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Rainbow lime og seeds


The culmination of over 3 years of work. This IX line represents the closest thing to the Moonbow #112 in seed form we have created. Intuitively, one would think that a BX line or something similar would yield the most, true to form, clone re-creation. But that is not always the case. In this instance, it was clear upon testing that a male selection from the Moonbow 112 F2 line would reproduce superior results to the BX1 line we made. Thus the Moonbow 112 IX line was born. A faithful recreation of the Original Moonbow #112 F1 selection of Zkittles x Dosidos. Tall, well structured plants yield grenade sized buds stacked on foot long colas. Dripping with blackberry currant zingy lime zkittles terps. Super sticky resin on most phenos, with a small population grainy and suited for water hash. There are some 4-5% washers, but this line is really focused on flower quality, first and foremost. Several phenos to be found that are marked improvements on the overall line’s best characteristics. Even above the #112 clone itself.

12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time: 63-72 Days

Lineage: Moonbow #112 F1 x Moonbow #112 F2 #60

Growth Pattern: Tall cola dominant growth structure with a medium/tall stretch.


Moonbow #112 x Planet Purple F2 #144

Moon Glow

Moonbow #112 x Planet Purple F2 #144

((Zkittles x Dosidos) #112) x ((Zkittlez x Dosidos) x (Sunset Sherbert x Dosidos) F2 #144)

Glow she does. The Moonbow #112, a multiple award and cannabis cup winning selection, produces stunning progeny. This proprietary selection never disappoints with her blackberry jam, zkittles soaked, zingy skunky kush aroma and perfectly balanced flavor of candy and petrol. The Planet Purple #144 male adds a bit earthier, kushier, sunset sherbert red wine/gelato runtz note to the progeny, while improving the resin content and bag appeal of the Moonbow #112. Not that either parent is lacking in those departments. Colorful plants with long stacked running colas will fill your canopy with juicy sweet earthy diesel zkittles terps on strong well branched plants. Our favorite phenotypes lean to the Moonbow side but with a unique fizzy funk to the flowers. An excellent hashmaker’s variety, with some phenotypes easily pushing past 6% yield on fresh frozen material.

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12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time: 60-72 Days

Lineage: Moonbow #112 x Planet Purple F2 #144

Growth Pattern: Medium well-branched profile. Does well as main cola dominant or Topped. Medium Stretch.


(PNW Dogshit x Zkittles) #2 x (Moonbow #112 F2) #60

Mountain Apple

(PNW Dogshit x Zkittles) #2 x (Moonbow #112 F2) #60

The PNW Dogshit is a clone we’ve held for almost 20 years. Likely a descendant of some of the first haze hybrids to hit American shores after being preserved and redistributed from Amsterdam in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Reminiscent of the finest NL5/Haze, she leans towards the Colombian side of the haze genome. With a juicy – sweet fruit spicy haze aroma and soaring cerebral high. The smoke from the end of a joint will have people rubber necking in every direction. Unique and unmistakable incensed odor. While modern consumers (or their suppliers) have moved towards purple and photogenic. There is a much needed reintroduction of Classic genetics to the modern gene pool. To not only to explore the possibilities of the old genetics mixed with the new. But to hopefully insert some unrelated genes to the marketplace, and to help prevent inbreeding depression. This hybrid is a prime example of reaching for that goal. Having the Z on both sides of the line helped retain the candied dank qualities it’s known for, and a more modern appeal to consumers. At the same time, the other parent lines are able to impart their best traits to the progeny as well. Flavors range from caramel candied apple pie crust terps to ripe mountain apple incensed Z funk. A really fun line that could open up an entire new realm of possibilities within an F2. Increased vigor and yield over similarly constructed hybrids of today. The introduction of the old Dog Shit genome really opens up the possibilities for hybridizing this with other lines. Recommended for the adventurous grower looking to add something different to their stable.

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12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time: 65-77 Days

Lineage: PNW Dogshit x Zkittles) #2 x (Moonbow #112 F2) #60

Growth Pattern: Tall Elongated Colas. Big Plants. Hybrid VigorTall Candelabra with Stretch


(Rainbow Belts 1.0 #20 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60)

Rainbow Belts 3.0

(Rainbow Belts #20 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60)

Building off the success and momentum of the original lines, the Rainbow Belts 3.0 is a continuation of the breeding and line work that has made Rainbow Belts a staple in so many lineups. The line having accomplished so much, in such a short period of time, is a testament to its considerable heritage, and the selective breeding practices at Archive Seed Bank. In just a few years, both lines have won countless water hash and flower competitions, including the Ego Clash hash competition, High Times cups, and countless regional awards from growers that popped their own seeds and found their own cup winning phenotypes!

The Rainbow Belts Original and 2.0 are world renown for consistently locking in the Zkittles terp profile, which has been the main tenet of the project. All the while, doing rigorous testing and phenotype selection of subsequent lines, to improve every other metric of the original cultivar. We accomplished retaining that terpene profile, while also injecting the genetic spread with a wide range of Limey, candied, petroleum fumed dank classic skunky herb notes, too many of the phenotypes.

The multiple cannabis competition-winning Moonbow 112 F2 line has been rigorously tested to ensure the consistency of the phenotypes and range of traits it delivers. Long, spear-shaped dense resin-packed colas, is what the Moonbow 112, and F2 line is bred for. The line also promotes a taller more stretchy profile that stacks, to complement the lip-smacking Rainbow Belts #20 mother cuts, more bushy structure. This male produces progeny that is much more productive and commercially viable, with more color and resin, than the Zkittles dominant 2.0 line. The #60 male, in particular, that was used, has put out several 6% plus hash champions with all the volatile terpenes we love, retained! A true wonder for the solventless hash producer. Dry, sandy resin phenotypes that are packed with gobstopper, blue sour patch, tropical Zkittles overtones. Backing that flavor up is an intense, face-melting kush dominant smoke, that is THICK with the old school OG Kush-backed power the old heads demand! All that potency hailing from the distant parental lineages from the Original Face Off OG line used to create this modern marvel of cannabis hybridization.

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Rainbow Cake Female Cannabis Seeds by Pheno Finder Seeds

Rainbow Cake cannabis seeds from Pheno Finder Seeds is the latest release from this innovative, international seed company and could actually be their finest creation to date.

Rainbow Cake is derived from a cross of Archive Seed Bank’s elite Rainbow Belts and the classy Wedding Cake which has provided the basis for so many of the sweet, vanilla strains coming out of Colorado this year.
Rainbow Belts is an elite, top-shelf hybrid in its own right ( Zkittlez x Moonbow #75 ) and one that we struggle to keep in stock at PureSativa . This exciting new cross is sure to be popular given that she exhibits the very best characteristics of both her parent strains.

Legally-operating growers can look forward to prolific, vigorous plants with insane resin production coating the entire top of each cola. Flavours and aromas are truly unique – fruit, cream, lime citrus and kush-led funk all fuse into layers of deliciousness that make this strain a potential Cup winner in coming years – a truly astonishing terpene profile. She flowers in around 65-70 days and her dank, dense flowers would look well gracing the top shelf of any dispensary in the world.
Just like Rainbow Belts before her, Rainbow Cake has a frankly ludicrous potency: legally orchestrated test-grows show THC levels in excess of 25%. Take due note here – this is not a strain for novices.

Rainbow Cake from Pheno Finder Seeds is certain to be in high demand. She’s available now from PureSativa in packs of 5 feminised seeds and you can enjoy FREE UK DELIVERY on all retail orders over £40.