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Moonrise seeds

Moonrise seeds

⇨ Today I’ll show you how to get a rare Glock 18 | Moonrise pattern in cs:go.

⇨ First of all, you need to download in chrome web store a Steam Inventory Helper

⇨ Steam Inventory Helper works ONLY in Google Chrome, so all actions will take place at Google Chrome, not in Steam launcher!

⇨ In cs:go every skin have a pattern: from 1-1000

⇨ To get the rarest Moonrise skin, you need to find paint seed with 31, 59, 90, 95, 102, 121, 165, 194, 237, 281, 355, 448, 484, 487, 617, 630, 667, 796, 769, 837, 913, 958, 968 and 986 number

⇨ When u see, that at least one paint seed matches with upper digits, you can buy it and have a RAREST star at the glock))

⇨ I have 90 paint seed, you can go check glock in my inventory

⇨ Good luck with your search

Like this guide? Please, follow to my guide for future updates and more information! I will make more interesting guides.

Pachyphytum Moonrise

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Succulent seeds are really really tiny, so don’t be shocked when you receive them the first time.

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