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Silver garden seeds

Silver garden seeds

Farm Direct flower seed, wildflower seed, grass seed, Oregon native seed, vegetable seeds and cereal grain seeds for your farm, lawn, landscape or gardening projects.

At Silver Falls Seed we strive to bring you top quality flower, wildflower, native, forage and grass seeds for your farm, landscaping, lawn or garden.

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Featured Seeds

Hollyhock – Tall Wild

Sloughgrass – American

Poppy – California Orange

Sunflower – Velvet Queen

Wallflower – Siberian

Five Spot

Alyssum – Sweet Tall White

Poppy – California Purple Gleam

Baby’s Breath – Covent Garden White

Sunflower – Dwarf Sunspot

Lupine – Small Flowered Bi-Color

Candytuft – Dwarf Fairy Mix

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Purchase various seed types in large bulk for resale.

Producing seed for wild flowers, flowers and grass, providing seed cleaning and contract production.

Informational website on different species of flowers produced for seed in Oregon.

Informational website on different species of grasses produced for seed in Oregon.

Corn Seeds – Silver Queen Hybrid Sweet

Silver Queen sweet corn has been a home garden staple for years. This late-season variety matures a week or so later than most sweet corn varieties, but it makes up for that with its amazing flavor and texture. It’s easy to grow since it’s fairly sturdy and disease-resistant, and it yields big, tasty ears. Each ear is filled to the brim with delicious, tender kernels. If you’ve never grown corn or you’ve had trouble in the past, Silver Queen could be a great option! 88 days to maturity. Zea mays.

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Corn Seeds – Silver Queen Hybrid Sweet

Corn does best when directly sown outside after all danger of frost is over. Space seeds four inches apart, and make sure you plant in several short rows (a block shape) rather than long rows. This helps with pollination.

Chard Italian Silver Rib – Renee’s Garden Seeds

A long-time favorite of Italian cooks for its flavor and substance, this fine variety has wide, crisp, silvery-white midribs and crinkled, shiny green leaves. The large-framed, handsome plants grow easily and vigorously from spring through late fall. Heirloom Silver Rib produces an abundance of big succulent leaves with sweet crunchy stalks to enjoy as mild, mellow-tasting greens. You’ll find it consistently delicious simply steamed with fresh lemon, sautéed with aromatics or added to stir-fries, soups, and casseroles.

Days to Germinate

Days to Harvest


In early spring when danger of hard frost is over, sow seeds in well-worked, fertile soil in full sun. Sow seeds 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart in rows 10 inches apart, or broadcast very thinly for bed planting. Firm soil well over these irregularly shaped seeds to ensure good germination. If first sowing germinates unevenly, plant more seed in the rows as seedlings catch up quickly. Thin when seedlings are large enough to handle, using thinnings as early greens. Final spacing should be 12 to 18 inches apart so chard plants have room to mature.


Chard grows well in a wide range of conditions and can take some frost. In mild winter areas, it can be grown year round. Thin seedlings well as chard grows into large vase-shaped plants 2 feet tall.

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Begin harvesting when plants are well established and have 6 to 8 stalks. Both the crunchy succulent stalks and leaves make great eating. Chop and sauté chard with garlic and olive oil or pair with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Try steamed and topped with a sprinkle of vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Use like spinach in lasagna or minestrone soup.