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Sterile marijuana seeds

Sterile Cannabis Plants?

First of all, I must admit that searching for information on sterile plants is hard and there is almost no scientific information on sterile or infertile cannabis. But I managed to find something and I think this is enough to educate anyone on what is this strange phenomenon and how can it help us.

If you know anything more about this strange sterile phenomenon then feel free to leave a comment!

What are sterile plants?

Sterile cannabis plants are female or male plants that can’t reproduce or in other words, females can’t create seeds and cannot be pollinated while the pollen on sterile males cannot pollinate any females or their pollen sacks just doesn’t create any pollen.

Why are they that way?

Sterile plants are that way because they have some sort of genetic anomaly. This genetic anomaly doesn’t produce pollen or produces pollen that is not in the right size or shape in male plants but produces short female pollen tubes or misshaped tubes in female flowers.

This genetic sterility can express itself through natural mutation or can also be induced chemically and is used for many different plant species in feminized seed and female-only plant production.

But what about cannabis? Are cannabis plants also sterile and how can this help us?

From the information I managed to find, there is no scientific research on male or female sterility but there are however some forum threads where people say they have sterile plants. And this should be true because cannabis is just like any other plant and if other plant species can become sterile then why can’t marijuana.

You now probably ask yourself how this sterility expresses itself and where does it come from. Well if a male plant would be sterile then in theory it either:

Should not produce any male flowers at all.

Should produce immature or misshaped pollen sacks.

should produce pollen that is in the wrong shape and is not viable.

If any of these three variations can actually be true then this male sterility can become a real deal-breaker for seedless gardens and sterile seeds as you could get infertile male plants that could not pollinate your precious females.

But if a female cannabis plant should become sterile it could have misshaped calyxes or no pollen tubes at all, but they can also have some anomaly that they can take in that male pollen but does not produce seeds. This female sterility would be a miracle for seedless crop production as no pollen could ever ruin your garden and even hermaphrodite plants would not damage your overall yield. As for the question where does these sterile plants come from, I found that there are natural mutations in plants but they are really rare but some growers have experimented with chemicals that create these sterile cannabis plants.

In the information I managed to pull up there were some guys saying that their females were not pollinated by male pollen even if other strains did get pollinated and this could be female sterility!

In another place I found a grower saying that his male pollen did not pollinate any female plants and that was strange to him because he applied the pollen directly over the female flowers so in this case, it could be that male plant infertility.

There was another forum thread where a grower told that he got seeds but none of them sprouted and this could have been attributed to immature seeds or maybe those seeds were in fact sterile like the terminator seeds that Monsanto wanted to use on other commercial crops.

After examining these few cases I can’t be completely sure whether some or all of them had some variation of these sterile cannabis plants/seeds. But this could be a major turning point for large seed breeders if they manage to find and perfect this technology as then we could have no chance of getting seeds in our garden and we could grow clean and beautiful buds.

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On the other hand, if large-scale seed breeders would introduce these sterile seeds we would not be able to breed our own strains and if they would not supply regular seeds there would be no breeding at all!

Can there be sterile offspring from feminized seeds?

I found a lot of talk about feminized seeds and that they produce seeds that do not germinate or they themselves produce hermaphrodites that have pollen that is non-viable. I don’t know if this statement is true but from my own experience, I can say that feminized cannabis plants can be pollinated and can produce seeds so I don’t know where this information is coming from.

I have also found many forums posts where growers are saying they have bread feminized seeds and got viable beans so this myth is busted at least till someone provides some solid evidence of those sterile offspring.

Does tetraploid crossing produce sterile seeds?

This is the only way that I have found that allows us to produce sterile plants and it is the process that creates those terminator seeds.

Basically what you need to do is treat a normal cannabis plant with a chemical called “colchicine” that induces cells to give off twice as many chromosomes and leaves other cells with no chromosomes. These plants that have been treated with this chemical then grow much much stronger and bigger than regular diploid ones.

They are called Tetraploids because they have double the number of chromosomes and it is speculated that in the 70s and 80s growers were experimenting with these chemicals and that many of today’s commercial high yielding strains have these genetically modified parents in their lineage.

But what is interesting when talking about these sterile plants is that if this tetraploid cannabis plant is crossed with diploid (normal plant) it gives off an offspring that is a triploid and because it has an odd number of chromosomes it can’t produce offspring!

Because this method is so efficient it is used in commercial crops to create seedless fruits or infertile male plants and I think there could be a potential to use this technology in cannabis as well!

Dutch Master Reverse

This is a very interesting product that I found and it supposedly should kill off all the male pollen sacks on a hermaphrodite cannabis plant.

I read that it is no longer sold in the US because of some studies suggesting it could be harmful if ingested so I am not willing to use it on my plants but the fact that it doesn’t let male flowers to produce is another sign that there can be a sterile cannabis plant and we just need to do some more experimentation.

As you can see there are some methods that alter cannabis plant sex and could potentially produce sterile or infertile cannabis seeds and if someone figures it all out we could grow plants that would be 100% female and with the process of cloning you could potentially get a garden that does not produce hermaphrodites and if it does they would not have viable pollen.

The last thing that popped in my mind was that sterile seeds and autoflowers could also go hand in hand as today’s feminized autoflowering varieties are sometimes producing hermaphrodites that pollinate your garden but with this sterile plant technology this could be avoided but you would need to buy new seeds for every grow!

Here are the resources I used and there are also those forums that I mentioned so if you are interested check them out and leave a comment here about your findings!

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Marijuana Seeds 101: All the Information You Need

If you are trying to become a cannabis grower, it is essential to learn more about marijuana seeds. Unfortunately, there are sellers of dubious reputation selling low-quality seeds. Buying such produce will sadly lead to a poor harvest or failed crop.

It is also crucial to familiarize yourself with United States law, especially any cultivation laws that apply to your state. Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid making purchasing and planting mistakes.

Cannabis Seeds – What You Need to Know

Most marijuana plants are dioecious. This means their male and female reproductive organs are found on separate plants. To grow females, you must place them far away from males. Otherwise, the male plant pollinates the female and hinders its ability to produce high potency cannabis.

Seedless female flowers are grown without males. These are called sinsemilla (this means ‘without seed’ in Spanish). The potent weed you find in your local dispensary comes from such a flower.

A male plant must pollinate a female plant’s flower for it to reproduce. When this happens, the female flower produces seeds. There are also hermaphrodite plants. These contain male and female reproductive organs. They are capable of producing pollen and self-pollinating their flowers.

Irrespective of whether a male plant pollinates a female or one plant self-pollinates, seeds get created. Once they reach maturity, they are dropped from the plant and can produce new marijuana plants. Alternatively, they are harvested for hemp oil or food.

For the record, the only sure-fire way to determine the difference between a male and a female plant is to let them grow for a while. You likely won’t spot the gender of a plant for around six weeks, which is the pre-flowering stage. If a small bud is visible between the new branch and the main stock, it is probably a female plant. Eventually, buds become adult flowers. Another tip is to look for white pistil hairs that grow where the bud ultimately forms.

You can spot male cannabis plants by the pollen sacs they create. These are bulbs that resemble tulips in terms of shape. They don’t have any pistil hairs growing. When you spot a male plant in your garden, remove it immediately. Otherwise, it will pollinate female plants that produce seeds rather than developing a flower.

Waste not, want not!…

What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

‘Feminized’ cannabis seeds are produced by causing the hermaphrodite condition in a female plant. You can do this via Rodelization, by spraying gibberellic acid or a colloidal silver solution. What happens is that you use ‘male’ pollen from a hermaphrodite plant to fertilize a female flower. As a result, you end up with plants that are either hermaphrodites or females, but never males.

In the right conditions, feminized marijuana strains can gain resistance against becoming hermaphrodites. This means the seeds are guaranteed to grow into female plants. It is a process that saves commercial growers, in particular, a great deal of time and money.

Feminized cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants almost genetically identical to the self-pollinated female parent plant.

Also known as ‘cloning by seed,’ it is a reliable way to avoid producing male plants. On the downside, finding a stable mother plant for seed production is expensive and time-consuming.

A high percentage of feminized seeds become hermaphrodites. This scenario results in marijuana flowers with seeds in them and lower overall yield. Don’t use feminized seeds if you intend to breed plants. On the plus side, this type of seed is ideal for beginners who want to avoid male plants infiltrating their cannabis garden.

What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Eventually, you need to change the light cycle of a marijuana plant to help it move from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. The length of time a plant is exposed to light is known as a ‘photoperiod.’ It is normally anywhere between 16 and 20 hours a day during the vegetative stage. Next, you have to expose the plant to 12 hours of continuous darkness each day for a couple of weeks to help it reach the flowering stage.

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds are very different. They are based on the Cannabis ruderalis species. It flowers once the marijuana plant reaches a certain age, regardless of its light exposure. It is possible to cross a potent marijuana strain with a lower-THC ruderalis variety to produce an autoflowering strain.

This type of seed is ideal if you grow marijuana plants in a climate where summers are typically cold and short, and the rainy season appears relatively early in the fall. With autoflowering seeds, you can begin growing in early spring because it will flower during summer.

Although these plants don’t need a specific light cycle, they do require consistent light to produce the highest yields. Please note that the nature of autoflowering strains means you can’t keep them in the vegetative stage.

What is a Cannabis Clone?

A cannabis clone is a cutting taken from a marijuana plant. You place it in a growing medium (such as soil or Rockwool) to ensure it grows roots. After the cutting has rooted, you can guide it into a mature plant. Best of all, it is genetically identical to the plant you cut it from.

Cannabis seeds have genetic information from its two parent plants, which are expressed in a variety of combinations. For instance, you could have a plant that picks up most of its traits from one parent. Alternatively, it could have several characteristics from both.

Attempting to create genetically identical marijuana plants from seeds is exceptionally tricky. It takes a considerable amount of time and patience.

Typically, experienced producers elect to plant several seeds and pick the best plant. Next, they take cuttings from this ‘master’ plant and use them to grow marijuana flowers. They may also take a proven clone purchased from another grower and use it as their master plant.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

There are online seed banks located around the world, in countries such as Canada, Spain, Holland, and the United Kingdom. In such nations, it is relatively easy to buy cannabis seeds because the laws are relatively lenient. When it comes to the United States, however, things get very complicated.

At the time of writing, there are 33 American states plus Washington D.C. that have legalized weed either recreationally or medicinally. However, marijuana remains illegal on a federal level. States have no obligation to enforce federal weed laws. However, they are powerless to prevent federal law enforcement from imposing their rules.

If you live in the U.S. and try to buy marijuana seeds online from an overseas country, the United States Customs and Border Protection could confiscate the package. It is unlikely that you will face legal difficulties, however. If your package is seized, most reputable seed banks will send you another one as a replacement.

It is also illegal to transport cannabis seeds across state lines. This is the case even if you only travel in states where marijuana is legal. A resident of Washington state could theoretically get in trouble for purchasing cannabis seeds from a company in California. Even so, seed banks know the risks. They usually take precautions to ensure your seeds are delivered safely.

There is also a potentially interesting way to work around the law without breaking it. In some cases, it is legal to purchase cannabis seeds for uses other than growing marijuana. For example, in some locations, you can technically buy seeds for use as bird food or fishing bait! However, such seeds are generally sterilized to ensure they can’t germinate.