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Jack herer auto marijuana seeds

Jack Herer Auto Feminised Seeds

Jack Herer Auto was produced by the addition of ruderalis genetics to the photo-period Jack Herer strain. It is a genetic blend of 50% sativa, 30% indica and 20% ruderalis.

Jack Herer Auto has a germination-through-to-harvest time of a mere 9 weeks. With 18 hours of light per day indoors a very good crop of 700 gr/m 2 can be yours. Outdoors growers will experience a very strong plant that will grow to a height of about 80 – 100 cm with plants capable of producing 80 – 100 gr. each. As with al other Green House auto-flowering strains more than one crop per season can be produced with flowering viable wherever temperatures remain above 10°C.

This auto strain delivers a high that is very well-balanced between head and body and is both strong and long-lasting.

Jack herer auto marijuana seeds

The genetic development of Critical Jack Herer Auto (DS2) was a complex process. It is a cross between two autoflowering strains developed from some very special Critical Mass Auto and Jack Herer Auto clones. The result is a rapid auto that grows vigorously, branches out well and produces abundant flowers. Stress severely affects flowering of automatic strains so optimum conditions will enable this plant to fulfil its potential.

For this reason, it’s better not to transplant and make sure it has sufficient soil. 7 litres should be enough indoors while no more than 11 litres should be needed outdoors. Grows strongly and energetically from the start. The first flowers should become apparent after around 15/20 days following germination. The plant will continue to grow for a few more days and may double or triple in size.

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Maturity is usually reached within 65-70 after germination. Owing to its well.branched structure, this is a very productive strain. Critical Jack Herer has a sweet incense aroma that gets stronger and spicier as the buds are crumbled. The taste is spicy with fruity top notes and peppery, coffee back notes. The effect is instantaneous, strong and mainly in the body though it packs a considerable cerebral punch that is very pleasant and enjoyable.

At the start, it’s almost euphoric, causing giggles, talkativeness or a desire to get stuff done or go for a walk. After a while, the effect becomes more relaxing, making is suitable for a variety of uses.

3º premio – Mejor variedad autofloreciente – Expogrow irun 2013

1º premio – Mejor variedad autofloreciente – Neurocopa del Pacífico – Chile 2017

Jack Herer Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer, named after the famed author and marijuana advocate, is a powerful sativa. This strain will keep you motivated, focused, and inspired.


Jack Herer is one of the most popular marijuana strains. Those who recognize the name may have heard of the marijuana activist this strain is named after. Jack Herer, the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, was a famed marijuana advocate — so much so that they named a strain after him. Jack Herer marijuana seeds are a cross between a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk. This combination allows for a powerful mental high. You’ll experience ultimate cerebral elevation moments after lighting up.

If you’re new to smoking marijuana, we suggest starting with a milder sativa. Jack Herer is no joke when it comes to waking up the mind and keeping you busy. This is not the strain to go for if you’re looking for a chill night at home — unless your goal is to rearrange furniture for hours and deep clean the entire place. Jack Herer will keep you buzzing with energy, productivity, creativity, and focus. Consumers say Jack Herer is a great substitute for caffeine.

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For some, this strain has become their “morning medicine.” If you find yourself waking up with a tired, groggy, and cloudy brain, Jack Herer is the answer. It makes you feel happy, focused, and energized. Needless to say, this is not the best strain to smoke right before bed. Jack Herer marijuana seeds are insanely popular and easy to find around town. Most dispensaries and online seed banks will have Jack Herer in stock.

Description: Jack Herer, named after the famed author and marijuana advocate, is a powerful sativa. This strain will keep you motivated, focused, and inspired.