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Marijuana seeds best for cold climate

Best Strains to Grow in Winter

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has a climate that allows for it, outdoor cannabis growing is one of the least expensive ways to grow cannabis. However, it’s also a lot more complicated in other ways; outdoors you have to deal with nature’s wrath, changing temperatures, insect infestations and rain. For those that live in more extreme climates and are thinking of starting a late grow, you’ll want to figure out the best strains to grow in winter before getting started.

That’s where we come in. While growing cannabis is more or less the same for all strains, some deal with certain conditions much better than others, and some particular strains are well-equipped to deal with colder temperatures, which gives them a fighting chance during the colder winter months.

Some of the Best Strains to Grow in Winter

Keep in mind that the structure of the plant itself is going to influence how well it does in colder climates, which tend to be more humid too. You’ll want to go for a strain that grows airy, open buds that can easily release extra humidity, which when combined with low temperatures can cause plants to rot. Growing during the winter can be complicated enough without attempting to grow the wrong type of strain.

Northern Lights

NL is a pure indica strain that is known to pretty much every grower out there, and has been used in countless hybrids over the years since the 70s. The best thing about Northern Lights is that it’s the perfect strain for beginners, as it can deal with quite a lot of stress and mistakes before it reaches breaking point. Plus, this strain is known to do well in colder climates, and although there are many phenotypes on the market the general rule of thumb is that it should be ready by late October at the most, which gives it enough time to grow successfully without the harsher winter temperatures. We highly recommend trying GB Seeds’ Northern 100% Feminized.

O.G. Kush

O.G. Kush is a hybrid strain that adapts very well to stressful situations and its fast growth. Plus, the autoflowering version takes just a total of 70 days, allowing you to grow it in colder climates with the correct care and still obtain decent results. Although it does well with cold climates, it’s slightly more susceptible to insect infestations. One of the best ways to keep insects at bay is by using Multiprotection Boom to keep your plants as strong as possible. We highly recommend GB Seeds’ Auto OG Kush 100% Feminized.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is almost entirely sativa and it definitely shows it. This African landrace strain can easily deal with extreme temperature fluctuations, as it originates from areas where temperatures can go from 40°C to 10°C in the blink of an eye. However, it can grow quite tall outdoors so you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space to do so. This strain can produce amazing yields, over half a kilo per plant when grown outdoors, and it does well with stressful issues such as extreme weather. You should be able to harvest it towards the end of September when planted on time, which is quite fast for a sativa strain. Planted later, it can grow smaller and still produce decent yields.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose is a hybrid with some complex characteristics, originating from a cross between Rossetta and The Hog, making for the ideal strain for cold and mountainy areas. It’s the perfect strain for growers looking for a special taste, offering flavors such as strawberry and sweets. It has an extremely relaxing effect, making it the perfect strain used to forget your issues after a long hard day. It doesn’t have a very long flowering period, and it should be ready for harvest around mid-October in the North, and in the Southern Hemisphere it should be ready by mid-April.

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Pakistan Chitral Kush

Pakistan Chitral Kush is one of the few indicas that is perfectly capable of dealing with low temperatures, so if you’re looking for a relaxing, stoned strain then this might be your best option. This landrace strain comes from Chitral in Pakistan, where there are continuous temperature changes, meaning that this strain has gained low temperature resistance generation after generation. On top of that, in areas with low temperatures the plant will turn a nice purple color. This strain also has a high resin production rate, and you can use its amazingly sticky leaves to make extractions that have an extremely relaxing effect. Its fast flowering genes will have it ready by the end of September in the Northern Hemisphere, and towards the end of March in the Southern Hemisphere.

Snow Bud

Snow Bud is one of the most adequate strains for cold climates due to its Swedish strain heritage which makes it extremely capable of dealing with the lowest, most extreme temperatures. As long as this strain gets plenty of light it should grow strong and healthy; after generations of growing on the top of mountains, this strain is more than capable of dealing with the worst sort of climate situations. It has a complex and balanced effect; it begins by relaxing your body without making you feel “stoned” and then combines this with a happy, creative sensation. In the northern hemisphere this strain should be ready by mid-October, and in the south, mid-May.

Best Strains to Grow in Winter – Extra Precautions

Just because these strains are capable of dealing with low temperatures doesn’t mean that they’re immune to fungi, so you should still take preventive measures to avoid any nasty surprises. If you use a decent Propolis fungicide such as Propo Boom you should be safe and so should your harvest. You should also protect your crop from wind, rain or possible scavengers to get the most out of it.

There are a lot more strains that do well in cold climates, but here we’ve given you some distinct strains so that you can choose between tastes and effects.

10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Colder Climates In 2022

It is a challenge, but we’ve distinguished the best cannabis strains for colder climates to grow and smoke. Grow your marijuana outdoors in conventional fashion is a gift appreciated by just the truest of cannabis specialists.

While selecting the best cannabis strains to grow and smoke in a colder climate, the perfectly suited strain we can think of is the Northern Lights c annabis strain; visit the official website to buy the best quality marijuana seeds.

Unfortunately, the Atmosphere isn’t always helpful, and we can’t live in a beautiful 30-40°C climate for the whole year. While outdoor growing can demonstrate difficult for those living in a colder atmosphere, it’s challenging to find the perfect strain to smoke in cooler temperatures.

Cannabis Strains to Deal With Cold Weather

The winter is a very polarizing season. Some individuals love it because of all the holidays (Christmas, New Year, and so forth) and because they love the snow. Others sit all day indoors while jacking up their bills because they have to wrench up the warmth.

Whether you love the winter or hesitate to go out in the freezing streets, here, you will find ten marijuana strains that will best assist you with getting through the cold months.

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Cannabis Strains to Grow in Cold Weather

Outdoor crops are among the most used methods by numerous growers with the right climate to get the best out of their plants. Outdoor growing is a touch more fragile than indoor growing because of problems like plagues, adverse climate conditions, and how easy it is for fungi to sprout up.

Each strain does better in certain climates. Although a significant number of them can adjust to different areas, you’ll have to find a strain that adapts pleasantly to your needs in outrageous environments. Today we’re going to discuss strains that do well in cold climates and can endure low temperatures.

Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains to Smoke in Colder Climate

#1 – Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the 100% Indica strains in the market. Besides the cool-looking nugs, GDP will appease those bouncing off the walls and needing some severe couch-lock with the super relaxing effects this plant offers. Made in 2003 by Ken Estes’ combination of Purple Urkel and Big Bud, GDP yields dense flowers and a grape flavor that goes down smooth in a water pipe. Granddaddy Purple is one of the best cannabis strains for colder climates.

#2 – Northern Lights

Numerous individuals like to make a trip up to the Arctic regions to enjoy the famous Northern Lights. But it’s also freezing up there. CBD in this strain is significantly less, so why not just want this Northern strain that uses the same name and get a similar psychedelic high experience with nearly 18% THC? No winter jacket is required when you have Northern Lights, as it’s one of the best strains to deal with chilling breaths!

#3 – LSD

You may find yourself bored a great deal this winter. So taking incredibly strong cannabis seeds may solve some of those matters. The LSD marijuana strain is known to deliver a potent high, so you’ll overlook all about how tired you were before smoking up.

#4 – Green Crack

Green Crack Sativa-dominant is one of the best cannabis strains for colder climates. Forget the inactivity and blast away your blahs with this head-rushing, hard-charging Sativa-dominant strain that brings people to instant happiness and high that no wind can chill.

Puff down one of the dense buds with Skunk #1 parentage to replace your dragging depression with introspective interest in just about anything. But don’t get too diverted; that lint on your shabby mood isn’t as fascinating as this Sativa seems when high and stoned on this cannabis strain!

#5 – White Widow

Any individual who enjoys a White Christmas knows that a decent cover of snow outside can be beautiful. What better approach to enjoy pleasant winter snow than a White Widow cannabis strain? It’s one of the most prominent short flowering-time plants globally with beautiful White Widow buds that offer chilling high.

5 Best Marijuana Strains to Grow in Colder Climate

#6 – Critical Mass

It’s an immense yielding strain that is versatile enough to grow outdoors and indoors to take puffs and get high. The fast growth of Critical Mass should be ideal for harvesting in late September or the end of October . Its brief flowering period makes Critical Mass one of the perfect strains to grow in cold weather.

#7 – AK-47

AK-47 Auto sounds like the old-school Soviet semi-automatic gun that is still exceptionally mainstream even today. However, this Sativa-dominant strain is close to what that weapon is because it’s not as scary as the actual gun. AK-47 is the autoflowering variation of a worldwide sensation from three landraces — Thai , Afghani , and Mexican . And because of its ruderalis side, it can flourish well in cold regions, dissimilar to other Sativa strains out there.

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#8 – Blackberry Auto

This cannabis cup winning variety is one of the most cracking Indica-dominant hybrid strains, with berry , citrus , and kush flavor. Besides, it’s easy to grow plants that you can harvest in just nine weeks. Beginner growers can expect additional large harvests of bright purple-colored buds that smell nice.

Blackberry Auto is an excellent choice for business growers. Thanks to the Indica-dominant hybrid variety, it will grow between 70-110cm and with a thick appearance making it precise for the Sea of Green method. Highly resilient to colder weather, this quick blooming cultivar tests at 23% THC level and has a dazzling trichome production, meaning hash makers and extractors will find it to be highly rewarding.

#9 – Zkittlez

Zkittlez is an Indica-dominant strain that is sugary with lemon flavors. The plant provides massive yields and a superb outdoor performer in all climates. Indica assortment will take around 9 weeks to get ready for harvest, making it fast flowering time ideal for those who endure short summers and expect fast flowering cultivars that will advance in a short time.

Zkittlez will finish growing at 100cm, giving it a stocky and small figure, one it begins to round out with buds. With 23% THC content and an excellent terpene profile, this strain is a must-have for business growers and flavor lovers living in colder climates, whether it’s hot or cold. Many growers tend to harvest this plant at the end of September.

#10 – Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is one of the standard Indica cannabis strains to grow and happens to be outstanding amongst other cannabis strains to grow in cold places. Afghan Kush is one of the best cannabis strains for colder climates. Moreover, this strain holds very little concentration of cannabinoid CBD. Besides, this Indica delivers a full-body high to its users and is great for a relaxing vape. It was initially produced in the Hindu Kush Mountains, so naturally, it very well may be grown in colder climates.

Bottom Line on Colder Climate Cannabis:

Knowing which cannabis is better suited for colder weather can give you an advantage in smoking or growing. In this article, you discovered the ten best cannabis plants for taking on a challenging environment, with the highest endurance to the cold, wet, and wind.

While finding the best cannabis strain isn’t always easy for cold climate growers, many options are available. Growing outdoors in a calmer atmosphere isn’t ideal, but it’s doable. If you fancy trying, make sure you reference this list of the strains referenced above. It will improve both your yield and the quality of your buds.

Just because these strains are fit for dealing with low temperatures doesn’t imply that they’re invulnerable to fungi, so you should utilize preventive measures to stay away from any nasty surprises. If you use a nice Propolix fungicide, you should be safe, and so should your harvest. It might be ideal if you also shielded your harvest from wind, rain, or possible scavengers to get the most out of it.

There are significantly more best cannabis strains for colder climates that excel in freezing temperatures. Still, here we’ve presented some definite cannabis strains so that you can choose among effects and tastes.

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