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Purple aurora seeds

Aurora Indica Seeds – Feminized

A descendant of the famous Northern Lights and Afghani, the Aurora Indica strain aims to glorify its ancestors. You will remember the flavor which is earthy with hints of wood and kush. Aurora Indica seeds are a gift for first-timers due to the easiness of growing. This indica dominant hybrid is short and stocky with dense buds. The effects are relaxing and happy. Get ready to meet the psychedelic high: it rises like the dawn.


Indoor 1.3 – 1.6 (oz/ft2)

Outdoor 14 – 21 oz per plant


Indoor 63 – 77 days


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Growing Aurora Indica Strain Seeds

Aurora Indica is a 90% Indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Afghan and Northern Lights. A decent level of THC (14-19%) speaks for itself. CBD levels are, however, very low – up to 0.1%. The aroma of this particular strain is earthy with hints of kush and wood. The effects of this strain are relaxation and happiness.

As a hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights, the Aurora Indica seeds develop into relatively short and stocky plants, growing to a height of around 90cm, with wide long leaves. This hybrid is nice and easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors, even for people who are just making the first steps in cultivating weed seeds. The Aurora Indica seeds plant will reward everyone’s naturalist interest with oblong buds covered in white resin crystal powder. Even veterans will appreciate this strain from the first puff. Cultivate this funny pike in the open or use hydro. Growers will achieve their own level of calmness in the way they prefer.

The flowering time of this marijuana plant is 63 to 77 days, which makes it a long-maturing hybrid that requires patience from growers. Growers can expect to harvest up to 21 ounces (595 grams) per plant when grown outdoors and up to 1.6 ounces per square foot (460 grams per square meter) indoors – these are very high yields!

Aurora Indica produces dense buds covered in resin that exude some impressive crystals – this marijuana strain would make any grower proud!

Aurora Indica seeds absolutely love poor soils, thanks to the Afghani side of the family. This marijuana strain is well-known as a tiny bushy plant with good genetics. Sometimes it develops one main cola.

Although we can’t call this almost pure Indo hybrid a high-yielder, it delivers very resinous high-quality yields decorated with long sharp leaves. The easy level of cultivation is a strong quality of Aurora Indica seeds strain, too. Growers should make sure they know how to create the required condition for their green friend indoors.

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Aurora Indica Preferred Climate and Conditions

Aurora Indica is a short and bushy plant that grows well in warm climates. This strain was bred for indoor cultivation but can also be grown outdoors. The plant produces large, dense buds with a high THC concentration.


This particular strain is best suited for indoor cultivation due to its short height and heavy yields. These plants grow very short, so there is no need to worry about the space a lot! It’s recommended to give the plants 18 hours of light during the vegetative stage and 12 hours of light during the flowering stage. Aurora Indica plants are also heavy feeders, so make sure to fertilize them regularly!


As an Afghani child, Aurora Indica will appreciate the warm temperature and continental-like microclimate. Growers who are deciding to buy Aurora Indica seeds for outdoor growing, have no fear and apply this method for the strain. These plants grow very short, so there is no need to worry about space a lot! Aurora Indica plants are heavy feeders, so make sure to fertilize them regularly! The harvest can be produced outdoors if the plants are given enough space to develop (at least one square foot per plant).


This strain was bred for indoor cultivation but can also be grown outdoors. The plant produces large, dense buds with a high THC concentration. Aurora Indica is a great choice for indoor growers because it produces high yields of potent buds! One can expect to get 1.3 to 1.6 ounces per square foot of growing space when using a 12-12 lighting schedule. When grown outdoors in warm climates, Aurora Indica plants can produce 14 to 21 ounces per plant!

Aurora Indica Flowering Time

The Aurora Indica has a flowering time of 63 to 77 days. This indica-dominant hybrid is a great choice for indoor growers because it doesn’t get too tall – usually only reaching about 3 to 4 feet in height. Thanks to their indica dominance, they don’t stretch too much during the flowering stage – meaning cultivators won’t have to worry about them getting too big for the grow room!

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Aurora Indica watering schedule is pretty easy to follow. Growers should water their plants every day during the vegetative stage, and then every other day during the flowering stage. Make sure to use good quality soil, as this will help cannabis plants absorb nutrients more efficiently.

This strain has a high THC content, making it a great choice for those looking for a potent indica-dominant hybrid. As with any indica-dominant strain, the Aurora Indica is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing night-time smoke, for those looking to unwind after a long day. This strain also has a strong earthy, kush flavor that is sure to please any cannabis connoisseur.

Aurora Indica Effects

Aurora Indica’s THC content ranges from 14% to 19%, making it a potent choice for those looking for a relaxing body high. The effects of Aurora Indica come on quickly, and once they reach the body, they provide users with a sense of relaxation and sedation that can last for several hours.

This strain is definitely a couch locker. That relaxing bodily effect that everyone seek in any Indo high will manifest itself here. This strain provides a nice company for cerebral calmness and users will also notice the slight psychedelic notes.

The main attribute of Aurora Indica seeds, in the medical sense, is the plant’s ability to relieve nausea. Additional true-to-type options are characteristic of many medical cannabis strains with a high THC level. Doctors can prescribe Aurora Indica to patients if they are suffering from chronic pain, cramps, migraines or having difficulties getting asleep fast.

Users can also help themselves to increase their appetite by smoking Aurora Indica. Besides that, it may be a good choice for those suffering from anxiety, stress, and insomnia. (Warning: Never consume cannabis for treating medical illnesses without prior consultation with a doctor!)

Couch-lock is a second name for any good Indo, including Aurora Indica. One negative effect that smokers sometimes experience is dehydration, which feels like they have a piece of dry cotton in their mouths. Some users also rarely report feeling uneasy and anxious in cases of overindulgence. Longing for munchies is common for some users too.

Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds

Aurora Indica cannabis is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 90/10 ratio. This marijuana strain produces short plants that are easy to grow, making it a good choice for beginners. Aurora Indica has a high THC content, up to 19%, which makes it suitable for growers who want to grow a relatively potent cannabis strain. The plant produces dense buds that are covered in sticky trichomes. The aroma and taste of this marijuana are earthy and woody, with hints of kush. Aurora Indica induces relaxation and sleepiness, making it a good choice for nighttime use.

Aurora Indica Appearance

Aurora Indica plants are short and squat, with wide leaves that are deep forest green. The buds of this strain are dense and round, with a mix of light and dark green leaves. The calyxes are small and compact, with orange pistils that stand out against the green backdrop. This strain is also covered in trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance.

Aurora Indica Aroma

The Aurora Indica aroma is a mix of earthy and herbal scents, with a touch of sweetness. It is pretty typical for crosses with Indica dominance. Users will sense the pungent smell of wood with earthy notes. Also, some users report sensing hints of orange and melon or pine, depending on phenotype development.

When Aurora Indica is smoked or vaped, the taste is earthy and woody, with a herbal touch. The aftertaste is smooth and pleasant, making this strain a great choice for those who are looking for something relaxing and enjoyable.

Aurora Indica Fragrance

The fragrance of Aurora Indica is a mix of earthy and herbal scents, with a touch of sweetness. When growers open up their stash, they are met with a strong smell of herbs and wood. As they break apart the buds, they also notice a sweet undertone that reminds them of honey. When smoked or vaporized, the taste is earthy and sweet.

Aurora Indica Flavors

Aurora Indica is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s beloved for its ability to produce incredibly relaxing effects. The buds have a woody, herbal flavor with hints of kush, making it a great choice for those who enjoy earthy strains. The smoke is smooth and easy on the lungs, making it a great option for those who are new to smoking or who have sensitivities.

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The high is cerebral and happy, perfect for those who want to relax without feeling too out of it. The Aurora Indica strain is also known for its ability to produce some pretty intense munchies, so be sure to have some snacks on hand before smoking!

Aurora Indica Terpenes

The terpene profile of Aurora Indica contains linalool, myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene. It has a very sweet and floral aroma with hints of woodiness.

  1. Linalool is a terpene that smells like lavender and has a floral aroma with hints of sweetness to it. Linalool can find it in flowers like lavender and coriander (cilantro), herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, and citrus peel (orange). Linalool also helps improve memory retention power.
  2. Myrcene has an earthy-like aroma similar to clove oil or bay leaves. This terpene can be found in the aromatic herb thyme along with hops (a bitter spice contributing to the flavor of beer), basil, parsley, rosemary, sage; as well as citrus peels (orange).
  3. Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene that smells like pepper and cloves. This terpene is found in black pepper, cloves, rosemary, and hops. Caryophyllene is known to interact with the CB2 receptors in the body.
  4. Humulene is aromatic and has a woody, herbal flavor similar to hops. It can be found in herbs like sage and basil.

Aurora Indica Genetics

  1. Aurora Indica feminized seeds are a cross of Afghan and Northern Lights.
  2. It is an Indica dominant strain that contains 90% Indica and 10% Sativa.
  3. The plant grows to a short height and produces dense, resinous buds.
  4. Its aroma is earthy with herbal and woody undertones, while its flavor is Kush-like with a hint of sweetness.
  5. The effects are relaxing and happy, with a cerebral edge that can sometimes make users feel sleepy.
  6. The THC level ranges from 14% to 19%, while CBD levels are 0 – 0.1%.
  7. This strain is easy to grow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Aurora Indica Seeds From Magic Garden

As the sun sets behind the snow-capped mountains, a deep blue sky is slowly fading into purple hues. It’s time to head back inside and warm up by the fire with a cup of tea in hand. But before you do, take one last look at the stars – they’re so bright and beautiful! This particular strain of Aurora Indica will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud; it’s that dreamy and relaxing.

For people looking for an indica that will help them wind down after a long day, this is definitely the one they need. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Purple Aurora Strain Review – Bonza Blog

A relative newcomer to the cannabis scene, Purple Aurora is not one to sit around and wait as other Indica-dominant hybrids rise in the ranks. It is a head-turner with a striking bag appeal and mesmerizing flavors. But, it is its spellbinding high that captures the hearts of many as it is both energizing and serenely therapeutic.

Its captivating appearance as well as relaxing nature is inherently backed up by one of the top 10 Kush strains in the world, Purple Kush. With it, the buds develop a frosty coat that reminds users of its place of origin. Alaska Built later paired the strain with Purple Auto, where it received its quick-flowering Ruderalis genes and enhanced performance in the garden. Moreover, it adds immense value to its medical benefits.

Both the body and mind experience a profound sense of wellness upon combustion. Its fragrant and smooth smoke sets up the ideal atmosphere to wind down to and while laidback activities are still possible, basking in idle contentment is a better option.

Purple Aurora Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Purple Kush x Purple Auto
Sativa / Indica Ratio 35/60/5
THC % 18% to 20%
CBD % Up to 2%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 10 weeks
Average Yield 600 g/sqm / 700 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Like other purple strains, Purple Aurora exudes a strong overtone of grapes. Enhancing it is a fruity blend of lemon, skunk, and berry. With fumes as smooth as wine, the sweet and citrus flavors wash over the mouth with an enticing smoke that is quite easy on the lungs. On the exhale, the non-astringent quality of its floral aftertaste leave a soothing aftertaste.


Purple Aurora is a relatively fast-acting strain for an Indica. It begins with a euphoric cerebral buzz that extends until its full effects have taken over the body. Although it starts gently, it is important to remember that it is potent enough to deliver a couch-locking high when used beyond individual tolerance.

Used within limits, the effects are quite pleasant. Its initial euphoria stimulates the mind and enhances the mood. The resulting mental clarity heightens focus and, along with elevated motivation, helps casual users stay focused on tasks throughout the day.

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Purple Aurora Effects – Image powered by

Eventually, the space created by the uplifting buzz is eventually filled by a tingling sensation. It trickles down from the temples down to the toes. Surging through the muscles is the signature Indica effects of the strain which knead it like dough. It unties knots and relieves tightness. Most people end up heavily immobile and lost in a sea of deep thoughts and tranquility. Even with a relatively moderate dosage, it could quickly turn into a body-numbing, sedating high.

The freedom from tension, physical and mental, can be quite an arousing experience. Its aphrodisiac qualities engulf the body in a primal need to spend time with a loved one or a significant other. Hence, enthusiasts may also enjoy the strain as a bedtime companion.

Adverse Reactions

It is not unusual to experience the typical red or dry eyes as well as a cottonmouth. After all, it does have cannabinoids that interfere with the body’s natural ability to produce moisture which can be remediated with water. Although it goes away with time, users should be wary of this herb. The psychoactive traits are not overwhelmingly intense cerebrally but, coupled by a couch lock and a heightened sensitivity toward one’s surroundings, can trigger anxiety nonetheless.

Medical Use and Benefits

Purple Aurora is a user’s ticket to a relaxing evening or day off. Once the full effects of its euphoric high spread to the mind and the body, there is just no room for any forms of stress. The sense of calmness enveloping one’s whole being is uplifting and helpful in managing symptoms of mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The clarity is also a source of comfort for patients with ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorder.

Purple Aurora Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

Apart from promoting positive vibes and instilling a deep sense of happiness, it is also a potent analgesic capable of significantly reducing or wiping out tensions from the body and the muscles. Together with its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, it provides a reprieve from the ill-effects of uncontrollable cramps or spasms and headaches. At the same time, it also reinvigorates the body to free it from fatigue.

Sleeping is a near given when using Purple Aurora. As such, it has value to patients who need quality sleep as well as in fighting sleep disorders.

Growing Purple Aurora

Purple Aurora is a compact plant that grows up from 30 cm to 60 cm making it an ideal to an indoor grow room. Of course, this is not to say the plant will not thrive outdoors. On the contrary, its Ruderalis genes provide it added resistance to the cold, fluctuations in temperature, and humidity. Not to mention, it flowers quickly too.

Though naturally sturdy and productive, some basic gardening skills are still required. Applying LST or Low-Stress Training methods like the Sea of Green further shortens the flowering period by utilizing space. It places plants close together so hormones can influence the other’s growth.

Because it tends to be bushy, it is necessary to trim and prune the plant often. This will not only provide even air and light in the lower nodes, it will also encourage better NPK distribution. With regard to nutrients, it is necessary to balance it out by looking at factors such as pH as it can influence uptake. Although, it does not need as many nutrients to begin with due to its relatively small root mass. Over fertilizing can be avoided by feeding it with 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrients.

Once it is ready for harvest, expect beautiful purple leaves with dense green buds covered by a thick layer of trichomes and orange pistils after a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Indoors, it typically yields in the range of 600 grams of buds. In gardens or farms, flowers typically weigh at least 700 grams of buds per plant.

Purple Aurora Growing – Image powered by

It is worth noting that the anthocyanins responsible for the purple hues could be triggered by shocking the plant – exposing it to 15 degrees Celsius. It should be done before harvesting to avoid stunting growth or significantly reducing the yield.

Have you grown or used the Purple Aurora strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.