Organic Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seed Company has announced a partnership with British Columbia-based Nymera to offer the first feminized, organic-certified seeds in the world to Canadian and global markets. Best Organic Marijuana Seeds Bonus – Great Organic Marijuana Seeds Emerald OG X Headband from California Breeder’s Association B. King from MTG Seeds Blueberry from Zambeza Seeds Discover the organic cannabis growing, 100% natural and ecological. ✓Tips ✓Seeds ✓Plants ✓Compost. Check it out!

Organic-Certified Cannabis Seeds Now Available

Humboldt Seed Company, the largest legal cannabis seed seller in California, has announced a partnership with British Columbia-based Nymera to offer the first feminized, organic-certified seeds in the world to Canadian and global markets. For the first time, Canadian licensed producers will have ready and consistent access to these time-tested heritage genetics and new varietals.

These organic Pro-Cert certified seeds are grown by Nymera, a licensed producer specializing in fresh frozen, terpene-rich, extraction-ready whole flower, on its 86 acres of pristine, organic farmland in Westwold, British Columbia, where Humboldt Seed Company’s cannabis breeding specialists guided the effort from day one.

Pro-Cert is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to provide third-party certification to the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) and its equivalency arrangements. This protection, along with the expertise gained by Humboldt Seed Company founder and CEO Nathaniel Pennington after decades of phenotype hunting and genetics development in Humboldt County and elsewhere, is now available by way of several notable varietals.

“We are excited to share a piece of Humboldt’s cannabis breeding heritage with the world,” says Ben Lind, Humboldt Seed Company’s Chief Science Officer. Lind has spent his career immersed in the culture of growing and breeding cannabis in Northern California, where his passion for saving artisanal varietals includes using ancient genetics as a foundation for creating the strains of the future.

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Nymera co-founder and CEO Rick Gill, whose work in the cannabis industry since 2016 has included hands-on cultivation experience, says the company is proud to partner with Humboldt Seed Company to help bring its genetics to Canadian and international cannabis cultivators.

“We recognize and appreciate the high level of care and professionalism that Humboldt Seed Company brings to the production of seeds,” Gill says.” Their unique talents, which make the brand so phenomenal in the first place, are ones we are determined to emulate.”

Best Organic Marijuana Seeds

Bonus – Great Organic Marijuana Seeds

Emerald OG X Headband from California Breeder’s Association

B. King from MTG Seeds

Blueberry from Zambeza Seeds

Everything that enters your body has an effect on your health and sense of well-being. For this reason, many people are becoming more cautious about the foods they consume. There is a growing demand for organically grown products. Why should cannabis be any different? When you smoke, vape or eat marijuana you are consuming any chemicals used in the production of that bud. In fact, since most people smoke unfiltered marijuana, a much higher percentage of pesticides and chemicals can enter your body than from smoking tobacco or eating vegetables. It isn’t just the growing process which should be natural or organic. Truly healthy marijuana, for both your body and the environment, starts with a seed.

What Are Organic Marijuana Seeds?

An organic seed comes from two parent plants that were grown organically, and it cannot be treated with any chemical afterwards. For a plant to be considered organically grown no pesticides or chemical fertilizers can be used at any stage of growth. Many vegetable seeds are treated with chemicals after harvest to improve germination or make them resistant to mold and rot. Organic seeds cannot be treated in these ways. When it comes to marijuana, there are not yet federal guidelines defining organic seeds. The term organic is actually federally regulated, and since the USDA does not recognize marijuana as a legitimate agricultural crop the word cannot legally be used to describe cannabis. However, there are a couple of other organizations that are attempting to certify cannabis to help smokers identify healthier buds. These organizations include Clean Green Certified and Certified Kind, both of which set strict standards for “organic” marijuana.

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Benefits of Growing Organic Marijuana

  • Physical Health – You’ll avoid smoking pesticide or fertilizer residues that could cause cancer or other health problems.
  • Better Flavor – Chemicals leave a clear flavor mark on the bud, often causing a harsh, acidic taste that is unpleasant to smoke.
  • Healthy Environment – The pesticides and chemicals used in all sorts of agriculture end up in the soil and the water table, creating algal blooms, killing native vegetation, poisoning wildlife and damaging the soil.

Is Organic the Best Way to Grow Marijuana?

While organic buds are wonderful, there are other techniques to grow environmentally conscious, healthy marijuana. Organic is a catchy word that is popular right now, but its requirements are limited to the use of chemicals during growing. Other growing techniques such as biodynamic gardening and permaculture methods take a more holistic view. In addition to avoiding chemicals, these gardening philosophies focus on improving the soil and the ecosystem while growing a crop. For instance: an organic marijuana grower may choose a packaged organic fertilizer for his hydroponics system. But if he over feeds his plants, which is easy to do, that fertilizer will end up going down the drain. It ends up in a local lake, where the high levels of nitrogen cause an algal bloom that blocks light from entering the water. The temperature of lake rises, the oxygen levels decrease, fish, plants and microbes die and a dead zone develops. While organically grown marijuana is a step in the right direction, organic isn’t enough to save delicate ecosystems surrounding cannabis farms. Choose organic marijuana seeds when you can, and then grow in an environmentally conscious way- this includes organic but goes beyond. For more information check out our article on Eco-Conscious Marijuana. Devendra please link to eco conscious weed article when it is published Please let us know which organic strains you love to grow and smoke.

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Best Organic Marijuana Seeds

Here is a collection of our Top 10 favorite strains of organic marijuana seeds, from seedbanks large and small.

#1 Mandala Seeds – Hashberry

Best For: Medicinal Applications, Great for Baking

About Hashberry:

Mandala Seeds offers high quality, 100% organic cannabis seeds. Hashberry, a potent Indica gaining fame for its medicinal qualities, is one of their best-selling strains. When smoked the sweet and skunky buds induce an initial expansive high followed by a relaxing physical stone that melts away pain, anxiety and stress. Use Hashberry to relieve insomnia, nausea, chronic pain and migraines.

Organic Cannabis Growing

Taking care of the environment and creating a sustainable economy have always been the two main priorities of Humboldt Seed Organization. We’re a seed bank made of farmers and breeders who have spent years growing in the mountains of California using organic farming techniques that have a smaller environmental impact. This section features all that is to know about organic cannabis cultivation, including topics as diverse as compost, crop rotation, biodiversity, the development of habitats or organic fertilizers. Join the Regenerative Cannabis Movement!