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Marijuana seeds nl promo code

MSNL Marijuana Seeds NL Coupon & Discount Codes

Click MSNL Marijuana Seeds NL 30% Off coupon to save your money today. 44 coupon & discount codes updated in May 2022, and the best one is: Up to 30% Off for Marijuana Seeds Code on Any Purchase.

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MSNL ( is a cannabis seed specialist based in Amsterdam that sells a wide range of their own brand seeds. Get 15 MSNL coupon code and discount codes at Their sale section is constantly reducing seeds up to 50% off and offering Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on a wide range of strains. If you’re living in Europe it’s definitely worth a shout for the fast shipping.

Marijuana Seeds NL Promo Codes have been in operation since 1999 sending orders all over the world. All their seeds have been bred in Amsterdam and they offer a wide selection including coffee shop classics, exclusive strains and modern classics such as Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, Purple Kush, Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue.

Whether you are looking for regular, feminized or autoflower seeds MSNL have something for you. Their range is also expanding every day to include the latest hybrid strains so check back regularly to find the best deals and the latest MSNL coupon codes.

We love Marijuana Seeds NL here and they appear on our list of the best seed banks.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Reviews of are very positive on the whole. Most grow forums have a few threads with people discussing their strains and the quality of them. Check out this one on Roll It Up to find out a little more.

Most of their strains receive high praise but there are some where you should certainly look for a different brands pheno. What they really have going for them is that they have been in business almost 20 years. That only happens when you provide good service and quality products.

Other Information

Shipping – MSNL ship worldwide from their base in Europe. The fees are reasonable and depend on what type of shipping you want. They include standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth. If you live in the US or the Southern Hemisphere then guaranteed stealth is a must. This means if customs intercept your order will be sent again.

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Stealth – Stealth shipping is offered and is a must if shipping outside of Europe. This means your seeds will be hidden inside another unrelated item.

Payment Methods – You can pay using Visa, Mastercard and crypto currency such as Bitcoin when you order. You can also send cash, make a Bank Transfer and pay by check.

Freebies – All Marijuana Seeds NL orders come with free seeds. As always the more you spend the more you get. Check out our promo codes and coupons to see what they currently offer. They also have a loyalty system where you earn points on each order that can then be used to claim a discount later.

10% off Marijuana Seeds NL promo code. Click below and copy this exclusive coupon to save at MSNL.

Save 10% with this MSNL coupon code. discount codes are not stackable with others.

Save 10% with this MSNL discount code. coupon codes are not stackable with others.

Save 10% with this Marijuana Seeds NL Promo Code. MSNL discount codes are not stackable with others.

Buy a Marijuana Seeds NL value pack and get their best seeds at the best prices. Add a coupon for more savings.

Save 10% with this MSNL coupon code. discount codes are not stackable with others.

7 Free seeds when you spend over £100. Choose feminized or autoflower seeds. Different Seeds available each month.

2 Free fem or auto seeds. Free seeds come with every MSNL order. Different Seeds available each month.

15% off when you pay with Bitcoin at Marijuana Seeds NL. Plus receive free seeds with your order.

Save 20% on Super Skunk regular cannabis seeds at MSNL. A strain with very high yields and easy to maintain.

Buy one get one free on Super Silver Haze regular seeds. No MSNL promo code required to claim.

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Save 20% on Amsterdam Haze feminized seeds. This is a Sativa strain with high levels of THC and a big yield.

Buy one get one free on Aurora Indica feminized seeds. No promo code required.

30% off Big Blue Cheese feminized cannabis seeds. Taking Blue Cheese and adding Big Bud for bigger yields.

40% off Blueberry Widow feminized marijuana seeds. Also known as Blue White Widow or my favourite, Berry White!

50% off Purple Kush feminized marijuana seeds. One of the most popular Californian medical strains.

50% off THC Snow feminized cannabis seeds. Crossing White Russian and Big Bud for yield and lots of THC!

Buy one get one free on feminized White Ruski seeds. No Marijuana Seeds Nl promo code required.

40% off OG Kush feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds. A strain known for its high level of potency.

Buy one get one free on Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds. No MSNL coupon required. Just click below to claim.

25% off Super Silver Haze autoflower feminized seeds. A giggly strain which will leave you feeling energised.

Save 40% on Cannatonic feminized seeds. Cannatonic is a high CBD medical strain with low levels of THC.

25% off Afgoo feminized seeds (AKA Afgooey). A cross between an Afghani land race and Maui Haze.

30% off Blue OG feminized seeds. A cross btween the earthy OG Kush and the sweet taste of Blueberry.

30% off Tangerine Dream Autofeminized seeds. A fruity flavored, slightly sweet, Indica dominant hybrid strain.

40% off White Widow regular cannabis seeds. A coffee shop classic that won the High Times cup back in 1995.

Save in the MSNL Black Friday sale. Offers include money off strains and buy 2 get 1 free seed offers. Until Nov 30th 2021.

Buy one get one free on Thai Stick regular cannabis seeds. An MSNL take on a classic strain from the 70s.

Save 30% on Aurora Indica regular seeds. A short compact plant with dense hashish like spicy flavoured buds.

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25% off Buddha regular seeds at Marijuana Seeds NL. A pure Sativa land race strain with 100% all Thai genetics.

40% off Chronic Bud regular seeds at MSNL. Big yields from a compact plant that also packs a punch!

Buy one get one free on Critical regular seeds. Critical is a strain known for its super impressive yields!

40% off Hindu Kush regular seeds. This strain is a 100% indica land race from the Kush mountains in Aisa.

Save 50% on Jack Herer regular seeds. A spicy rich strain created for a legendary legalization advocate.

Buy one get one free on Mountain Mist regular seeds. An outdoor only strain perfect for cool climates.

Save 50% on Neville’s Haze regular cannabis seeds. Fluffy buds and an intense unique aroma.

25% off Skunk #1 regular cannabis seeds. A strain name that has become the shorthand for super strong weed!

50% off Strawberry Cough regular seeds. A euphoric sativa dominant medical strain known for being very strong.

Save 40% on Sour Grape Kush regular seeds. A high yielding potent strain crossing Grapefruit and Sour Kush.

Save 30% on Sensi Kush regular seeds. This strain crosses Sensi Star and Hindu Kush to produce a heavy yielder.

Buy one get one free on Blue Dream feminized seeds. A super popular cross of Blueberry and Silver Haze.

25% off Blue Mystic feminized seed. An indica strain with large heavy buds known to have a blue tinge.

Buy one get one free on Cheesecake feminized seeds. This strain crosses Cheese and a strong Indica to supercharge it!

40% off Headband OG feminized seeds. This strain crosses OG Kush and Sour Diesel, a very popular US strain.

30% off OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds. The ultimate California strain needs no introduction.

50% off Power Plant feminized seeds. A Sativa dominant hybrid known for big buds and lots of THC.

Buy one get one free on Super Sour Berry feminized seeds. A tasty Sour Diesel and Blueberry cross.

Save 40% on White Rhino feminized seeds. White Widow crossed with a powerful Indica creates this high THC strain.