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Marijuana seeds shipping to india

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Welcome to Hybridseeds

Our initial brand was the widely successful, which we have had to close down permanently. Never the less we have a brand new venture coming to our Indian customer base with hybridseeds. We aim to be India’s top cannabis seedbank

(meant for souvenir purposes).

Our relationship has been closely cultivated with some of the world’s top hybrid genetic seedbanks. We aim to bring world class hybrid cannabis seeds to the Indian subcontinent.

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[email protected]
Hybrid Seed Bank is a website for only people aged 18 or over.

Hybrid Seed Bank does not in any way tolerate the use of illegal drugs and will accept no responsibility for the use of any products sold through our website. Any information included on the Hybrid Seed Bank website is intended only for educational, scientific or historical use.

The cultivation of cannabis is illegal in many countries across the world and therefore Hybrid Seed Bank only sell cannabis seeds as souvenirs and not for cultivation. Information on the Hybrid Seed Bank website or on packaging is only made accessible for countries where the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal.

Hybrid Seed Bank have the right to cancel an order at any time should we believe that the transaction is of fraudulent activity, malicious or if the order will in any way be used to harm Hybrid Seed Bank. Until payment has been received and accepted, products will remain Hybrid Seed Bank property and customers cannot ask Hybrid Seed Bank to honour any errors or price errors in the product description.

Contact Information

You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff by using the contact details provided below and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. However, any questions asked regarding the cultivation of seeds will be refused an answer.


Once a payment is made we confirm via email and dispatch within 24 hours with a tracking number and all over india maximum time for delivery is 7 days.

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Returns policy

To return any products purchased on Hybrid Seed Bank you will first have to contact us to have the returns approved. Any products that are sent to us without prior consent will be sent back to you at your cost. If a return is arranged it must be sent back to us within 14 days of the day you first received your order and must be in an unused state and in the condition in which you received the items. We will refund the cost of the item however we are unable to refund any shipping charges you paid when ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell fresh seeds and genuine products and we guarantee this and also guarantee that you will receive your items in a perfect condition. Any seeds that you purchase from Hybrid Seed Bank are of the same quality and freshness as if you were to walk in to a seedbank in abroad. As one of the largest cannabis seed supplier in the India we occasionally receive discounts meaning we are often able to offer the seeds at a lower price than many of the seedbanks . Our seeds are purely meant be used as souvenir purposes

Ordering Seeds to India

I live in India. Im gonna order some Widow and Mazhar soon after im done with my current grow. My question is, What seed strain Company assures me that the seeds will be shipped to India? Also, how stealthy are they? Has anyone been busted of ordering ganja seeds?

And most important, I cant use a Credit/debit card due to some issues. Can i send cash in Indian Currency and get the seeds?

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Suggest me Seed-strain Companies(with linkies please )

Well-Known Member

im pretty sure u can man send in your currency i believe not sure but try the attitude seedbank heres the link

Well-Known Member

Thanks man, ne other Inputs?

im pretty sure u can man send in your currency i believe not sure but try the attitude seedbank heres the link

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I m another indian.. I m doing outdoor.. What r the growing season of mj in india ?
When to germinate, sex, flower n harvest.. Pls help..