Mango Cannabis Seeds

Mango Crunch is a blend of potent indica and sativa genetics. She provides an energising high that gradually descends into a calming body stone. Mango one of our favourite Marijuana Seeds cannabis seeds varieties. We offer only the most popular marijuana seeds at the best prices. Fast Delivery! Buy feminized Mango Sapphire! ✓Humboldt Californian Genetics ✓WE GUARANTEE: 99% female plants ✓FREE cannabis seeds! – ✓SAFE Shipping

Mango Crunch Regular

Mango Crunch brings mouth-watering flavours and an intense physical high to the table. Hit a bowl before a hike or run to get in the zone.

Mango Crunch brings mouth-watering flavours and an intense physical high to the table. Hit a bowl before a hike or run to get in the zone.

Mango Crunch Regular: High Levels of THC From the Descendant of Mango Haze and Sour Diesel

Mango Crunch is the result of a long and complex breeding process involving genetics from Mango Haze and Sour Diesel. Our aim was to produce a cultivar that targets both the sweet and sour taste buds simultaneously. Of course, she also needed to provide a hard-hitting and enjoyable high. To achieve this, our breeders combined parent strains from opposite sides of the pond. They recruited an old indica cultivar from the north of Holland, and a sativa hybrid from the legendary Emerald Triangle in Northern California. With specimens from two international cannabis meccas, our breeders were ready to work their magic.

Mango Crunch emerged from this combination as a hybrid strain featuring 20% indica genetics and 80% sativa.


Mango Crunch’s closely balanced genetic profile produces varying effects. Users will note euphoric and stimulating qualities, alongside stoning and sedating properties. The high begins as a cerebral, motivating experience that is superb for physical activities. You’ll enter a deep flow state while running or surfing and feel an intense mind-muscle connection. After a while, the cognitive effects start to fade. The high moves toward the body and initiates a deep feeling of relaxation. This sensation is ideal for athletic recovery, pain management, and sleeping issues.

We named Mango Crunch after her stunning terpene profile. Her large flowers pump out resin that stinks of mango, pineapple, and juicy fruits. Every hit contains contrasting and delicious tastes of sweet and sour—hints of candy, grapefruit, and diesel light up the tongue.


Mango Crunch abides by an indica growth pattern. It maintains a medium size throughout the entire grow cycle and is easy to manage. Growers can use pruning and low-stress training to keep her even more compact. Plants grown indoors provide a yield of around 500g/m² after a flowering time of 56 days. Plants cultivated outdoors produce around 500g/plant and will be ready to harvest in early October.

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Mango Cannabis Seeds

As the name suggests, the Mango strain takes your senses to a tropical paradise. It has a well-balanced sweetness, with hints of berry and citrus, making it a divine treat. Not only are the flavours wonderful, but the body buzz is as relaxing and chill as it gets. It’s a long-lasting stone that eases muscles and puts the body in zen mode. 6635 Mango 24.3 24.3 GBP InStock /Regular Marijuana Seeds /Regular Marijuana Seeds/View All /Feminized Marijuana Seeds /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/View All /Marijuana Seeds /Cannabis Cultivation Types /Effects /Strain Types/Fruity Cannabis Strains /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Outdoor Feminized Seeds /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Indoor Feminized Marijuana Seeds /Regular Marijuana Seeds/Indoor Regular Marijuana /Regular Marijuana Seeds/Outdoor Marijuana Seeds /Strain Types/Cup Winner Cannabis Strains /Medical /Regular Marijuana Seeds/Indica /Feminized Marijuana Seeds/Indica /Strain Types/Indica Cannabis Strains /Medical/Anxiety /Wholesale As the name suggests, the Mango strain takes your senses to a tropical paradise. It has a well-balanced sweetness, with hints of berry and citrus, making it a divine treat. Not only are the flavours wonderful, but the body buzz is as relaxing and chill as it gets. It’s a long-lasting stone that eases muscles and puts the body in zen mode. GBP 0 0 thc:16%-19% yield:400-500gr/m² flowering_time:8-10 Weeks thc:16%-19% 6636 Mango – Regular 1.9 1.9 InStock Regular 6637 Mango Female 6.9 6.9 InStock Female 8-10 Weeks 16%-19% 400-500gr/m² Yes

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Mango Sapphire

Mango Sapphire by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain which will allow you to discover visually spectacular and colorful plants. If you decide to buy Mango Sapphire cannabis seeds, you will get to meet an easy-to-grow Californian hybrid with high-end aromas and tastes. Read more

Sex Feminized
Genotype 85% Indica / 15% Sativa
Cross Bubba’s Gift x OG/Afghan X
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 50-55 days
Indoor yield 400-600 g/m 2
Outdoor harvest time Late September
Outdoor yield 1000-2000 g/plant
Outdoor height 2-3 m
THC 21-23%
CBD 0.1%

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Mango Sapphire

Top-notch Californian genetics

The best strain California can offer

Mango Sapphire is a marijuana plant with distant and heterogeneous origins whose parents are Bubba’s Gift and OG/Afghan X. This splendid plant has a sweet and fruity scent that takes us straight to Humboldt County (California). Despite performing well not only indoors but also outdoors, it grows happier in temperate or Mediterranean climates as well as under the protection of the greenhouse. This sapphire will captivate all people around.

A wide variety of organoleptic traits

A pleasure for the most demanding palates

Mango Sapphire is a marijuana hybrid with very well defined flavors and aromas accompanied by nuances of exotic fruits, coconut, mango and a subtle touch of sour fruit. Its soothing effect is potent and long-lasting. This marijuana seed is well worth a try. Perfect for sybarites and for medical cannabis users.

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Customer reviews for Mango Sapphire

Beautiful strain i grew her out indoors as well as outdoors were they are still growing they will be finished in about 1 more week. She is a fast flowering ,indoors i let her go 56 days, outdoors im letting nature take its course. Im in eastcoast Canada and you can not grow any strain here and expect it to finish in time but Mango Sapphire is great for the bit of shorter climate. She gets beautiful colors near the end oranges and purples. I got a 3 pack and so far only planted the one seed so i got 2 phenos left looking forward to growing them out. Shes easy to clone great for a beginner or a Pro she is forgiven not finagy like some strains, she is very frosty and smells amazing she has a high bud to leaf ratio. I would recommend for sure. This pic was takin about 1 week ago of one in the green house.

Mango sapphire is triple AAA stop looking! you found the best. done 250 strains in 7 years. No strain matches her yet in overall strength taste and growing her is a breeze even with minimal light put in a corner, will produce golf ball buds egg shaped, she is a true champion! minimal care or support needed! use super soil or organic and u will have better weed than 90 percent of the world . Mango Sapphire is that good running 10strains now and want to get rid of 7 keep 3 mango will be with me until I depart from this earth that’s how Incredibly Good she is. Stop looking you found your Queen. I have for life now thank you so much Humbolt also proud of you Guys behind the curtains ?

I have been growing outdoors for 47 years. Indoor for about 30 years. Started with columbian gold and Vietnam bag seed from soldiers returning from that war.Still growing Columbian gold. The rest of my crop is from Humboldt. I grow mango sapphire and blue dream. I just like the consistent quality I find from Humboldt. Basically, no problems with bugs or powdery mildew. I grow in northern Michigan. I harvest the mango sapphire in September and Columbian gold and blue dream in October. The yield is excellent on the mango sapphire and the blue dream is so productive I depend on it for the majority of my grow. I’m allowed to grow 72 plants as a caregiver for medical marijuana patients in Michigan. 48 of the plants are from Humboldt. Consistent quality throughout their line of seeds. I recommend Humboldt. You will not be disappointed.

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After doing a couple of Mango Sapphire grows I am now confident to say that Humboldt Seed company delivers superior and quality genetics. Mango Sapphire is a beautiful, fragrant and a strong strain. During flowering you will enjoy it’s colourful appearance. Flowers producing fruity and sweet notes. Very pleasant to grow. One seed went outside in the backyard, and so far, it is doing well, and even despite rainy weather, plant stays strong and resists mold and bugs. The high is unexpectedly positive, clear and with good painkilling properties. I am definitely recommending to try it out. It will be suitable for new growers as well.

Great looking plant. Grows with vigor. Big leaves and strong branches. Very resistant to spider mites and powdery mildew. Happy with all the seeds purchased. Try it and see for yourself.

It’s a very nice strain. It makes only big hard nugs full of cristals, great smell and terpene profile , a lovely asset to your garden i strongly recommend it.

I grew Mango Sapphire a few times before, and she has the best tasting buds i’ve ever taste. She’s a heavy producer, literally doubling the flower’s size in the last few weeks. Defoliate her once at week 6 of flowering, and u will get what you came for 🙂 absolutely the best

I’ve just finished growing 9 different strains from 9 different breeders and let me tell you, mango sapphire out performed all others! From the easy growing nature of mango sapphire, to the structure of the plant itself it was just such a pleasure to grow. The bag appeal, smell, taste, trichome production are just outstanding. I’ve been growing for 11 years now and I just can’t say enough good things about mango Sapphire. Finishes quickly in a 50-55 day flowering window and was just everything I could have ever hoped for. Every time I open a new jar and get a nostril smack of some very unique delicious Terps I find myself laughing in joy. I’ve just order 20 more seeds and will be filling my outdoor greenhouse with mango sapphire this upcoming grow season. Can’t wait! Thank you humboldt seeds for the always improving amazing genetics. No need to get seeds from any other breeder. Humboldt seeds will be my go to from now on!