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Marijuana seeds for fibromyalgia

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia | Strains and Usage

Fibromyalgia, a devastating and complex neurological disorder, has shocked the medical field with its often difficult to understand yet debilitating symptoms. Just a decade ago, doctors didn’t even know if fibromyalgia existed or not. Has nature possibly generated a legitimate solution to this often misunderstood disorder?

How Can Cannabis Treat Fibromyalgia and Offer Relief to Patients?

What Exactly is Fibromyalgia?

First, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of fibromyalgia and understand how it can overwhelm the people it affects. This disorder often creates symptoms of chronic pain, severe fatigue, joint stiffness, insomnia, intense headaches, digestive problems and cognitive issues, such as anxiety. It is not as rare as one might think, statistics showing that over 5 million Americans currently suffer with fibromyalgia, many of these individuals being women.

What Could Be the Cause of This Debilitating Disorder?

Although the cause of fibro is widely debated, one individual, Dr. Ethan Russo, conducted extensive research regarding it and proposed a theory- that Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) could be to blame.

The ECS’s main goal and purpose is maintaining homeostasis, or balance within your body. It takes care of much of the communication between your bodies networks, including the brain, immune cells, connective tissues, organs and glands. When this system is malfunctioning, it’s safe to believe that a series of problematic symptoms might occur, just like the ones connected to fibromyalgia.

Is Medical Cannabis and Effective Treatment for Fibromyalgia?

As patients of fibromyalgia know, this disorder is extremely challenging to treat and impossible to cure. Due to this fact, not many have seen relief from traditional pharmaceuticals for their pain, restlessness, fatigue and a number of other symptoms.

Some of those affected began to turn towards alternative medicines, which is when the connection between medical cannabis and fibromyalgia was established. This realization generated a wide array of emotions for these individuals, due to the fact that cannabis is still widely illegal and banned in a number of states, and until just a few years ago it was quite widely seen as a useless recreational drug. Recent law updates appear more hopeful for fibro patients who rely on cannabis to assist them, but why cannabis seems to work for so many, still somewhat remains a mystery, just as most of the information surrounding fibromyalgia does.

However, many of these patients agree upon one thing, marijuana does seem to ease up their symptoms and pain. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Pain Foundation in 2014 showed that nearly 30 percent of 1,300 patients asked, admitted to using medical cannabis over traditional pharmaceutical drugs, a huge amount considering pot’s legal status in the world. 62% said that marijuana was very effective for them, and another 33% percent claimed it aided them a little.

In contrast, only 8-10% admitted that the common pharmaceuticals prescribed to fibromyalgia patients were very effective, with 60-68% reporting that they did not help at all, showing an immense agreement that cannabis seems to be the main option in minimizing fibro pains and fogginess.

Because of the vast amount of possibilities regarding cannabis intake, fibromyalgia patients have options. They can choose a wide-range of cannabis strains that best suit their needs, as well as a combination of edibles, vaporizing, oil extracts and classic cannabis flower.

What Cannabis Strains Are the Best for Treating the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

There are so many cannabis strains available on the market, but a few specifically stand out for assisting those who suffer from the often harsh symptoms of fibromyalgia. The following marijuana strains have been quite effective:

Top Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia

  • Harlequin (Sativa)
  • Critical Mass (Indica)
  • Granddaddy Purple (Indica) (Hybrid) (Indica)
  • Blueberry (Indica) (Hybrid) (Hybrid)

What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis and Fibromyalgia?

With laws constantly becoming updated in the United States on a state level regarding marijuana, more and more fibromyalgia patients will soon have access to medical cannabis to help relieve the pain and severe discomfort they deal with on a constant basis. There is plenty of hope for individuals with fibromyalgia to find the resolution that they need and deserve.

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The best cannabis strains for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition to live with, but as we’ve learned from Leafly reviewers, cannabis can offer respite. It makes sense when you look at some of the symptoms fibro sufferers face:

  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Tenderness and generalized pain
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to focus

There isn’t a lot of research on cannabis as a treatment for fibromyalgia, but clinical studies using synthesized THC for symptom management shows promising results. Still, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence in Leafly’s strain reviews alone to show that cannabis is certainly providing much needed relief to many of those willing to experiment. These strains, according to our user-submitted strain data, seem to be doing the trick.

Keep in mind, relief is not limited to these strains alone. There a lot–and we mean a lot–of strains that can treat pain, fight fatigue, reduce depression and anxiety, sharpen focus, and crush insomnia. Consider trying other high-CBD strains, or cannabis in various other forms like edibles, topicals, or ingestible oils. Everyone’s body is different, so the key is to try different strains and products to see what works best for you.


Find Harlequin nearby

With the painkilling power of THC and CBD combined, this strain is the perfect way to start your day. If you’re sensitive to THC, you’re in luck: Harlequin’s high-CBD content helps curb the intoxicating and anxious side effects of THC, letting you go about your day without that dizzying euphoria that some unaccustomed consumers find distracting or unpleasant.

“I take three puffs and get a wonderful body high that takes my pain away. It’s not that I don’t notice it anymore…it feels like it’s gone. It makes me SO happy to not feel my pain. Note that I have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc in my lower back, to for me to not be feeling my pain seems like somewhat of a miracle.” – chasmyn


Find Cannatonic nearby

In further testament to the power of high-CBD strains, Cannatonic is the third most celebrated strain from Leafly reviewers with fibromyalgia. It’s only mildly intoxicating due to its CBD dominance, making it an excellent choice for new consumers. However, even veterans will appreciate this hybrid’s ability to crush pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, and a myriad of other symptoms.

“I am taking this for Fibromyalgia. This has been the most helpful strain I have found in clearing my mind. Less mind clutter leads to more mental and physical energy.” – bearcubb

Tahoe OG

Find Tahoe OG nearby

This is the strain you’ll need for when your fibromyalgia symptoms are keeping you up at night. Tranquilizing and dreamy, Tahoe OG leads muscles into blissful relaxation, melting the pain and tension out of them.

“This will give the pain killing effects need for heavy pain, as well as give a sedative effect, so one can go to sleep. [It’s] one of the top ten strains I use for my condition.” – savagec3

Granddaddy Purple

Find Granddaddy Purple nearby

Guiding you into relief with a sweet berry and grape flavor, Granddaddy Purple is a classic strain with potent painkilling properties. GDP boasts high levels of myrcene, a terpene commonly believed to help relax muscles and control pain. Not only does this sweet-tasting strain treat physical symptoms, its pacifying euphoria loosens the grip of stress, anxiety, and depression to help you stay positive.

“I finally decided to roll a joint of this and some Tahoe OG, and now I’m free of cramps, muscle spasms, shooting pain, nausea, anxiety, etc…It’s rare that I find a strain that will completely help with medical problems, but also help me be happy, become more creative, and stay awake.” – GanjaGoddess410

Find GSC nearby

Coveted for its potency, flavor, and quality of effect, it’s no wonder that fibromyalgia patients also found something to love about this award-winning hybrid. GSC is known to have a high THC content, so if you’re new to cannabis or sensitive to THC, be sure to dose low and slow with this hybrid powerhouse.

“I bought this strain for pain relief and it worked quite well. I suffer from fibro & arthritis and after smoking this for the first time, it seemed to work as well as some pain pills.” – TONYROSEITTI


Find Blueberry nearby

Named for its unmistakable ripe berry aroma, Blueberry delivers a nuanced effects that mellows everything from physical pain to emotional anguish caused by fibromyalgia. Blissful effects wash in on the flavorful exhale, leaving you feeling relaxed in both body and mind.

“Was in so much body pain today due to fibromyalgia, so I picked up Blueberry wax this afternoon…can safely say this is the best strain for body and migraine pain I’ve tried so far. I melted into my bed, very dreamy effect.” – cholladay

Bubba Kush

Find Bubba Kush nearby

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are multifaceted, but thankfully, so are the effects of Bubba Kush. Muscles relax. Eyelids heavy. The mind goes from a running pace to walking. Bubba Kush bestows its gift of relief alongside a sweet, earthy coffee aroma with subtle woody notes that will keep you coming back for more even after your symptoms subside.

“Helps me sleep great which is godsend for severe fibromyalgia…working great for my awful bee stinging feeling nerve pain!” – Anonymous


Find Headband nearby

Named for its hugging cerebral sensations some refer to as the “halo effect,” Headband is a favorite for those suffering from headaches. But that’s not the only type of relief this fragrant hybrid has to offer. Headband’s rich terpene profile gives rise to a spectrum of benefits, including stress reduction, mood enhancement, a feeling of wakefulness and focus, and muscle relaxation.

“It’s a great strain, knocked out my knee pain that is causing a fibromyalgia flare up. It’s definitely is easing the flare up as well and the migraine associated with it.” – Paraleash

Best Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia – Expert Reviews

Fibromyalgia often creates constant pain, severe fatigue, joint stiffness, insomnia, intense headaches, digestive problems, and cognitive issues. Explore this article to understand how medical marijuana can reduce pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Also, have a look at the best marijuana strains for fibromyalgia.

When we think of the best medical marijuana for fibromyalgia, the strain that comes to our mind is the Harlequin strain; visit the official website!

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

More than 5 million Americans have fibromyalgia, and most of them are females. Fibromyalgia can be challenging to live with and interrupts routine tasks like typing, cooking, and exercising. The neurological disorder can create muscle spasms, stiffness, dizziness, jumbles, or even stress. Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis can manage symptoms of fibromyalgia to some extent.

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The Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

There are some noticeable symptoms of fibromyalgia that include:

  • Abdomen, back, muscles, or neck pain
  • Chronic, diffuse, sharp, or severe pain
  • Fatigue
  • Forgetfulness or lack of concentration
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Mood swings
  • A sensation of coldness or tingling in hands or feet
  • Common symptoms like headache, joint stiffness, painful menstruation, flare, irritability, sensitivity to cold, depression

Research on Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

In 2008 , a study including a cannabis-based drug called nabilone reduced pain and uneasiness in 40 individuals living with fibromyalgia. Another research on synthesized THC to manage fibromyalgia symptoms also shows promising outcomes.

In 2014, the National Pain Foundation conducted a study that analyzed four different medications, including cannabis strains, on fibromyalgia symptoms, and the results were promising. Many patients stated the three FDA-affirmed drugs didn’t work at all, 62% said cannabis was “extremely effective,” and just 5% concluded it ineffective.

Some companies created cannabis-infused topicals to convey cannabinoids through transdermal absorption. When applied to the skin, it allows CBD to be absorbed gradually into the bloodstream. The cannabinoid moves throughout the central nervous system to relieve pain. It is valuable for people with fibromyalgia.

How to Use Cannabis for Fibromyalgia?

If fibromyalgia makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep, high THC Indica-dominant cannabis strains could solve your problems. Smoking it will instantly give you relief and let you fall asleep faster. High THC content is often recommended for nighttime use, so its psychoactive effects won’t meddle with your daytime productivity. If you don’t want to get psychoactive effects, high CBD strains could also help curb the intoxicating effects of THC.

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During the day, the immediate onset of fibromyalgia signs can be immediately addressed by vaporizing a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. If preferred, low-THC, high-CBD options are always available to help without rendering that dizzying euphoria. You may need to find a suitable strain and perfect dosage to get relief from fibromyalgia symptoms. Do some experiments to adjust the dosage until you obtain the right one. However, make sure to talk with your doctor before using medical marijuana for fibromyalgia.

Indica vs. Sativa: Which One is Better?

Most cannabis strains in the market are hybrid strains developed by crossbreeding Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis strains in different proportions. If you’re not sure where to start, ask for an Indica-dominant weed.

A survey of 95 medical marijuana users in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that most people prefer Indica for managing pain. Indica or Indica-dominant strains are known to relax the mind and muscles, reducing irritation, aiding sleep, and reducing tension. Some individuals like to use them at night because of their sedative effects.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia

Some cannabis strains stand out to assist those who suffer from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. And we’ve found that the following marijuana strains have been quite beneficial in fibromyalgia.

#1 – Headband OG

Headband OG offers relaxation from stress, aches, and chronic pains. The strain creates a sensation around your head that feels like you are wearing a headband, which resembles its name. Its ‘high’ lasts around 2-3 hours, and its effects shift and intensify the more you smoke.

The happiness that Headband induces is one of a kind, rendering a calming and soothing sensation. The Headband can boost creativity and the desire to work on your tasks. This uplifting experience makes Headband a strain that each cannabis fans must try once.

#2 – Harlequin

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a great strain for psychological relief. Harlequin strain is a remarkable relaxant, with an ability to quiet the mind and stay focused. Moreover, Harlequin is uplifting and a happiness-inducing weed. This Sativa-dominant cannabis will let you keep your productivity flowing without side effects.

Besides, it’s an ideal strain to smoke in the daytime, which may help you get stuff done. With up to 15% CBD content and 7% THC content, the 2:1 CBD to THC ratio is all you need to feel boosting energy without a psychoactive high.

#3 – Granddaddy Purple

Because GDP is a classic Indica, it can make an intense mental high, leaving you to quiet down and generate a fresh brain buzz. For those seeking a profound and relaxing high, Granddaddy Purple offers just that. This THC powerhouse can effectively induce sleep, making it an ideal strain for nighttime use.

Not only does it assist you with unwinding and let go of all your stresses, but it also leaves you feeling happy. You might feel euphoric giggles and munchies after smoking Granddaddy Purple. It’s one of the best medical marijuana strains for pain, cramps, muscle spasms, anxiety, and nausea.

#4 – Romulan

The euphoria of this potent Indica can deliver a substantial body high and could make you couch-locked. Thus, it’s recommended that you hit some puffs and relax. Romulan is an ideal relaxant, making you feel like you’re floating on clouds. If you continue smoking more, it may leave you sleepy, making it the perfect nighttime smoke.

Romulan is can also induce happiness and giggles. It will mitigate your negative thoughts and make you feel thrilled. You will feel like you have no worries, making you need to kick back and loosen up. Besides, it can also make you hungry, so make sure to have some snacks.

#5 – Critical Mass

Critical Mass can be used when you need to have a relaxed night watching your favorite movies. This strain is quite penetrating on the body, so as long as you don’t have any work to do, you should be in for a good ride. Moreover, it can also make you sleepy if you keep on smoking it in higher doses.

With up to 22% THC and 5% CBD, Critical Mass renders a full-body high that is said to last for a couple of hours, keeping you in a giggly and euphoric temperament for the rest of the night. This hybrid is delightful for those who need to be in good spirits and feel thoroughly uplifted.

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#6 – Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an effective muscle relaxant strain that can also induce happiness. This 100% Indica strain with up to 22% THC can render an exceptional head high that can make you lazy if consumed in a high dose.

Furthermore, this medical cannabis can manage stress and pain very well. Its most natural side effect is a feeling of a dry mouth and dry eyes. A couch-locked effect can quickly happen because of its strong Indica properties. Besides, it can manage extreme body pain, mood swings, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and depression.

#7 – Blueberry

Blueberry can render a euphoric high throughout the body and mind. This Indica-dominant strain with up to 16% THC offers delicious taste and relaxing high. Apart from that, Blueberry is one of the most purchased strains in the world for its medical benefits.

For those who want to get much-needed sleep, Blueberry medical marijuana can offer that with its moderate THC level. Apart from that, it can manage stress, pain, headaches, and muscle spasms to make your life easy. Moreover, it’s an excellent appetite booster.

#8 – Cannatonic

Cannatonic created a generally light and smooth high that doesn’t last long as other strains, but it is enjoyable for exactly that reason. This strain doesn’t make you feel lazy but instead allows you to feel lightheaded.

Not only that, this hybrid medical cannabis makes you feel relaxed, happy, and confident. Cannatonic allows you to feel motivated without psychoactive effects. With up to 15% THC and12% CBD, it has a nearly 1:1 THC to CBD balance that can induce a composed high to let you sort out your thoughts.

#9 – Blue Dream

Sativa-dominant Blue Dream is a well-known medical marijuana strain among marijuana users. Smoking it will make you relaxing and invigorating, making it perfect to start your day. With up to 21% THC and 2% CBD, it can provide both medical and recreational benefits.

Moreover, Blue Dream medical cannabis will allow you to socialize without fear or anxiety, making it a perfect strain for parties as well. Blue Dream is the most popular marijuana strain in the market today. Many patients use it to manage their chronic ailments. It can alleviate headaches, inflammation, migraines, menstrual cramps, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and stress.

#10 – Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another popular strain in the market today. It relaxes you without inducing fatigue. With up to 21% THC content, this Indica-dominant strain provides an energetic boost of creativity and a rush of euphoria, best enjoyed in good times.

Moreover, it’s a great daytime medical marijuana strain to dispel anxiety and lack of sleep. Besides, it can handle nervousness and depression. Fibromyalgia patients can get many benefits from this strain.

You can ask the budtender to get you the best medical marijuana strains for your condition. A qualified budtender likely has experience helping other patients with fibromyalgia and may have data on strains that have worked for others. Apart from Indica and Sativa genetics and their effects, also look for cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC-CBD ratio while buying a new strain. Try not to be reluctant to ask questions and seek guidance from your doctor or experienced users.

As we know, the laws surrounding cannabis have been changing, and more and more fibromyalgia patients will likely approach medical cannabis to relieve pain and depression. There’s a lot of hope among people with medical conditions who want the best solution with cannabis. We hope this information may help someone in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some studies show cannabinoids may help reduce or alleviate a few symptoms related to Fibromyalgia. These symptoms include- chronic pain, sleep issues, memory-related issues, and fatigue.
One research published in the year 2017 supports the above statement. But, because the confidence of the data is relatively low, it is unclear whether cannabis offers any help in Fibromyalgia. On the other hand, they are frequently associated with adverse side effects.

Zanaflex and Flexeril, two muscle relaxants, are among the medications used to treat Fibromyalgia.

It has a high THC content of around 23% and is high in terpenes, recognized for their euphoric and sedative effects or even makes you sleepy.

If you’re new to cannabis or find that high-THC products make you feel uneasy or paranoid, this is an excellent alternative. Its greater CBD level may also be more effective for people suffering from pain-related sleep difficulties. THC and CBD levels: THC content ranges from 7 to 15%, while CBD ranges as high as 9-13%. The strain gives a warm and soothing high and is very relaxing.

Linalool is widely present in fragrances and is found naturally in mint, citrus, and lavender. It contains anti-inflammatory effects and may be used to alleviate inflammatory pain.

Fibromyalgia is frequently precipitated by a stressful event, such as physical or mental (psychological) stress. An injury is one of the possible causes of the disease. In addition, it is a viral infection.

Girl Scouts of the USA show that Thin Mints are the best-selling cookie. Girl Scouts of the USA admits that they are followed in declining sales order by, Trefoils/Shortbread, Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Caramel deLites/Samoas.

Cannatonic is a hemp flower strain that stands out from the crowd. It is a creation of a combination between MK Ultra and a well-known G13 Haze that offers the most relaxing effects on the mind and body.

Blue Dream is a viral medicinal strain for daytime use that relieves fibromyalgia symptoms without sedating the user. It’s also a viral strain that may be used to treat pain and depression.