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South beach seeds

South Beach Novelties and Genetics

South Beach Novelties & Genetics is offerings you the finest line up of Organic Hemp Seeds. Growing and Cultivating Hemp is still illegal in most countries and states. It will be your responsibility to thoroughly research and undertand the laws and regulations in your state or country. We at South Beach Novelties and Genetics are not responsible for your failure to do so. Germination and Cultivation of Hemp Seeds is not recommended. Our products are indended for collectors and novelty purposes only.

Currently available: Ghost Rider 5pk FEM, Grape Cookiez 5pk FEM, Frosty Punch 5 pk FEM, Wedding Smasher 5pk FEM, Forbidden Runtz 5pk FEM, Purple Goo 5 pk FEM, Gassy Lemons 5 pk FEM, Frosted Daze 5pk FEM– All 5 pks are $65 USD + Free Shipping (US ONLY)

Petunia Easy Wave South Beach Mix 1,000 seeds

More mounded than Wave, spread 3″ earlier in short days, needs less PGR, for baskets or beds, Red, Violet, Coral Reef – ‘tunias in ‘kinis. Grows to a height of about 12 inches From seeds to Sales in about 14 weeks. GERMINATION Tips: Needs Light to germinate! Do Not cover with soil or other planting medium! 70-80 Degrees Fahrenheit Packaage Size 1,000 seeds Product Code P6542PLV Annual

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