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Northern lights marijuana seeds for sale

Northern lights marijuana seeds for sale

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Northern Lights is a mostly indica cannabis classic.

What was developed indoors in the late 1970s has blossomed into one of the top-selling cannabis strains on the market today.

Crossing a sativa with Afghani, Northern Lights was introduced to the world by The Seed Bank in the mid-1980s.

Skunk #1 and Haze were crossed with an original Northern Lights clone to produce the seeds we know and love today.

Our feminized Northern Lights variety flowers between 50-60 days and produces an impressive yield of dense buds with THC levels around 22%.

You can expect typical indica-dominant effects like couch lock, sedation, and deep relaxation.

Additional Information

Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics Afghani/Skunk No. 1/Haze
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 49 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month Mid-Late September
Effect Couch lock, Physical
THC Content 22%

Customer Reviews

Worth it Review by Kimberley


Got this as a free seed and grew outdoors. Great grow, great frosty buds, great taste and buzz. Would highly recommend and will be growing again.
All Canuck seeds were tops in my garden!! (Posted on 3/9/2021) This is a beautiful plant Review by Ben


Easy grower. Stays compact. Produces resinous, dense buds – medium to large. Easy, easy to grow indoors. Taste is great.

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(Posted on 3/29/2020) Very good tasting nice high Review by Appleseed


Worth growing indeed (Posted on 10/22/2019) Good weed Review by Buzz


I have grown this inside and this is the first season for me growing it outdoors. Inside it’s killer weed. Great high. Easy to grow. Outside it’s not as big as my other plants (SLH/Cookies) It smells really nice but not packing on the weight yet so hopefully it fattens up. It has had a little PM problem so far but nothing to be worried about (weather has been super humid and wet) southern ON Canada (Posted on 9/25/2019) Relax, it is all chill Review by David


Super easy to grow. No hassles at all. To many good thing to say about this wonderful strong plant with great genetics and providers. (Posted on 9/19/2019) Growing well Review by John


Going very well. All5 super tough , uniform easiest to clone plant I’ve ever seen. I got 5 pak and took clones off all of them. They rooted in 5days in aeroponic cloner, omg explosive roots !. Haven’t flowerd it yet, i just flipped them all into flower 2dsys ago. I Will get Bak with flower report in 60-70days hopefully. Also got canuk Zkittlez glue also going awsonr!, rooted lil slower 7dsys but still crazy fast , I also just put them in flower so will get Bak with flower report on that too. Canuk has sum strong growing genetics!! (Posted on 9/9/2019) Excellent Strain, the high is better then a lot of the elite European strains. Review by Jack


Got this as a free seed from ordering, wasn’t expecting huge results. I was blown away by how great the high is and the plant grew. Buds are small but dense, I yielded ~1g/w and ~550g/m2 (225g / 8.92oz).

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Harvested at F53, she gained a lot in the extra 4 days and I growing again I would let her go another ~5+ days. Great high, strong, and long lasting, it’s the star of my last 4 plant grow and it was up against very strong elite European strains.

northern light

The world famous indica notorious for her rock hard dense buds, immense plant resistance and potency. A short sized plant that is easy to grow great for plant training, requires very little maintenance and has a fast flowering time, perfect for commercial growers wanting big yields in a short time.

Genetics: When it comes to stability, you can rely on Northern Light feminized as she is an interbred line. Meaning she has been backcrossed to the point of a pure lineage. Using our Afghani, we were able to create a line that is extremely uniform and homogenous. She grows exceptionally well in a Sea of Green and is one of the toughest strains on the planet suited for both hot and colder climates.

Strain Characteristics: Thanks to her Afghani heritage, expect this lady to grow short and stocky, with a fat main stem. She will grow with a dark green, waxy appearance where she will finish low and not stretch much once flowered. Her internodal spacing will remain short and tightly stacked, meaning when she flowers her buds will grow into small, rock hard nugs filling up the entire branches.

Flowering time will take as little as 7 weeks making her one of the fastest blooming strains we offer. We advise growing her closely together in a Sea of Green formation, as

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she remains low and out of sight, she is well suited for balcony and terraces. Yields of 400 – 500 g/m² can be expected. THC will range between 16-20% and her terpene profile is a vintage old school, earthy, spicy, with overtones of fruity and floral fragrances.

Experiencing this strain: Northern Light feminized is a strong strain, that has a very happy, giggly and dream state effect. Smoking her long enough will leave your eyes feeling puffy with a big smile on your face. She can have a heavy physical effect due to full blooded indica effects, so is best suited for evening times, or when you are putting your feet up with nothing to do.

The flavours when smoking a very bold, spicy with an under lining earthy funk, that lingers in the mouth long after the exhale. Medical patients may find this strain useful for relief of stress, insomnia, inflammation, muscle spasms and reducing feelings of anxiety.

What makes this strain so great: She is one of the toughest strains on the block and produces excellent results in the worst of climates. Dense, frosty buds that will put you to sleep if you keep coming back. Perfect for beginner growers and commercial growers looking for something superb.

Quote from a customer: “Very dense buds with a strong intense high. Can make you dizzy so you’ll want to sit down and watch a movie. Strong grower and has a good yield. 3oz+ is not uncommon with this plant. Perfect for stealth grow as it has little smell while growing and flowering in comparison to many. I even got 3oz off using 8 75W equivalent CFL’s with this on one of my first grows. ” – Glenn L.