberry Banana, Growers Choice has created something truly special with Banana Sherbet. Much like the other strains they offer, Banana Sherbet is a flexible and accessible cannabis plant suited to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. She’s a fairly tall-growing strain, reaching anywhere between 100–200cm, so ample room is required to get the best from her. After a lightning-fast 8 weeks of flowering, she’ll be ready to yield. At this point, you can expect to see returns of around 550–650g/m² indoors—an overall huge return for a plant of this stature.

Banana Sherbet (Growers Choice) Feminized

Fans of amazing flavours will find a kindred spirit in Banana Sherbet. Expect rich, sweet fruits with moments of cookies and cream that are simply mouth-watering. As for her high, she provides massive soothing sensations that have the ability to couch-lock even the most seasoned of stoners.

White Fire OG

Also known as WiFi OG, White Fire OG has some impressive parents in the form of Fire OG x The White. This mostly indica-dominant strain is an outstanding growing partner with plenty to say for herself. She’s resilient and receptive, so those looking to implement SOG or ScrOG will be spoilt for choice. She can grow to 150cm, but this is easily controlled with LST and topping. After 9 weeks in the flowering stage, she’ll be ready to harvest. This is really where White Fire OG comes into her own.

White Fire OG (Growers Choice) Feminized

With earthy and sweet flavours, she’s exceptional whether smoked or vaped. Her effects are also special. With THC levels peaking at around 27%, she certainly packs a punch. Users can expect an uplifting and euphoric high to begin with, which eventually settles into pure relaxation.

Where Can I Buy Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice cannabis seeds are ready to purchase right now from Zamnesia’s Seedshop. Available as feminized seeds, they have a 99% probability of producing female plants, as opposed to the almost 50/50 chance that regular seeds bring.

Growers Choice has opted to produce feminized seeds to give growers of all experience levels the most productive operation possible. In addition, with each seed geared to produce a female plant, this allows for a much more cost-effective approach, with larger yields and a huge variety of strains to choose from.

How Are Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds Packaged?

While some companies don’t give their packaging a second thought, Growers Choice goes above and beyond to keep their seeds fresh and ready to use. All Growers Choice seeds can be purchased in small, resealable plastic containers with clear artwork and packaging that tells the user exactly what they’re getting.

Growers Choice has opted to package their seeds in resealable plastic containers. This allows for easy access and full freshness after storage.

A simple lift of the lid reveals the seeds inside, allowing the grower to take out as many (or as few) as they need. Afterwards, the lid can be placed back on the container to lock in the freshness.

Growers Choice: Make These Seeds Your Choice

Now that you know a little more about the company behind the seeds, it’s time to check out their offerings for yourself. With so many choices available at the Zamnesia Seedshop, you can view the full range right now. Pick up a pack or two of strains that take your fancy, and bask in the growing process from start to finish. Growers Choice shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to experiment with new and exciting strains of cannabis, so you can certainly anticipate some more great things from them in the future.

Growers Choice Seeds: Questions & Answers

Who are Growers Choice? Operating out of the Netherlands, Growers Choice is a seed bank that dabbled in seed production since 1996, before taking it to the masses as of 2011. They offer feminized, autoflowering, and bulk seeds. What are the best Growers Choice seeds? This really comes down to personal preference, but there are certainly a few stand-out strains, including the highly popular Bruce Banner III, White Fire OG, and Banana Sherbet⁠—all of which are feminized to ensure a great harvest. How are Growers Choice seeds packaged? Growers Choice has opted to package their seeds in resealable plastic containers. This allows for easy access and full freshness after storage. Where can I buy Growers Choice seeds? Easy, Growers Choice seeds are available to purchase from Zamnesia’s Seedshop. With a huge selection to choose from, avid growers will be well and truly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect strain partner.

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Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Welcome to the growerschoice website. Your quest for seeds has brought you to the right place. We offer many types of cannabis seeds on our website, both feminized and autoflower, as well as regular cannabis seeds. Whether you are looking for a full indica strain or prefer something on the sativa side, we have these cannabis strains right here. As well as the many hybrid cannabis varieties such as our old school Dutch cannabis strains braindamage, bubblegum, and amnesia, or the modern strains such as the American cali strains like zkittlez, gelato, weddingcake, and purple punch hybrids; at growerschoice, you can find them all.

On our website, you will find a lot of variety in seeds. We have done this deliberately to meet the demand of each customer. Some customers are looking for cannabis seeds that are good for growing outdoors, others want to have autoflowering plants on their balcony and yet another grower is looking for a more relaxed or a very stoned strain to grow indoors.

We have varieties with high THC levels in house and also medicinal CBD varieties with an emphasis on low THC levels and high CBD levels. Additionally, we also have cannabis seeds that are specific for other cannabinoids such as: CBG, CBN, and more. Also in terms of the development of flavor (terpenes), we are not standing still. All varieties are selected by ourselves and only the best pheno will end up in our range.

All seeds are suitable for both novice and advanced growers. The beginners will definitely have a good time with this and also yield nice harvests. For the advanced grower, starting with super genetics means that a maximum yield in terms of both weight and quality can be achieved. Because the choice of your starting material, such as the seeds, is one of the most important there is.

We develop, crossbreed, and breed our cannabis seeds all by ourselves. This makes us one of the few who actually have the knowledge to be able to answer complex questions about growing cannabis. The seeds are manually selected by us and regularly undergo a germination test to check the quality of the germination of the cannabis seeds.

In other words, at growerschoice you have come to the right place to buy good quality cannabis seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds: Are They Really Any Grower’s First Choice?

Forums are full of complaints about Growers Choice Seeds genetics, yet they remain a popular seed bank. The question is – are their seeds worth your money? Find out in this comprehensive 2022 review.

Growers Choice Seeds is a Spanish-based seed breeder with branches in the US and Canada. They are a fairly popular retailer for many US-based growers. They certainly do a lot of business – a fact that’s evident from the sheer amount of reviews on them online, both good and bad.

If you don’t have all weekend to sort through endless forum posts and reviews, then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive review will cover everything you need to know before you decide if you’re going to buy from Growers Choice Seeds or not. That includes their history, reputation, seed selection, product quality, sales, policies, and an overview of the most credible customer reviews on both sides of the spectrum.

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

The first thing most buyers want to know when they’re looking at a new seed breeder is whether or not they’re legit. After all, scam “businesses” that take the money and never deliver the seeds are popping up every day. Growers need to be careful out there and do their research before buying!

Luckily, Growers Choice Seeds is indeed a legit seed breeder. They care about their customers and do their best to prevent issues from happening. If something does go wrong with an order, they have a customer service department in place to deal with it and try to make it right.

To put suspicious minds at ease, Growers Choice Seeds includes a section on their FAQ page that assures potential customers that they honor every order placed with them and value the mutually beneficial relationship that comes from staying on good terms with their customers. Of course, a company saying they’re legit isn’t the most convincing evidence, but if you want to do a bit more digging, they offer a phone number you can call to speak with a real, live customer service representative about any concerns or questions.


Above and beyond just being legit, Growers Choice Seeds is actually quite a popular source of cannabis seeds for American growers, particularly those living on the West Coast. Because Growers Choice Seeds has a distribution center located in California, shipping is typically painless. For orders that are being shipped within the United States, there is no need for the package to go through US customs- a pesky barrier that slows down delivery and may even result in seed confiscation.

Being able to skip that headache is a huge plus for US-based buyers, who until recently had to buy their weed seeds from international suppliers and just hope for the best. Canadians and Spaniards can also benefit from this international shipping option thanks to additional Growers Choice Seeds branches in those countries.

Though they are a legit business, some uncertainty remains as to the quality of their products. In the past year or so, more and more customer reviews have complained of poor quality genetics, so that’s definitely something to be aware of before ordering.


The Growers Choice Seeds company was founded out of a desire to provide people with access to the natural healthful properties of marijuana, in a recreational sense as well as a medical one. The brand’s team of horticulturalists and medical experts have completed a combined 20 years of industry research in an effort to produce the highest quality cannabis seeds. Whether they’ve been entirely successful in achieving that goal is another matter that will be examined more closely in the Product Quality section.

Though they began in Barcelona, Spain, where the company is still headquartered to this day, their success has allowed them to expand and put down roots in the US and Canada, a move that has only earned them more business.

Orange Bud Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Super Lemon Diesel Feminized

Purple Pineberry Feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Purple Power Feminized

Seed Selection at Growers Choice Seeds

The seed selection available at Growers Choice Seeds is still quite small when compared to some of the other big-name seed sellers out there. For example, they stock only 7 auto-flowering cannabis seed strains and 11 regular strains. The number of feminized strains they offer is the highest, but still only in the low 20’s range. The total number of seeds available on their site is best measured by the dozen, rather than by the hundred as is the case for major seed banks.

Buyers won’t exactly be overwhelmed with choice while shopping at Growers Choice Seeds, but they do have some classic strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, White Widow, Amnesia, and Diesel. For growers who prefer to stick to the classics without experimenting much with new strains, Growers Choice Seeds may offer enough variety to get by. But growers who thrive on variety and love to try new strains with every order will probably get bored pretty fast with the limited selection available at Growers Choice Seeds.

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Product Quality

Product quality is a major point of contention in many of the recent Growers Choice Seeds reviews that have been posted online. Looking at an overview of the reviews submitted by customers over the course of the last year or so, it’s clear that the problem boils down to unstable genetics.

This explains why some customers are perfectly happy with their orders while others are not, and why longterm customers are suddenly unhappy with a strain they’ve been ordering for ages, convinced that they’re not getting the same thing each time.

The unstable genetics problem fits into a larger pattern of poor quality control at Growers Choice Seeds. Many customers have complained about things like male plants sprouting from their supposedly feminized seeds, auto-flowering plants that, well, didn’t, and seeds that just weren’t fresh enough to sprout. All of these factors point to a lack of quality control.

That’s a big reason behind why growers choice seeds reviews are so mixed. There are so many good and bad reviews out there on forums that it’s hard to believe all of them are about the same company, but poor quality control and janky genetics will make ordering from Choice Seeds a bit like spinning a roulette wheel – you may get lucky, or you may not. That’s definitely something to be aware of before literally gambling hard-earned money on seeds that may or may not be any good!

Germination Guarantee

One thing Growers Choice Seeds has going for them is their seed germination promise. It’s designed to give potential customers more confidence in buying from them, since they guarantee a germination rate of 90% or better, or else they will replace the seeds for free.

In order to be eligible for this offer, customers need to order at least two seeds and follow their recommended germination method to the letter. That means doing these 5 steps:

  1. Soak seeds in pure water for 14 to 18 hours, putting no more than 5 seeds in each container.
  2. Once soaking is completed, pour the water and seeds onto a plate with a paper towel on it, again taking care not to overcrowd the seeds by placing more than 5 together on the same paper towel.
  3. Drain off any excess water and fold the wet paper towel over the seeds so that they are all completely covered. Then store this plate in a cool, dark location.
  4. Check the seeds intermittently and be sure to keep the paper towel moistened.
  5. When the taproot on each seed has grown to between ¼ and ¾ inches long, the seeds are ready for planting. This typically takes 3 to 7 days, but may occasionally take as long as 2 weeks.

The paper towel method outlined above is a common, foolproof germination method, but for customers who prefer a different method, it’s worth noting that using it will forfeit the 90% seed germination promise that Choice Seeds offers.

Customers contacting customer service through about germination issues after following this method exactly are often told to try soaking their seeds one last time to see if they crack open. If they do pop and expose the taproot, continue the seed germination process from step 2.

If nothing happens after the last-ditch effort of the second soaking, Growers Choice will send out some replacement seeds. One thing to note is that shipping costs are not covered by the Seed Germination Promise, so the customer will still be on the hook for however much it costs to ship out his or her replacement seeds. For some people, being asked to shell out more money just to get a “free” replacement for seeds that didn’t germinate in the first place might not be worth it.

Sour Diesel Autoflower

Purple Hulk Autoflower

Big Bud Autoflower

Lemon OG Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower

Tangerine Dream Autoflower

Granddaddy Purple Autoflower

Customer Service at Growers Choice Seeds

Choice Seeds customer service representatives can be contacted in a multitude of ways. There’s the typical contact form on their website that can be filled out and submitted, and a support email address that can be written to directly. They also include a few different phone numbers that disgruntled customers can call to speak to real, live humans in the US or Canada.

It’s encouraging that Growers Choice Seeds provides phone numbers that allow its customers to speak with customer service agents directly since that’s a feature that a lot of people appreciate but is still relatively underused in the online cannabis seed selling industry.

Unlike some other brands that refuse to troubleshoot germination issues due to legal reasons, Growers Choice Seeds is perfectly willing and able to offer advice and guidance during any stage of the grow, for beginning growers as well as those who are more advanced. Personalized advice like that from industry professionals is a great thing to have!

As with any company, not all of the customer service interactions end up positive, but it’s safe to say that Growers Choice Seeds tries their best to satisfy all of their customers as best they can. Unfortunately, some people can never be satisfied, and some are even downright hostile, so it can be difficult to tell who was actually in the wrong when it comes to negative reviews that talk about poor customer service. It may be best not to put a lot of stock in those reviews unless they’re accompanied by screenshots that let the reader see the flow of the conversation and decide for themselves whether the customer and customer service rep acted rightly or wrongly.

Shopping Experience and Website

The shopping experience at Growers Choice Seeds is a bit odd. Usually, online retailers want to make it as easy as possible for website visitors to see and purchase their products. That doesn’t seem to be the case at The actual product listings are buried beneath paragraphs of text, such that visitors to the website have to scroll and scroll and scroll some more just to catch a glimpse of the actual products.

This is the case when one clicks on Shop All Cannabis Seeds, Auto-Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and High CBD Medical Seeds. The only link that takes a customer directly to product listings is the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button and the specific strain listings in each drop-down menu.

Maybe Growers Choice Seeds is trying to make up for their lack of a vast seed selection by filling out their pages with extraneous information, but it would be a lot more user-friendly to put all of that below the product listings rather than above it. The design as it stands makes potential customers do way too much digging around to find what they’re actually looking for.

Promotions, Discount Codes, and Free Seeds

The seed prices at Growers Choice Seeds are, as a general rule, a bit lower than the similar strains that are available from other breeders. Keep in mind that they may not necessarily look cheaper at first glance for customers who are used to buying from European seed banks since all the prices at Growers Choice Seeds are listed in USD rather than Pounds or Euro. On the other hand, they don’t offer as many free seeds offers and promotions as other companies do, and their free shipping minimum is an almost ridiculously high $500.

In addition to their somewhat lower than average prices, Growers Choice Seeds has a rotating selection of sale items on a nearly constant basis. Just click on the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button that’s featured prominently on the website’s homepage to peruse the current sale selection. Items in that section are typically discounted by a dollar or two per seed, and sometimes even more. Check back frequently to get the best deals before they’re gone!

For those who need to buy in extremely large quantities, bulk discounts can also be arranged through customer service.