Spanish Cannabis Seed Banks

List of Marijuana Seeds available, autoflowering, feminized and regular. We work with the best brands of Cannabis seeds. Discover the ✅ most important Spanish seed banks ✅ and meet the best varieties of cannabis ❤️️ they offer. Cannabis is partly legalized in Spain, so it is not difficult to find an address to buy cannabis seeds in this country. You can easily buy seeds at real


Ace Seeds is one of the best seedbanks in collecting pure strains and doing hybridization processes, also produces it’s Cannabis strains using organic farming methods.

Currently we have available the feminized strains of Ace Seeds marijuana seedbank.

Advanced Seeds Marijuana seedbank produces all their genetics under the organic farm methods. This spanish seed bank has an extensive catalogue of autoflowering and feminised strains.

This American seedbank is characterized by giving a Zen touch to all its creations, Artizen Seeds takes care from the first moment the development of their strains until the moment of sale for your enjoyment.

At this moment we offer you the feminized varieties of Artizen Seeds.

Cheap marijuana seeds

Sale of the best selection of cheap marijuana seeds, more than 30 seed banks available in original package or per unit. We offer you the most popular cheap seeds with free shipping and gift seeds from 30€.

All the cheap seeds you can find in this links come from our exclusive catalog of seeds, that is why we can assure that they are of the highest quality possible, although it’s price is economic, but not for that reason there is a decrease of quality. Discover all the cheap marijuana seeds of Natural Experience by clicking on the following links:

Click on the links above to find the best economic marijuana strains, pure strains and high quality crosses available at the best price here.

Cannabis seed bank Barney’s Farm, originated in Holland, meet the real rulers of the last 30 years cannabis cups. Thay have more awards than any other seedbank in the world.

We have an article about this Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank (in spanish) Find more about Barney’s Farm.

Few manufacturers can afford to offer such high quality standards at such cheap prices. We have your catalog of autoflowering varieties, access the Autoflowering Big Buddha Seeds.

Buddha Seeds | Manufacturer of Cannabis seeds, this was one of the first banks to be established in Spain.

Cannabiogen is a Spanish Cannabis seed bank specialist in genetics of the world.

You can get more information of this Spanish Cannabis seed bank (in spanish) Learn more about Cannabiogen.

The CBD Crew seed bank seeds comes from the join venture of the most outstanding breeders of the history of Cannabis, nothing more and nothing less than Howard Marks, Shantibaba And Jaime of Resin Seeds. This bank develops special medical marijuana strains.

The Delicious Seeds seed bank produces all its cannabis seeds for collectors with the best quality standards in the sector. This manufacturer has an extensive catalogue of autoflowering and feminized strains.

Dinafem Seeds is a Spanish marijuana seed bank with an extensive catalog of high quality strains.

DNA Genetics marijuana seed bank is Dutch, founded in Amsterdam. Great quality seeds since the year 2004.

Dr Underground marijuana seed bank has exceptional strains of Cannabis in its catalog, within it we can find Autoflowering and Feminized strains.

Dutch Passion Cannabis seed bank, is a pioneer in the development of feminized seeds. One of the first and best seedbanks.

You can get nmore information about the pioneers in feminizing cannabis seeds (in spanish) Learn more about Dutch Passion.

The Elite Seeds seed bank is based in Spain and it is one of the best in breeding strains with special and new cannabinoids such as THCV and CBDV. It is one of the Spanish seed banks that is at the forefront of research and has a wide catalogue of autoflowering and feminized seeds.

Eva Seeds Seedbank

Eva Seeds manufacturer of Cannabis seeds was born in Catalonia, all it’s seeds are feminized. Access all of Eva feminized genetics:

You can find out more about this Spanish marijuana seed bank in our blog (in spanish) go there!.

Autoflowering marijuana seedbank Fast Buds, specialized for years in providing high quality strains for cannabis enthusiasts. Access all the seeds of this seedbank in the following link or continue reading to know more.

In this catalog you can find strains for all kinds of needs, different sizes, flavors, smells, colors and effects. Discover the autoflowering seeds of Fast Buds seedbank.

The marijuana seed bank Female Seeds produces its strains on an organic and self-sufficient farm. Great quality at the cheapest price possible.

French Touch Seeds marijuana seed bank is from France, created in 2010 by an association of enthusiastic Cannabis growers. They offer a select and at the same time reduced high quality and strong French personality Cannabis seeds catalogue. French Touch Seeds preserves and improves Cannabis genetics, doing conservation and improvement of the species works.

In addition, this seed bank works closely with other collectives and researchers, resulting in a high quality and stability product.

GEA Seeds team experience in the world of Cannabis was the trigger for the creation of this new seed bank, the marijuana market needed a change of course and for that reason GEA Seeds was founded in 2015. The objective is clear, to satisfy the new demands of the Cannabis sector and to take care of the necessities of the connossiurs who did not find what they wanted to find. Click on the following link to see the GEA Seeds available strains:

Genehtik Seeds is a Cannabis seed bank of the Basque Country in Spain. All Genehtik seeds are feminized, some autoflowering and some photoperiodic.

Excelente fabricante. Semillas de gran calidad y a buen precio.

Valued Dutch seedbank that has been working on its genetics since 1985. Winners of more than 30 high-quality High Times, winners of the High Life Cup and winners of the Spanish Cup !!

You can get more information on the bank of the King of Cannabis Learn more.

The new bank of Fast and autoflowering seeds of last generation is High Speed Buds. At experiencia natural marijuana seeds we offer you all their high quality strains. Discover their feminized autoflowering seeds here:

Humboldt Seeds seed bank comes from California in the 1960s, right in the county that names this Cannabis breeders group.

The KC Brains seedbank is one of the most classic in the world of marijuana, founded in Holland in 1979. After more than 35 years creating new strains and improving their classics, KC Brains is still characterized by offering great value for money strains. We are delighted to offer you the feminized seeds and the autoflowering seeds from the KC Brains bank.

Select your favourite seeds from the KC Brains seedbank.

The manufacturer Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank with a catalog of Cannabis strains intended for medicinal use. Medical Seeds Co. Feminized Seeds for professional growers.

Dutch Seeds Bank Paradise Seeds is one of the best known and reputed in the world. Offers in its wide catalog, feminized and automatic marijuana seeds.

Learn more about this Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank in this link.

We are very happy to introduce the varieties of marijuana seeds from the collection catalog of Positronics Seeds, where they continue to contribute feminized seeds of quality and autoflowering cockroaches.

Learn more about this Spanish Cannabis Seed Bank in this link.

With it’s headquarters in Barcelona, this seedbank produces delicious marijuana feminized and autoflowering strains. Click on following links to see all their seeds.

Find out more about this cannabis seed bank (in spanish) in this link.

The R Kiem Seeds bank is based in Barcelona and is a very professional seed bank, as can be seen by the cannabis cups they have won. This seed bank was founded in 1998 and has a wide catalogue of regular, autoflowering and feminized seeds, we offer you these last two.

Reggae Seeds have integrated their philosophy into their genetics, growing small treasures with massive amounts of medicinal CBD. All it’s strains are feminized.

Ripper Seeds is one of those marijuana seedbanks with highest quality strains, without being commercial. Probably if you are not an expert in Cannabis do not know them, so do not wait more, they have been surprising connossieurs in private since 2000 and since 2011 they strated to sell their seeds so that we can all access their genetic wonders.

Currently we sell the feminized Ripper Seeds genetics.

At the 00 Seeds Marijuana Seed Bank they are specialists in feminised and autoflowering Indicas. Access the following links to see all its seeds.

The Seedstockers seed bank has its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), from where they offer a wide cannabis seeds catalogue of the best quality-price. It is one of the national referents in the manufacture of low cost seeds with the best characteristics.

The marijuana seed bank Sensi Seeds was the first to establish, possessing the most primitive genetics. Buy the originals, from Holland to the whole world.

Learn more about the pioneers of Cannabis Seeds (in spanish) click in this link.

Serious Seeds seedbank is one of the most traditional manufacturers, famous since decades in the Cannabis seeds world, all its varieties of seeds have been awarded in the HTTC.

Soma Seeds produces some of the best varieties of Cannabis in the world, its name is synonymous with respect for the venerated marijuana plant, quality and oustanding results.

Strain Hunters is the new marijuana seed bank of Arjan Roskan, the creator of Greenhouse.

Marijuana seedbank Sweet Seeds comes from the Valencian community, in Spain, it produces sweet feminized and autoflowering strains. Now also for their tenth anniversary they give free seeds. Go to the following links to see all their seeds.

Learn more about this Valencian Marijuana Seed Bank (in spanish) in this link.

TH Seeds is a multi awarded Dutch seedbank, very internationally reputed, offers us regular and feminized seeds.

Marijuana seeds bank The Cali Connection has been collecting the best American West Coast genetics for years, specifically California, always in collaboration with the most reputed breeders of SoCal and NorCal.

Currently we have the feminized strains of The Cali Connection seedbank.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds is one of those little known but highly respected cannabis seed banks. Based in Amsterdam they have quickly gained a great reputation within selected circles, all for producing unique marijuana strains. Their genetics are able to offer the best flavors with great effects, the most powerful possible, not in vain, come from the very harvest of the devil!

Currently we have the feminized strains of The Devil’s Harvest Seeds.

The World of Seeds seed bank has genetics from different parts of the world. All of them properly stabilised and with exclusive genetic lineage. In Experiencia Natural it is possible to acquire the best feminised and autoflowering strains from this seed bank. is a website for people over 18 years old, owned by Experiencia Natural SL, with NIF B32488199. We do not sell cannabis seeds to any customers who we suspect intend to use them to cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal to do so. Cannabis seeds are sold only strictly as souvenirs or collectibles, and they are illegal to germinate in most countries. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All texts are registered in Safe Creative.

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The Most Famous Spanish Seed Banks

Image with a photo of Spain filled with cannabis seeds with a background of logos of Spanish banks.

The commercialization of cannabis seeds in Spain is relatively recent, which is why it’s very useful to know a little more about the most famous Spanish seed banks.

Knowing where to find a variety and unique cannabis seeds is a great advantage when looking for quality in the planting of our crops, since the results we obtain will depend directly on it.

Factors such as seed certification give us a very good guarantee that we are buying genetic material that we can trust and invest without risking our money.

Spain is making great progress in terms of the options we have to get marijuana seeds, in fact, Spanish cannabis seed banks are booming in recent years.

On this issue, the most important thing to consider is that the process of selection, hybridization, feminization and conservation of seeds is done in a correct way.

We can say that, if we are in Spain and we want to venture into the cultivation of medical marijuana for our own use, we can already use these Spanish seed banks, from which we’ve prepared an excellent selection that you can go to below. Join us!.?


It’s the pioneer of its class in Spain and very famous worldwide. Dinafem dared initially to compete with their Dutch parents with products that have no reason to be envied internationally in terms of quality and variety.

Dinafem has created varieties as famous as Original Amnesia, White Cheese Auto and its successful Moby Dick, which in 2010 put Dinafem on the map as a producer of high quality seeds worldwide.

The Eppendorf tubes are a brilliant idea used by Dinafem to maintain humidity at an appropriate level during the shipment of the seed, using silica gel for this purpose.

PEV Seeds

If we’re talking about Spanish banks, it’s inevitable to qualify PEV Seeds as a seed bank with an impeccable track record and evolution. And not only because of the quality of its seeds, customer service and the exclusivity of its genetics have made me opt for this young marijuana seed bank.

In their catalog you will find the most exquisite autoflowering and feminized varieties of the European and American market.

The technicians have taken advantage of knowledge obtained in other agricultural areas to apply them in the production of cannabis, which has given them exceptional results that put them at the forefront in a very changing market.

Their great experience in handling first class genetic material has led them to create varieties that produce above average, with great resistance and adaptability.

Good examples of our star products are the Excalibur CBD variety, the Bruce Banner and the Thay Chocolate.

The PEV Seeds catalog is divided into 4 seed lines :

  • Premium American Line: where the best-selling marijuana varieties are found in the United States.
  • European Old School Line: European old school varieties.
  • The Breeder’s Choice: where the most special and personalized experiments of expert breeders are reserved.
  • CBD Line: auto and fem varieties with high cannabidiol content, there are even varieties with ratios between THC and CBD of 1:20.

Sweet Seeds

The sweet scents and exceptional flavors make Sweet Seeds one of the best Spanish seed banks and, although initially they started only with feminized seeds, innovation hasn’t stopped.

Its seeds work very well, both outdoors and indoors, providing versatility and very good results.

The rigorous process of selection and conservation of Sweet Seeds’ seeds offers us an excellent 95% germination, demonstrating the degree of responsibility that this bank has with its customers.

They have been in the international market since 2005 and, among the varieties they offer, we can mention the popular Do-Sweet-Dos, Sweet Gelato Auto and Sweet Cheese XL Auto, among many others.

Eva Seeds

Among the Spanish marijuana seed banks, we can say that Eva Seeds has been developing as one of the best, initially focused on producing feminized seeds.

In fact, diving into its products, we can find the TNT Kush CBD variety that is special for people looking for medicinal properties. Its main characteristic is that it doesn’t have a great psychoactive effect.

In this bank we can get seeds for beginners who want to enter the world of cannabis cultivation, that is, seeds that are quite easy to grow and maintain.

Among the varieties that we can name from Eva seeds, the Gorrilla Candy, Jamaican Dream and the Monster seeds stand out.


In its career, Kannabia has obtained a very good reputation with pure and hybrid varieties of excellent germination percentage and unique flavors with pleasant scents that have participated in many competitions.

We can say that it’s one of the Spanish cannabis seed banks that demonstrate a high sense of responsibility with people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. That’s why in Kannabia they have developed 3 different varieties for this type of consumption.

It’s appropriate to mention that in this seed bank, in addition to being able to buy the variety of marijuana that we’re looking for, they also offer us the opportunity to buy mix packs, perfect to try with different types of seeds in a single package.

Delicious Seeds

It’s a Spanish seed bank that was born in Valencia and has managed to find its balance of flavors, gaining many followers in such a competitive market.

Delicious Seeds, in addition to offering us an extensive catalog of hybrid varieties, also puts regular seeds on the table for those who wish to make their own varieties through crosses.

If what we’re looking for is cannabis for medicinal purposes, in Delicious Seeds they’ve taken care of that by offering us varieties that are a bit softer and better suited to all types of patients.

Among its most popular varieties we can mention the sweet Caramel, the aromatic Cheese Candy and the productive pump Critical Sensi Star.

Samsara Seeds

In Samsara Seeds they’ve been in charge of experimenting with plants around the world, getting very good results in cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Their genetic experience has led them to obtain excellent quality marijuana for all kinds of clients, thus fulfilling the expectations of those seeking new smells and stronger experiences.

The organoleptic properties that we can obtain in varieties like The Alchemist are high range, in addition to the flowering time being relatively short in relation to similar ones.

Another variety that we cannot forget to mention is the Punky Lion, an indica example of the quality that they’ve been able to develop in Samsara Seeds.

Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds set out to offer varieties focused on productivity and profitability. This is possible thanks to a high percentage of germination which gives great satisfaction to cannabis growers who decided to place their trust in this seed bank..

They offer competitive prices that present them as an excellent option in the country to meet our highest demands.

The development of its feminized and autoflowering varieties can be compared in quality and performance with those produced in other banks worldwide.

Based on the Spanish weather, they’ve managed to create plants that are very resistant to heat and have a really exquisite production due to the amount of scents and flavors that these beauties can produce.

World of Seeds

The main idea of World of Seeds is to get varieties that have been used ancestrally around the world and create with them safe hybrid strains that give good results production wise.

Its wide collection of varieties is organized based on the 5 continents, offering the best of each of them with each seed.

In addition to marketing with hybrids, in World of Seeds we can get pure seeds, which is great for research purposes in plants of this type.

On a medicinal level we can say that they have enough variety in plants with very good quality to meet the necessary standards in this sector.

Elite Seeds

They are specialists in biotechnology and plant improvement with genetic processes developed in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, which have given them great results in recent years.

Among the varieties they have for sale, we can highlight the high levels of THCV and CBDV in seeds such as La Rica and Llimonet Haze that make them very appealing to their customers.

They have put themselves to the study of different varieties to be applied to novel medicinal therapies.

In Elite Seeds they haven’t forgotten to function as a platform to promulgate improvements in the process of legalization of cannabis in Spain, tearing down stigmas around the issue.

Heavyweight Seeds

When we talk about Heavyweight Seeds what comes to mind is productivity and profitability with euphoric and amazing genetic varieties and crosses, as well as enviable stability.

Among their products, they have varieties that stand out for having strong and lush scents and flavors, which they’ve managed to obtain from a long path and research that put them at the forefront of the Spanish market.

One of the specimens that has made them very successful is the GoldMine which main features are having high production and being quite resistant.

Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds are specialized in high performance feminized autoflowering, which satisfy customers who demand quality products and profitability while still offering pure species.

They’ve been in the market since 2008, although its creators have been researching varieties from around the world since the mid-90s, which makes them a fairly consolidated institution.

They offer a catalog with prices for all budgets, presenting themselves as a viable option for lovers of good cannabis.

Among its most sought after products we can mention the Black Bomb, the exotic Tropimango and the exuberant Happy Mix.

Medical Seeds

To mention Medical Seeds is to talk about a seed bank that has managed to represent the quality of Spanish cannabis growers. This is thanks to the selection of the best cuttings to obtain a material that, truthfully, satisfies the most demanding palates.

Javier Ruano, a breeder with large experience, is the founder of this bank that has specialized in creating varieties of great quality and homogeneity, focused on medicinal uses.

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It’s one of the banks where you’ll get marijuana seeds in Barcelona, since its headquarters are located in that city.

The Canadian Kush and Prozac are available in its extensive catalog of seeds.


Here concludes this compilation of the most famous Spanish seed banks. You may be confused with all the names in English, but we assure you that they are 100% Spanish banks.

PEV Seeds is the bank that we know best, logically, since we’re part of it and know firsthand about the tenacity, affection and advanced techniques during the selection of seeds that our staff puts into practice.

In the same way, all the Spanish banks that we’ve named also offer a first class service, which is making Spain a worldwide reference in the production of unique and exceptional quality cannabis seeds.

Spanish cannabis seed banks will not disappoint you when it comes to offering you the best and most famous varieties of hybrids and pure marijuana species from around the world.

They are the best legal option for you to acquire seeds with the best value for money, whether you need special levels of THC or CBD, or require specific flowering times.

In your case, have you had any experience that you want to tell us about these Spanish banks? Would you recommend any?. ? We would love to hear your comments.

We would also appreciate if you share this post on your social networks. We’d love for many more people to know the excellent quality of the Spanish cannabis market and the most outstanding Spanish cannabis seed banks. Don’t let them miss it!.?

Top 20 Best Seed Banks in Spain 2022: Spanish Online Seed Banks Review (Madrid vs Barcelona)

Cannabis is partly legalized in Spain, so it is not difficult to find an address to buy cannabis seeds in this country. You can easily buy seeds at real local stores, but if you want to be wary of your marijuana habits, online seed banks will be a lot safer.

Spain is also a paradise that supplies seeds in Europe to foreign customers. Buying seeds at the Spain seed bank will save you money and experience good service because they are all attached to cannabis for a long time. But they will not accept any liability for your order.

Here is a list of top 20 best Spain cannabis seed banks that you can refer to.

Table of Contents

Top 20 Best Seed Banks in Spain Review 2022

#1 Sweet Seeds – The forefather of “Fast version” cannabis strains

Sweet Seeds are a large seed bank and they are forefathers of fast version cannabis strains. This cannabis strain is easy to grow and especially growers can be harvested earlier than regular seeds. This seed is especially suitable for growers who grow large quantities of cannabis for their crops.

Besides, Sweet Seeds offers dozens of different cannabis seeds from top breeders. You can easily find the winning trophy and other popular seeds on their website.

This seed bank delivers fast delivery to many regions of the world. They seal your order very carefully to ensure that even customers in a non-legalized area can receive their order.

Sweet Seeds is also building a forum for its customers to grow a stronger cannabis community. You can share experiences as well as acquire knowledge from other growers to get a better crop.

More in Sweet Seeds website

#2 Seedsman Seeds – Most popular and reputable cannabis seed bank in Spain

Seedsman is not an unfamiliar seed bank to any cannabis enthusiast, not only in Spain but in the world. This seed bank has been selling seeds since 2003 and they are still growing stronger.

Seedsman is the leading seed bank in Spain and they are also well known in Europe and other cannabis communities. Customers can find almost all available strains of cannabis in their seed stock. They supply more than 1,500 strains of cannabis from dozens of top breeders around the world.

The seeds from Seedsman are also genetically stable and well preserved, so their germination rate is very high. Even beginner growers can reap significant yields without making a big mistake.

In terms of service, Seedsman is a long established seed bank, so they know how to look after their customers. When you order seeds from them, you will receive dedicated care as well as many other incentives. They deliver to many parts of the world.

#3 Ripper Seeds – The remarkable seed bank at Spannabis with top-notch cannabis strain

Ripper Seeds was only established in mid-2011, but leaders have been with the cannabis industry since the 2000s. They have a strong passion for cannabis and they have a strong desire for the plant. become more popular.

Their website has a very impressive design and is easy to navigate. It contains all the necessary information and the strains of cannabis they have available. Not any seeds were left behind with their ideal arrangement.

Despite its not-so-long history, Ripper Seeds has been constantly cultivating and adding new knowledge, so they deliver the most genetically stable strains of cannabis to their customers.

In terms of service, they are young people who should build a progressive and quality customer service system. They deliver fast and customers get 10% off every subsequent bill.

Check their website at

#4 Delicious Seeds – An unrivaled supernova of tastes, aromas and sensations

Delicious Seeds is actually such a super rookie that other veteran seed banks should be gradually trembling with. Not long ago they were established but their reputation really spread really strongly and they have a great growth strategy.

Delicious Seeds is focused on providing the best seeds from the best seed suppliers. They only select and provide seeds that yield high yield, good resistance to pests and diseases, and absolute germination rates. So most of their customers tend to buy more and come back more.

This seed bank also optimizes customer service to deliver the most impressive customer experience. They build good websites, implement lots of deals, and take care of customers at the right time.

They also strive to safely deliver their seeds to many parts of the world, not just in Spain.

Visit Delicious Seeds at

#5 Pyramid Seeds – Having spectacular varieties of feminized and autoflowering seeds, indica and sativa

Pyramid Seeds are actually a seed bank that growers should add to their priority list. This seed bank has provided cannabis seeds for a long time to the Spanish cannabis community and they have also achieved a lot of success.

Pyramid Seeds have collections of spectacular varieties of feminized and autoflowering seeds, indica and sativa. You can find any cannabis strain you want at this seed bank for a discount.

This seed bank always wants to optimize its customers, so they work hard to ship their seeds to many regions around the world. However, they will not accept any liability if your order is in an area that has not yet legalized marijuana.

Check more about Pyramid Seeds at

#6 GB The Green Brand GrowBarato – Stands out by speed, competitive prices and reliability

GB The Green Brand GrowBarato is a name too famous in the cannabis community in Spain. They have more than 40 physical stores across Spain and dozens of other franchises. They are truly popular and leading the cannabis industry in Spain.

They supply large quantities of cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks around the world. Each cannabis strain has a detailed description along with tips, notes that any growers need to get to grips with that strain. Not only the seed, but every product of them has such detailed description.

Their team consists of more than 50 professionals and they are always ready to bring the best customer experience. They always make an effort to growers without any difficulty starting their crops with their seeds.

GB The Green Brand GrowBarato develops its website vigorously so that its seeds reach many growers around the world. Safe checkout, discreet shipping, lots of offers are pluses when placing seeds directly on their website.

More things are waiting for you here

#7 Royal Queen Seeds – Europe’s best cannabis seeds with finest genetics

Royal Queen Seeds is an already well known name in the cannabis industry, and they are also a long established and highly respected cannabis seed bank. They provide top European seeds and genetics to the cannabis community around the world and you can easily find their seeds in other seed banks.

Royal Queen Seeds has extensive distribution and store networks in many countries, including Spain. Customers can buy their seeds at a store or order seeds online.

They offer almost every strain of cannabis available in the market, and you will definitely find something for yourself. Their website is very user-friendly, easy to navigate so you won’t spend a lot of time placing an order.

This seed bank also offers a variety of promotional codes as well as giving away free seeds to customers. Follow their website regularly so you can buy seeds at the most discounted prices here

#8 Spanish Passion Seeds – Top shipping service, optimal short delivery time

Spanish Passion Seeds are a recognized brand and they’re a family business. This seed bank provides genetically stable feminine seeds. Despite their small size, their seeds have a very good germination rate and give remarkable yield.

In particular, this cannabis family has a very quality transportation service. They are extremely cautious and pack the order as discreetly as possible. Spanish Passion Seeds use their own packaging and make sure no information or content is released.

To prevent the seeds from being crushed during transport, the Spanish Passion Seeds use bubble-lined bags. They also deliver the fastest 24-hour delivery as soon as you complete the transaction to ensure the seeds stay fresh.

This seed bank will offer free shipping on orders from € 40. However, they do not ship to Australia, Chile, the US and South Africa.

More options at

#9 Experiencia Natural Grow Shop – Long experience with impressive seed quality

Experiencia Natural Grow Shop is a seed bank that has been with the cannabis industry for more than two decades. In their long journey, they have accumulated experience and knowledge to improve seed quality and service quality.

They are also very receptive and listen to comments from their customers. And that’s also the reason they get almost absolute reviews on cannabis forums, a high return rate.

A team of staff with personalized customer service is available to answer inquiries from product to marijuana farming experience. This seed bank delivers to every region of the world sealed and protected. You will need your signature to receive the goods.

You also don’t need to worry about your payment information being leaked or stolen. Besides, Experiencia Natural Grow Shop offers attached gifts or incentives for each order.

Here is their website address

#10 Resin Seeds – The founders of the CBD movement with Cannatonic

Resin Seeds is truly a seed bank, talented breeder. They really bring a lot of value to the cannabis plant together with the CBD movement and have been widely recognized. They have Cannatonic – CBD queen and many more. These strains of cannabis offer strong medical value, contributing to a more positive cannabis image.

Besides Resin Seeds also offers many other cannabis seeds and you can quickly and easily find them on their website. The seeds at Resin Seeds have a high average germination rate and come at an affordable price.

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This seed bank delivers to many regions and they pack and seal your order quite carefully. They do not have as many incentives or discounts for customers as some other seed banks but the customer service is very good.

Resin Seeds’ website here

#11 Green Dream Growshop – Offer good seed treatments at a reasonable price

Green Dream Growshop was founded by a group of friends with more than 18 years of experience growing cannabis in the 2000s. They were one of the first cannabis shops in Barcelona and still thriving today.

Green Dream Growshop contains many different strains of cannabis from leading breeders in Spain and the world. They also offer seed treatments and other growing accessories besides the seeds, so you can get what you need to set up a good crop.

Besides, Green Dream Growshop always wants to share its experience with other growers by building a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants. You can visit their 400m2 store in Mataro or you can order seeds online on their website.

More at Green Dream Growshop address

#12 Sensi Seeds – The oldest and safest cannabis seed bank in the whole world

Sensi Seeds is a Dutch seed bank, but they have a dense network of stores around the world, including in Spain. So the Spanish growers can also quickly and conveniently purchase seeds from Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds have been around since the very first days when people tended to commercialize cannabis. They have a long history and make a huge contribution to the world’s cannabis genetics with leading cannabis strains.

This seed bank provides the customers with the most stable genes, and they work with a great deal of passion for cannabis. All the seeds in their seed stock are carefully selected so that customers can grow them most easily.

If you need a large amount of cannabis seeds, then Sensi Seeds are also ideal. They offer the most common strains of cannabis to unique, rarer strains. They generally have whatever you need for your crop.

The seeds at Sensi Seeds are affordable and come with excellent customer service. Customers will also regularly receive incentives from them.

#13 Ministry of Cannabis – A recognised breeder of premium quality cannabis seeds

Ministry of Cannabis are major breeders in Spain and Europe, they are the source of premium quality cannabis seeds for the world cannabis market. Ministry of Cannabis has over 15 years of experience working with clients and they are considered a reputable seed source on many cannabis forums.

Ministry of Cannabis associated with the pioneering titles of autoflowering seeds. They also provide classic cannabis strains, improve classic strains and strong original strains. Their seeds appear very popular in many parts of the world.

They deliver 24 to 48 hours and try to reach as many customers around the world as possible. Customers in Spain can receive their seeds within working day after the transaction.

Ministry of Cannabis have germination rate guarantees for customers, they also provide order tracking and assistance in packing orders according to customers’ needs.

For more details, check their website

#14 City Seeds Bank – Quality service with best marijuana seeds prices available

City Seeds Bank is the place to buy seeds familiar to many old growers. This seed bank has a very strong passion for cannabis and they always want the world cannabis community to thrive with their help.

City Seeds Bank places great emphasis on genetics and quality of its cannabis seeds. They research very carefully and make sure to only deliver the seeds with the highest quality genetics to customers.

They offer a wide variety of cannabis strains and whether you have a technical hand or are a beginner growers you will find something for yourself. They also offer these seeds at a good price compared to many other seed banks.

Regarding the service, there aren’t any serious issues that you need to be aware of. Their staff is made up of people with a passion for cannabis and they are always ready to share it with their customers. They also regularly run deals and discounts.

Need more? Visit their website at

#15 Fast Buds Seeds – Leading autoflowering cannabis seed bank with tailored genetics for fast growth

Fast Buds Seeds is a seed bank and breeder that has some of the top autoflowering cannabis strains in the world. They are famous for their creativity and seem to be able to create even more unique autoflowering strains.

This seed bank specializes in providing strains of cannabis autoflowering with a short harvest time, only about 9 months with a significant yield. They also offer many other cannabis seeds from top breeders around the world.

Fast Buds Seeds are also confident in their staff. This multicultural team helps a lot as more and more customers outside of Spain are ordering seeds online. They also advise very enthusiastically and enthusiastically with their rich experience in cannabis farming.

This seed bank ships cannabis seeds to many parts of the world. With customers in Spain, you will be able to receive seeds within the same day after the transaction. Their website is also well built to make navigating and ordering online simpler.

Order seeds here

#16 Green Parrot Seeds – Fresh seed supply, high germination rate

Green Parrot Seeds is a large seed bank in Spain in particular and Europe in general. They are known for providing the maximum freshness of seeds to ensure a high germination rate when it reaches the customer.

Their seeds are regularly checked and replaced, refreshed to ensure they are freshest, and germination rates are higher than ever. This seed bank contains more than 1000 strains of cannabis but they did not forget any of them. That’s why Green Parrot Seeds really put a lot of dedication to the quality of their seeds.

They also have a store where you can go to see and see the cannabis seeds live. They sell a wide variety of cannabis seeds, from small, local brands to well-known brands, as long as the seeds meet their quality requirements.

Green Parrot Seeds’ website is designed to be easily accessible to customers who are far away from the store and from overseas. They design and organize the website neatly and completely and you will be guided through the smallest steps.

Here is the Green Parrot Seeds’ website

#17 Biohazard Seeds – The paradise for feminized cannabis seeds

Biohazard Seeds is a seed bank known for its selection and supply of top quality feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds are well yielding, easy to grow and come at an affordable price.

This seed bank is also the ideal seed buying site for professionals, amateurs and other retailers. They offer a wide range of strains of cannabis in small, medium and large packet formats with 1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds and 25 seeds respectively.

The special thing is that all of these seeds go through a meticulous and careful hand selection to retain only the best quality seeds. These seeds are then packaged and delivered to the customer. That is why the germination rate of the seeds from Biohazard Seeds reached 95%.

In addition, this seed bank stores seeds in stock with the best conditions to ensure they do not lose quality and germination rate. With each cannabis strain, they prepare basic information so that growers can learn more about each cannabis strain they choose.

Here’s their website

#18 Barcelona Seed Center – Reputable seed bank with dozens of discounts

Barcelona Seed Center is also a reputable seed buying destination for many cannabis enthusiasts in Spain. This seed bank has a long history and they also receive a lot of positive reviews from their customers.

This seed bank offers seeds ranging from feminized, autoflowering, regular to CBD seeds. These seeds all come with good prices and especially the Barcelona Seed Center offers lots of deals and discounts. So you can absolutely buy seeds at a much cheaper price.

They also offer a wide variety of cannabis accessories and other cannabis growing items and can be purchased with your seed menu to save on shipping costs. The seed bank will also provide free shipping on qualified orders.

Visit Barcelona Seed Center at

#19 Parafernalia Grow Shop – Provides everything growers need to grow cannabis

Parafernalia Grow Shop was established in 2002 and they have been serving the Spanish cannabis community and the world since those days. They work with a wide variety of products, from seeds to planting utensils, generally everything a growers need for their crop.

Their seed stockpile is filled with the most sought after and the most popular of all. They select very carefully so that even beginners will have no trouble sowing seeds.

They also offer seed strains from the world’s leading seed banks such as Sensi Seeds, Genehtik, Dutch Passion, Dinafem and more. They also have CBD seeds for growers who want a bit of medical value in their crops.

Their website is quite simple but contains enough of what they have neatly. You can always buy planting tools and they usually have a lot of incentives when you buy more.

Order their products at

#20 Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop – Professional seed bank with stable genetics

Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop is a reputable and professional place to buy seeds and marijuana accessories in Spain. This seed bank has more than 12 years of experience in the cannabis industry and all they want is to bring the best service, the best price, and the best genetics to their customers.

Growers can order online through their website or can go to their store to touch and receive advice from experts. They provide the seeds for quite a cheap price and if you need to buy bulk seeds for your green house then Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop can accommodate you too.

When buying seeds at Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop, customers will receive the most professional care and enthusiastic advice. Here, the customer always comes first.

They deliver seeds for free 24 / 48H so customers will receive their order in the shortest time possible. Customers will also be able to exchange or return seeds for free within 7 days if there is a problem. Payment here is completely safe and secure.

Visit their website at this link

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