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Laos marijuana seeds

Laos marijuana seeds

Highland jungle sativa displaying a tremendous vigor. Cultivated by the members of the Akha tribal group, this sativa landrace from Northern Laos is both colorful and flavorful. The fastest-growing, most vigorous landrace variety that Khalifa Genetics has ever come across. This ganja strain could also be one of the fastest-flowering strains of all Southeast Asia. The plants can get huge very quickly but are fairly easy to manage even indoors thanks to their rather short flowering time.

The Akha Tribe may have brought seeds from nearby Yunnan into northern Laos as they fled China in the early 20th century. That would explain why this Sativa-looking cultivar also displays some Indica characteristics. Indeed, the sweet creamy aromas, relatively short flowering time and big trichome glands make this strain stand out from most tropical ganja cultivars. It suggests a possible connection between the Yunnanese landraces and the tall southeast Asian Sativas.

This highland jungle Sativa variety produces large and very round seeds. The plants have broad leaflets it their first stages of vegetative growth. The leaflets then become narrower though they will remain broader than most tropical landraces.

This cultivar is able to thrive in very poor soils without even showing signs of deficiency. Although the height gain is extreme during the flowering stretch, the plants start flowering very early on, after only 3 weeks.

Many plants turn light purple towards the end of their flowering cycle. The purple phenos tend to have deep berry aromas while the green buds often express more of a floral/vanilla smell. Although it is rare, a small portion of the green phenotypes have a hazy/citrusy nose.

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The taste is also quite interesting as most flowers have a fruity/soapy and woody taste.
The potency of the flowers ranges from medium to strong according to the phenotype.
It is a clean energetic effect at first which slowly turns into a calm and pleasant relaxation.

Bodhi, famous strain hunter and breeder, collected the seeds directly at source during his 2014 yunnan china and northern laos seed safari. A joint preservation project with the Mitseedco then allowed the team at Khalifa Genetics to preserve this rare strain while improving its sexual stability indoors.

This rare highland Laotian cultivar is recommended to collectors, preservationists and breeders looking for immense vigor, mold resistance and unique terpene profiles.


Genetics: Laos landrace ganja
Dak Cheung district
Private donor
15° N
Regional harvest:
From late November through February
Flowering: 18-20 weeks in natural outdoor environment
exceeding 3 metres in natural outdoor environment
Sanguinaria (Sanguinaria Canadensis)
Effects: Long lasting euphoria, energizing
Grow type:
Outdoors, Greenhouse, Indoors (requires skill and experience)

Beautiful stylized sativa plant with great vigour, resistant to fungal pests and humidity.
The cycle is long like for most Thai lines both in their vegetative and in their flowering stage, this is something that characterizes these genetic lines. They take their time to create several ” floors of branches ” in their vegetative stage which goes from 16 to 20 weeks of growing in which they form a beautiful conical structure, spiky, very fine and stylized with wide internodal spaces of 4, 6, 8 and 10 cm in their main stems and branches;
Their foliage has an olive green colour, mostly three leaflets. The oldest leaves have 5 and 7 leaflets, they are very long and fine. Its branches, stems and leaves when rubbed emanate an almost disgusting sweet aroma.

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The Flowering stage goes between a minimum of 16 to 20 weeks. Its floral structure is spiky and wheat-shaped, very airy, it forms a large and a very impressive main flower striking irregular buds of medium-sized and very resinous calyxes, wheat spike shape. The aroma of these buds is mainly like the one emanating from the Sanguinaria plant (Sanguinaria canadensis). There is no better example to compare it to the aroma of this sweet plant. It still keeps a soft citrus sweet background.

It has a very euphoric effect, long lasting and psychoactive, very good to enjoy a day of walking with your family and your friends without feeling any heaviness. You will feel highly energized in a natural way. It displays a more “wild” appearance compared to the other line from Laos (Champasak).