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Sushi has become an expensive dish here in the UK compared to Brunei, this might be because sushi origins from Japan in Asia, and Brunei is close to it so its much more cheaper. And could you believe that even for a piece of sushi like Salmon Nigiri or something close to that will might have to cost you £2plus to £4plus. So when I feel like I want to have sushi, I usually bought it in the supermarket such as Sainsburys and Mark & Spencer. They are much cheaper compared to restaurants but not as cheap as they are in Brunei ;). The picture here is a Sushi pack bought from M & S, when I first taste it, I could not believe it, the ginger and wasabi are so so so so fresh, I had never tasted a fresh wasabi ever in Brunei. The prawns and smoked salmon are delicious too, nyaman lah that’s all I can say, nda rugi tu lau kan cuba. Bali yang fresh punya which baru dorang buat, jangan bali yang yesterday made punya. Overall I would rate this sushi dish to be very satisfying for its price here in the UK.

Alright been up early today, hahaha as usual, been up early everyday no matter what time my class starts, whats wrong with me. TODAY is 29th February, it happens once every 4 year, hehehe sorry for the wrong info in my previous post. Leap year happens every 4 years. So to whoever is celebrating B’day today, wishing you a very Happy B’day, I guess this is the only chance I can greet you or else the next time will be 4 years later 🙁

Something cross my mind this morning, aku kan membuat piza weekend ani, hope so dapat. Its been raining today, ntah, ada chance ka nda kan bali ingredients. Kalau nda dapat then it will be next next week tah tu, I’ve been researching on the web untuk mendapat idea, because right now I can make any piza, I just wana widen my knowledge and get ideas on what people are doing out side. I wana be innovative, eceh wa. 😛

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Japanese Tauhu~

Japanese Tauhu or better known as egg tauhu is the picture on the right here. As you can see it is still being cooked, it taste silky and nice and I’m loving it. Since I bought 2 tube of this Tauhu, there is still one more, I think I wana fry it like the one on the hotplate when you order you fry rice at some restaurant or food court in Brunei 😉

This is the last week of February and then it will be March then, so which means less than 3 weeks till easter holiday yeaaa! And BTW there is 29 days this February, it is like 28 days some of the year, this is call the leap year. I wonder how does people who was born on the 29th day of February going to celebrate their birthday? Does this mean that they will be half as old as I am if they were born on the same year as me 🙂

Hmm what should I be doing this holiday? We’ll just go with the flow. Maybe cooking would be one wawawawawawawa. Just receive a txt from my friend calling in sick.hmmm i guess it should be “msging in” sick, so I’ve been requested to get notes for him.

Why does it feel like there is so many things to write when you don’t wana write and when you wana write there is nothing that pops in my mind at all. Well what the heck, I’ve got a class within an hour, so I decided to make a post, lama sudah nda ber posting ni, hahah walaupun 2 hari, iyakah?

Todays weather is great, with the sun shining, there is no sign of raining, but don’t be fool by the looks, you could never trust or predict the weather here in Glasgow. Its been raining and very very windy these past few days, hope it stays dry. Orite till here then rite now, hope to post again soon 🙂

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Monday, 25 February 2008

N’day Celeb~

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan yg ke 24 kepada semua penduduk dan rakyat2 Brunei Darussalam.

Didn’t have the time to update this blog, since there was so much activity goin on, in the last weekend. Ok where should I start. First of all, we have this BruScot National Day dinner at Tawa’ Restaurant. Yes, aku nda main main ni. namanya Tawa, jangan saja kamu ketawa sal ku buat buat nama restoran ani. There is this all you can makan buffet, so as you can see, the picture here is like half of the served buffet, anyways there is alot of food to eat. And it is a nice place to dine in to, hmm I guess I would recommend anyone who comes to Glasgow to try it out, its kinda worth it. Well not all the members of the BruScot came for the dinner, we’ve got most of it from Glasgow, some from Paisley, Perth, Edinburgh and some from somewhere in Scotland, hahah I lost track I guess. Some of the dishes that I remembered was fish and chips,vegetable pakora, chicken tikka, curry chicken, lamb masala.. hmm all I can remember was that there were 3 chicken dishes, 3 lamb dishes and grilled chicken wings. I am so gonna go back there if I got the chance 🙂

After having an extra full tank on the food, it was time to lose some, the next day we had badminton. Went for jogging twice on the threadmill and played some badminton matches. Hmmm I wondered if I had burned off the calories that I put in from the all you can eat buffet. Anyways, after that exercise, I was really drained out. I did bought a hot chocolate for my drink as breakfast and any other time I wana have one 😛 , it taste nice, not awful like the one I had before.

And today is Monday, as usual Monday blues, I was so tired and sleepy before noon and didn’t felt well. Felt so dreadful as I was in the lab, dragging on there, as I have nothing to do since I have finished a part of the project. I guess I’ve gotta get some more rest and be ready for the next day with 3 hours of lecture non-stop. I guess I’ll just stop here for today.

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Aha! and one last thing. huhu mouse ku abis batteri, kai touchpad ja ni. I prefer mouse, as it give me the accuracy in writing or drawing lau kai handwritten in MSN 🙁

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Friday, 22 February 2008

Raindrops Keep Fallin on my head~

The beautiful melody of the song by Burt Bacharach “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” plays in my laptop on a windy day today. First class don’t start till 11am, so still have time to post a blog as I had not been posting past 2 days. Hahaha the reason for me not having a post is that I can’t find picture to post 😛

Hahaha this is a crappy picture of the Keropok Soto, ukan Soto as in Soto Kuning atau puteh, ani namanya nganya. After a few months of not having asian snacks or hmmm shud I just call it junk food 😛 , The eagerness of wanted to try out this junk food was disappointing, as I tried it out, it didn’t taste nice, after a while it tasted nice, then after a long long long while it doesn’t taste nice anymore, and its like there is residue sticking to my tongue. Nyways thats an experience..

Back to real life story, thanks LuShian for the food for Chap Go Meh, I’m not sure if that is the spelling or not, next time make 300 popia bahhh hahahah, anyways Happy Belated Birthday to Kevin, I guess you are really surprise.. a plan that had been planned months ago wahahha , gotcha back!!

National Day celebration will be held on Saturday in a cool restaurant thats what they said and it will be posted in the BruScot facebook, all BruScot members are invited.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Liverpool FC 2-0 Inter Milan

The job now is half done at Anfield, the next chapter of the story will be written in San Siro. Really wish Liverpool to go through and win the Champions League. The picture at the side was taken by me from inside San Siro. This Stadium is gonna await Liverpool in the next 3 weeks. By the way, Ac Milan and Inter Milan share this stadium and the red seats are for Inter fans, the blue seats are for AC supporters, yep i didn’t type it wrong, its true.

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Tao Hu Hua~

This dessert called Soya Pudding, better known as TauHu Hua is very nice, soft, smooth and most certainly delicious. Tak sangka jua ku bali ni kat SeeWoo. sal Snr bawa ke SeeWoo kai keta, so nda pyh jln jauh2, sampai sana bali TauHu hua. wa nyaman eh. lama da nda mkn. aku kan mkn TauHu pudding with Longan jua. thats another type of TauHu pudding different from this one, yang atu mcm agar2 *tersliur ku eh*

Wa!! bnyk work eh, nda ku abis, solving problem ani pun half way, stucked. Dont you just dislike it when problems that were given is totally different from what you learn and you can’t seem to solve it, *sigh*. Anyways cooked fish soup to eat with my rice today, cooked it with ginger and it sure taste gingerish, nyaman and its soup so my stomach was happy I guess 😛

Mengantuk ku eh, and bored, stuck in the middle of this Question, just like stranded on a desert sulnya wawawa exaggerate jua aku ni. tutorial ohhh tutorial~~~~

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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Almost Kolo Mee~

Been thinking bout kolo mee since I went to SeeWoo yesterday, so I’ve decided to buy the noodle and fishball at SeeWoo and try to make my version of Kolo Mee fishball. Use to have it almost like everyday kat WYWY semasa di Brunei.

Cooked everything as I had planned, but when I tried it, the noodle is not the right one for kolo mee. It does taste like kolo mee gravy and everything is fine, xcept for the noodle. The noodle that I bought reminds me of the noodle that my grandmother use to cook, which is by frying it, not boiling it. Guess I had the wrong type of noodle, anyways it is still edible and kinda yummy tho~

Watched the “American Gangster” which is like 2hrs plus..phew~ what a long movie, giler lama wayang atu, ada some part yg siuk and ada some part yang boring. Cemani lah ku spend weekend ku. ni abis tia. paksa tunggu 5 hari lagi untuk rilek. Back to school work, so much accumulating and I m so damn sleepy, just got 1 kelas isuk. Projek lagi ni, sakit pala memikirkan novelty feature ni, and supervisor kan liat progress Wednesday ani.

Anyways it was great weekend, bleh di katakan new type of taste I got from this weekend and new experience, might gonna declare it “Mini Food Festival 1” hahahha, hoping for more to come, aiye! thats wats the Scots alwez says.

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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mission Durian Hunting~

It was damn simple, the goal of the day was to find Durian in Glasgow. And yes it has been founded. This picture was taken at SeeWoo Oriental supermarket up at the Saracen Street. Mahal gilerrr eh Durian di sini, it was like £5.95 per kg, and I weight one of the Durian to be roughly around 3.8kg I think. So in total it would cost around £22plus and in Brunei currency it would be like $66. waduh bayar Durian ni untuk weightnya. p weightnya mostly kulitnya yg berat. isinya berapa kg nganya. why should we pay for something that we are not going to eat and throw away?

Ada plang Durian frozen yang seedless and yang ada seed, around £3-£5 kali, nda ku ingat rah the same supermarket. Hahah might buy it next time lau banar banar kan makan Durian ni.

Anyways today 3 oriental supermarket has been visited and there are alot of stuffs that can be bought to good use where you can’t find it in Glasgow. It was a long walk to all the 3 but it was really worth it. lain kali tau tah ku ni di mana ada jual barang makanan ri Malaysia ka atau kan bali Durian ka 😛 hahahah BTW kat SeeWoo ada jual ikan yang fresh, and lobster yang besar2 dalam aquarium tangkap sendiri tu eh hahah jangan saja terkapit.

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Thanks to Nwaruto for cooking a wonder and delicious ayam masak kicap. nyaman tu yoo. buleh buka biznez da ni. Bah looking forward tah ni kan buka gerai masa perayaan yang akan datang ni.

After travelling by foot in the morning, in d afternoon, travelling half by tube and most by foot, finally reach Celtic Park, home of the Celtic FC. Time atu ada match, it was Celtic FC vs Hearts where the home team won by 3-0. Talking bout soccer, Liverpool kalah ler. apa ni, one more cup ilang da chance tsk3.

Ok back to story, pas jumpa Celtic Park, terdiscovered a new shopping area called FORGE, bisai la tempat atu and after Forge, on the way balik terjumpa kadai Toys ‘R’ us, hahaha lama da nda nampak kedai sebegini. To round up stuffs, hari ini banyak beroleh la barang makanan and experience jln2 in Glasgow. Glasgow ni basar kali ah. Brehead g lum jln sana, ntah bila ada masa.

To summarize everything, I’m really glad dpt cari Durian, thats ol it matters 😛

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Friday, 15 February 2008

Chix Rice~

Baru ku abis mkn nasi ayam ni bersama sayur. it goes great with Nando’s Chilli sos..yum2 rindu ku mkn nasi ayam d Brunei. Hahah I’m still craving for it altho ku abis mkn da. I cooked the chix rice, it taste nice but not aromatic enough, wonder what did I miss out. hmmm.

I’ve been eating chips for the past few days, its kinda nice to have rice once in a while when you hadnt had them. I wished I had some more of chix rice left in the rice cooker hahah *drooling*. I am looking foward for my next meal, been thinking bout it quite a while already.
I’m going to go Durian hunting tommorow, really hope to find this rare fruit in the UK. I wana proof that Durian do exist in this country and region, not only in Asia, I don’t care if it is imported, the important thing is that Durian can be found in the UK.

I’m so sleepy and full right now, hope to relax over the weekend. Karang nda batah tu, monday tia and I haven’t really rilek enuff..hahahaha

Tomorrow is going to be Liverpool vs Barnsley, K.O. time is 1600 at Anfield, hope that Liverpool can go thru the FA cup 5th round without any problem, I don’t think that Torres will be playing. I was suppose to go Liverpool today and stayed over there for the weekend,and hoping to catch a glimps of the Liverpool players there and maybe watch the FA cup 5th round there but I decided not to. hehehe. well there will always be another day that I will be in Anfield 😛

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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hari Yg Tenang~

Guess what? This is the first time I tittled my post in malay wahahaha. and it seems like my blog counter counts that its more than 100 visitors..hmm, thats nice more than 100visits within less than a week when it was launched. Anyways ku tau yg selalu visit blog ku ni c Nwar yatah bertambah ja count atu from 1 person ani ukan sal bnyk org visit 😛

This is a picture of my breakfast this morning having cereal with fresh ichigo and milk. Makes me full most of the mornings can I can overcome those sleepy moments in class. Rasa kan mkn that right now. ) waiting for my fries in the oven right now. its really slow when you have the gas mark to 5, i think it will take more than 55 minutes. its been 30minutes and my fries are still looking like it hadn’t been fried. Hey that make sense. it is suppose to be fried barutah ada sul mcm fries..anyways the most easiest and laziest cooking is just to put everything in the oven and wait till it cook. well easy n lazy comes with a price. it will take time. more minutes than cooking it or frying it over the stove.

Why did I wrote this topic as ” Hari yg tenang” hmmm I guess there is nothing interesting happening today maybe thats why it is hari yang tenang and it is just like everyday. There are alot of stuffs for me to do but, felt that I dont wana do those stuffs now, maybe when the due date comes then I would rush to do it..hahahah last minit cam biasa tu eh. gotta change gotta change gotta change.

Wa..I miss eating at Empire and Charcoal n Grill. Im surely I will try to find time to go there again and feast like I never before when I go back to Brunei 😀 hmmmm wonder if my fries are fried yet wahahahahhaha.

Eh Nwar apa ni. napa ceta ka. nda kan nada ceta. tiap hari ada jua ku ceta. walaupun nada story. walaupun hari yg tenang dan boring dapat jua me jadikan interesting hahahah lau nda interesting, nda jua kamu baca ni kan wahahahha I see U 😛

Bah thats it for now, wana go eat up my fries, put some cheese on it and it would be yummy hope so, Ciao~

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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lovely, Fresh, Red Ichigo~

Well I was walking along Byres road and then Tada. ada orang menjual ichigo. and its local and fresh. hehehe not like the ones i used to buy at supermarkets, where they are imports from other countries. Its just £1, fresh and there are alot of fruits lagi. maybe I would try cherries or berries or grapes next time.

Wahhh lau ada chocholate fountain wa lagi bisai. hahah sepatutnya tadi bali semua buah atu n then pinjam choc fountain yg basar atu rah Thorntorns Shop.

Well I did read somewhere that when you are feeling blue or sad, the best way to cheer you up might be having choclate or for those who prefer a healthier choice, strawberries are the one you are looking for 🙂

I’m still wondering why they are call strawberries. hmmm tak ada straw pun ku nampak lam berry ani. 😛

Something went wrong with my chatbox a few while ago, I wonder what’s the problem. hmm hope they sort that out fast, or else it would look like there is an error on my page hehhee..BTW nwaruto’s blog has been updated. thats cool. we want to see more of your update. Baiktah simpan bnyk bnyk ceta bah. we want to know bout u! yes u! nda kan tau sal si buku ijau.

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Anyways nothing funny happen today. lau funny ada ku share tu nanti heheheh. waaa rindu ku nasi ayam yg ku mkn rah Strachylde. I had asked for the recipe, hope to get it soon. yum yum.. *drooling*

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Xam Result kuar da 🙁

Munching down some tea biscuits as I wrote down this post, haha , rasa kan mkn saja when you are stress and cold. I don’t know whats wrong with me. I think it should be both for my case.

Today’s weather is as cold as yesterday, and in the morning the mist covers all over the pathway that I always take to the Uni. Today’s lowest temperature is recorded to be 1 degrees C and the weather forecast for this week seems to be cold for the entire week with some of the days is to be negative 1 degrees C. So prepare2 tah kamu kai baju tabal2 off the heater to save karan wahahahaha, actually being under the duvet is quite nice n warm 🙂

Ini adalah gambar dari tadi pagi yg ku ambil masa itu visibility in the air atu nda berapa bagus. Baik jua nada kapal terbang pada masa itu, lau nda kana suruh emergency landing da tu. Hmmm lau driving cana tu ah nda nampak apa2, baik lagi jln kaki eh lau catu.

BTW tadi dalam kelas ada seseorang yg bernama “Hai” lupa tutup teponnya or switch ke silent mode. Skali ringing nah.. dengan gagas segagasnya dia pun cuba untuk menghentikan nada deringnya yg famous Happy Tree Frens atu. lala lala lalala. tsk3. semua orang pun tawa. steady la ko ani. cikgu pun diam leh mu. Inda jua berani ia menagur u ah. Sal ia tau orang Brunei kali 😛

Hari ni exam result kuar ler~. Sangat2 disappointed with myself, sigh~ what can i do, it’s not what I expected. STRESS stress Stress stress. patutla ku kuat makan ah hari ni hehhehehe.

Talking about eating, hahah kan abis da biskut ku yang baru ku buka ani. wa gonna finish all my stocks for the week if I keep on having stressful situations. aduh.

Anyways thats all for now I think. gotta find somemore food~~~~~~

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Cold day n nite~

I’ve just watched the Twin Effects from channel streaming in the channel of Star TV (china), it kinda reminds me of the great chinese movies I’ve seen during the CNY on astro or any other channel. Siuk kali ahhhh

Anyways, back to my blog, ari ani ngalih la, mcm nda cukup tdo, masuk kelas pun mengantuk, baik jua nda tetdo. p angan2 ja la. hahha dreamerz dreaming in class nothing unusual bout that. Ku baru jua liat “Meet the spartans”, cali jua la the story. Its like 300 but in a comedy way, and most of the jokes are from other movies, some advertisements and tv shows. You’ve gotta watch this movie. its kinda stupid n funny. I wasn’t able to watch the last 5 minutes because it wouldn’t buffer anymore sigh~

Sajuknya hari ini, I could see the mist from my window view this morning. I thought the winter was over, but I guess the cold weather must be common here in Glasgow. This morning on my way to the Uni, I saw some flowers blooming, hope to get a glimps of em when they have bloom fully. and that is the spring season. Heran ah, napa d panggil spring, nda jua ku nampak spring 😛

Best thing to do when its cold—— EAT! :), thats all for now i think.

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sweettooth :B~

Nothing like the taste of yummy donut in the morning, i was having a craving for something sweet this morning, and when i saw this great offer i cant resist buy to buy and try it. And Yes!! it is well indeed delicious, i’m not kidding, it’s well worth the time for eating and the cash spending on it 😛

Had a “Foodtastic” time last night at a CNY party, the food was nice with the chicken rice, haven’t had such nice food for a long time. Yummy yum yum, even nando’s can’t beat that. Cana jua kan mum nando’s tu jual ayam bbq ja. nada mcm style makanan org Brunei eh. and BTW nando’s is Portuguese.

Anyway gotta thanks the Strachylde pps for preparing a nice event, tho i was tired as usual but did get to play PS3 and get my first 2 wins ever in PES08 hahaha maybe I’m just lucky. Cos i always got beaten by a big score line.

Today’s the match between Liverpool vs Chelsea. I’m looking foward to that match. without Torres, I wonder how Liverpool is going to match Chelsea. altho Chelsea’s Drogba is at international duty but they still have Anelka. well we will see who is the better team. K.O. at 1600 at Stamford Bridge.

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Poker Nite~

Poker is not a game about winning, it is a combination of determination, the way you play and a little bit of luck. Sebenarnya ada techniquenya yg banar2 for winning ani.. something like Mind vs Mentality, its a secret..Gilerr ngantk ku eh main cani, hahaha kul brapa kamu balik ah? Kul 4 pagi da nda ku sanggup..hahah isuknya main bula ah kamu.

Haha manage to finish typing up my report but not yet edit what I have written, long way to go lagi ni. My english is not that good, yatah payah sikit kan edit ni, tambah kan simpan reference gi ni, if not kana sue later, plagiarism.

Wahhh its so bright outside, feels like going out and enjoy the sun. really a nice weather today. Hope it do not rain on days like this, it would be cool to hang out once in a while outside the house rather than stuck in the house and staring at the computer 😛

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Congrates To Nwar.

Tahniah kepada Khairul Anwar yang dilantik menjadi Ketua Zon 2 di Scotland untuk UPP Brunei for the term 2008. We are proud of you. bah bila lanja ni. Nando’s lagi ni ah ok?? Eseh steady ah Nwar. woohooooo