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Oakville seeds marijuana

Oakville seeds marijuana

HYRYSE™ collection points accept all types of cannabis packages, from any licensed producer, for any package type. Whether it’s packaging for flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, or seeds, we collect it all! Just make sure it is clean before you drop it off.

Vape Products

HYRYSE™ accepts all cannabis vape products from any licensed producer, including vape pens, vape cartridges, and the packaging they come in. Do you still have the box and plastic your vape product came in? Drop it off in the Cannabis packaging box.

Who is Ryse Solutions™?

Ryse Solutions™ works with companies to help them adapt to the changing demands of regulations and internal sustainability targets. Ryse Solutions™ is experienced in developing multi-material recovery programs and has decided to use these skills in the cannabis industry to pursue a more circular economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about dropping off Vape Cartridges?

Make sure cartridges have been used up, and put the cartridges in sealable plastic bags to prevent leaking. You can put multiple cartridges in one plastic bag. Please keep vape pens out of the plastic bags.

Why can’t I recycle my cannabis packaging at home?

Some Municipal recycling programs accept the types of packaging used for cannabis products, while others do not. Also, not all residents have convenient access to recycling services. The HYRYSE™ program provides a convenient option for consumers to return their empty cannabis packaging when they enter a store for their next purchase. The real benefit is that our program ensures all collected packaging is delivered directly to our recycling partner, who verifies all recyclable packaging is properly recovered. Something municipal recycling programs do not do.

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Where do the products go?

We send Cannabis packaging to one of our trusted partners, ReVital Polymers in Sarnia, Ontario and Vape products to various Ontario facilities. Everything stays in Canada!

What’s the difference between landfill diversion and recycling?

Recycling products and packaging are what we prefer to do—sorting, washing and pelletizing plastic packaging so that the materials can be used repeatedly to make new packaging and products. Vape pens are sent for recycling at one of Canada’s largest electronics recycling facilities. Landfill diversion is what we do when recycling isn’t possible. When it comes to vape cartridges, we cannot recycle cartridges per Canadian law as they contained a controlled substance. What we can do is ensure that cartridges are recovered for energy at an energy from waste facility.

What’s different between your recycling program and other cannabis package recycling programs?

Plenty! The HYRYSE™ program is run by a BIPOC family-owned, female-led Canadian company, who partners with other green Canadian companies. From recyclables collection to sorting and processing, it’s all done in Canada. That is not only good for accountability and traceability but also for the Canadian economy. Our process is also different. We analyze the packaging collected through this program to help cannabis companies determine what types of packaging are better for the circular economy and what types of packaging are easier to recycle. This will help licensed producers make better packaging decisions. This isn’t about merely trying to recycle the packaging that is dropped off. It’s about making sure future packaging is more recyclable.

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When will a store with the HYRYSE™ program open near me?

Ryse Solutions™ has partnered with Delta 9 as their inaugural partner and we are trying to get more retailers and more licensed producers to join our program. Know a store that should join? Tell them to go to to learn more!

Learn more about HYRYSE™

Ryse Solutions Inc. works with producers and packaging suppliers to provide compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions to meet ever-changing regulatory and sustainability demands. Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in circular economy solutions, including the design, implementation and management of producer responsibility programs, which cover a broad range of materials, such as tires, waste electronics, hard-to-recycle packaging and batteries. Backed by a well-developed network of collection, processing and end-market assets, we also offer solutions to producers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers, which include understanding the flow of material in recycling facilities; research and development on the recyclability of consumer plastic packaging and paper products; and, the development and optimization of commodity end markets.

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