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Nirvana marijuana seeds review

Nirvana Shop Review, 2022

It is worth ordering from this well-rated Dutch seed bank? Our Nirvana Shop review has all the answers.

As of 2022, one of the best-known cannabis seeds shops in Amsterdam is Nirvana Shop. They have been in business for over 25 years, and have built a great reputation for themselves. This seed bank gets a lot of things right but has seen its share of issues regarding consistency of genetics, customer support, and international shipping. Do the pros outweigh the cons of shopping with Nirvana Shop? Our full Nirvana Shop review gives an honest, thorough look at this company, so you can decide for yourself if this is the seed bank for you.

Girl Scout Cookies

Reputation and History

Nirvana Shop has built a solid reputation among the cannabis growers of the world. While some buyers have had less-than-ideal experiences with shipping, customer service, and germination rates, Nirvana’s overall ratings remain high, and most of their buyers continually report great experiences ordering from and growing Nirvana Seeds.

Nirvana Shop Company History

Nirvana Shop’s founder, Mau, developed his skill and knowledge of the cannabis business and everything that it has to offer while working in an Amsterdam grow shop in the 1980s. He spent a couple of years traveling the world, devoting his time, efforts, and finances to finding top-quality cannabis strains. He then began experimenting with combining and cross-breeding these strains to create his own.

In 1995, Mau was finally ready to show the world what he had accomplished, opening his very own seed store: Nirvana Shop. He then went on to also create a wide range of other products made from hemp, including hemp wine, beer, liquor, and iced tea.

Seed Selection and Quality

Nirvana Shop breeds its own strains, including a wide variety of popular favorites and a few limited-edition specials. This seed bank currently carries close to 100 strains, all of which are feminized. Nirvana Shop also stocks some growing supplies and nutrients. Most buyers of Nirvana Seeds have come away from the experience happy, with healthy, potent crops to show for it. However, this seed bank has received some concerning complaints about the consistency of its seed quality.

Nirvana Seeds Quality Concerns

There have been a number of reports from disappointed Nirvana Shop buyers whose seeds either failed to germinate or never grew into mature plants. In many of these cases, germination issues afflicted more than just one or two bad seeds – sometimes an entire order’s worth of the same strain, raising concerns about the occurrence of occasional bad batches of Nirvana Seeds. There have also been a number of cases where orders arrived incomplete, with some of the expected seeds missing.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Nirvana Seeds Customer Service Review

Nirvana Shop gets high marks for customer service, with a professional, friendly, and responsive support team. Customers are invited to reach out to Nirvana Shop staff via email, telephone, or live chat for growing advice or assistance with orders. Nirvana’s staff also maintain a presence in popular growers’ forums, offering solutions to those who have posted complaints or concerns. However, some buyers have had difficulty getting ahold of Nirvana Shop to resolve their support issues, with emails going unanswered for unreasonably long periods of time.

Website Usability

Nirvana Shop’s website is user-friendly and nicely put-together. is mobile-friendly, prices can be viewed in five different currencies, and the site content may be translated into 13 different languages. The site also includes a helpful growing guide full of useful tips and articles. Another great feature of is its own free and active growers’ forum, WeedPortal.

It’s easy to find what you are looking for on, as its seed selection is well categorized and organized. Seeds are displayed under a dynamic search engine that lets you easily define custom filters for your needs, from growing difficulty or indoor/outdoor plants to desired effects and medicinal uses All strain listings are accompanied by detailed pictures of mature buds and full descriptions of the strain, from the genetic background to the flavor profile.

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Price and Payment Methods

Nirvana Shop’s prices are very fair, and this company gives buyers the opportunity to get even more for their money with weekly seed sales and other various free seed promos. Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders.

Nirvana Shop Accepted Payment Methods

Nirvana Shop accepts payment via bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer, or cash. Bitcoin is Nirvana’s preferred payment method, and they reward buyers who utilize cryptocurrency with double the seeds on their first order. For those who don’t want to use bitcoin, paying with cash or via bank transfer still gets you an extra 5% discount.

For the sake of security, most buyers may be best served by sticking with bitcoin or bank transfer when ordering with Nirvana Shop. A concerning number of envelopes containing cash have failed to reach the seed bank via the postal service. And, of course, since mailing cash is always done at one’s own risk, this left no recourse for these buyers to recoup their loss. Several credit card buyers have felt uncomfortable complying with the security measures Nirvana Shop requests, such as sending copies of the front and back of one’s card.

Nirvana Shop Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 109 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Nirvana Shop is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

Had sometimes problems with shipping and support into the past, but it seems they enhanced a little bit. But I can not recommend them without any hesitation.

User Reviews

guest United States, April 2021

a mentor told me Nirvana has the best seeds so i took a shot and very happy I did. paid by credit card and received order in seven days to the midwest via FEDEX. Great company to deal with and excellent communication. plants are growing well, all are green and looking good. ordered six strains and one didn’t germinate, made three email exchanges and they replaced with new seeds, but haven’t tried them yet. I will order more if the buds are good, crossing fingers.

guest United States, November 2020

First order from Nirvana in 19 years. They sold me Aurora Indica which was back then underrated.
Got Zkittles auto instead of feminized. NL Auto split in 36 hrs, but slow to form foot root. We’ll see. Great packaging. No freebies, but fair prices and only $100 order, so it’s all good. Wet a Zkittles today with high hopes. I’ll go back.

guest United States, October 2020

Have ordered from Nirvana several times with no issues. I pay by cash through the mail and usually have my seeds in 18-21 days. I have grown several of their autoflowers and all seeds sprouted, were girls and started flowering with no need to change the light schedule. Great prices free shipping and they ship to the US what’s not to like

guest No info, April 2020

I always have 100% germination to harvest with all Nirvana seeds. I have been buying from Nirvana since 2012 and they are my go to seedbank! It dont get any better than Nirvana in my opinion! I have grown Wonder Woman, White Widow, Tangie, Blue Dream, Bubblelicious, Swiss Cheese, Mango Skunk, Aurora Indica, Nicole x Banana OG, Skunk #1, Super Skunk, Gelato, Durban Poison, Hindu Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Candy Kush, Zkittlez, Jock Horror, Original Glue, Ice, K-2, Super Silver Haze, California Orange Bud, and B-52 with no problems at all. They all produced just like they were suppose too! I give an A+++++! Always very fast and discreet shipping and 100% germination to harvest! Some of these reviews are just straight out lies or people that dont know how to grow! Most of the bad reviews are probably coming from a competing seedbank! I usually receive my beans within 15 days but could take as long as 30 days to the Sothern USA and I am always happy come harvest time! Happy growing my fellow growers!

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guest Netherlands, January 2020

Very stealthy, I loved the packaging

guest United States, December 2019

good selection, good prices, good support

guest Canada, May 2019

This company gets a 1 from me . Customer service depends on how stoned they are when you contact them. I will never deal with them again .

guest United States, April 2019

Bought some Maui Waui seeds. Used 6 out of 10 and saved the other 4 for later.
3 out of the 6 sprouted and 3 were duds. Not a big letdown but mediocre as far as seed viability.
So far the 3 are growing well and look healthy but are displaying characteristics of indica far more than sativa. Im guessing this version of the strain is a hybrid but so far it looks to be indica dominant and since the original Maui Waui was a sativa, I was expecting a sativa dominant hybrid.

GreenMan13 United States, January 2019

Seeds are so so, hit or miss, they have lots of early strains that seem to be mixed with ruderalis, though they have not listed it in the description; the result is far less than acceptable. On my third order they completely screwed it up they sent me auto flowering seeds when i didnt even order auto flowering. They must have some disgruntled employees wreaking havoc on the place. I can not order there again as a result of lost quality, it ruined a whole season for me?.

canfieldstreet China, October 2018

Seeds quality very good, 10 out 11 germinated after putting directly into soil. Acceptable delivery speed around 3 weeks.

guest United States, September 2018

never received seeds customer service sucked would not return my emails

willied53 United States, September 2018

Nirvana is a great supplier of top quality seeds at the best prices anywhere.the support team at Nirvana is top quality and will go above and beyond to see its customers have a pleasant seed buying experience.

guest Spain, July 2018

First time Ive ordered seeds from Nirvana the seeds germinated, and grew as expected. The second and third year however, the seeds I received were bunk. Some never germinated and even from those that did, very few survived, and no I do not have this problem with seeds from different seed banks.

guest United States, June 2018

Girl Scout Cookies- Some of the worst seeds Ive ever purchased! They germinated fine, were put into small containers filled with Happy Frog potting soil and they have refused to grow! Ive now planted them in my garden and they still refuse to grow with any vigor. They are now 1 1/2 months old and my tallest plant is now 1 foot high, has 3 sets of leaves on it and NO side branching at all! all the rest are much smaller than that, my smallest is 2 inches tall. looks nice and green but they just refuse to grow.

This is the second batch of seeds from Nirvana, and the first batch didnt grow worth a damn either. They were supposed to be White Widow but they were anything but. 3 turned out to be some sort of Purple Kush and the other 2 grew deformed with just a single leaf, not the regular 5 and had a single small “pod” at the base of the leaf with a couple of small hairs growing out of it. No real buds.. Ive been growing for 15 years so I kinda know what Im doing but these are the worst plants Ive ever tried to raise. time to find a new supplier!

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guest Canada, May 2018

Do these seeds get irradiated through the customs process or something? Out of a 100+ seed order, most of them popped, however,expect slow growth and mutated plants. I was hoping to find a keeper out of 100 seeds for a clone, but had to scrap the project.

Id like to know how the “people” leaving good reviews know the ones leaving negative reviews are “bad growers”. They are likely the shills for Nirvana trying to cover up bad press on their terrible product. The reason I know this is these “reviewers” use the same wording Ive received in my emails from Nirvana about poor lighting, overwatering, etc. you name it. They run you in circles until you give up making you feel like it was YOU. They will never admit it could even possibly be their seeds.

Another warning sign related to this is they wont refund your order, or even part of your order, or even try to make amends with you by sending a measly 5 free seed pack with your next order. Seriously? They cant afford to send some freebies as a peace offering? This says to me they are 100% in it for the money and dont care about their brand or products reputation.

guest United States, April 2018

Second time ordering from nirvana, first time no problems. This time half of my order was lost in the mail. I contacted customer service and described the situation, was informed that although they have changed their policy to not guarantee delivery anymore they would resend the part of the order that did not make it. I guess it helps to not be a dick when you message them. Other than that I would say the seeds can tend to run on the small side or I would give them a perfect score on product quality. That being said, I have had a 100% germination rate from their seeds out of the couple dozen Ive done. Genetics are good, but not the most stable. I will be trying to stablize some of their strains just because they do have good genetics but again could be more consistant so I guess thats another small ding from quality but all in all its a reputable shop that has a decent product.

guest United States, April 2018

This people is by far the best seed company around. Trust me Ive grown some monsters from their genetics. All these people saying they died are sorry ass growers starving for light and food or over watering.

guest United States, April 2018

I cant speak for seed quality just yet but the seeds do look good. I ordered 10 days ago and I have them in my hand right now. Great stealth packaging. Super fast delivery considering they have to travel half way around the world. I will do another review when I get ready to plant them. So far Great service

guest Canada, April 2018

Customer Service goes above and beyond. Tracking rocks. Never made me feel like a newb. Product knowledge is superior. If they dont know the answer to my question about a strain, they tell you “I dont know. Ill get back to you with the answer.” instead of spoon feeding you a BS answer just to make a sale.

guest Latvia, April 2018

Do not order form this site to Latvia. Didnt receive first order, they offered to send another and also that didnt reach me 🙁
So this is no go for Latvia.

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