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Sunset seeds

The Student Educational Enrichment Drive (SEED)

is a non-profit support organization to Sunset Elementary School that actively works to provide financial support to the school’s technology and curricular initiatives.

SEED: Student Educational Enrichment Drive supporting Sunset Elementary

SEED serves as an advocate for community support, as well as, a venue for individuals and businesses seeking to assist Sunset Elementary when and where local, state and federal funding fall short. The organization seeks to preserve proven and first-rate programs and resources that can be used as a model for other schools in the district.

SEED was founded in 2005 by a group of involved parents.

SEED ‘s mission is to:

Identify and support technological advances and capital improvements that are not funded by state or federal funds or any other parent organization;

Develop an engaged and involved community to maximize involvement and support; and

Sunset Sherbet strain

The Sunset Sherbet strain is another top variety from the USA! Linda Seeds now releases this sensational strain as feminised cannabis seeds. SunsetSherbet is clearly an indica-dominant plant. It is a further development of the infamous “Girl Scout Cookies” strain by crossing it with a California popular clone name “Pink Pantie”.

Sunset Sherbet strain spreads romanesque sunset mood

The name Sunset Sherbet also derives from the properties of this marijuana. The plant often shows reddish, violet colors in the buds, which makes it particularly attractive. It flowers indica-typically not too long and can be harvested after 8 to 9 weeks. The Sunset Sherbet strain is perfectly suited for indoor cultivation, but is also good outdoors. 12 to 16 plants per square meter (10.76 sg.ft) are ideal for this variety indoors.

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Euphoric fruit soda that brings relaxation with high THC content

The aroma and taste of Sunset Sherbet strain is reminiscent of citrus fizz and gives the “Sherbet” aroma. Notes of pine trees, light earthiness and above all fruitiness are the characteristics of SunsetSherbet marijuana seeds. The calming effect has analgesic potential. The Sunset Sherbet strain produces a great weed and its buds has a high THC content of 18-20%. It has a slightly euphoric effect and contributes to general relaxation without causing excessive fatigue.