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Saints News, 1/16/14: Saints Have Big Free Agent Decisions To Make This Offseason

The team is already around $10 million over the salary cap and have a long list of unrestricted free agents to decide what to do with. Among these unrestricted free agents are TE Jimmy Graham, OT Charles Brown, LB Jonathan Vilma, OT Zach Strief, S Malcolm Jenkins, and C Brian de la Puenta just to name a few.

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Saints News

Saints have big free agent decisions to make this offseason | New Orleans
Just listening to Zach Strief talk two days after the Saints’ season-ending loss to Seattle wasn’t enough.

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I took a few extra days before getting to this week’s film study because we had so much postseason reviewing and offseason previewing to do. So

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This was another one of those questions that was left open to some interpretation. Does “respected” mean performance on the field? Leaders

NFLN survey/franchise player: Saints – New Orleans Saints Blog – ESPN
Players across NFL locker rooms were faced with the same conundrum as the Indianapolis Colts two years ago – Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck ? Ulti

Special Teams a Special Offseason Concern – Who Dat Dish
The New Orleans Saints will have to make finding their next kicker a special priority.

Mickles: Salary cap moves, free-agency deals loom for Saints | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
Over the next two months, New Orleans Saints officials will have to make lots of important personnel decisions that will affect their team …

NFL News

Sherman sees physical play on receivers as “real football” | ProFootballTalk
The Seahawks have, in the opinion of some, perfected the art of pass interference. Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman , however, sees it as the Seahawks perfecting the art of football.

Wade Phillips wants a job, thinks age is working against him | ProFootballTalk
Wade Phillips wasn’t kept on board when the Texans hired Bill O’Brien as their new head coach, and Phillips hasn’t found a new job with any of the NFL’s other 31 teams, either. Phillips is upset about that.

Peyton Manning’s ‘Omaha’ call continues to baffle Broncos opponents | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Peyton Manning’s road to the Super Bowl has taken an unexpected detour. Through Omaha, of all places. On Wednesday, Mann…

Mock drafts in January don’t mean much | ProFootballTalk
If ESPN was on your television at all yesterday, you probably saw that Mel Kiper Jr. has released his first 2014 NFL mock draft, and that he’s predicting that the Houston Texans will select Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the first overall pick.


VIDEO: Curtis Lofton: “Young guys stepped up this year”
New Orleans Saints LB Curtis speaks with reporters on Monday, January 13, 2014 (New Orleans Saints video)

VIDEO: Joe Morgan talks about spending 2013 on IR
New Orleans Saints WR Joe Morgan speaks with reporters on January 13, 2014 (New Orleans Saints video)

VIDEO: ‘Sound FX’: Saints vs. Seahawks – NFL Videos
The Seattle Seahawks defeated the New Orleans Saints 23-15 in the divisional round of the playoffs. Get an inside look at all the best sights and sounds from the game.

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Cannabis in Space !

I have been told in passing that the Cannabis Sativa plant should be the number 1 choice for space. This is becouse the plant produces the most amount of oxygen out of all the plants and trees. Apperently 1 ton of Cannabis produces more oxygen than the equivilent amount of Jungle or Rainforest. We know that Cannabis has thousands of uses, this could be added to the list. So in the future will we see stoned NASA astronaughts in a base on the Moon or Mars? Can anyone else shed light on this strange but interesting subject?

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If it can be grown, it uses as hemp ie paper and rope could be good, I didn't no about the oxygen angle, I would be aiming to grow food first


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:huh: Well oxygen is a pretty hard thing to find in space. We must have oxygen first, water second and third food as priorties to live. :unsure:


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I should think cannabis would be last on the list to be grown because the last thing you want are astronauts making fatal decisions while under the influence. not a good idea at all!


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A really good smoke detector and sprinkler system will be required for just about anything hurled into space that's growing plants. While the hemp strain has even other high points. I.E. the seeds produce a high percentage of oil, and more fiber per acre than cotton. The political climate dictates we grow plankton or something else we can readily eat. As for the critical decision makeing, I'd worry more about critical decision forgetting. 😛


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any plant breathes oxygen. therefore humans and the plants would be competing for the same resource. It's true that cannabis plants produce a lot of oxygen via photosynthesis but this either requires direct sunlight or high power consuming lights. So now there's two problems with it. The energy required to grow them and the oxygen they would use could be better used by the astronauts and other systems. The current oxygen production only has energy consumption as a drawback. Plus, while cannabis plants produce more oxygen than most other plants the number of plants you'd need to support human life would be rather large i'd imagine. For eg, wheat plants give out an average amount of oxygen . in a study done at Johnson Space Centre it was documented that 30000 wheat plants were needed to support one human for 15 days.


Plants don't breath. They consume. And not even oxygen at that, but carbon dioxide. If you had no oxygen, but only carbon dioxide in the plants environment the plant will florish. Which is why they are so well balanced with us. They consume carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen. We breath oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide.


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Actually .. both plants and humans .. in fact every living thing, breathes oxygen in and exhales carbon dioxide. It's the photosynthesis of plants that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.


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Hi people, I am from Holland where Cannabis is legalized, I know much about it.
Elsewhere I read that some plants in space grows very good but very unique for every plants. Cannabis is not tried yet I think! (I want to register a expremient as astronaut in space to smoke :P) In space is no gravitions, so plants don't grow to upward, but to all direction (or you can adjust a light to lead growdirection but must stay dark) I am sure that Space-cannabis would be very superb! cause tops is grown to all direction, so it'll be veryvery big!

Cannabis is very imporant plant! it's not only a drug! it's maked with strongest towel or glass, clothing etc! . it's very good for irritation too it does nt make ground bad but better. It reduce the sickness of Reuma and Cancer too. and a lot positive things! It's useful for a long journey to mars too, what that traveling is very boring! (total 3 years&#33 smoke it have fun


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But is it true Tycho that 1 ton of Cannabis produces more oxygen than 1 ton of Jungle or Rainforest? From an environmentalist point of view for Earth this would be a very interesting fact for global discussion. And for reasons to grow on other planets, where some form of gravity is present and for obvious reasons where oxygen is vitally needed to breath by space colonists. Can you ask a Dutch scientist or your government on serious facts about Cannabis being used as the number 1 choice for growing on other worlds. Will these Americans ever take us seriously?


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😛 Hey you must be stonned Josh! Plants don't have lungs so how can they breath Oxygen? If animals, humans, trees and plants all breathed Oxygen there would be nothing alive on this planet. There is balance and harmony with nature that allows us too live. Unfortunatly man is selfish and greedy. Us humans hold our precious lives at a greater value than anything else that might want to live on our world. Result : several thousand species of native Earth life goes extinct every year becouse we are over populated as a planet. Too many Earthlings. . ARGH!!! Only genetics offer us a chance to replace or bring back? Maybe that is the question. We offer ourselves a chance of being GODS and to help a much damaged Mother Nature. If not we shall only perish, what with HIV/Aids pandemic and a possible NUKE War sometime in the future we have a chance for human management, which at present does not (saddley) exist.

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