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Mandarin jack seeds

All About Mandarin Jack Weed Strain

Ethos Genetics is responsible for the majority of Mandarin-based weed strains, Mandarin Jack – a Sativa dominant hybrid Ethos Genetics’ creature that takes its roots from prominent parents – Jack Herer and Mandarin Sunset. The variety of its phenotypes could produce either more body or more mental high, depending on phenotype it is better to be consumed in the daytime or later in the evening. This weed is a good choice for both novice and advanced smokers as its THC content spans from 14% to 19%.

Smell and Taste

Meanwhile, Mandarin Jack marijuana strain varies in its effect it also has different smells and tastes. It may have a more fuel scent with blueberry notes or otherwise. Mostly its aroma has been described as gassy, fruity with sour citrus. Users report that its flavor is bubblegum-like with hints of tropical fruits.

Main Effects

As Mandarin Jack is an evenly balanced cannabis strain, it delivers a mix of energizing and relaxing effects. It is said that its onset starts from the head, leaving users happy and euphoric, then a hard body effect settles in that makes users kick back on the couch and relax. Mandarin Jack’s high lasts for hours on end and results in enjoyable couch-lock.

It carries some benefits for those, who struggle with chronic ailments such as pain, cramps, migraines, eye pressure, spasms, etc. Mandarin Jack strain helps to treat insomnia, stress, and even nausea and appetite loss.

Its medium plants require 54-57 days of flowering when cultivated indoors. Its seeds are difficult to find at online shops.

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Mandarin Jack from Ethos Genetics

A high variance yet easy to grow hybrid. Most phenos lean toward their Mandarin Sunset heritage with the exception offew sativa dominant progeny. Flavors on the hybrid phenos range from smooth to bubblegum to fuel, while the sativa side of things are 100% Jack in flavor and aroma. Medium height and medium stretch with dense, frosty nugs from top to bottom.

• Morphology Variation: Medium (50/100)
• Days of Flower: 60-80
• Yield: 50-70 grams/sq ft
• Flower Variation: High (70-100)

Antecedents of Mandarin Jack from Ethos Genetics


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