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Skunk+ seeds

Skunk Special strain

The Skunk Special strain, also known as Red Skunk, descends from the infamous Red Skunk clones that conquered the Netherlands in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The Skunk Special plant is the result of several S1 lines that were bred with a 25% share of Automatic. The current line has been selected over several generations to keep the correct and essential Skunk traits, while still creating a fast flowering strain.

Skunk Special shows almost no differences between individuals, making it one of the most stable and homogeneous cannabis strains selected from thousands of plants. Skunk Special is a powerful and strong cannabis plant with thick, solid stems that form enormously dense buds during the flowering phase. Skunk Special has beautiful looking red pistils that give this plant a graceful appearance.

Skunk Special is equally suitable for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing in temperate and/or warm Mediterranean climates. She is an extremely high-yielding outdoor behemoth with a massive trichome production.

The hemp plant appreciates being fed with good nutrients. Start with a light “feeding” and gradually increase the amount of nutrients to achieve optimal growth. Light nutrient feeding also helps to avoid deficiency symptoms. Skunk Special definitely likes a lot of light! To be more specific, it’s the wide red spectrum that helps her reach her full potential yield.

The smell can be described as tremendously pungent and citrusy, with the classic cat piss smell of an old school Skunk. Enjoy a very clean smoke over the buds. A skunky and slightly sweet taste that becomes pleasantly sour towards the end.

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The effect of Skunk Special by Female Seeds, is a mild relaxing body high that causes a tingling sensation, combined with a very pleasant head high. Skunk Special cannabis seeds are especially interesting for absolute Skunk lovers. The plants develop an extremely intense Skunk smell. There are certainly stronger Skunk strains, but none that produce a stronger Skunk aroma and such good yields. Yield: Indoor 400 – 550 g/m² | Outdoor 500 – 800 g/plant

Skunk Strains

Skunk strains are believed to have originated in the United States before development by Dutch growers. Skunk is a hybrid of s ativa and i ndica , dominating both varieties in different strains. This iconic strain first hit the market in the 1970s and has since given rise to multiple other strains that most cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with.

Skunk is a rather beautiful crop, radiating with sugar leaves in shades of light-yellow and faded green, mixed with a bit of silvery-grey and orange. Often the buds contain many patches of bright, bright orange pistils that curl and twist throughout the sugar leaves, and a thick coating of trichrome usually coats the surface of these densely packed balls of herb.

The aroma of Skunk is a spicy and sometimes overwhelming scent that has become a preference amongst medical marijuana patients and recreational pot smokers. It has a strong earthy, musky, and skunky smell with hints of jasmine, sweet and sour, and fruity aromas.

POPULAR STRAINS: include Super Skunk, Chocolate Skunk Auto and Skunk #1

Check out this strain profile from our very own Original Skunk #1 on our blog.

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