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Jack frost seeds

Jack Frost Weed Strain Review & Information

This Jack Frost strain review will show you the result of years of work dedicated to developing a high-quality child-strain. After all, Goldenseed put 5 years of breeding into creating what amounted to the Jack Frost cannabis strain.

With all that hard work and phenotype crossing and backcrossing, Jack Frost became a very enjoyable and festive marijuana strain. Let’s join the party!

Jack Frost Strain Genetics

As mentioned, Goldenseed took 5 years to refine the genetics of Jack Frost. It is the result of crossing White Widow, Northern Lights #5, and Jack Herer. It is a hybrid cannabis strain that slightly leans towards sativa.

White Widow is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain that came from the Netherlands in the 90s and remains popular. Euphoria and energy are present in the experience and it’s known to spark creativity and be a good social aid.

Northern Lights #5 is the #5 phenotype of Northern Lights strain, a classic that won Cannabis Cup awards back in the early 90s. It’s a classically relaxing indica that features a sweet and spicy profile that originated in Holland.

Jack Herer brings the sativa dominance to Jack Frost. It is also the result of breeding in the 90s in the Netherlands. Known for producing heavy resin and high energy levels, it has multiple phenotypes that bring uniqueness to the table.

The resulting strain known as Jack Frost is the derivative of some of the best strains that the 1990s had to offer. It took those classics and revamped their effects to create a bud that fits into today’s weed culture very well.

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Prospective growers will be happy to know that Jack Frost feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds are available through multiple seed banks. It’s an easy-to-grow variety of ganja and the effects are pleasant, making it a good choice for any grow project!

The genetics of Jack Frost have also been used to parent another popular cannabis strain in Blue Frost. It is the result of crossing Jack Frost with Blue Monster. Goldenseed is also responsible for creating this indica-dominant hybrid that elevates your mood without the high energy that Jack Frost delivers.

Jack Frost Strain Yield

Jack Frost is easy to grow and produces good yields. It does well indoors and outdoors and is best suited for a soil-based growing medium. It is a bit sensitive to overwatering, so irrigation needs to be closely monitored.

Indoors growers can expect to harvest around 1.5-1.6 ounces of bud per square foot of plant. Outdoor growers should be able to harvest 19 ounces per plant. The plants will put off optimal yields in warm and sunny locations, which can easily be manipulated indoors as well.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for this pot strain is 8-9 weeks. Outdoor growers should be ready to harvest in early October while indoor growers can manipulate the light schedule to induce flowering whenever they feel ready.

The buds appear a bit fluffy and dry compared to the dense nugs that flood the market today. The buds are mossy green in color and feature yellow-orange hairs. The most notable feature of the buds is the sheer amount of trichomes that coat the bud. Unsurprisingly, the frosty trichomes elicit the nomenclature of Jack Frost.

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Here you can find all info about Jackfrost from Goldenseed. If you are searching for information about Jackfrost from Goldenseed, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy, Hybrids / Crossbreeds or Videos for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Jackfrost is an indica/sativa variety from Goldenseed and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . Goldenseeds Jackfrost is a THC dominant variety and is/was also available as feminized seeds.

Goldenseeds Jackfrost Description

GoldenSeed`s “Jack Frost” has been painstakingly developed over the last five years, using only the best of each crop for breeding in order to constantly improve the potency, appearance and aroma of this unique strain. Jack Herrer, White Widow and Northern Lights#5, direct from the Sensiseed shop in Amsterdam, have been progressively bred in before introducing a wild, personally collected Rainbow Kashmiri to the mix which is now in it`s third year of exclusive inbreeding, Jackfrost pollen hand brushed onto Jackfrost females, to make them reliable. No other strain delivers surface resin in the kind of quantity she does, enough to harvest charas from if you have the skill, and we`re talking about charas better than most made in the Himalayas, as you`ll be ultra careful in its harvest, not something common over there. From my personal experience of spending most of the 70s in Kashmir, India, and Nepal learning about charas, as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan where I learned about hashish, I`m confident that Jackfrost is finer than anything I`ve ever seen, and I guarantee you won`t have grown, or seen anything better. All challenges are welcome, in the form of seed, I`m always interested in `Pushing the envelope!`
Thc content 22.6%

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