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Sanniesshop for feminized, regular and auto flowering seeds from the best breeders on the market, organic soil life products for strong cannabis plants JCS Buy Cheap, Top Shelf Cannabis Seeds for as Little as $2.50 a Seed! Shop Now at the Weed Seed – Just Cannabis Seeds Cannabis Seeds Just Seeds is the cannabis seed bank of Just Cannabis. Just Seeds was created to supply our loyal customers with a handpicked selection of top quality cannabis seeds of

Sanniesshop for the best quality cannabis seeds

Sanniesshop cannabis seeds are not just any seeds, but seeds made by Dutch breeders where the highest possible care, attention, and love has been given to. Years of selective breeding provides a range of unparalleled regular and feminized cannabis seeds. Our cannabis strains are not just two plants on top of each other but carefully selected to meet our wishes and requirements. This to be assured of excellent offspring and for the customer to be able to guarantee healthy and well-producing plants. We select on taste, potency, development and yield. Which is reflected in the plants that have been produced with our seeds.

Over 25 years of experience

Sannie has been growing for more than 25 years and first started selling his seeds in 2006 with the establishment of Sannie’s shop along with wietforum.nl and opengrow.com. After that things got on a fast track and within a year, we were selling our seeds worldwide and Sanniesshop developed into what it has become today. Together with fellow breeder Knutsel Sannie ensures that the well-known strains of Sanniesshop are continued and the highest quality requirements are met.

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Regular, Feminized, Autoflowering and Landrace genetics

We deliver our products from our own stock and ship them quickly and discreetly. Easy payment can be done with Credit card or bank transfer or when more anonymity is desired, Bitcoin can be used as a payment method. All our shipments are delivered without mention of a cannabis-related sender so you are assured of discretion.

Just Cannabis Seeds

The very popular strain…..Sour 60 Auto-Flower strain is on sale for the next few weeks. Both the Donkey Dong Green, and Purple Phenotype versions. I have found this to be one of my favorite plants, fast, small, and potent!

At only $2.50 per seed, with a 5 seed minimum order this is very likely the cheapest you will find this strain anywhere online! So take advantage now, as this sale will not last long…..

Everybody loves a contest, and winning free seeds! Everybody who places an order will have a chance to win, check out the contest details here.

Be sure to sign up for my email list, as I spoil my list with exclusive discounts, and you will always get a heads up when I am adding more cannabis strains or seeds to the lineup, and when I add new content to the blog. And be sure to whitelist my email addresses or you may not see my return emails….I answer all emails.

Credit/Debit are once again accepted!! You will have to set up an account with the processor.

Proudly serving the USA and Canada.

Free shipping on all orders over $50.00 within the USA, choose the ‘Free Shipping’ option at check out.

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Minimum Order of 3+ seeds

I reserve the right to substitute another strain if I run out of the cannabis strain ordered.

*The content on this website is provided strictly for educational purposes only. And, all seeds are sold as novelty, souvenirs, and collectibles only! Please abide by and follow the laws of your country, and/or state. For more information concerning the legality of buying cannabis seed and/or growing cannabis please read our Disclaimer Page, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.*

Cannabis Seeds

Just Seeds is the cannabis seed bank of Just Cannabis.

Just Seeds was created to supply our loyal customers with a handpicked selection of top quality cannabis seeds of established and sought after cannabis genetics.

We supply both feminized photoperiod as well as feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds refer to seeds that are bred to produce only female plants once they are planted. This is different from regular seeds that have a 50% chance of producing male plants once planted.

Just Seeds only supplies feminized cannabis seeds.

Photoperiod vs Autoflowering cannabis plants

The difference main between photoperiod and autoflowering cannabis plants comes down to when the plant switch from the growth (or vegetative) phase to the flowering phase.

Photoperiod cannabis plants switch from the growth phase to the flowering phase when the number of light hours per day starts reducing. When growing outdoors this switch usually happens in late summer. When growing indoors, photoperiod seeds start flowering when the light cycle is changed to a 12 hours on and 12 hours off (12-12) light cycle.

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Autoflowering cannabis plants on the other hand are not dependant on the light cycle to switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering plants. The plants switch automatically to the flowering phase – hence the name autoflowers.

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