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Marijuana seed laws minnesota

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Minnesota

Welcome to North America’s premier online marijuana seed bank! Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Minnesota. We work closely with our dedicated team of growers to bring you the best quality marijuana seeds on the market today. Browse our online inventory to find your favorite seeds, buy online using our secure network, and we’ll deliver your seeds directly to your door! Delivery is fast and discreet, and we offer tracking on all of our orders. Need help navigating our website? Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives for assistance with the buying process.

Although there are medical cannabis dispensaries in Minnesota, you won’t be able to purchase weed seeds. Instead, visit our website, where you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality cannabis seeds suitable for collectors of every ilk. Though growing your own cannabis is not yet allowed in Minnesota, it is completely permissible to buy cannabis seeds – ungerminated, they are seen as adult novelty souvenirs. We offer flat shipping rates all over the world, and our seeds are all tested, hand-selected, and delivered in medical-grade glass vials for ensured freshness.

Blue Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you’re a diesel fan, you won’t want to miss Blue Diesel from NorCal. This indica-dominant hybrid can fend off pain and anxiety, and comes with a sweet, diesel-esque flavor. It’s easy to grow and will deliver a moderate yield, so you really have nothing to lose!

Jawa Pie Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Complex in fragrance and effects, Jawa Pie marijuana is a heavily indica hybrid that boasts a boosted THC content and the abillity to deliver both clarity and physical relaxation in one fell, delicious swoop.

Blue Alien Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Get ready to be drawn out of this world. Blue Alien is a 100% indica strain that will leave you pleasantly spaced out and carefree!

Terminator OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Though Terminator OG’s 24% THC makes it a powerful strain, its relaxing qualities are far less violent than its name might suggest–the only thing you will be fighting is staying awake!

Sweet Lafayette Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Sweet flavor, sweet fragrance, even sweet in the garden. Sweet Lafayette marijuana will lift your mood and your spirits while it sets you up for the perfect evening in.

Charlie Sheen Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Just like the infamous actor, Auto Charlie Sheen makes you the life of the party with a boost of energy and cheer. But once the indica kicks in, you’ll be ready for a night on the couch filled with calmness and relaxation.

Frosty Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Frosty marijuana seeds grow into sparkling, iced plants that, when harvested, offer a cheerful, euphoric feeling. Go ahead, build a snowman.

Garlic Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Garlic Bud is a potent cannabis strain that will boost your mood, relax your body and help you treat a number of medical issues like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or insomnia–just be prepared for its strong scent!

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

A-Train Feminized Skunk No. 1 Feminized Snoop’s Dream Feminized
THC Level 21% 22% 20%
Treats Anxiety, Lack of Appetite, Nausea Nausea, Insomnia, Pain Stress, Pain, Fatigue
Flowering Time 50-60 days 60-70 days 55-65 days

Minnesota’s Best Marijuana Seed Bank

Marijuana has a rich history around the world. In eastern Asia, cannabis was originally grown for the hemp fibers from the plant; these strong fibers make great textiles, and were used to make rope, clothing, and other items. In the Indus River Valley of India, a different type of marijuana plant, known as indica, was grown for its psychoactive effects; this species of cannabis was used by holy men or those seeking a more intense form of meditation and connection to the earth. Over time, marijuana has been co-opted by many other cultures, and has gained popularity around the world for its medicinal properties. Even up until the 20th century, cannabis products were popular in the west as natural sedatives and painkillers. Now, it’s popularity is on the rise again, as scientific studies confirm what marijuana users have known all along; that marijuana is a safe and natural remedy to many common ailments.

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Smoking vs. Vaping Marijuana

Inhaling marijuana is one of the fastest ways to get the chemicals into your system (you’ll notice results within minutes as opposed to hours), but smoking isn’t the only method of inhalation. Vaping has gained in popularity over the years because it doesn’t involve combustion and you get the same immediate results as with smoking.

Is Marijuana Legal in Minnesota?

The good news is, Minnesota passed a medical marijuana bill in 2014 allowing for patients with a variety of ailments and illnesses to get safe, legal access to medicinal marijuana. The bad news is, even if you’re a medical marijuana cardholder, you still can’t grow your own plants. Only state licenses cultivation facilities can legally grow at this time. However, you can still buy and own ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those from Pacific Seed Bank. Ungerminated cannabis seeds are considered collector’s items and are not prohibited items under current marijuana laws. Want to help move Minnesota forwards toward ending marijuana prohibition altogether? Contact your local lawmakers and representatives, and don’t forget to vote!

Minnesota Cannabis Laws 2021

Unfortunately, recreational cannabis use, possession, and cultivation is not permitted in the state of Minnesota, although it has been somewhat decriminalized as of 2020. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2014, and provides access for patients with a qualifying condition to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary. Qualifying conditions include Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, PTSD, epilepsy, and others. However, medical marijuana patients may not grow their own cannabis plants at this time and must purchase their cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. Even though you can’t grow your own cannabis plants, you may still legally buy cannabis seeds that are ungerminated. Ungerminated cannabis seeds are collector’s items and are legal to buy and own for adults in the US. Find the ungerminated cannabis seeds you need for sale online when you shop with Pacific Seed Bank today.

Smoking Marijuana in Minnesota

In Minnesota, residents who are registered as medical marijuana patients are permitted to purchase and use medical marijuana in a variety of forms, but smoking the substance is not allowed. In recent years, evidence has suggested smoking marijuana, while not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes which contain many poisonous elements, could still be detrimental to health because it required breathing burnt plant matter into the lungs.

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Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

While marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, many states have forged ahead to end prohibition of medical and recreational marijuana. This has proven to be highly successful and beneficial for those states, as the marijuana industry continues to grow. For example, Washington state is expected to see over $700 million in sales in 2018; that’s a lot of money for state programs like public schools, law enforcements, and community projects. Some of the ways in which the marijuana industry contributes to local economies are

  • Creates jobs on multiple socioeconomic levels
  • Increased tax revenue to fund schools and public safety
  • Stimulates the economy through sales and circulation of currency

States that have legalized recreational marijuana have seen significant decreases in unemployment and a huge boost in revenue from taxes and licensing fees. At this point, there is no turning back from legal weed, as more states join the legalization movement every year to cash in on the economic boom.

Medical Benefits of Platinum Kush

if you’re a big fan of trichomes (a fancy way of saying crystals), then Platinum Kush marijuana seeds might be the perfect fit for you. There’s a reason this strain is called platinum. It’s due to the heavy crystal resin on its stem and leaves that give in a platinum color with pastel purple undertones. This is one magical-looking plant.

Additionally, growers will be blown away by the bright orange colors that stand out against the purple hues. This plant really pops in a grow room and its appearance is one of the reasons growers live for Platinum Kush. Once planted, this strain will make your room smell fruity and hashy.

The THC levels in this strain measure up to about 10% with trace levels of CBD. Due to its unique makeup, consumers say they experience completely opposite effects between brain and body. Platinum Kush invites a strong cerebral buzz that will have you feeling alert, creative, and enlightened. Meanwhile, your body will feel numb and heavy. You may not want to leave the couch despite feeling so creative and inspired.

I love buying pot seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. They’re so friendly and professional, and their delivery is lightning fast! The tracking is really handy too; I always know right when my seeds will be arriving.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Minnesota

Although it decriminalized marijuana back in 2014, you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in Minnesota unless you purchase them online. The state has an active medical marijuana program, but this only includes non-smoking preparations such as cakes, cookies and extracts. Possession of small amounts of dried marijuana buds is considered a misdemeanor, inuring a fine of up to $200, with cultivation classified under the same rules, allowing for 42.5 grams before more severe punishments are considered.

Although it is possible to produce under 42.5 grams of marijuana from a plant, the maximum number of plants you would want to risk growing would only be one or two before you are over the misdemeanor level and face much more severe penalties, including possible jail terms. The opportunities for planting marijuana seeds outdoors in Minnesota are limited, especially in northern parts of the state, where the growing season can be as short as ninety days. Indoor growers can grow all year round, but face jail sentences if caught.

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Before you buy marijuana seeds in Minnesota, ensure you are fully aware of the risks involved and subsequent penalties is you are caught. Keep quiet about your plants, telling nobody. Indoor growers may wish to use carbon filters to reduce the smell, especially when the plants are in flower and maturing, while outdoor growers can reduce the risks involved by practicing ‘guerrilla growing’ techniques and planting the seeds in remote and secluded locations.

You can legally buy marijuana seeds in Minnesota online and have them delivered directly to you without any fear of breaking the law. Although planting and cultivating marijuana seeds may result in later prosecution, buying marijuana seeds in Minnesota online is not a crime. From time to time over-enthusiastic border control and customs officers have been known to remove marijuana seeds from packages believed to contain them, however, buying them through us guarantees your purchase will be delivered using the very best stealth postal and packaging methods available. Should your purchase fail to arrive, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible and totally free of charge.

Selecting the right seeds for your method of growing is important in ensuring a healthy, potent harvest. Many of the Sativa dominant strains require a longer flowering time than northern parts of the state can provide, and will often fail to mature before the onset of the colder night-time air as Fall approaches, increasing the possibility of bud rot and mold developing. Indoor growers should select strains that have been developed specifically for their style of growing. Many of the current favorite and most popular strains are hybrid marijuana seeds, containing elements of both Indica and Sativa genetics. They respond well to indoor cultivation with fast flowering times, heavy and highly potent harvests. Learn more about the best marijuana seeds to plant in Minnesota below, and choose strains that best reflect your growing method and level of experience to achieve the best harvests.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Recommended Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Almost all of the marijuana seeds we sell can be grown indoors, although some are more suitable than others. Feminized seeds offer the best returns, with every purchase guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant, capable of producing high quality buds and cola’s with a defined set of characteristics and traits, such as flavor, aroma and effect. Indica dominant strains are often easier to grow, requiring slightly less experience and attention to produce a high quality yield due to their hardy and more forgiving nature.

Growing marijuana indoors in Minnesota will require an initial investment in necessary equipment such as lights, fans and air flow. When flowering, marijuana can emit strong and pungent odors, and we recommend air extraction and filtration such as the fitting of a carbon filter to avoid any strong smells leading to detection. If you live in urban areas and are planning to grow indoors, take care not to arouse suspicion, and keep quiet about what you are doing. Select faster flowering strains to achieve quicker harvests and strains that response well to your style of growing and level of experience.