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Manbearpig og seeds

ManBearPig OG by Fire Bros.

We decided the unique percentage of this strain demanded an appropriately legendary animal name in homage. Like its namesake, this is a freakish hybrid and after you try it we think you’ll agree: it’s a BEAST.

Available in 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g.

About this brand

Fire Bros. was founded by a group of old friends all born and raised in the Seattle area. Our mission is to provide the finest cannabis and concentrates in the state. We are an owner-operated, indoor farm based in the heart of Western Washington. Bringing years of experience and dedication to the art of cannabis growing since WA’s medical days, Fire Bros. is committed to earning a place in your stash box.

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ManBearPig OG by Fire Bros.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I am so excited to report that this strain heralds in our 100th post! I am impressed with the fact that I was able to commit to this for so long and how my style has grown in the past year or so. I plan on incorporating concentrates into this site once I am confident in my ability to grade them effectively. Enough glorification of an already grown ego. Tonight, we have a hilarious strain named after a famed South Park episode, ManBearPig OG. Fire Bros. procured this flower and this will be the first flower review I’ve done for them. As you can clearly see, this is a cross of Animal Cookies and Legendary OG. This production bares 22.29% total THC and a little scoop of 0.24% CBD. I’ve heard awesome things about Fire Bros. and how they have been kicking butt since the medical days. I can see a shimmer of that medical history in their packaging, this is probably one of the only bags I’ve ever liked for packaging. Let’s get it on with this centennial review!

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I gleefully unseal the medical pouch! I sprint fully through the gap like a child bound for the entrance of a familiar Toys R’ Us. I stand still amidst the beast, I find no hard hammer of justice, but a wafting, fruity, bold musk. This note is carried further into my nostrils by a light crisp forest air. A sweet and mild peppercorn is kicked across the woody floor by gentle brushes of such wind. The gust relinquishes into a semi-citrus and kushy veil. The note is alluring, but withholding. I must dig deeper.

I tackle ManBearPig and break one of his largest arms under my nose. The fruity, funky beast struggles to separate itself from an domineering aura of cumbersome afghani. The enraged fragrance thrashes about the rich afghan heritage like a dinosaur yet to accept its fate in a tar pit. This citrus aspect of the note expands at this demise, to become rich, tarnished, and smokey. The resurgence is ultimately lively, sweet, and grounded in rich soil. Gasping with its last breath, this beast heaves forth a tame pine gas that exacerbates the lemon-driven accent.

Prolonging the tar pit analogy, is the profound jacket of resin I am bound to after manhandling ManBearPig. My fingers trickle with rich traces of the sap. I childishly grind my fingertips together against the firm inertia, as if I were trying to play the world’s small violin. My performance was disrupted by the beauty emanating from this trophy bud. A rich yellowed sugar is misted across every available ridge and crest of ManBearPig. Knotted bronzed hairs cascade in clumps down the ornate alleys. Vigor and vivid color define the aesthetic of this flower. I detect at least five shades of green; saturated pickle and basil leaves fall to shelves of electric pear and fern. The transition is so seamless, I have a difficult time marking the differences between each shade.

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The bud structure appears to be quite dense, a little foreplay will demonstrate how willing these buds are to roll right off of the stem! The build of the calyx is strong, plump, but carries a sprawling ambition. I can imagine this strain grows into some hammerhead colas. So while the calyx is easy to manage as far as freeing it from the stem, the flowers themselves are actually quite well reinforced. Especially when you consider that every gap is filled with the viscous glue. I must further submit my hands to the adhesive shell of ManBearPig as I struggle to sunder the buds into smaller scraps.